Keith decides to start with the planting for fun.

Anyway, the specialty anal pearls are quite large in size, and I don't think Berna would hate them, but I have to make them feel comfortable accepting them for once.

For that reason Keith sucked his nipples hard as he hugged Berna even more.

When she is sucking and making noise, Berna's nipples are more excited than irritated.

Ever since Leonora begged me to breast-milk Keith to hug her like a baby and suck on her nipples.

(Your husband is adorable...)

Not knowing the inferior species had a hell of a plan, Berna held her head in giggly feeling cute about Keith sucking on her nipples.

From the chest of the pressed Berna comes the scent of a raw body odor that has never applied any perfume.

That combined with the sweetness of the nipples made Keith even more excited.

For how long he had done so, Keith looked up at Berna with a face that tickled (and thought to herself) her maternal instincts until her erect nipples fumbled.

Keith gives a sweet voice, staring at Berna with a slightly reddish cheek.

"Don't be... Berna is the only one who gives me peace of mind... it's only when I'm holding Berna like this that my heart rests"

Suddenly he said that and Berna shut up not knowing what to give back.

Until now Keith had wrapped Berna around me in one way or another. That's the sudden reversal.

I didn't know why, but I don't feel bad. Ning Ro, a little - no, I feel pretty happy. Not on the face, of course.

"Berna always trusts and supports me like this... thank you Berna... be"

Berna painstakingly searched for words and returned them to Keith, who buried his face in his groovy, flat chest.

"Because it's obvious...... it's troublesome when they say it that way"

"Such a kind and healthy elf really makes me anxious to be my pet"

Berna gave Keith a kiss to her forehead, making an anxious noise as she picked her nipples with her fingers on both hands.

When I was a child, I remember saying that anxiety disappeared when I was made my mother.

"Rest assured. I am your husband's pet for the rest of my life. I'm by your husband's side."

It was a plain thing as usual, but there was definitely an emotion caged in there. It could be described as an absolute determination.

Moisturizing his eyes as touched by the words, Keith made a number of kiss marks on Berna's skin.

My lips felt tickled at the feeling of sucking, but Berna still showed no reaction.

After being so full of sweetness, Keith exhaled and woke up physically.

"I'm sorry, Berna. It's so sweet. The truth is that I have to adore Berna... and the owner is disqualified."

Then Berna also woke up and shook her head left and right with her thin chest exposed.

"No, that's not true... Um, I think healing your husband is also a pet role..."

"It makes me feel easier when you say that. Thanks Berna. Nice pet."

Berna, stroked her head the other way, leaned down with her cheeks only slightly red. The word "good pet" creeps across my body.

I'm really glad Berna was kept by Keith at this moment alone.

to Berna like that. Keith kissed and then

"Berna, now it's my turn. I'm so sweet, now let me take care of you. Please."

That's what I said and bowed my head.

Berna leaning her neck, wondering what it was to take care of her, remembered a series of plays in which she was left growing hair and shaved before this.

"... do you grow armpits or something again?

"No, I enjoyed being superficial... otherwise I took care of him, so now I need to get inside my body"

"We do?

"Yes! I'm going to thoroughly clean up the female enemy intestinal waste!!

With no idea what the word meant, Berna stared at Keith with a question mark in her head without a look on her face.

"It's... how can you do what you say?

"Simply put, that's what I'm going to say about cleaning up the waste that builds up in your intestines with enemas and equipment."

With enemas and appliances... isn't that supposed to mean abuse your butt?

Keith smiled at Berna, who put her hand on her ass and gave her an uneasy look.

"Rest assured. My special enema and appliance will never strain my body. So don't worry, I'll take care of it."

That said, anxiety doesn't go away. Until now Berna hasn't had much experience playing in the butt.

This is the position where you can insert an anal plug during a walk. Suddenly enemas and apparatus of it are more lies than feelings of fear.

Keith looked sorry when he felt how scared Berna was.

"Maybe... you don't like it?

"Um... I'm a little scared"

"... can't you believe I said I'm okay?

"No, that's not why... you know, but"

"Me... you don't like being taken care of... yes, what"

Berna panicked when she saw Keith soggy. I didn't mean to, but I was misled.

I was kind of depressed today, and I thought I could heal that, but I can't believe I let it creep me out again with a misunderstanding.

Berna slowly opened her mouth as she blamed herself for the lack of words.

"My lord, please... tell me to clean that intestine..."

"Huh?... Berna, please don't push me. I don't want to be forced to do that."

This is the dialogue of a man who has been forced to blame Berna for his reluctance many times before. White.

"I can't... I can't. Because I think it would be a good thing if your husband did it."

Yeah, I've always hated it. Even though you think you're scared, you ended up making me feel better or happy.

Don't believe that. What are you going to do, a pet elf who trusts his owner very much, I thought. I assumed it.

"Berna! Glad you believe me!!

Having been hugged and kissed, Berna was glad she decided to believe it. Because Keith is so happy for me.

I'm caught up in the deception of saying this to the clever elf habit that I also noticed about Nia.

Rejoicing Keith quickly pulled the box out from under the bed and took out a set of equipment he had made.

Berna the boulder also changes her expression slightly after looking at the removed product.

What Keith took out was a colored, drooling substance in a large bottle and a syringe-type enema.

"Oh... Shijun, what is it?

The enema can be seen at a glance to be so, Berna asked pointing to the bottle. Then Keith,

"Is this it? This is the artificial slime."

"Slime...... that, no way"

"Yes, you can put this in Berna's stomach with an enema"

Berna was about to fall by surprise. I thought putting slime in my butt would kill me.

There are still so many accidents in the woods a few times a year in which people say they will get invaded and die from the anus into the slime.

Keith smiled at Berna, who blued with no expression.

"It's okay. You don't have to worry. I told you, it's man-made. I said slime, but the underlying structure is just similar, and it's inherently different, it's a pseudo organism."

The explanation was not well understood by Berna.

"Eh, this guy doesn't have the power to melt and eat people. Here."

Keith, who opened the lid of the bottle and stuck his hand inside, is flat.

"It's just something made for the sole purpose of eating only the waste from the intestines, so that you can't even travel on your own. It's very safe."

Yet another stage of purification and use is that intestinal cleanser that I always use during anal sex. Keith is going to use what can be called the stock solution this time.

(i) to reassured Berna. Keith was

"There's no way I'm going to use it on Berna. Believe me."

"... Yes. I'm sorry."

Keith told Berna to keep her head down so she wouldn't mind, so she told him to get her clothes off completely.

Keith gives instructions and makes Berna crawl on all fours, sitting naked and not hiding before.

No matter how much you decide to do and find it safe, your first enema play is still nervous.

Keith called out as he stroked Berna's back.

"If you really don't like it, I won't. If you're scared, tell me."

"... it's okay... you know, your husband... transfer the collar from the room with magic"

Keith nods and responds to what he asks me to wear a collar.

Berna, wearing a Keith collar she called out of the room, feels more secure and fine with anything.

Berna, who crawled on all fours again as she rattled her dog tag, silently showed acceptance.

Keith moves to an open ass when he gives Berna a good boy like that.

Her body is thin but slightly in the middle of her round buttocks. Anal is cuddly narrow in sepia color.

I have blamed and plugged it with my fingers several times before but the insertion is still a beautiful unused product.

Keith stretched his tongue and licked it carefully as he put his face closer there first.

It was a pleasant way to lick it in Berna, but still lick every single one of the anus wrinkles carefully to massage it with your tongue that it was necessary to relax.

Berna didn't feel good about the licking feeling coming from her ass, but I feel taken care of and happy when I think Keith is licking me there.

Happiness relaxed the body and Berna's anal slowly began to unwind.

I licked the center of the hole to poke it with my pointed tongue tip to aim there, and when I loosened up slowly inside, the anal hole came wet and sprinkled with saliva.

It smells slutty in my intestines from inside and stimulates Keith's groin.

Keith speaks to Berna after seeing her salivated anal and deciding it would be enough.

"I'll let you in now. I know it's a little painful, but it's not physically harmful. Relax and let yourself be."

"... ok"

Make sure the reply arrives and suck up the artificial slime in the bottle with a syringe enema. The syringe was large enough to contain all the contents of the bottle.

I saw the slime shake inside, then pulled out the air, and pushed the tip area, which was null with the slime I arrived at when I sucked it up, against Berna's anal hole.

"I'll go."

Speaking and pushing in the gnaw, there was a slight resistance, but Sunnarito and the tip were swallowed and went.

Berna exhaled to see if she felt a little foreign when she inserted it all in.

"Berna, take a deep breath and exhale... please stop"

Berna held her breath and Keith poured slime into her intestines.

Berna said, "Higgy!" He raised his voice.

I don't feel cold, but the foreign body feels great. I can clearly feel something coming in the back of my bowel every second.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

My hands and legs trembling on all fours and a cold sweat came out.

It's not over yet? Are you still willing to let me in? I worry and try to look back, but in the meantime, the slime is overflowing in my intestines and I can't move.


"It's only a little over half. Half the time."

"Oh, no! Murray, it's... Murray! Higiu!! Ugh, gi, hi, no!

Little Berna's body was filled with the relentless slime that came in, and her lower stomach began to pound.

"Also, ahhh!... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The insertion was finally over by the time Berna cried.

The syringe was pulled out and the slime dripped talarily from a muscle anal hole.

Haha and a rough breath Berna looks like she's going to suffer with tears in her eyes at the fierce desire for excretion and pressure.

That face, whose usual faceless expression scratched out, is still pathetic and beautiful.

"Oh, Shijun... Hagu! Ugh... let me go."

"No, you can't. Slime is eating waste hard in my intestines right now. Let's be a little more patient."

"Oh no... ahhh! Phew!"

Berna shuddered her body and sweated a lot.

Slept sideways from crawling on all fours in a slightly easier position, but then my consciousness concentrates on the feeling that slime is really eating waste in my intestines.

(Something... in me... is bad)

The pain and disgust that seemed to cry, and the compression in his lower abdomen were similar to the pain.

They are in other words synonymous with the best pleasures for Berna.

"Ahhh, Berna, you're starting to feel... O-manko to yuzu. It's so thick, it's leaking."

Dark-eyed love liquid begins to zero out as the kupakupa and vaginal mouth open. Keith was impressed by the beauty of the mazo body, which still makes me feel this way.

Originally thin, Berna's differences are erotic to the point of divinity, which has completely lowered her belly due to a large number of enemas.

The usual faceless expression disappears there, and I can't even feel the confusion that makes me feel comfortable.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!... ahhh! Ngu... I'm hungry... I'm hungry."

"Almost there. Just a little more."

He stroked Berna as she slept many times, and pet elves clasped with large tears on Keith kissing her cheeks and arms.


It's not the pain of raging around and screaming, but this pressure is tougher than that.

Because of the force in her stomach, she couldn't even get bored and suffer aloud, and Berna looked up at Keith with sweat and tears all over her face and made her body freak out and cramp.

Keith's arm was strong, but he took it and Keith kissed him.

Berna exhales to escape the pain and entwines her tongue diligently. The move is completely worse than usual.

Still, I felt it would only get a little easier while I was doing that, so Berna licked Keith's tongue around with a shaggy face.

But soon the real limit came and Berna appealed to Keith.

"Monkey, it's gone, Murray, it's gone... Momochi! Ahhh!!"

Keith gently lifted Berna up and took her to the bathroom because she was important to the boulder once she was put out in bed.

"Well done! It'll be easier now!

The joy of saying finally made Berna smile in agony. But the expression hardens quickly.

Keith left Berna in the toilet seat.

"Why... go ahead... please"

Keith says plainly to Berna, who still has a leaky stomach.

"No, we have to make sure it's all out."

To the words Berna shook her head wide left and right. It seems impossible for Berna to be sidelined during a major act of excretion.

Keith laughed at Berna looking like that.

"It's okay. The only thing that comes out is the slime that's done disassembling the waste, so there's no smell or anything."

"But... no... I don't want to be asked"

Keith sighs at Berna, who distorts his face in agony,

"I hate taking care of you halfway through. If you're going to do it, it's my doctrine to do it right to the end... Berna, don't be shy, let's slime out."

Keith had that hand in his lower abdomen, where patience was a limiting condition, as he gazed at his mid back and kissed a naked pet elf sitting in a toilet seat.

Keith strokes her lower abdomen gently as she feels Berna staring open as she kisses her.

"Oh, oh! No, no...... ahhh!! Higu!!

When the puffy lower abdomen is pushed in, the anal hole slowly opens in conjunction with it.

Feeling the feeling of slime pushed out, Berna cried out in her voice at the embarrassment of slime excretion.