The anus, which was forced to close to its limit, slowly opens and goes away.

I don't like it. I think I have to stop it, but I started getting the contents out once. There completely left Berna's control, the owner.

"No... no!! Ah, oh! I'm sorry...... this, ahhh!!

I start crying out loud like it can't possibly be Berna, who's not in the frenzy of sex.

A shame incomparable with peeing fills my brain and I'm dying of embarrassment. The act of excretion after the crunch felt good enough to give me goosebumps.

Slime, which was perfectly packed in the intestines, pushed and spread Berna's sepia colored anal, mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! and with tremendous momentum he is pushed out and falls into the potty.

There was no odor or color on the slime even though it was in the intestines for a long time, and the color remained the same when I put it in.

Keith heard it flickering out of Berna's many adorable butthole making nasty noises.

Berna has a disturbed look that makes her face red to the tip of Sakuho's ear to moisturize her eyes and is not conceivable from her usual faceless expression.

I have goosebumps at the feeling that the slime, which never hurts my anus because my embarrassment is soft on you Max, is expelled while rubbing my anus.

The anal hole, which was long and painful to the point of pain due to excretory endurance, is one of the best pleasure organs for Berna today.

My body gradually wanders off into the feeling of excretion that doesn't stop me even feeling the illusion of slime coming out there rubbing my intestines and cleaning them nicely.

The slime made such a nasty noise when it came out that I wondered how much it was inside me.

Bubba! Bubba! Bubba! Bupi, bubble............!!.

It was a sound that impressed me that it was something that often exited the thin, poor Berna.

"Don't look... don't look... uhhh... no!

I want you to get out and say it as soon as possible. I hope you don't hear this sound. Keith never tries to move.

Berna kept looking up at Keith with tears in her eyes without even going to get a toilet seat because she was on her way out to let him leave.

When I was doing so, my lower body slashed loose, so my pee burst out of my urethral orifice with me.

If you pee, the ammonia smell drifts out into the toilet because you haven't done anything.

I felt weak enough to think that everything in my lower body was stupid and broken and overwhelming feeling due to excretion that I had felt for the first time in my life.

It would be a few seconds if it were time for everything to go out, but I felt very long for Berna.

"Ahhh... higgu, uhh... ahhh"

The last piece said, "Boop!" When he made a noise and came out of his butthole, Berna shook her body to the excretory pleasure that was over.

The refreshment of emptying your stomach in the true sense and the odd feeling of seeing your bowels peristallize. And an anus that conveys a slightly gingery feel with long excretion.

All of that had been blended together to relieve Berna, but soon the look broke apart as a crying face.

It reminded me of desperate shame, and my pleasure was anointed.

Though the person who exposed all of them and dedicated all of them, the appearance of excretion is different.

I loved someone who had never felt so loving - Keith saw it and Berna the boulder couldn't stop crying either.

It is not a cry that takes its limits to the usual pain of pleasure, but a cry that raises its voice with Gusgus like a child.

Keith hugged Berna, who sat in the toilet seat and closed her crotch, covering her face with both hands and crying while trying not to show her the contents.

"Berna, why are you crying? Tummy, is it still painful?

Berna flattened out with her tearful hands to Keith, who listens deliberately even though she knows it.

"Don't ask me... I said don't look at me, I said no... Bye! Silly!!

Keith gently stroked Berna's head after receiving a flat handed beating.

"I'm often ashamed of you. You put up with it. It's great, Berna. She's a very good girl."

Berna, who was beating, stuck her breath in the words it took and sat in the toilet seat. Now she hugged him hard. He seemed like a real kid.

"It was detachable... of. Ya."

"I get it. You still put up with me, didn't you? It's really great. You're a good girl."

Keith whispered his mouth closer to his ear as he kissed Berna on the cheek.

"That's Berna, so I can get this far, too, right? I won't do this to anyone else. Because it's Berna. It's my precious pet, so I can."

"... Want to?

"Yes. Managing excretion is very important in having a pet. You have to do that. You can't be the real owner! So this time, I really wanted to control Berna's excretion with this slime enema."

It was an unscrupulous story, but what convinced Berna of this.

If you have a pet, managing small and large stools is one of the important duties of the owner. Keith did that to me.

That made me feel more connected to Keith's owner and his pet. This elf is also perverted in a good way.

"You should have explained it properly. I'm sorry, but Berna would understand."

"... if you don't tell me, I don't know"

"That's right. I'm sorry. Then I'll say it again. Berna, let me take care of Berna. Please."

Berna nodded still slightly bewildered Keith, bowing her head. I snorted and followed Keith around sweetly.

I'll tell you what, this is in the bathroom, and now it's just after I pulled the slime out of my anus.

Time and place didn't match the two airy senses at all.

But Berna was glad that Keith thought so deeply of herself as an owner.

It is Berna who sees something like the readiness of the owner in Keith who even takes care of the dirtiest part. It is a mistake.

Then I decide to trust Keith even more and try harder than ever.

To Berna like that. Keith instructed her to sit down with her butt pointed at herself on the toilet seat.

I felt embarrassed and dirty not wiping my butt yet,

"That's why I have to wipe it for you. Right?"

When you say that, you can't defy it, and dress as you were told.

Berna's anal was wet and glowing with the remnants of the slime. I'll gently wipe you there with paper.

The wiped paper flushes in the toilet seat with discarded slime or pee. The slime was left with Berna's medicine to dissolve in the clearance in the toilet seat. Don't worry about getting stuck with this.

I felt kind of weird about getting my ass wiped like this at a good age, Berna.

"Berna, I'll see if you have any slime left in your butt. Please don't move."

"Kaku...... Higiu!! Gi-hi!!"

Suddenly Keith came with his finger in his anus hole, so he shouted to his surprise.

Keith, who had his middle and medullary fingers penetrated his intestine, carefully glanced at his intestine by twisting his rectum so that he could endure too much slime release and work his tired sphincter.

The fingers touch the shallow eyes slowly at first and gradually open. Then you get a peek at the glossy state of the bright red rectum with the anal hole in it.

Keith stuck his finger in the back and scratched that red intestinal wall while being careful not to hurt him.

"Is there any slime left? Are you all right?

As she continued to move her fingers as she said something horrible, Berna bared her voice at the stimulus of her patient, conscious and sensitive buttocks twisting around.

"Hagi no good!! Yikes!! Oh, Shijutsa, no, now... no, no! Hagu ah!!

My sitting legs trembled and my buttocks swung out puffy.

"No, no, we need to keep this right! I wonder if there's any left around here?

Because artificial slimes have the habit of trying to connect, they don't cut a thousand pieces unless there's more to it.

In other words, it's impossible that it's still in the intestines, but it's good that Berna doesn't know about it. Keith rubbed it around to loosen up the rectum.

Even though he was filled with slime and combined with that drainage, he rubbed his buttocks and rectum, which were sensitive to pain, and Berna's face turned into pain and pleasure.

"Ooh! Ooh!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! NHI! Oh, Shiri, there, NHA!! Yeah, yeah!

Berna, who had no experience so intensely butt-fucking, shook herself at the pressure and feeling of being stuck in her intestines.

The dm body unfortunately turns the pain into pleasure.

Keith wanted to praise Berna for being a boulder that would show a straightforward response from her vaginal hole, as if she were a woman who had been planted with anal for years.

But today's main dish is still here. Keith had decided to praise it after he received it.

When he finishes loosening his anus and rectum, Keith pulls out his fingers and washes them in the sink. And I took out the prepared anal pearls.

The size that would seem tight on anal virgins, but Keith believed Berna should be able to. Don't give me weird confidence in this place.

Keith showed an anal pearl to Berna as she was being pulled out of her finger and exhaled with a huff huff.

"Berna, now I'm going to massage your stomach with this. I'm going to gnaw my pretty intestines with this."

"Huh?... Hih!

Turning his face, Berna screamed when she saw a series of black balls like that ferocious hundred feet.

Now Keith did say he would put it in his stomach.

"Damn it, Muri... Muri. I don't want to. Please don't!

"It's okay. Yes, Berna would be absolutely fine!

Berna panicked when she saw Keith's pleasant face and realized she meant it. Whatever it is, it can't be in there.

"It's broken...... please don't. Pleaseā€¦ I will"

Keith lifts Berna in the toilet seat and takes her from the bathroom to the bed.

There were still anal pearls on that hand.

When he gets to bed, Keith puts Berna to bed, gets himself naked. And starts kissing him covered.

Tight and tight, he kisses roughly and sweetly bites his pointy ear over and over again. Lick and whisper bite marks as you go.

"Berna? I can stay on your ass. I can't do this without my bowels being beautiful. You only have a chance now, and you don't like it? Is that a lie about letting me take care of you?

"... it's not a lie... But if I put it in... it's gonna break..."

"I'm telling you, Berna would be fine. If I put this in and massage inside, I'm sure I'll feel better about dying. Guaranteed."


"Have you ever lied to Berna because I feel good? Have you ever just made Berna hurt or hard?

No. Keith has always definitely made me feel better about myself.

"... it's frightening... so hold me... please let me in"

"Yes. Okay. I knew Berna was the best pet ever."

Berna hugged hard to delude her fear into Keith, who stroked her head with praise and began kissing again.

Fear doesn't go away, but more than that, I had a great deal of faith in Keith and the thought I swore I'd leave it all to you earlier.

Berna was desperate for Keith to wake up with a light body while holding her tight.

I'm seriously worried that there's gonna be a bunch of those big balls in my butthole.

An anxious deep breath reached Keith's ear, but even that was adorable, Keith held Berna in her bare chest.

A face-to-face seated snail, but leave Berna kneeling with her legs open.

And I gently pressed the first one of the anal pearls against my anus mouth by instructing her to pull out of the force.


Keith was kind of adorable and uncomfortable that Berna was so frightened.

"Berna, if you're scared, will you kiss me? Frightened, Mochi, Nchupu, Phu"

Within unending words Berna has layered her lips as she meditated her eyes and endured fear.

Between the long kisses Berna makes many anxious voices, "Your Grace".

"Leave it to me, Berna. It makes Berna feel absolutely good... I swear, I'm the only one who can make Berna feel better."

To the gentle voice Berna increased her strength to snort and exhale and hug her small and many times.

(... I can't believe you're trembling so much... you want to abuse me!

Keith pushed his first ball into Berna's sufficiently relaxed anal, thinking sincerely ill.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ugh!! Mmm!!... Oh, my God, oh my God! Oh no!! Ugh...... uhhhhhh!!

A sphere bigger than an anal plug snagged open the anal closed together and swallowed Zubunu by the excretory organs.

Berna stuck to Keith by gushing her face into that bitterness, pressure, and odd feeling coming up her ass.

With the first sphere completely swallowed, Berna's buttocks are spread through the rectum by foreign bodies, while the entrance is more cuddly than usual! and it seems to narrow down and drain the sphere.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, my goodness."

Berna's face, about to report her suffering, frowned upon the bitterness of the foreign body and the slight pain emitted by the extended rectum, and a delight of delight.