A few days after Nia came home from the get-together, Keith honestly had some confusion.

I'm just feeling a little too sudden to keep up with changing circumstances.

That was the friendly Girls Talk between the two princesses of your species Elf now playing in front of you.

Yes, we're reviewing the magic that Nia and Leonora have just learned in a fun way.

(Is that it? Are you crazy?... Weren't these two close?

Keith can't help wondering.

'Cause until this time, Nia and Leonora were friends of the dog monkeys around Keith.

It's not as direct as the dispute with Aisha, so it's not flashy, but it held each other back to its local flavor.

Yet all of a sudden, on your study day, they all came together and said, "Please tell me."

Keith was just amazed at this, but I didn't know what to ask and couldn't dare study magic normally.

At the end of the street, Leonora,

Then you'll be at my residence the day after tomorrow.

"Oh, yeah. Right. Later..."

"You'll be with me then, Mr. Nia."


"May I interrupt?

"Fine. I'll be waiting to get you some more delicious tea."

"I'm looking forward to it!

Somehow the conversation proceeded on its own again, and Keith, who left me, is floating and solidifying an alkaic smile.

Regardless of Keith like that, Nia and Leonora put away their study tools and started talking.

Keith, who somehow misses him without the usual sweetness when he leaves, muttered "bye" and left the room.

Ask Aisha and Berna to come to the room tonight when you leave and go back to the room.

I even wondered why one person in the room was suddenly two people getting along and taking your studies together.

But I couldn't think of anything to think of because I couldn't load the situation, so Keith decided to wait for a lady knight and a samurai who seemed to know.

And in the middle of the night, Keith opened his eyes in surprise at the circumstances he could finally hear.

"Leonora sheltered the princess?... Is it true?

"Really... you... really... himesa, huh?"

"Me, too... but really... so, it... heh"

"So what is it? What happened to those two..."

"Ma'am... now, I don't want to... just hang in there!

Keith begged to continue the conversation in a crying Aisha plea.

But both Aisha and Berna remain naked in their beds without force from their hips down.

When the two of them came to the room, they first licked each one without washing it and tasted it fully.

Then they take off their clothes, put on their hands, and then they listen to the situation. Absolutely in the wrong order.

Scratched vagina each in the way they liked to blame, Aisha and Berna worked carelessly to talk about the aftermath of Acme.

"... so we got along, and so did the recitation of the next poem, and we got along really well."

"I went out of my way to stay with the carriage on the way home... so I thought I'd study with you next time"

"Those two? Leonora and the princess... seriously."

Whimpering Keith took off his pants wondering if that was the case. Take your penis out of your pants and give it to both of you.

The two started licking Keith's penis as they fell asleep with their red moistened faces. Keith thought as he took the fera.

Originally, there were two people who had similar preferences for different things. If your preferences are similar, you'll be friends.

But Leonora's character is in the way. Nia won't have a problem with that honesty, but Leonora... has always thought so.

Yet from what I just heard, Leonora sheltered Nia better. They protected it.

It is incredibly hard to believe that that heavenly heavenly and sublime noble elf is growing like that.

I can't believe that's my fault... I never thought of a man who could think of such an important thing while being fellated.

(You grow up...)

It's about you that doesn't grow in this world.

"Ah... both of you, tortoise head pepper, please... Ooh! Wow."

The non-growing man kept thinking about the two people he became friends with as he was about to lose his hips over Fella's feelings.


The next day. Nia was on her way to Leonora's mansion as promised to Keith.

I'm actually new to inviting friends to my house, and Nia, who is cowardly, smiles happily with souvenir treats.

Nia was happy to say that it was such fun to have friends nearby.

At first, I thought you were here to steal Keith, but Leonora's not such a bad daughter.

He's so sweet and he's like a friend and sister who tells me everything.

After all, there is no one bad in the world. We can all get along if we understand.

The princess of the innocent, noble species Elf was rocked by the carriage, thinking such a dream was true.

It was a walkable distance, but there was no reason for royalty to travel on foot through their country. Thus, a little distance is also frequent for carriage travel.

When we got to the mansion, Donna picked us up. Donna was sweating cold when she spotted Berna in the line.

I hear something happened over here.

Only Keith and Nia will be allowed through the room, and Aisha and Berna will be called waiting in the next room.

"Leonora, thank you for inviting me"

"It's fine to be patient. You'll be here many times in the future, and be more relaxed."

"Yeah! Oh, this is a souvenir. Treats. Let's eat together."

"Yeah, I'll make you some tea."

Thirty men can't help feeling uncomfortable because it's kind of a very girl's space.

Except for the story if you think you can do something horny with this, but in these two, it's especially awkward for Nia to know that.

But you know you're sleeping with your own man, but I didn't know you could get along with that other guy.

Then I can't help wondering what the usual fierce dispute with Aisha is.

(I wonder if it's like Aisha and Berna...... we have to be careful anyway)

Yes, I swear on my heart. Keith enjoyed the tea and treats that were also offered to him before he started studying.

I think it's a beautiful thing to be close to, and it's actually a joy to have a better relationship between Nia and Leonora for Keith, who doesn't have the hobby to be happy to see it in front of each other.

But there is one problem that I really think about. That, after all, was to say that I couldn't do anything naughty.

This is a big problem for Keith.

I hope they both make a promise to crawl at night and come and meet us in the middle of the night with metastatic magic, but then the fun is halved.

It is only fun to meet during the day and play pranks in the limited time you say you are studying.

Sex performed while a variety of people, such as samurai and maids, work seriously beside each other. That feeling of disloyalty and excitement doubling.

I honestly get stuck wondering if I'm not going to enjoy that one.

I don't know if it's enough to see you at night, but that's not enough for Keith.

There's still something wrong with this guy. It's broken.

I think Chilari and I seriously read the book of magic and look at the two of them listening to Keith.

Nia and Leonora looking to get along without fighting. Two noble elves.

Beautiful hair, white skin and even presence are somewhere more noble and divine than normal elves.

They both have splendidly horny female organs, and if you insert them in there, the merchant woman will also look amazed.

It's a dream, but I'm paranoid that it would be fun to have 3P with these two.

I think it would be nice to have Nia call Leonora your sister and play pseudo-sisters.

Aisha and Berna's black and white fellas were good, but Nia and Leonora's bright and white fellas must also be good.

Let them velvet hard, and push a stick of meat between their mouths, and let them lick it.

The red tongues coming out of the pink lips crawl around with the saliva touching each other's tongues on the meat pole section.

And the move eventually goes to the turtle head......

"Master Keith? What did you do?

"Keith? You look like a fool, don't you?

Nia and Leonora spoke out worryingly to Keith, who was drooling in covetousness and being paranoid.

Keith, who wiped his mouth, laughed nicely and apologized, "I'm sorry."

Even paranoia is too powerful. I think I had to weigh myself in. It was Keith.

Serious studies went on holiday on the way. The three of us relax in a cup of tea that Donna brought us.

"With that said, Leah sent me a bracelet of sweets and misrils. You don't have to do this."

"But the lotion I wear on the night Leonora gave me, because it's so good! Your skin turns pudding!

"Isn't it? Elves have to watch out for skin care when they're over twenty."

After all, Keith was looking out the window by herself because of the joshy talk.

I would have pinched my penis in Leonora's big pie and put my hips back and forth by now.

I said I was paranoid earlier, I said this insatiable addition and subtraction, and I had decided that this would not dissipate around tonight in Aisha and Berna.

No, I didn't realize that Keith was such a full-length thinker that I don't know if I could crawl into Nia or Leonora at night here.

In fact, there is a very, very awkward situation going on for a moment right now.

That was Leonora's character.

Leonora originally preferred to be straight in a direct line, or worse yet, a pork rushing woman elf.

Otherwise, even though it's a mass of complexes so far, there's no way that people would ever say pussy or denigrate it with backwork.

I don't do that because I hate it when I shit in the back or when I die of hissing in the shadows.

The addition and subtraction can also be seen from the fact that we can go to the palaces of other countries and speak ill of the princess of that country.

I would also say that I can't read the air, but I might also say that its rushing beauty is Leonora's beauty.

Of course, you may make plans to implement your thoughts.

That's the one that hired Keith to try to put to death or his own spouse after that.

But if you do, the plan is straight, and in brief, it's a bad one.

A noble kind of elf with honest roots that really doesn't have any edge on handfuls or anything like that. That is Leonora.

Would you try to hide your relationship with Keith from your best friend, Nia, for the first time since Leonora was born?

Let's get this straight. That's impossible.

Long after returning from the get-together, Leonora thought whenever she enjoyed talking to Nia this way, whenever she thought about her friendship with Nia.

I have to tell you. He said I had to tell him.

Because I don't think we should ever have a friendship that stays hidden. Because I don't think he's a real friend.

Then I kept thinking about what to do.

Neither Keith nor Leonora wants to break up the friendship that Nia and I have built around the corner.

Then what is the best way to do it?

Yes, Leonora kept thinking, and all I came up with was the determination to say that there was only straight action after all.

Maybe that breaks my relationship with Nia. I may not have a friend I could have cornered.

Still, if we're really going to be friends, it's cowardly not to say it here.

I might not have told you before if I had. But now I'm who Keith turned me into.

Leonora's gaze turned to Keith.

I'm sure we can. We should be able to get along even if we confess. You should be able to stay friends.

Because that color black elves and pet elves are. There's no way those girls can do it and not themselves and Nia.

So absolutely fine, feeling unsubstantiated confident, Leonora decided to confess to Nia in order to have a reciprocal relationship because she would be a real friend.

I don't even know what such a big deal is. Keith was worried about how to proceed with his magic class from here on out.

I knew Leonora was sending a glimpse, but I had no reason to know that was happening.

For this reason, even though Leonora spoke seriously to Nia, she did not take it seriously, and continued to roll the Book of Magic.

"... Nia, there's actually something I need to talk to you about."

"Huh?... What, what? Suddenly...... scary story?

Nia asked Leonora, who accidentally became a serious face, a little frightened.

Leonora tried to think about it with a top-down addition and subtraction, then raised her eyes and stared straight at Nia.

I only have a chance to say it now. Now is the perfect time. That's what Leonora thinks.

"... I know Nia has something to do with Keith saying that. I say on top of that. That's what I have to do with Keith."

"... kankai? Like that? Huh?

"... me and Keith are in a physical relationship. I'm being held by Keith."

Nani itern dakono oppaija?

Keith remained stuck on the asshole face in the bomb that was suddenly thrown in.

"Do you... want to?... Huh? It..."

"Ah! Ah!? of, rao."

"So I... am having sex with Keith, just like Mr. Nia!

Keith blew up screaming in his heart at the power of the Napalm bullet dropped.