I figured Operation "Already With You" would be effective in fixing Nia's mood for being obstinate.

But if that's all, you'll still have a lump later, even now, and most importantly, your obsession with Aisha and Berna will remain.

So Keith guided the whole thing.

Instead of just leaving Nia, you have a difference of identity there, and you get involved in an affair there and blame Nia.

This way, an honest Nia who knows exactly the difference between who she is and who Keith is, thinks she's wrong and forgives the whole thing.

And most importantly, Aisha and Berna, who comforted Keith to bury that loneliness, also forgive me... should.

It's all an intrusion operation based on Nia's assumption of human goodness, but this is going to be a success after all.

Especially this time I never intended to say that beforehand, but it was huge that Leonora was preparing me for the bottom.

It is Nia who believes in the loneliness of men and the cheating habits that accompany them all the time through Leonora's words, which are conveniently taught to men round.

Whose adage did Choroin leave to bear choroin? Horn to horn. Thus Nia was deceived by Keith as usual, forgiving everything, and burning into sex.

To the aggressive Nia, who holds Keith in her dress and presses her lips against her face, yes. Today there was a lower species who decided to let her blame her.

Wouldn't it be great to be blamed by Princess Lolibitch for the fierce eye sex at the end of the fight!!

(This will also blow your tiredness the last few days!

I often say to you that you have already come to Berna's opponent with a scattered healing quote and activation.

That's what Keith decided with his heart as he repeatedly kissed Tutsch. Keith told the princess that when she slowly took off Nia's dress, it was just her bra and panties.

"Master Nia, can you let me take my clothes off?

"Huh?... Um, me?

Keith whispered to Nia, who was confused when she was told that for the first time.

"We take each other's clothes off... we think it's kind of like a couple and it's nice... oh, if you don't like it"

"Yes, that's not why I don't like it! No, I'll let you down."

Keith knows best that Nia can't refuse now because she says she looks like a couple, etc. It is the word on it.

Floating in words that he was totally like a couple, Nia started clumsily undressing Keith's clothes as she stepped out of her own top and lay in bed.

I've never even worn my own clothes by myself in the first place. Nia didn't really understand the structure of men's clothes.

Still getting her clothes off across Keith, clumsy but sleeping with a serious face, Nia suddenly embarrassed herself when she saw the bare breastplate.

I suddenly realized that I let a man take off his clothes.

"Please go down there too," he says to Nia, who is lit with hawahawa, pointing his pants at him.

Turning bright red, Nia rang a breath leaking sound through her throat and put her hand on Keith's pants.

I've never worn pants before, so I'll always see Keith take them off. When I took them off with an imitation, the front side of my pants swelled.

Nia stuttered a little when she was already older, but seeing the area hitting the tip was wet and

(The transparent one is leaking and following...... haha, the spit came out)

The smell and the imagination of the taste overflowed with spit.

Keith was excited about Princess Bitch in her underwear staring at Jeez, with more erections.

Take Nia's hand to her groin, whining "hawah" when she sees the center of her pants rise, and let it touch her luxurious hands there.

"Master Keith!... Oh, you know"

"I'm just Keith now, Master Nia. Please do as you please."


"This body and mind are just for Master Nia...... please. Prove to me that I'm really just Nia's."

I just want to test the performance of Lolivich, whose purchasing is perfect.

But after all, the honest Nia was struck in the chest by the words and nodded with a serious face trying to prove it.

It seemed like Keith was asking how serious his thoughts were.

I don't know what to do. Nia couldn't help but decide to do the same thing Keith would do for me.

So first I cover my body and kiss my lips hard.

I was scattered earlier, but I don't get tired of talking to Keith all day and most importantly, I feel good.

I'll push my lips and tongue out and lick Keith's inside. Keith almost laughed at the tickle of his little tongue licking his mouth and tongue.

That's how the kiss lasted for a while ended, and Nia thought about the next thing she would do by squealing "Eh, eh" when she raised her red, lit face.

Thinking that Keith would always do what he felt good about being done, Nia started blaming her tits with a kiss on her neck.

During the day, Aisha just licked me out of the blue.

Keith raised his voice to the tickle as he was licked softly thinking he could all obey and blame the same place.

It was a disgusting gasp, but for Nia, it makes me happy to hear Keith sound happy.

Then there was extra heat and Nia licked Keith's palpable nipples with a pepper.

Looking happy, the excitement mixed with the stimulus encouraged an additional erection in Nia's appearance licking and sucking her nipples as she watched Keith's expression from time to time.

"Nju, chu, yu, yu, yu, yu, hu! Master Keith's chibi is getting stiff... so cute."

Nia, who licked her nipples scattered after making such a damn bitch statement, moved her body to her groin.

Keith's pants are swelling up more than just now, and the size of the stains is increasing. The addition and subtraction of bees is evident from the outside.

Gokuri and I spit and I lowered my pants, and Nia jumped out of the inside and said to my penis, "Damn!," he screamed.

Fully exposed red and black turtle heads and horny water-baked meat poles. And Dharan and his dripping scrotum look bigger than usual. And the smell is thick and awesome.

When the slutty smell of tween reached his nose, Nia muttered "Mr. Penis" and handled the meat stick with her fingers, which was still bulging.

It makes me so loving to think that this is a great organ that deepens my bond with Keith, that gives me a baby with Keith.

Demonic props that have been healed and merged into the body at night. Still believing in such a stupid story, Nia softly licked the clear juice that came out just before she handled the stinking magic prop she was attached to.

Say she's washing it. The smell of a female creeps into and out of Berna and Aisha many times a day.

I think Keith smelled that dark, lewd smell. Nia was happy to crawl her pepper and tongue.

The appearance of falling between Keith's legs spread out, festering with a meat pole with one hand and a jubjub and a narrow cheek while touching the scrotum with the other does not match the young and innocent look at all.

Nia, who can put a meat stick in its mouth with a look that even a delicious treat might be eating, crawls her tongue to the dirtiest part of the geese neck and moves up and down Lerolero over and over again.

The top surface of the tongue wet in the saliva cleanses the geese neck, the pointed tip of the tongue sees the crease, and the lips suck the lead.

When her hips floated to much comfort, Nia moved her mouth to the scrotum and began to stir the ball with her tightness and lips.

"Nfu ~, Jamen ~, Akahi-chan ~, hahahapu, so full of this. Nfu ~ ~ ~!"

Keith thought with boredom that it wasn't surprisingly bad to be blamed by Nia, who was totally in a good mood while singing even a weird song.

My tongue moves too harshly and my hips move Kunechne. Plus if you get distracted, you could ejaculate.

This is a cunt. But I tried to distract you, and I tried to tell you I'd make you Nia.

"Nbu, Nbu, Nbu! Shut up! Juju!! Ugh!!

"Ooh!? Oh, oh, oh! Hey, Master Nia! Rinse! Hey, ahhh!!

What Keith, looking up, saw was Nia's nasty and extreme look as she narrowed her cheeks and stuck her lips out and handled the tortoise head up inside her.

Besides, the roots of the meat bars are not picked with the fingers and rubbed violently, so both irritations overflowed with objects that came up casually.

"Ah! Oh! Aww! Whoa!!... or no! No, oh, no!

Keith stuck his hips out as he raised his voice and shot up the filth in Nia's armpit.

All the semen bouncing out of her bouncing penis hoarded in her mouth, Nia felt the karki smell full as she breathed with her nose.

The dark smell and flavour of semen makes Nia's mouth happier than any treat.

"Chip, chip, pup"

Nia smiled and showed Keith her mouth open as she sucked her face up to the last drop that leaked out of the bell mouth.

"It's full of jammers. Mm, Gu, Ngu...... I drank it and it made it easier for me to make a baby! Hehe."

It is Nia who still believes the lie that Keith taught before that "semen makes it easier for babies to form when they drink it by mouth".

Nia laughing happily shows how much she loves kissing everything from salivated meat sticks to Keith's thighs.

He was letting me know that his butt was starting to move and feel pretentious when he was doing so.

Keith, who was indulged in ejaculation to be sucked away, saw it and really wanted me to do a face ride.

I wanted to lick that round, puffy elf ass around my face.

"Master Nia, it felt so good. Thank you."

"No, I could drink a lot of salmon too! It was delicious."

Keith went on to say asleep to Nia, who shook his tail thoroughly and laughed at him with such a face.

"But it's hard to just feel good about me being alone. Master Nia needs to feel better next time!

"Huh?... Oh, that's... you mean you'll pepper your crotch?

"Yeah, but today I belong to Lady Nia. Instead of me giving it to you, Master Nia will let me!


Keith instructed Nia to do what she was going to do now, tilting her neck because she didn't really understand the difference.

Hearing that, Nia turned her face red in a different way and shook her head hard to the left and right with a boom.

"Oh no! I can't... oh no"

"Why?... How could you"

"So, because!... Oh, dear Keith... because"

"Have you ever done this before when you were just starting your studies?"

"That one! To remember Ike... now I blame you!! Because Leonora is an important act of love."

Nia coming up with a strong opposition, Keith looked pathetic and got his upper body up.

"Dear Nia... I want proof that I'm just Keith to Nia. That's the best thing you can do to make it a little stronger... you won't do it."

"Ah! Ugh... so"

"I can't be Keith the Nia... yes, what"

To Keith, who shows a rare move to whine and at the same time shrivel his penis, which was half erect, into a troubled quote,

"... Ya, Ru... That, Shima Soo"

I leaned down when I said the look I was looking like I was having fun and I tried to cry and squeal.

It is a situation where I think it is time for someone to teach the word pervert.

With Nia's permission, this one smiles happily the other way. Keith takes his bra off as he hugs and thanks the princess for blushing to the tip of her pointy ear in shame for what she's about to do.

The fallen nipple, which had slightly begun to erect at Ferra, had now pulled in again, but Keith did nothing to say that it would pop right out.

Nia tried to take off her panties to Keith, who would just take off her bra and lie down again.

"Master Nia, go ahead and put that on me, too."

"Heh? Oh, uh, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh."

Having understood exactly what Keith was trying to say when he was completely on track, Nia stood up with a weird voice.

And I crossed Keith's face with a face that seemed so sorry.

The front of the body faces towards Keith's leg. Across in that standing, Nia began to take off her panties directly over Keith as she roared "Ugh".

It is very erotic to see pink secret meat squirting when it is sooo unloaded and stripped off one foot at a time.

That's about to get an erection, but it even looks like a pick up from heaven looking down at Keith, who's about to die about Nia turning bright red and crossing.

Nia tries to do what Keith tells her to do, but she can't stop.

Keith, touching his hand on the flatulence, said "Master Nia" and kissed his ankle.

Keith says if we don't do this, it won't prove it. I don't know why, but if Keith says so, yes.

Ignorant and innocent, Nia meditated her eyes with tears in her eyes and slowly lowered her hips, sitting over Keith's face dressed like she was kneeling in a Japanese toilet with her hands on her knees.

"Ki... Keith, you are mine... mine! So...... so crotch...... lick it!!

I gave the order, as I was told, with shame on my face, and I glued the whole of Omango to Keith's face.

The moment I pressed him, "I'm sorry! Sorry no!!" Apologizing is flawed on the bead, but otherwise it's a perfect command-face ride. Besides, it is the most inferior pooping style face riding.

Keith, who was pushed from his nose to his mouth through the pubic vila and the inner mucosa of it, began to lick that genital organ, which he could push as he erected his penis all at once, excited by words and deeds.

With no idea how this could prove love, Nia screamed cutely at the way Keith's tongue felt as she deluded and licked the mucous membrane.