Silent strife by Nia and Aisha persisted in the room.

Keith sits silently in that awkward space with a faceless Berna and a cold sweat.

It is now early in the morning, and by nature Nia is still asleep time.

It's only been a few hours since the night Keith managed to stop Aisha from connecting to herself and let her say she wouldn't leave.

They had intense amicable sex and took a bath, but suddenly Aisha said, "Let's go tell Lady Nia".

Aisha tells Keith, who faces him all of a sudden, to stay bare.

"It all depends on Master Nia if we can stay in this country or if we have to run away. Then you better listen to me soon."

"... well, that's"

"What do you think will happen in case Nia gets upset and tells Mashua all about it? Keith and I are both on death row, aren't we?

"I'll follow you so you don't."

"No, you can't! This is my problem, and it's Berna's! Then let me talk to you too."

Aisha said plainly that it was going to be unnecessarily easy.

Even if Nia was in a bad mood, I don't think Keith can handle it alone.

But when Aisha and the others are present there, the conversation becomes difficult.

I'm lying to each one completely different, so the story doesn't mesh, and I have to paint the lies there again... what a state it can be.

That's why Keith was a good one, but Aisha's determination was unwavering next time.

Without being able to refuse, Keith had no choice but to summon Berna early in the morning, using metamorphotic magic to fly the three of us to Nia's room.

Nia sat pitifully on the bed. The condition indicates that he has not slept overnight.

I guess I was shocked by Nia, who was still mentally young for cheating on someone I loved.

And more than that, I can't forgive you for yelling at Keith and saying "silly."

Leonora told me that she had no choice but to take it from her wife because she was sick.

Yet I said "silly" to Keith out of my mind, and I told him to get out of the room.

I felt self-disgusted with myself like that, but I knew I couldn't forgive the affair, and Nia couldn't sleep because of the mess.

So suddenly the parties appeared there, so Nia said, "Hih!?" I couldn't hide my surprise.

But when Keith sees Aisha and Berna holding hands (for metamorphosis magic), that mucus springs up.

I've always thought I'd apologize. The feeling disappeared and instead came out with a mouthful of

"Hey, what are you doing here!... You can't go into your room on your own!!

I have completely forgotten that, even though I have repeatedly used transfer magic in Keith's room to say I am on my own.

Aisha stepped forward instead of Keith, who was throwing up stomach fluids in an etiquette bag she brought to the metastatic magic sickness.

"Forgive me for the disrespectful steps. But I really wanted to speak to Master Nia, and I'm sorry for your disrespect."

"... I have nothing to talk about! I'm not talking to Master Keith who cheats on me! I'm having an affair with Master Keith, and I can't believe Aisha and Berna are talking to each other."

"There. I wanted to talk to you there."

This lady knight took Nia, who stops the word and sees Aisha, and Keith's gaze, who sees Aisha, who likewise says what he is going to say.

And when I breathed one breath, I stared at Nia with a firm eye and said,

"I didn't have an affair with Keith."

"Huh?... Ugh, no! Because Leonora said Aisha and Berna are having sex with Master Keith..."

"Yes, I do. But that's not cheating, I mean it!! Me and Keith are having sex for real!!

Aisha's face was clear when she put her chest out so clearly that the sound of the effects seemed to follow.

But when I heard it, Keith's face turned blue in an instant, and Nia's face almost cried.

Is Keith serious, Aisha? What about yourself, then? You cheat better yourself? Is Keith's wife Aisha?

Such an idea circles through my head and makes Nia's eyes overflow with tears. And in Keith's eyes, too.

Even if he falls, Aisha is Aisha. She's a straight, lying woman no matter where she goes.

Just because Keith accepts the lies he lies about doesn't make him a liar. Keith also thinks this head-on battle is Aisha's flavor.

(So come on... don't get that out now)

This is going to ruin every single one of your operations to get in the mood.

Nia spoke to Keith, who thought so and was about to cry.

"Master Keith... do you like Aisha? Aisha is better than me... you want to leave Aisha?

"Oh, no, the... uh"

It is an awkward situation to say either answer. Clearly packed.

Oh, it doesn't look like it anymore. That's what I thought. Keith's gaze swims all over the air. Then,

"... no, no, Master Nia. Keith is serious about Master Nia, too. That's not all, I mean it to Berna and Leonora. Keith means it to everyone."

"Huh?... Huh? Huh? Huh? Yeah? Well, what does that mean? Huh? Huh?

Aisha approached Nia in a state of confusion and stood by the bed.

"Keith does get his hands on all sorts of women. But I'm serious about all the other people. I'm serious about each of them."

"Alone... Alone?

"Yes, otherwise Master Nia or I would have liked Keith so much! He sees us all and thinks... that's what Keith says."

Seriously, it lies to Aisha, Berna, Leonora. And to Nia. Aisha thought he was the man to say so.

Nia wasn't sure what this word meant. I didn't know, but I didn't want to admit it.

Because I felt like Aisha understood Keith more deeply, so I've decided I never want to admit it.

"That's crazy!! The real one is alone...... so, the rest is cheating! Master Keith full of cheats is a bad guy!!

"You're certainly a bad man, I'm sure of that. But it's sweet. Kind and makes me so happy...... I love Keith like that!


When I look at Aisha and Nia, who are going to cry in the sunshine, I think she has changed her standing a lot since she first came to this room.

That time it was a sight to say Aisha, who strips away hostility, and Nia, who shelters it and releases her favorite aura.

But now I love it. It is Nia who gets angry in pump mode with Aisha, who is full of aura.

Above all, I can't believe that Aisha is proud of that by saying things that defy Nia.

(If it changes, it changes.)

The parties were whining with their hearts about the most irresponsible words.

Nia, who seemed to cry in front of Keith like that, shook her body when she saw Keith loved Aisha.

I know Keith is kind, nice, and makes me happy, and that's who I am!

The first time you noticed it was you, and Aisha hated Keith then!!

What, I just figured it out, and I want to say that I love Keith better.

No... no...

"Aisha's cheat ~ ~!! Master Keith is lovely. I was the first to realize it! Aisha said a lot of rude things to Master Keith!! Now you're so cunning!

"I'm fine with being cunning. And now I am proud to accept and understand Keith more than Master Nia."

"No! I love Master Keith better!! I know so much about Master Keith ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

"Apart from knowing and understanding. I understand Keith."

"Uuuuuuuuu!! Aisha is my escort knight! And yet no."

"Apart from being an escort knight and loving Keith. I'm not just willing to change this feeling no matter what. And I'm not leaving Keith."

Nia stepped on the estate to see Aisha gaze at Keith with yesterday's promise in her mouth.

I can't forgive Aisha for giving Keith another atmosphere I don't understand.

Nia's anger was shifting from Keith to Aisha all the way here. A slightly budding woman's instinct recognized Aisha as an enemy.

Aisha, who turned the two elves of your species against his enemies, is well prepared to intercept.

Anyway, because I'm proud to say that no woman can take Keith any more than myself.

That's how they say they're fighting silently.

Even for Nia, I was proud to say that I love Keith, because he is longer than Aisha, and for that matter, he has stronger thoughts and bonds.

I didn't let that thought pull off a step later, and I said, "I prefer it!" He was making Aisha stare back.

Keith and Berna, which are placed completely outside the mosquito net, just had to sit quietly.

"... so to speak, Berna, you're in private clothes today"

"Yes, because I was off today"

"Oh, that bothers me. I'm sorry."

"No, I'm not bothered about your husband."

Boso and I started flowering into a story that had nothing to do with us at all.

Then Nia and Aisha stare at me giro so I shut up. Keith, who was somewhat narrow-shouldered, stared at the two of them mozily.

How long has it been since the door to the room was knocked? It's morning wake-up time.

Because Aisha is awkward to have a rabbit and a horn and Keith and Berna who should be off.

"Oh, you know, me and Berna are going back to our room."

"Wait, Keith! Not yet."

"That's right! It's not over!!

"But all the samurai!!

"... Wow, I get it. I'll call you then because you'll make time for me after breakfast! Now let me tell you something about Master Keith!

Bitterly smiling at the strongly said Nia, Keith took Berna and hurried to use the metastatic magic.

When I went back to my room, I vomited, but I just vomited, so there was nothing left.

Berna sat in bed waiting as she rinsed her mouth. Keith sat next to her and asked her what she wanted to hear.

"Hey, Berna... Berna said, I'm with Lady Nia."

"... yes, somehow, but I noticed"

"I knew it..."

When I was stuffed from Nia, and even today, Berna didn't look surprised at all.

I thought you might not know because it was faceless, but it was really normal.

Keith thought he might have noticed this. But I couldn't have heard that on the spot, so I'm listening so quickly now.

But suppose you were aware,

"But then why didn't you say anything?

"... I wonder if what your husband doesn't tell you is something I shouldn't know... because your husband should tell you what's important."

That's a great sense of trust, Keith lights up a little.

"You're not angry... even though you know I was getting my hands on Master Nia. That's... benevolent."

I also questioned it there. I know you don't anger cheating like Aisha or Leonora, but still, isn't it angry to get your hands on Nia?

Keith, who always thought so, asked it with him, too. Then,

"The princess has seen and smiled more since she met her husband. I was originally a happy person, but sometimes I have the impression that I couldn't do it and laughed a lot. That's what I don't know about your husband anymore. It's a problem if your relationship with your husband makes the princess darker, but if it brightens up every day, it's... I thought it might be a pleasure."

"............ ha"

"Besides... I know how comfortable it is for your husband to hold me... and I can't believe I'm mad at the princess for thinking about it"

hey... what a pet!!

Unexpectedly Keith was pushing Berna down in private clothes on the bed.

I've been mentally tired the last few days with all kinds of things going on.

Of course I saw a lot of good eyes for it, but my mental fatigue was in Max's condition.

The things that accompanied Nia's discovery were gunning down Keith's mental strength.

I'm sure you deserve it, but there's nothing you can do to make me want that place of peace.

Originally, the role is Nia, but now the princess is the source of mental fatigue, so I can't rely on her.

It is Berna's sense of trust where she was in trouble. This trust, which I usually find heavy, is also now very soothing.

I don't feel comfortable telling you how I'm not going to leave you.

Berna buried her face in her chest and held Keith in her arms as she lay down.

As we held each other sideways, Keith couldn't help but

"Berna...... can I suck your tits?

I got sick of wanting to say shit disgusting. Toddler returning.

Berna, who had a little trouble with the abrupt favor, never refused.

"Please, I don't mind."

Keith joyfully and bravely opens up in front of Berna's blouse and removes his bra when he is said to be so flat as not to be bare.

Then an almost milk-free upward nipple appeared in front of him.

Pretty nipples still small to say they abuse that much in cherry blossom color.

Keith hugged Berna closely and sucked Chuchu with those nipples in her mouth.

He looked like he could really feel sorry for a man so far, but of course the person doing it wouldn't have a problem because he seemed happy if he was.

Berna was slightly happy to see a man sucking his own nipples heartlessly.

Pleasure doesn't flow, but something like reassurance or maternal instinct warms the body up.

I wanted to give you a good boy. Berna caressed Keith's head gently with no expression.

Stronger sucking as she stroked, Berna's nipples were sucked up like she could squeeze a ghoul in Keith's mouth.

"Ah... um... Phew!

Keith sucked his nipples harder and harder on Berna as she began to feel good.

She was abusing her nipples in search of breast milk where her mother had no male instincts.

Keith got an erection when he couldn't help but raise his voice.

The feel of the nipples in his hardening mouth and Berna's sweet voice, as well as the good boy good boy who lasted even in that condition, heightened Keith's excitement.

I can have sex in a good mood or nothing. I'm so happy about that.

So Keith decided to enjoy his eyes now. For this reason, I decided to use a special anal pearl made for Berna today.

It has not been ten minutes since Nia and Berna stuffed me. This is the determination. I wish I were dead.