Nia stared at the three of them, swelling her cheeks to the point where she seemed to sound pumped.

The stares were Keith, Aisha, and Berna.

While he was staring, Keith sweated cold, Aisha leaned over, and Berna was as faceless as usual.

Nia stared at the three as Giro, twitching in his eyes and barking at Keith in tears.

"Keith, well... how could Master Keith make a baby with anyone!! Why not!!...... silly ah!!

It was amazingly rare and really angry for this girl. He was yelling angrily. And it is to Keith.

I think it's a foretaste of a natural mutation, but anyone can be convinced of that word.

"I was talking about Leonora being a man... she's too full!! That's what I call a cheater!!

"Yes, you are."

Nia approaches Keith with tears as she lowers her head as she sits in the chair and rolls out a pokapoka punch.

"Master Keith's cheater! I can't believe it for Aisha or Berna...... silly!!

It was Keith watching Aisha and Berna as she stood the pain and asked for help, but neither of them helped.

When I say what's going on in the first place, the story goes back to right after 3P with Leonora.

Keith was fixing the bed with a taste of the most erotic and pleasant bowl of pseudo-sisters.

Clean the terrible with fluid and sweat magically undo it in an instant and wait for Nia and Leonora, who are bathing together naked.

They dropped some kind of hell of a bomb, but it worked out at some point. Besides, I could taste up to the best 3P.

I am fortunate to want to think that even God possesses me.

I just wonder if I can get those friendly elf princesses every time you continue to study, and I get an erection.

"Oh... dreams swell together... guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

What kind of play shall I enjoy? What costume shall I put on? Now I'll definitely take a bath with you.

As I decided on all things and waited to come up from the bathroom, I heard a cry from the bathroom saying, "Uh-huh!?" by Nia.

Wondering what it was, I dripped hot water and Nia ran from the bathroom and stuffed Keith.

to surprise Keith. Nia looked like she was in a panic,

"Keith! Is it true that I also creaked you out to Aisha and Berna!? Is it true!?

Nia keeps checking with Keith to see if his face is true.

"Oh, of, that's..."

"Hey there... or Leonora said it! That's right!! Is that true?!?

Ah...... those boobs are not good!!

It was Keith screaming in his heart, but naturally I can't say that to Leonora, who wrapped a bath towel around his body coming from behind Nia.

Leonora gazed at Keith, who could only turn a pitiful face in silence.

'We'll find out someday. I just sped that up for you. Wow.'

and speaks with a pranky look.

That's true, but I wonder if timing is too harsh for anything.

I just found out about Leonora and this makes Keith seem like just the lowest guy who likes sex.

In fact, yes, I complain to Leonora with my eyes that it would be awkward for Nia, but her titty daughter is familiar. Moreover,

"It's true... it's true... Ugh, I'm sorry..."

"Yes, no, Master Nia! For this..."

"Master Keith's cheater!! Leonora told me! They say it's cheaters who blame all sorts of women!! Dear Keith, you're a cheater!! It's so dull!!

Keith is going to be pretty next time to Leonora, who has taught me everything I don't need, but clearly I resent him.

Leonora just told the truth as it should be.

As a result, the truth was passed on, and Nia became angry with her anger.

And Leonora came at night, and now Aisha and Berna. It would be pathetic for one or two of us, but as Leonora taught me, I can't even stand it, but when it gets more and more...

I feel like I'm kind of more and honestly, I want to get mad at you through it.

Fully in pump mode, Nia did not speak a word to the three of them in the carriage home.

Aisha asked Keith what was going on, but it clouds her mouth for no reason to say it in the carriage.

And when he arrived at the palace, Nia spewed out the rage that had accumulated quickly as he left only Keith, Aisha and Berna indoors and kept the other maids away.

I didn't even know why I was left in the room at first. Aisha and Berna, but soon I realized that was with Keith.

And I can see why Nia is angry about that. Keith says he's got his hands on this princess.

Three people who keep getting angry words as they are, but it takes Aisha and Berna a complete eight wins.

"How could you... how could you not tell me both!! With Master Keith...... no"

I know that Nia can't say anything, but I couldn't help but say it.

I can't help but stuck with the person who is committing the act of "cheating” that Leonora asked me about. I am a genuine wife mind.

But naturally Eisha and Berna kept silent because they couldn't answer, and only Keith kept apologizing even.

That's been going on for almost an hour.

"... ahhh... that's enough, all three of you are out of your room..."

At the end of the day, with a pitiful face, Nia threw the three out of the room and pulled them into a cage without anyone letting them in.

The three of them were situated without words, but Berna immediately asks the other maids to explain the circumstances of the lie.

And Aisha kept standing in front of the door, leaning in silence. You have to stay by your side until bedtime even if they tell you to go home.

So do it faithfully, but its face was surprisingly gloomy compared to Berna's and it was about to cry out now.

There was no reason to say anything here, and Keith went back to his room thinking it was an awkward situation but couldn't do anything.

Hopefully when it's night, I won't be able to make it to Aisha's room first.


Late at night, Keith headed to Aisha's room, careful not to be found by anyone.

The face is heavily scratched.

When I talked to Lou about all the things I'd found out,

"I thought this would happen one day!! You idiot husband!! That's why you're such an asshole!!

"You say that much?!? This at the point of use demon!

"I'll reopen it!? Nice! They're calling!! Your husband will beat you back!! Hushaaaaaa!!"

There is a battle where the marks of educational instruction remain firmly on the face.

Keith knocks softly making sure no one arrives in Aisha's room while applying trait wound medication.

The door finally opened again, again and again because there was no reply.

"Hey, I thought you fell asleep... ugh"

It was Keith, who serves and brightens up, but when I look at Aisha's face, I'm really stuck in words.

Aisha was looking up at Keith with a face that was still dying, leaving a clear trail of tears.

"... Aisha"

"... you need to talk... yes"

Aisha, who said he was bossy and invited him into the room, sat on the bed with no strength.

Aisha, dressed in her room, remains silent without saying anything.

"... hey, it's been a while since I've been in this room."

I couldn't stand the silence. When Keith said that, Aisha shut up for a while.

"... Enough of your mood... Enough already..."

"Ah, Aisha?

"For what good reason... I don't know what lies I've come to tell you, but enough is enough. No more... please dump me"

I looked up at the ceiling when I said something that would freeze Keith's face in an instant.

"... throw it away, why"

"Keith has Master Nia. Besides, Berna and Leonora don't need me. So."

"I don't need it... why is that happening!?

Scattered. I thought I'd fallen all the way in here, teased him, caught him and couldn't leave.

I won't feel comfortable with Nia until I tell her I'm quitting the escort knight.

So Aisha glanced at Keith, who couldn't understand this Aisha word and panicked, and shouted.

"I Ha!!... I thought I'd give everything for Keith. I thought I could throw everything away. When I could accept it all... it seemed so"

"Well, then... why?

"Because that first step was a lie... you've been lying to me all along from the beginning"

That would be the part where you say Aisha and... instead of getting your hands on Nia.

"If you were already lying from there... the thoughts I felt for Keith, the thoughts I gave you, the feelings I wanted to believe, would always mean lying, right?... Oh, no, me... me"


"... please don't fool me anymore... because I'm so tight... because I'm going to break my heart"

Aisha sipped and continued her words in tears that seemed to zero out of her staring eyes.

"If you won't throw me away, I... I'll quit my job tomorrow and leave this country... I don't know which way to go to guard a knight with this feeling."


"So Keith, now I say goodbye to you. I ended up with a snail like this, but it's been quite a fun year."

Aisha's face, forced to smile, was a very painful object.

This was Aisha's choice. Aisha chose the path she couldn't do anything about.

If it had been before, Keith would have held me again and said sweet words, which I might have forgiven at some point.

But now that I knew it was a lie from the promise of the beginning, I couldn't do it anymore. I don't know what to believe or how far to go.

If the first promise I had wasn't kept from the edge, I already doubt all the words Keith releases.

Being beside him all the time with suspicion is painful, because it's pathetic, because it doesn't hang up, so Aisha decided to leave Keith.

I've always had the thought of saying maybe. I've always had the feeling that Keith was still getting his hands on Nia. That's for sure.

But that's what my love for Keith made me think that there was no reason for trust.

The first, the promise that inspired the two of us, so I believed that was the only thing they would ever keep.

That's what broke down.

If I were you back in the day, I would have cleaned Keith and swung his sword. But Aisha loved Keith so much that she couldn't.

Aisha had a crush on this inferior man for not being able to hurt Keith.

So I made up my mind to leave. If you can't believe it or hate it, you have to leave.

To Aisha, who would quietly decide everything, Keith thought it wouldn't make sense to say any more deceptive words.

No matter how sweet you send it, no matter what kind of hand you use, you can't do anything about Aisha right now.

Then, still, if you don't want to let go of this brown annoying elf, there's only one way.

Exhaled Keith suddenly pushed Aisha down to bed.

Aisha, unable to react to it in a state of unconsciousness, desperately resisted after being pushed down.

"Get off me! Get off me!! also, it's no use anymore!! What have you done... what have you said... who's Keith?"

"You lied... you said I fooled Aisha, didn't you? Yeah, that's right. I cheated. I lied. I've been lying to you the whole time."

Once a pocan look on that dialogue, Aisha bites and stares at her lips the next moment.

"You reopen it... you suck!! Bastard!! Get off me!! I'm already with Keith..."

"But why did you cheat and keep lying... do you know why?

"Ri... yu... well... my..."

Because I wanted to rub Aisha's body. Because I wanted to add to one of the many women. It is so decided.

It's just decided you wanted a rare dessert elf in this country like yourself for fun.

Yet I felt sad and tearful when I thought it was so.

Wiping Aisha's tears like that, Keith went on to say.

"I lied because I kept cheating because I thought that would keep Aisha from becoming mine... and I thought I could connect Aisha to me"

"... you're one of a bunch of women... who said it wasn't me"

"No, I lied because I'm Aisha. It's Aisha, so I tricked him. If I hadn't, I'd have broken up with a nasty bitch like Aisha."

"Meh... Meh..."

"'Cause you do, don't you? It's pretty easy, I'm jealous, and I can get my hands on it right away. I've spent a lot of time fooling such a troublesome woman because it's Aisha."

I'm trying to fool you again. He said it was Aisha or something to please him and he's trying to make him fall apart again.

That's what I thought. Aisha frowned regrettably and missed her gaze.

I regretted that you still think of yourself as such a gullible woman. Then Keith,

"You think you're gonna fool me again, don't you? Yeah, I'll fool you. I lie to you more than once. I'll fool Aisha as many times as I can."

"Huh?... na"

"So if Aisha won't leave me, I'll fool her over and over again. It's not worth the truth to me. The truth about not getting Aisha. What a shit. Then I'll lie like Aisha wants to stick it in my arm. I'll keep lying to you. So... many times if the cutest brown knight in the world is going to be just me..."

I felt Aisha had never heard Keith stop talking like he was not respectful.

So I hear the words extra true.

"Ya, don't... do that to me again... don't mess with me... but I already did... with you"

I have to leave here now. I have to get away from Keith here and now. I will be a lifetime...... a damned woman immersed in the happiness of Keith fooling me.

I can help you, but let's get away with it. That's the only time I had decided to do that, Aisha, but my wrist got hot when I tried to shake Keith's arm off.

"Hey, what... what's this?

"You're streaming my magic into the Devil's Sword in Aisha. Do you think I'd give you the Devil's Sword without doing anything? The Devil's Sword is in Aisha, and when I run my magic, it reacts and becomes more sensitive."

"Become!?... No."

"You can't help it, can you? Because your senses are headed in a sexual direction… if you have sex in this state, Aisha will never be able to leave me again"

"Ugh, that's a lie! Same as I said I put ecstasy on the wine back in the day... it's a lie!!

"Yeah, I'm only lying to Aisha. I'm sure even this is just magic running down Aisha's arm... maybe the Devil's Sword doesn't have that function. I'll make sure of it."

Aisha gazed at Keith, who smiled gently in a man's face worse than usual, with a crying face.

In a state where lies overlap and you don't know, you can't even tell if the word is a lie or a truth.

Scared, Aisha shook her head left and right and shuddered in a trembling voice.

"Ya... don't... don't do that"

I've decided on a corner. I made up my mind around the corner. I finally made up my mind to leave even if I was forced to.

I get caught up with another sweet word and the kind of sex that's going to get really bad this time.

Even if you think you don't like it and put your strength into your arms, your body just gets hot like Keith said and you never get the strength.

"Oh no... Oh no... Kisu, please don't"

"... I'm sorry Aisha decided to leave me on her own... I won't stop you."

More magic flows through the body and burns Aisha's core hot.

"Hih!" It was at the next moment that Aisha's lips, screaming, were blocked.