Nia was surprised by the sweetness of Leonora's nipples and their softness, which she had first inhaled.

The nipple, which is cherry colored and pinned and erect, feels slightly sweet when it is placed in my mouth, I tried to make sure but it moves over and over.

And my fingers rub my breasts so soft that my fingers sink many times bigger than mine.

Even though it's not a good thing to lick and suck your friend's breasts, Nia was going to give it to you.

(Leonora's tits, sweet and... good smell for that...)

Leonora's stuffy voice grew stronger when she sucked it out enthusiastically like she was back to being a real baby.

"Fuku, uuuuuuu!! Mia, himi ah!! Ahhhhhh!! Mm-hmm!! Yah, meh, I'm fucked. Wow!! Ahhh!!"

Of course Keith blamed the nipples next to it all the time.

It's a few times more sexual and a good nipple lick than Nia, but Leonora feels stronger about Nia than that one.

I can't believe your first friend, your first best friend, is doing this. Just because I think so, my disloyalty runs on my back and makes me zook up.

Leonora scratched her sheets and wet her groin hot while she couldn't even fight them anymore.

I thought Nia seemed comfortable with Leonora, who gasped like a tall kitten squeaking, and I sipped hard in her mouth with every milk wheel.

When he heard a noise, Leonora's nipples trembled inside Nia's, and the pleasure seemed to flow from the tip of his chest.

"No, Mrs!! Oh, my God... Eww!

"Leonora, you can't. Master Nia is licking me around the corner, so I have to thank you for feeling good, not somehow."

Keith, with his mouth off his nipples, woke up and told Leonora so.

"Oh... oh, yes?

"That's right. Thank you for doing something, this is the first step in a friendship. Leonora's making you feel better, isn't she? Thank you. Thank you."

"But... hey... hiuuu! Hmm, miuuuuuuuu!!

"Master Nia is licking it down so politely, isn't she? I have to thank you. I'm your friend. Look, Leonora."

It's suspicious if it's friendship to have her nipples licked, but still, Leonora stared with her moistened eyes at Nia, who was still licking her nipples, stroking her head and whining like she lost Keith's push.

"Hey Nia, there is... Mmm-hmm!! Ahhhh!! Fumiaah!! Ahhhhhhhhhh...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! It's Kimoi. Wow!! Kimochi, no!! Nhihi, no!!

Girl who licks her own nipples Elf Girl Elf who strokes her head to thank her.

It's kind of like a picturesque sight, and it's so horny, Keith's penis has started to erect again.

Watching your white blonde elves play lesbians with each other like this is enough fun.

(Looks like a real sister lesbian...... nice)

Keith stared at him for a while as he sparkled his eyes and decided to mix it up because he really wanted to irritate his penis.

Keith spoke to Leonora and Nia on top of her as she continued to be blamed for her nipples and freaked out by disloyal pleasure.

"Sa, let's go next. The three of us will feel better next time."

Keith smiled at Nia and Leonora as they turned their poor faces not sure what they meant by what they said.

Then wake up Nia and move her around in Leonora's Omakoma.

O-manko on the boulder was Leonora, whose embarrassment tried to escape with a misstep, but she couldn't help herself because of her long nipple blame.

Keith, who made that Leonora leg open, showed Nia her female organs.

"Look, Master Nia, you're so wet here in Leonora. This is proof that Nia's nipple licking was pleasant."

Seeing Leonora's natural hairless manko, Nia opened her eyes to its beauty while marveling at its different shape from that of the night-time one.

"... wow... the pink color is beautiful..."

"Oh no! Stop it. No! You can't say that... you can't say that!! Hiu."

Keith went on to explain further to Leonora covering her tearful eyes with her hands.

"Clitoris is small, isn't he? But, you know, it's so easy to feel. See, this is how you touch it."

"Hiuuuu!!! Ugh, uuuuuuu!! Oh, oh, my God, yeah!! I'm fucked. Wow! Mm-hmm!!

The criticism while being seen by Nia with total sensitivity and increased fire lighting felt amazing.

So much so that a clear love fluid gushes out of the vaginal hole.

"So Master Nia, when you lick it, it's clitoris-centric. But sometimes you have to lick it elsewhere, right? You got it?

Leonora was the bluest person to say lick.

Nia licks it? Will Nia lick it? I definitely can't do that.

"No...... hey!! Why, I don't know... Keith's aunt! He's a pervert!! Wow, you're with me... don't let that happen."

Seeing Leonora dislike, Nia gets confused and hesitates.

Then Keith stroked Nia's head and kissed her cheek.

"Leonora is excited right now. Sometimes you say you really want me to, but you don't want me to, right? Same as that. When I say that, I have to push you a little bit."

"... but Leonora is crying... no"

"... if I did, I'd be the one to lick Nia's crotch instead... don't you?

Actually, he's Nia, who thought he was jealous that Leonora was all blamed and seemed to feel good.

My crotch wanted irritation so much that I wasn't in a position to defy that suggestion.

"It's also for Leonora. See, Nia loves pepper too... let me give it to you"

Nia stared at Leonora. When she swallowed her spit,

"For Leonora... right, yeah"

I grumbled to make excuses for myself and then started cunning.

"Oh, oh! Guuuuuu!! Shh! No! No, yes!! Mr. Nia, what? Yeah!! Miaaaaa!!

Nia's little tongue carefully licks Clitoris around as a terrorist. Leonora's hips moved cum in bed due to the intensity of the stimulus.

Nia's tongue technique, which she worked out with Ferra, goes abusing Leonora's son Clitoris at an exquisite angle.

Lick, twitch, and smoke gently at times. Leonora's body was unknowingly pressing her hips against Nia for the irritation to which she impaled a cushion.

"Ahhh!! Ahhhhh!! Nmiaah!! No, sir! Oh, my God, this is so awesome!! Oh my god!! Higiuuuuuuu!!

Keith moved Nia's body a little, which also burned the sight of Lescunni properly into his eyes.

That's how I bump myself into Nia's manko, and at the same time stick my penis out into Leonora's mouth.

Triangle and enjoy Kuni and Fella, a flavor of 3P.

Nia licks Leonora, Keith licks Nia, Leonora licks Keith. It is in perfect form.

When his protruding penis swayed beside his face, Leonora glanced at him understanding what he was trying to make him do.

I think it's a very inferior and shitty act, but I thought it would be easier to mix it up now.

If this is such a strange situation where my first friend is licking my female organs, I felt I should mix myself up with that occassion.

So Leonora put the meat stick she had just licked with Nia in her mouth alone this time.

Three men and women licking each other's pussies on the bed filling each other's bodies with pleasure alone.

The filth of licking your pussy and the pleasure of being licked combine in your brain to give you the pleasure of wandering.

Nia rocked her butt happy to lick Keith Kanko with his usual polite and rough tongue.

And lick even Leonora Nomanko to recreate that tongue.

Licked Leonora added more female nectar to some tender cunt after all while trying to recreate the roughness.

I'm worse at following than Keith, but still, it conveys the feeling of telling me to make you feel better and fill Leonora.

Where the crisp foreskin has fallen or the wrinkled area is pushed with his fingers to spread and lick it moist like a puppy at the tip of his tongue.

The feeling that Nia was doing this to me, which I was beginning to want to see my sister, was going to ruin Leonora with disloyalty.

So I concentrated on Fella like I was escaping that feeling.

Picking Keith's protruding male organ with his fingers, he makes a noise with his tip as he handles up his roots.

When my mouth was about to be neglected by the feeling flowing from my groin, at least I moved only my tongue diligently.

I don't care if the residual mixed cowper of the zero-out first-time semen contaminates my tongue. I lick it around and let the turtle head teeter.

The tongue crawling around the tortoise head abuses Keith's earlier ejaculated penis, giving him a stimulus that could pull him back.

With that in mind, Keith stuck his hips out and licked around Nia's still young.

This is how the three of them were silent, just licking each other's genitals around. Occasionally I make a breath leaking with no one in my comfort, but later only the sound of licking the mucous membrane sounded.

Eventually, Leonora, who was being blamed for her nipples, is about to reach her limit.

Manko meat trembles and her hips bicken when her erect clit is blamed! and jumped out loud.

Keith noticed it stopped his cunt to Nia and woke up his body because he would also follow the mouth that made him feel fertile.

He also made Nia stop the cunt and cross it over the leonora he was squirting.

Basically the same outfit that I made Aisha and Leonora do before this, but the resistance was completely different.

Leonora accepted the young princess Elf crossing herself without reluctance, staring at her with an uncut look.

"Leonora, I'm going to insert it into the Omango that Master Nia has made me troll. Is that good?

Speak up and rub an erect penis salivated by Fella into the female organ.

When the pale sensation was transmitted from the pubic vila and the clitoris, it twisted with the cunning to accommodate the vaginal mouth, which was no longer intolerable.

to Leonora, who nods without saying anything,

"If you feel better and can't stand it, please ask Master Nia to help you. Give me a strong hug, give me a hug... and Lady Nia would be nice, right?

"Yes," Nia replied small, voiced from her back. Keith put his mouth to his ear so that only that Nia could hear him.

"I'll call you“ sister ”about Leonora now."

"Hey... is that it?

"In the world of the human species, it's fashionable for younger daughters to call their older daughters that way between friendly women. So, huh?

Keith said the right thing, but I don't know Nia, so I thought, "Is that so?" I looked down at Leonora and I looked at her with an uncut look.

"Oh, hey... don't you want to be funny?

Suddenly Leonora was confused when she called her sister, but I thought it must have been Keith's prank and bit her lip before responding.

"Go, I'm so sorry... Mr. Nia, I'm scared"

When some sweet and sour space formed, Keith's penis moved freaked out as if he had been rushed early.

Keith, who pressed it against his vaginal mouth, repeatedly kisses Nia's neck muscle and whispers a prank again.

"Dear Nia, I'm going to insert you into Leonora now. Dear Nia, you like to kiss me when you insert it, don't you? So, make him Leonora? Let's let Leonora and I squirt. If it works, it's Nia's turn."

"Huh," Nia nodded to her sweetheart as she licked and kissed her neck muscle, turning to Leonora and tu layering her lips.

"Huh? Ah, Nfu, Hu, Chu, Chu... No Ahi, Lame, Nfu, Chu"

"Lao no ahi, n chu, n chu pu"

"Dear Nia, this is your sister ~"

"Huh... Nju, Echu, Hey Hima, Nju, Cju"

Both Aisha and Berna have experienced kisses that have been cummed, and now I accept them without even the energy to reject them anymore.

Keith grins terribly badly at your seed elf pseudo-sisters kissing each other as they overlap and hug each other.

Then she slowly inserted the meat stick into her sister's trout hole and threw it open with a tortoise head that stretched out the closed wet meat path.