Nia put her strength into the hugging kiss. Keith's body finally became his own and I hug him.

Nia's thin, luxurious hands and feet wrap around the spot where the brown hands and feet were intertwined until just now, snuggling themselves around to Keith.

At first glance, the hotter and thicker the embrace the older away men and women were.

"Kissuma, Nju, Fu, Cju, Nju, Rju, Cju, Cju, Cju. Kissy."

I call my name on Love, and hold Nia, who licks my tongue, with all my strength to the point where she feels no pain.

This posture makes my erect penis feel crushed and painful by the groin area of the sitting Nia.

I'm still fine with that, but most importantly, I pulled it out on the verge of ejaculation, so I just rubbed it and it's going to come out.

Keith removed Nia's bra in order to insert it quickly and began to squeeze her tits.

Turn your right hand into your breast in the palm of the hand you were holding over, and thicken the kiss as you rub it against the mommy.

Nia began to raise her sweet voice as she also moved her left hand from hips to breasts within it and rolled her tits around with both hands.

Keith continued to tangle his tongue into Nia, who dyed his cheeks primarily and trembled his breath fine as he reacted slightly to his body.

Nia smiled happily at the stimulus to her waiting nipples and drank Keith's saliva.

Once he releases his mouth and puts his mouth on Nia's fallen nipples as he pulls the thread of his saliva, stirring it with a chuptune and lips and a tongue.

"Keefe!...... HAMI, HAMI!... Mmm."

Nia would be unconscious whispering small about the feeling in her tongue coming from her nipples, but she was a good kid with Keith's head.

A good kid with a young girl's nipples is bad for her groin. My erection gets intense.

Nia stared at Keith sucking his nipples as he raised his chest to the stiffness of the meat stick as he gouged up his manko over his panties under his crotch.

It finally loves me. It finally only stares at me. I'm not happy about that.

I was about to gently lick my nipples and inflate my penis so much that I was too loving and my heart was melting.

"Kisusa, it's still good...... Ugh! It's daisy...... uhhh!!

I felt the thought grow stronger every time I put it in my mouth. Nia began to wet the area that hit her penis with love liquid.

The nipples that were licking hardened and Keith carefully licked the nipples that had just come out behind her tongue as the tips that were buried gave her a slight look.

Nia was a good boy on the tongue licking only gently. She held Keith with her hand and leaked her voice.

"Ugh, micha!... hi, hi, ok... no gentle, pepper... kuuuuuuuu! It's a boob...... Hiuuuuuuu!!

A snarling saliva tangles between both nipples, blaming it on the tongue and fingers replacing one another.

The way she blamed both fingers and tongue was soft, and Nia forgot to be angry at that gentle caress and immersed herself in it.

It doesn't matter now that I've been cheated on or loved Aisha first.

It's just Keith is adoring me like this right now, that's all I care anymore.

I feel like a total no-good woman with all my bosses, and I can't thank Keith enough for getting it.

Keith made a noise and sucked his nipples as he reconfirmed that saying elves was a great species after all.

A chup chup and a nasty noise and a hard, sissy nipple is sucked, and Nia's body reacts with a pimple when she trembles in her mouth.

The nipples, usually guarded inside the lovely female Princess Elf, were perfectly sensitive to her turn waiting.

When I feel stronger, Nia also puts her strength into her arms, which she naturally hugs, and from the side, she also looks like a girl breastfeeding an adult man.

Nia didn't care what she looked like, and Keith continued to caress her nipples with joy.

As the irritation from her nipples passed through the core of her body to her hottest lower abdomen, Nia began rubbing her manko on the meat stick impatiently.

I wish my breasts were cuter, but I wanted more excitement than that.

"Ha!... Huh, ha! Ah, ah, ah, penis, kachikachi... it's so sweet, it's so sweet... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

Nia smiled happily as she was sucked nipples as she felt the hot meat stick over her panties.

Keith, on the other hand, was in a heartfelt hurry that even though he was close to ejaculating, he would definitely get out if he continued to be rubbed this cute.

Nia is already making it up, and Keith stopped blaming her nipples after deciding that she would be able to afford two shots in a row if this penis was in condition.

And once you kiss me, then you stare at Nia,

"Master Nia, you want me to lick your crotch, don't you? I rubbed it on your penis so much... I wish I could say that"

"Oh, of... but I also wanted my boobs to be more perky..."

"You can lick your tits even when you insert your penis, shall I lick your crotch first? Right?"

"... Yes, please"

Let Nia stand up and take off her panties, honestly nodding, and Keith licked out the Omako right in front of her.

"Oh, huh? Ko, keep it up...... hiccup! Oh, hi!!

Suddenly Nia, who had a standing cunt, was bewildered, but she couldn't even say so when Keith's tongue moved hard with Lerorello and licked the cli.

"Keith! It's just kuritori...... if you can't do so much...... Nkuhia!!

Put your hand on Keith's head and lick and bounce Tutu Tutu at Nia, who rattles his throat, making more intense movements on his tongue and making noise around the cli.

When I stimulate the pink nucleus inside to rub on the surface of my tongue while savoring the crisp foreskin, I can see that Nia's voice is always high and willing to feel.

Feeling a well-communicated reaction, Keith stretched his tongue to the hairless shame hills and diaphragms and licked them tightly.

Keith, who moved one by one and kissed his butt, pushed the round butt meat out and sipped his anus out with a zillow.

Nia got goosebumps at the feeling of an anal lick running up her hips from her spread ass,

"Buttocks! Ah, ahh!! Huh!! No!! Boobs, you can't because you haven't revealed it!! Kee-sama, no... Yet, hiuuuu!!

Nia's anus, slightly sweaty and steamy because she was watching Keith and Aisha act, had a dark, sweet smell of Princess Elf.

Carefully glancing at the anus wrinkles, the hand turns forward and twists around the clip that caused the erection while salivating the central hole into a vedo.

Nia feels in a position where she can't stand as she twists her anus hole and erection clip as she moves to clink and turn to interact with her tongue movement.

"Ooh, buttocks! Hauuuuu!! Uh-huh!! Pepperoni!! Oh, Kuritori, come with me, it's on me!! Ugh, yeah!!

On Nia's thighs, which stifled her knees, the female honey passed down to her tartare and ankle.

Even though his lower body is too shaky, only his licked butt pushes Keith against Nia's will.

Keith, who licked and loosened enough anal to begin to loosen or narrow repeatedly, laid Nia to sleep sideways when her tongue buried easily inside and until she could smell it.

As he lay down leaning back behind Nia, Keith removed the bowel cleanser he had always put in from his undressed and scattered clothes.

Hold Nia from behind with it pinched in your finger and repeat the kiss to your neck muscle.

Place the medicine in the loose anus of a tickling, seemingly Nia, move your fingers gritty and massage them into the rectum so that they remain loose.

Nia said to the stimulus that makes her tummy cum, "Ha!" He raised his voice and bent his neck just a little back.

"Are you kidding me?... Shizukusu... Shizuma-saji from your buttocks?

Keith whispered softly with his mouth in his ear so that Aisha could not hear him in Nia throwing up the perverse line taught in his young voice.

"Master Nia, in fact, only special people can make you feel better with their butts, right?

"... Huh?

"Male genitals on the buttocks...... it's impossible to have what I call a penis and think it feels good unless it's physically compatible with each other. In fact, Aisha doesn't like to do it with her butt, and she's never done it with Berna and Leonora. This is a special place for me and Lady Nia."

"Really?... Is that really true?


Nia's chest was tightened to Keith, who said physical compatibility and cod out the difference between those who could feel it in anal and those who could not.

This is my own special. Aisha, Berna and Leonora don't feel better, just a connection between themselves and Keith.

Keith goes on to say to Nia, who is heartily glad that she thinks she has tokubetsu that no one else has.

"But I promised you I'd fill you in the way you like today. If you want normal sex, you will, won't you?

I say that now while I tell you what makes your butt so special. I don't even think I'm being manipulated. Nia shook her head small, left and right.

"My buttocks are good... my buttocks are good, my buttocks are good... my buttocks are bad"

Keith replied "Yes," laughing happily that he could finally spit out the cloudy accumulation of sweet continuous two-hole blame.

Already in the rectum of Nia, the medicine worked and the mucus was full, and it was completely loose and wandering with the shame of wearing it around with my fingers.

Keith pushed his butt meat open and poked a stiff, strained meat stick into the beautiful thin peach butthole that changed from an excretory organ to a hole dedicated to ejaculation as he put Nia to sleep on top.

"Ha! Ugh!!...... Mmm, ooh!! Ahhh!! Keesh, shhh!! Awww!!

Gripping the sheets together, a thick object engulfed the body. Tasting the pain and pleasure at the same time, Nia zeroed tears and snot all at once.

The intrusion was incredibly easy, but because of the insertion of the leg with the leg stretched out and lying on top, there was no rubbing and tightening by the angle in half, and the feeling was too clear and strong.

I thought this might get me out soon, but still, the meat stick was getting tense and lusty enough that I was confident that I could maintain my erection even if I did.

"Keith," he said, hands beside Nia's body, shrugging over and over, "I'll be there," and then Keith slowly pulled his hips back in.

Slow movement is meant to keep the anus from getting used to it, but this leads to the rectum and anal meat being pulled out and into the outside, giving Nia intense pleasure.

"Mm-hmm!! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, ooh ooh ooh!! Oh, oh, oh!!

Nia strengthens her body and bites the sheets as something several times larger than the excrement enters and exits.

If the body is nervous, the sphincter muscles are also tightened, and the tightening of the anus, which is likely to cut a thousand pieces, is increased and the rubbing on the meat rod part is further strengthened.

Besides, the inside is filled with lubricant, and the gut wraps around the neck of the geese.

Keith blamed himself for his genuine hipster inside Nia's butt, which turned him into a first-rate pleasure organ.

Nia opened her eyes and twisted her butt to an attack poking her womb from the back.

"Ugh no!! Ugh!! Shishiyuuuuuuu!! Shikiuuuuu!! Uh-oh!! Ma sha shu shu shu shu!! Shh, no!! Higiuuuuu!!

Blamed for the intestinal wall, Nia, severely blamed in her body as she caught the geese neck, erased her usual pity and temperament to show the female stuffiness.

There was air in the anus, and Nia disturbed violently without even caring for the horny, stinging noise that leaked with the mucus and intense penetration.

Aisha, sleeping beside her on the condition, was surprised.

I couldn't believe that cute Nia, poor Princess Nia, was getting her butthole fucked and messed up like this.

With a thin consciousness, Keith blamed Nia and realized she was licking all sorts of places.

Because his turn is over, and when he sees it even as he feels lonely, what a stick of meat Keith sticks up his anal.

I tried to speak up about what I was doing, but sooner than that, Nia barked obscenely at anus pleasure to confuse Aisha.

I don't like anal blame. I don't see the point in trying to make Aisha feel better with such a penetration.

But no doubt Aisha was stuffy and suffering from the insanity and joy of a female she had never seen before.

Cuteness and pity are the appearances of Nia, who disappeared, but the female nature there is certainly beautiful, and I also know Keith will want it.

This is the second time I've seen Keith and Nia interact, but the killing intent I felt the first time doesn't even dust up right now.

I was just a little jealous of Nia, who was getting the pleasure Keith couldn't get me.

Having turned into such a bad breeze, Aisha began to hurt her body again, which had just been offended by an act carried out beside her.

To the point where Aisha didn't even notice what she was looking at, Keith was seriously drunk on the pleasure that his hip waving rectum would give him.

Anal fluttering inside for strong tightening in the anus drives Keith with a feeling different from vagina.

And Nia's dementia to show was also applauded with excitement.

A barking voice every time you poke it in and pull it out, and a princess elf of your kind twisting her round, pretty ass from herself.

The female elf has been nicely developed and cut at the front and back of her body at a young age.

I did it myself. The desire for conquest and domination to say that only you can enjoy this makes Keith's hips rough.

"Ohhhh!! Fugi no!! Uncle Riko! Uncle is not good!! Higiu!! Kikokichi, Tsukuba Yep!! Not good!! Ooh ho ho!! Ugh, no!

Keith reached his limits first on Nia's body showing a trembling precursor to ACME. The tortoise head that kept pounding was about to leak its sperm after losing the competition for pleasure.

Keith repeated the piston as hard as he could without putting up with anything and pulling out the power of his penis, as it were,

"Phew! Oh, whoa!! Ah, ha!! So, so!! Ngu!!

Kimmed intrarectal ejaculation.

Dobby! Dobby! Big time!! Big time!! - The ejaculation I kept putting up with from Aisha was so much fun and I wondered if I would lose my hips.

"Hih, huh? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!... I have to be smooth. No."

Keith kissed his neck and head as he moved his body closer to Nia's back, saying in a squeaky voice, rubbing his penis against a half-bulb state in his intestine with increased slip with semen.

A sweat floating all over his body has delivered the elf pheromone to Keith, joining the feeling of a rectum wrapping his ejaculatory tortoise head to promote an erection.

He was a slightly lazy penis that just got out, but he still felt like he wasn't getting enough out, so Keith rocks his hips straight and takes his erection to full condition.

Then I pulled my penis out, wiped it gently with a sheet, and then held Nia's body up.

I hold up a body that is good-looking but light with anal blame so I can lift it without any problems and let it sit on an erect meat stick.

As I positioned myself in the vaginal hole and slowly lowered it, my penis sucked easily into the Nia and went.

"Ha... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!... Ha, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Keith, who inserted himself in a face-to-face seat into Nia, shook his hips as he slammed his tip into the mouth of the uterus where he stepped down with blame from the anal.

The loosely cut maternity room is so complete that it does not resemble its immature body that it kisses the tip of the meat bar.

Besides, my vagina was obscenely entangled in a meat stick with a sea urchin just asking me to do the release of the sperm that was butted over here.

Keith kissed with admiration and held her tight, delighting Nia, saying she was a princess with an indecent body that she couldn't help.

Nia, who uses her entire body, even her genitals, to express her joy, popped her whole body with tob-like pleasure as soon as Keith's hips made a thrusting motion.

Staring into the void at the motion to blame the vagina and uterus all at once "Oh, oh!," he protrudes his lips and raises his voice.

"Mm-hmm! Whoops!! Squirrel!! Squirrel, Squirrel!! Shh shh shh shh shh shh no!! Oh hi no!! Homiaaaaa!!!

Keith, holding Nia's hips and shoving and shaking his hips as he set his aim at the pleasure point, distorted his face to a stimulus that seemed to freak his hips out from the meat stick as he exhaled.

Nia's vagina is now too aggressive on the tortoise head she just ejaculated, and every time I blame her, she's about to lose her hips.

But loose here. Keith rocked his hips desperately hard when the man scrapped.

When it gets intense, the air in my intestines is vibrating and leaking with the semen, which I don't think Nia is putting out "Pobu! Buuuuuuu!!" The noise echoed and the semen I put myself out on Keith's leg.

I felt my gaze from across when I was doing so. When I saw it, Aisha woke up and looked at me.

"... I can't believe this is happening..."

Keith made Nia feel excited by Aisha, who had a sweet voice and was more obstinate than blaming her.

Guardian knight staring with a sweet voice at the Lord being offended. I'm not a man because I can't seem to burn in this situation. Keith thought so.

And the situation reminds me of a certain prank.

"Dear Nia! Aisha said hang in there!! I say good luck and Ike!!

Aisha was in trouble when she was suddenly cut out for not saying that at all. But Keith held me and pierced my vagina.

"Ah, aye...... aye, higiu!! Oh and good luck...... good luck!! Higi-yu!! Uh-oh!!

For Nia, Ike is a way to make a baby, so I was glad to think Aisha was there for it.

Naturally I don't. Aisha is too cute for Nia to thank,

"Ha... yes! My cousin! Dear Nia... Good luck."

Keith laughs because he thinks it's a weird sight while he kind of keeps it to himself. Keith realizes that Nia's Omango is about to get an acme already with the aftertaste from his butt blame.

"Mmm! Hmm!! Nfugi not good...... ahhhhhhhhh!! Uhhh!! Keisha...... Aisha!! Wataruhi, wataruhi no!! Not good!!

Moving his hips in a certain rhythm, Keith kissed Nia as he felt his vagina tremble in order to make him crazy.

My mouthwatering lips suck Keith's tongue off.

Nia greeted Keith and Aisha behind him, Acme with relief from the two figures who would protect him.

"Oh, oh!! Mm-hmm!! Yikes!! Yikes!! Oh, ma... Nkooo!! It's Ike. Ooh! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Phewah!!!

Nia, ecstatic as she leaned back, cramped her entire body with bicumbicum, causing her consciousness to wander.

I felt no more jealousy or anything, and there seeped the joy of two precious people watching over me and letting me do the ick.

Keith, who put that body to bed and stuck his penis in his vagina waiting for ejaculation in Acme as if he wanted to use it in a normal position,

"Ah Aisha!! Hold me from behind!! Push your tits!! Hold me!!

Aisha does what she is told to do with her face praised for her shitty desire to hug her while inserting her into another woman.

I can tell by how close the ejaculation is, so I touch Keith's nipples and lick his neck muscles as he presses his cuddly chest.

"Ho!! Oh, hey! Oh, ahhh...... no!! Ah, ahi!! Ooh!!"

I let the blurb and whole body tremble with a pitiful voice. Keith ejaculated vaginally this time.

Dubby! Dubby!! Bibi, Bibi, Bibi... Bibi! and the bouncing semen exhaled into the feeling of rushing through the urethra and was drunk with pleasure.

Even with it all out, Keith didn't pull out the meat stick, and turned around and kissed Aisha as he did.

I could only afford a little more by the end of my study time.


Sleeping naked side by side, Nia and Aisha were leaning over and feeling each other's smell.

Nia, who smelled sweet and soft, and Aisha, who smelled like a fragrant flower, looked at each other and lit up.

silence for a little while, but eventually Nia,

"... Aisha... it's me... and I know Aisha loves Master Keith as much as I do."

"... Dear Nia"

"So, don't be jealous... I'm getting along with Master Keith, and I feel like interrupting... okay."

Asked about it, Aisha shook Nia's hand with a sorry looking face.

"... Lady Nia, I'm sorry... I would do something nasty to Lady Nia if she did..."

"Yeah, it's okay. 'Cause if it happens to me, I'm gonna be Keith too...' cause I'm gonna be such a jerk... '

"... right, same"

"Yeah, Uncle... you're a bad boy who loves the same Master Keith"

Since then, Nia and Aisha, both of us laughing couscous, had admitted to each other and thought they understood each other, so the grin had begun to disappear.

Besides, Nia kind of liked having sex watched over by Aisha. It's weird, but don't worry.

Maybe the feeling of being watched for years makes you do that. It's kind of a very perverted tick.

After a small laugh, Nia accidentally looked like a prank.

"But, you know, I feel the same way about love, but I'm the one on top of you for flattery! I love my Keith."

"It doesn't! I love Keith, too. I like how you can't beat Master Nia!

It was the two of us, but I never ask Keith which one I prefer anymore.

Because we both believe it. Keith said he loved himself a lot. Because I trust you.

That trustee, by the way,

"Dear Nia...... Aisha...... Subordinate Black and White Elves...... so horny!

He looked down at the two sleeping side by side and was desperate and horny.

I didn't have time to adore you two at the end, so I decided to at least let you hit me.

Something's wrong with my form of thought. I'm passing the lowest. But the obedient elves that allow it are all kinds of weird too.

Completely strange. The two elves and one of the inferior species were all smiling while enjoying this weird situation.

"Ah! Ah!! Go...... Ooh!!! Dear Nia, Aisha! Pull over more! Look at me!! From Ike!! I'll call!!! Ooh!!"

Horny Keith as he gave the sleeping two one leg at a time and stared at the secret meat in the middle leaked out of it. The voltage was coming up all at once on the picture that he put out, and was already about to let it out.

Nia and Aisha, who looked at him as the pervert demanded, put their tongues out of their mouths to drink some hot liquid.

Moving from where he was snooping, Keith made evidence of a rapprochement from the meat stick he had handled up against his flimsy, pornographic bellowface.

"Hih! Hiya...... Nhiya...... heh, heh, heh, heh."

"Mm-hmm! Hmm, heh...... you little brat, you little brat!

The semen on the two faces pulled tensile threads on their hair and cheeks to show reconciliation.

Handle the meat stick up so as to show the ownership of the two beautiful girl elves with semen like the dog marking act, squeezing up to a drop in the urethra and dripping it over her face.

Looking down at it with filled thoughts, Keith swore to his heart that this time it was absolutely 3P to the two of us smiling at each other's semen painted faces.