When Gabba and Aisha hit him, the two sleeping at the same time said, "Ah!" He raised his voice.

Keith starts blaming Aisha's body with a laugh in his matching voice, although it means something completely different.

"Keith, hey, why are you just ahead of me at this hour!... Usually later you, hiaaah!! Hmmm!!

Aisha screamed when she was struck by the body that was starting to light the fire.

Keith's hands peeled through his breasts, hips, and buttocks as he wandered over his uniform, leaving his voice leaking into his comfort.

There's Nia on the side. I know that, but I can't stop my voice, and I even feel more sensitive to my body than usual.

"Hih! Ugh!! Awwww!! Oh, don't, Keith...... be gentle, touch me!! Hiuuu!!

"Huh? Should I be strong?

"No! I'm not... I'm not"

Turning sideways with Chirali, Nia, who was asleep, woke up and stared at me with her mouth in a letter to while the girl sat down.

Those eyes are a jealous colour that seems envious, full of tears.

I guess I regret that I wasn't first. Aisha knew exactly how that felt.

And at the same time, Aisha felt self-loathing that a sense of superiority would arise in the back of her mind.

It's a joy to be sad about Nia and to be left with such a face.

Aisha continued to be caressed, thinking she had become a really bad woman.

Feelings are amplified by a sense of superiority, and the body jumps extra than usual.

"Aisha, you're responding well today. Besides, your voice is adorable... because Master Nia will see it?

"Oh no... no no!! Mm-hmm, ahhh, yah!!

Keith's lips suck his nipples over his military uniform, and he goes wearing a saliva stain.

Aisha shook her head at herself wishing she was more dirty and licked, even though she should be proud of her military uniform.

"Ahhhhh!! Keesh, please stop blaming me for melting!! Nfu ah!!

Keith's knee, which is covered so that it can be pressed against him, breaks into his skirt and gently pushes Manko into the grip.

In that stimulus he licked his neck muscle, rubbed his chest, and when he sucked lightly, his body really became tron.

What a perverted sex habit to show off, only then do you try to be nice and dye yourself perverted.

I can't hate you for being such a Keith. On the contrary, this inferior species, who has corrupted himself everywhere, is loving and unhappy.

Aisha squeezed Keith's body together as she tasted the happiness of the fallen woman from the bottom of her heart.

"Bubba...... silly!! Nfu, uuuuu!! Do me a favor!! This... cousin!! Mm-hmm!!

With that said, if Aisha followed me, the inferior species turned the blaming hand into a more lukewarm move.

Carefully climb up the body so that it can also be played with an instrument, ringing the tone that says gasp.

Aisha takes off her uniform today with pleasure.

Nia continued to look at Aisha and Keith like that with a murky chamois.

You're supposed to be Keith's wife better, but what do you mean, hold the cheater first!

Besides, I'm absolutely cunning to be touched so gently and snuggly all over my body.

I don't care how many people show up like this, we can get along. I get more anger at Aisha because I'm jealous and jealous.

Even though Aisha is an escort knight, she steals Keith without doing a mission.

"... by Aisha... kiss, you can't do that... you can't even hug me... hioo"

I disciplined myself that Keith shouldn't be when I realized Nia was about to cry anymore.

I was drunk with the excitement of showing off sex and accidentally blamed it for real. This shouldn't happen.

I stared away at Nia from Aisha, who was already on the verge of becoming a troll with a kiss and a caress over clothes done in her body.

Keith speaks to Nia, who persists and tries to turn that way.

"Master Nia, you have to take a good look, don't you? When Aisha is finished, Nia will be next, so we need to make a good effort to see it!

"... I don't know... these breasts just make me mummy"

to a young elf princess who can only describe her jealousy as Munyamnya. Keith is

"Well, I'm not going to dare to study. Get started with Aisha's body as she intends to learn the physical differences of women and how they feel!

"... like when you were a nightingale?

"... hey Keith, what was your time?

To Aisha with ears. Keith woke up his brown knight daughter in a hurry to delude herself, hugging her from behind.

"Here, don't deceive me! Ya...... you can't be!! hey, oh my god!!! Uh-oh!

Before Aisha could figure it all out, Keith began to flaunt her breasts and her manko in her underwear at the same time.

Blamed for two hard erections at the same time, Aisha continues her words while meditating on the stimulus and stretching her limbs.

"Hey!! This... you are such a monstrous fool... oops!! Nfu, oh, deceit, Nfu!!! Awwwwwwwwww!!

Keith ignored Aisha's enquiry altogether and instead crawled his tongue from shoulder to neck muscle, continuing to rub his nipples and clitoris with his arms wrapped around him from behind.

Even words fail to speak properly when sweet stimuli are transmitted from the tip of the chest and from the pubic nucleus to try to ask.

They just keep seeing me feel obscene to Nia, the Lord in the front of my pointed body direction.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mi, don't look...... you can't just do this!!

I thought I could be seen in Keith's truck once, Aisha, but I realized I was too ashamed when I thought about it.

The shame in saying that Nia will see you is not the ratio of Berna or Leonora.

It's decided that I can't expose my most unseen part to Nia, who has watched me since I was a young girl.

"Kisu, stop it, stop it...... you do this!! Hiuuu!! Ah, ah!! No!!

At some point Keith was taking off his bra and letting his brown breasts bounce out.

He tries to hide his chest, but before that, Keith's hands let five fingers plunge into soft breast meat.

Nia looks at the tense brown breasts changing her snails between Ponyun Ponyun and her fingers as she embarrasses herself.

"Master Nia, would you like Aisha's boobs? What do you say?

What are you asking? Aisha twisted her face and tried to stare at Keith, but before that, her nipples were picked and pulled at her fingertips.

"Aguuuuuuu!! Ugh, uhhhh!! Stop, please. Yes!! Higu, ugh!!

"Look, these tits are so tense, and they're soft, and the colors are beautiful, right? Answer me, Master Nia."

"... when it's beautiful, it's over"

The fact is Nia thought so. It's an even breast, unlike my still small breasts or Leonora's oversized breasts.

Besides, brown skin looks glossy and wet because of healthy, slightly floating sweat.

I even think Aisha is cunning with such a beautiful body. I also know that this makes Keith want to cuddle first.

"It's beautiful! Good for you, Aisha."

Aisha developed goosebumps at Keith's words as she squeezed her nipples and whispered it as she handled it with her erection.

I can clearly see the sweetness and pain in shame and pleasure in the back and the honey coming out.

"Don't! Don't be silly!! Ahhh, this... this, this is not... but no!! Uh-oh!! Tits, no! Aah!

Deciding it was looking good, Keith took her hand off her nipples and fingered her panties.

Aisha, who was breathing the stimulus that had finally stopped, stormed more hastily than ever when she felt Keith's hand on her panties.

"Not that way!! Not at all!! Kiki, kiki! Please, please. Ahhh! Oh, oh!! No, no, no, no! Hauuuuu!!

The body weakened by nipple irritation cannot resist Keith, and Aisha, who is lightly removed, is exposed to female organs.

Still desperately trying to close his legs, Keith's hand made him gabble wide open before that.

They're looking at everything. The most embarrassing part is seen so firmly by Nia. That's all I'm going to cry about.

"What do you think, Master Nia, of Aisha? You're totally different from the snail, aren't you?

"Ha ha ha ha ha, I'm unnewned... and the clitoris says..."

That's what they say. Intolerable, Aisha blushed to the tip of her pointy ear to zero tears.

"No, no... don't look at me, don't let me see you... ki-soo"

I don't mind Aisha crying in shame. Keith explains with a grunt of her bitch cock.

"Every woman's here has a different snail. Aisha's is particularly edgy and pleasant, isn't she?

"... Kimochi good...?

"Yes. You have this big Villa Villa, right? When I put my penis in my vagina, it feels good to rub it against my roots."

Nia looked at Keith, who touched her labia with surprise when she said so.

I've seen Leonora's Omako at night, but both of them weren't that big. I've seen mine in the mirror, but it hasn't gotten that far.

I can't believe that pubic billa who even feels dirty gives Keith such a good feeling.

"And this big clitoris. It's easy to touch and stimulate when you have sex, so you can quickly make Aisha feel bigger. And the sensitivity is good, and look at that."

As she peeled and cosily rubbed Clitoris' foreskin as she explained, Aisha gasped between the squeaks and drooled her love fluids from her vaginal mouth.

Then the dark and sweet aroma of Aisha's vaginal honey also reached Nia. To make it easier to understand, Keith pushes open the pubic villa and exposes the pink mucosa inside.

"It's a beautiful color inside, and Aisha smells so sweet and nice here... Aisha's smell here and her snails make me so excited"

The large Aisha Nomako, dark in colour and Villa Villa Villa, contrasts with the outer colour and the colour of the meat looks bright.

It was a sexual organ that seemed eclectic from Nia, a girl with the slutty scent drifting from it.

"This is how Aisha's place feels best to me and to Aisha, who owns it!

After hearing the idiotic explanation, Nia couldn't help but look away from it, feeling like she shouldn't have seen it from how Aisha was crying.

I can't believe Aisha's shape and features there are different from hers, making Keith feel that good.

Keith said it feels good to be someone he likes. Yet in the current description Aisha's there seems absolutely pleasant no matter what thoughts she has.

Cunning. Aisha is cunning after all. It's such a cunning thing to have such a beautiful body and feel good where to blame it.

Aisha is totally cute when she feels good about it, unlike her usual crisp atmosphere. That's also cunning.

I think Aisha was really cowardly just because Keith liked her like that.

Aisha, who has no reason to know she was thought that way, was about to die of embarrassment when she was scattered around and explained her filthy snail.

"Keith, don't do this anymore... please don't do this... it's terrible, uh-huh"

"I'm shy. Aisha is cute and I love it. I'd love to see more. Right! How about using Aisha's body for sex education every time you study?

"Hih! Oh, no... I can't do that, haha!! Mm-hmm, fuku. Oh! Hih."

Keith's fingers broke into his vagina and began to pinch the middle meat. The more slutty smell thickened and the honey wet and dirty Nia's bed.

I can see you scratching your vagina. They'll see. Shame, which was the limit, cramps Aisha's body and tries to pick up Acme.

"Kisu! Ki-soo! Mm-hmm! Or, no! Oben, I don't know!! So, stop. Yeah!! Ugh!!

Keith pulls his fingers out satisfied with the words he was finally able to pull out and says as he touches the erection clip small with his wet fingertips with a love liquid.

"It's great! You finally figured it out!! Boulder Aisha. Then I won't disturb Master Nia anymore. Can you say you're sorry?

"I mean... I can't take it off anymore... I can't do this anymore."

While feeling gently rolled by Keith again, Aisha apologized with tears to Nia, who swelled in front of her without being able to defy her.

"I don't know... I don't know if I will... I'm sorry."

Naia, who remained munyamy even when apologized, answered nothing, but Keith said,

"Well done, Aisha. It's great. Then I'll give you some reward seeding sex."

"Hey, why not!! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! And yet, no...... HIUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

Laying in bed from his back hug, Aisha turned her gaze and was surprised that Keith was already undressing.

I'm willing to. I apologized. I'm serious.

I think a lot about stopping Keith from pressing me hard, but Aisha knows best that there is no way I can stop this situation.

"I'm sorry. I went! So don't blame me! No way!!

Hearing that, Keith leans into Aisha's ear and whispers softly so that Nia doesn't hear him.

"Is that okay? Leave me alone in such a null, painful state? If Aisha doesn't, then you're next, aren't you, Lady Nia? Can you stand being shown off with such a painful body?

I didn't think I could. I knew that right away. It's torture to be made such a bitch and show off your sex landscape on the side.

The more I feel that way, the more Aisha has been developed by Keith. Makes it unnecessarily bad when you're made aware of it in words.

When I looked to the side, Nia looked at me with an enviable eye tying her mouth to the letter to.

It was a visible expression of jealousy that I would definitely take Keith away now and start doing things.

"Hikino... That's how you won't let me... give you this... Awesome!!

Turning away from Nia and hugging Keith, Aisha entrusted her painful body to the man who opened it and called it the inferior species.

I saw the moment the escort knight entrusted it all to me in front of me, and I did feel it, and Nia said, "Ah!" He raised his voice and nearly disturbed me.

I broke in between them and wanted to interrupt what they did.

When she thought so, Nia understood why Aisha was interrupting her study time.

As Keith thought, things went steadily.