The gentle spring sun is pocky and warm. The wind that hit my cheeks was carrying the smell of soft buds.

Staring at the fresh green meadow seen through the window, the nightingale felt a curtain swinging in the spring breeze.

And I think. Huh? What's Noon doing here? and.

I can't believe I'm sitting around feeling the warmth of the spring breeze at night when I'm proud that I don't like to sit still at birth and move around and rumble around.

Besides, it's apparently sitting on the bed. I found myself sitting with my upper body up on a clean sheet.

When I wondered what time I was doing that, I realized I was wearing a pretentious white piece instead of my usual dress.

Even though the usual dress is a special sign of the princess of the proud dragon species and enough to buy a castle, she wears clothes that look terribly cheap compared to it.

I couldn't read the situation and looked around at my body. At night, I was jealous.

I have a big stomach. It's not big, it's swollen and it's going to burst.

"Huh, that's gibberish!! Hey, what the hell!! Are you curious? Are you forced to poison me?

Night Xu remembered the terrible spell of planting bugs in the belly of the cursing opponent and feeding them from his body.

Keith came in from the door of the room when he tried to get up in a hurry.

"That's Night's Eve. Did you finish your nap?

Keith in a clean outfit who doesn't look fucking good saying white shirts on his pants instead of his usual black clothes approached the night.

At the extreme of the confusion, the nightcap instantly understands that this is Keith's fault and stares.

"Come here!! Now what did you do?! What did you do to Non?! Say it, you bastard!!

Keith, however, stared at the night with the same expression as if he didn't understand the reason.

"What are you talking about? Are you sleeping in love?

"Sleep in love Tora!! Don't fall in love with the Lord!! Come on, you belly! This belly is Keith's fault!! What did you do to Non?

I wonder what kind of inferior demands you're going to make this time, even with a horrible curse.

I was on the verge of being a forever competitor in the corner and wondering if the protective covenant would stay the same. Yet.

On a regrettable, tearful night, Keith approached slowly, putting the shopping bag down when he suddenly smiled as Kyoton.

Keith rested his hand on his swollen stomach as he sat on the bed, closing in by a sleepover.

"Yeah, it's definitely my fault. Because I was in the tummy of a nightclub ~ because I got out so full that I could have a baby. It's definitely my fault."

Keith said so gently, stroking his belly in love at night that his own child was in it.

But that night, however I heard the words now, they only sounded like phantoms and froze my face.

Baby? You got it? To who, Nightshade? Himself?... I'm pregnant!?

"What the heck!!!?

The night he stood up screaming, Keith and his own stomach stared alternately.

Pregnant. You're pregnant? Such an idiot, it's impossible. 'Cause I'm still a juvenile. There is no way I can get pregnant in this condition.

No, but there are things that can't be done if you use the magic that human species use, but it's impossible for subdragon species that have high resistance to magic that can be inflicted by others, but maybe Keith.

Keith suddenly spoke at night with a serious face as all sorts of thoughts overflowed.

"Nightshade, please calm down. I'm excited for my belly child..."

"Ah!? Oh, oh! Shh, sorry!... and you're not!! Why is Noon pregnant?! Keith's kid is not here!!

He sat in bed at night asking with a crying face, and Keith told him to tell him to hold him gently.

"That's because Nightshade and I fought a lot. The last time I got pregnant at night, it was the rule to win, so I lost."

"Shabu... let it go?

"Yes, so I won, got pregnant with my child in my stomach, and lost, and I spent the rest of my life watching the child by the night... you fell asleep and forgot."

No way. There's no way I can fall asleep and forget about that. Impossible, but touching the tummy being held together just seems true.

Are you sure you and Keith are fighting to win, get pregnant... and say this is how you and Keith live together?

I didn't like it so much, it seemed like a very good thing to Ning Lo, and I couldn't understand the reason for the nightfall.

There's nothing I can do about it. When he felt enlightened, Nightingale calmed down.

When he felt his feelings quenched, Keith let go of his body and said, "Are you calm?" He asks.

As Cochri and Nightshade nodded, Keith laughed and went back to the shopping bag place to start cleaning up the contents.

I was pregnant at night as I watched. I thought over and over again that I was a mother and wondered what I was going to do.

What should I explain to my parents and sisters? I don't remember, but I'm sure he hasn't said it yet.

It is visible to be angry. They may yell at me, they may forgive me, and they may cut off the edge. If Keith will still be by my side.

(Hey, think about what! What can you do without such merit!! Oh no... Oh no...)

Keith came back with a vial when he tried to touch his fearful stomach.

When Vik reacted and let go of his hand, Keith started unbuttoning the front button of the piece as he got on the bed and smiled.

"What to do!? What are you doing!! What are you doing to your weight body!!

"What, I apply a moisturizing cream. Even though he's a small body, he's got such a splendid stomach, and if you don't apply it, you're gonna get a pregnancy line, right?

"Ah? Uh... oh, yeah... right, yeah"

At night I thought it would be both-belly play, and I rushed away the thought.

I take a breath when I look at my body, which is opened before me, thinking even how much Keith.

Slightly bigger breasts have black and larger nipples. The belly beneath it swells brilliantly and is so pampered that you can clearly see something inside.

Hurt over and over again in battle, still the body of the war that has stood up shows brilliantly the swelling of a female conceived with male seeds.

(... wow, I... you're really going to be kaka... uhh)

Keith stared at the night as he gently applied the cream to his abdomen, saying that he was also feeling anxious, along with a stirring sense of well-being.

"It's okay, I'm here. I will protect you and this child."

Why say the words you want me to say at this time? It's cheating. I curse with my heart that I am cowardly.

'Cause I have a baby on such a sweet hand. If they rub my stomach and say those words, I want Keith.

I can't believe I want to have sex in a pregnant state. I'm not such a dirty bitch. That's not true.

I knew best that it was useless to make excuses. Because my blackened nipples are so sore that I have an erection and draped my breast milk.

When he was kissed by an unbalanced Loribote belly in a situation he wanted to hide but could not hide, he exhaled at night.

Keith then noticed how the nightcap looked and the erection and subtraction of the nipples,

"At night, did you want to?

"Chi, no! Why is Non... Non such a..."

Obviously it was a night jammed on the way to words that could be described as lies, but Keith gently put his body to bed.

"Hih... what? No, you can't! to Ranoko...... what if something happens to the baby!

"It's okay, it's a stabilisation period, and I'll be nice to it. I won't force you."

"Sex with Keith can be tough, even if it's gentle!... Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!

Keith has been sitting beside him and kissing him to avoid straining his stomach. I gently stroked my bottom belly as I kissed her, tickling my buttocks out of the pounding.

Tickling that finger touches his nipple and licks the breast milk out with his fingertips.

"... because I don't have any body, I'm probably drinking."

I entrusted Keith, who says it sounds like a prank, with a lollibotte body that would set her on fire as a woman because she was pregnant while her face turned bright red.

"Be nice to me or I'll kill you... be ready"

Copy that, sir.

Where Keith's lips smiling touched his black erect nipples,

"Huhhhhhh!!... Ah, ah, oh, hi...!!

Nightshade woke up and woke his sweaty body out of bed.

Above all, he hurried and rubbed his stomach, making sure it was flat and exhaling.

"Yu, yume... right? Well, I'm stuck with yume... why are you such an inferior baby... basket, naked?"

Even though he was feeling safe, he felt a little voidness and loneliness in it for some reason, and at night he squeezed the futon.

A spring night breeze was pouring in through the open windows. The smell of blue leaves is pleasant in the night breeze.

I kind of missed Keith so much that at night I snuck into bed with a crying face.


I am in a very awkward situation when I say what a man who is so thought to be the princess of the most powerful species in this world is doing right now.

Surrounded by Nia, Aisha, Berna and Leonora, they sit in their chairs and drink tea. The place is the residence of Leonora.

Nia and Aisha have reconciled. Already a few days, there is a study group at Leonora's residence today, so Nia has arrived at it too.

Then there will inevitably be Aisha and Berna, and it is not strange that they are all present in this room.

Leonora stroked her sister princess's head sitting beside her, smiling as she finished hearing from Nia all the way through what was going on with Aisha.

"It's wonderful, Mr. Nia. I am touched by that heart that shows understanding even to those who descend! He's a really good kid now."

"That's just Leonora tickling. Hehe, but I'm glad you complimented me."

"Then I'll give you more praise. She's a good girl, Mr. Nia."

To two people who kind of create a very cherry blossom air, Aisha looked into her eyes and opened her mouth pokanedly.

"Nah...... what the hey! What the hell is that, Keith! Master Nia and her tits are giving me some disgusting air!! What the hell?"

Keith explains bitterly to Aisha and Berna, who sips tea flat next to him, who rushes to ask.

"No, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"What the fuck is that!! What the fuck!! Let me do something weird! Take Lady Nia for that perverted hobby of boobs..."

"Hey! I heard you!! Who's the pervert!!

"It's up to you! Take Master Nia to a weird world!! Dear Nia! Please stay away from such perverts!! It's dangerous!"

"So who's the pervert!! If you're a pervert, you're not the one! Mr. Nia, if this colored black woman had my body... ugh."

"Huh!? Oh, what's wrong with Aisha?

"Shut up, idiot!! Don't listen to the dialogue of a woman with too much blood spinning around her tits and brain miso about to rot, Master Nia!!

"What the hell!!"

Keith grinned bitterly at these hustle and bustle remarks, and Berna, as usual, was puzzled by Nia's first close look at Aisha and Leonora's feud.

I wondered if this was going to continue, and Keith couldn't hide the feeling that sex would be tough to pull out.

Such a study group ended with Nia scolding Aisha, Leonora riding on it, and Aisha's comic talent five times over and over again.

So I ended up dreaming 5p ended up dreaming. When Aisha and Berna stayed in the room, they trembled, but it was no use.

"At least I wanted a bowl of elf sisters."

I think Nia and Leonora's exquisite harmonies could be eaten again, so Keith, whining so alone, fell asleep in the room bed.

The study group has already returned to the palace's private room. Lou spoke to his sloppy husband.

"Husband, would you like a bowl? The riverside is now in the flower season. The store is open. Go!!

"That's just what you want to buy and eat! Oh, my God. It's so hard."

Seimrad has a warm climate all year round with no basic snow, but flowers still bloom differently depending on the season.

So much so that this season travelers also come for the cherry blossoms that are beautiful and planted by the river.

But Keith, who is only interested in women's petals over plant petals, has no hobby of loving flowers.

"It's not just buying and eating! Excuse me! The cherry blossoms are beautiful at night. I saw it yesterday, but if you drink there, it's delicious!

"I thought you were going to eat."

Keith got annoyed by Lou shaking his body and put gold out of his pocket and sandwiched it in his collar.

"Look, I'll do this, so eat whatever you want! Damn......"

"Your husband, Thanksgiving! I can tell you the story."

Keith dropped off Lou walking out of the window, thinking he could never tell people how embarrassed he was to be a magician who would be tipped off by a user demon.

My groin stayed sore because I couldn't eat my sisters bowl, and this is it. Keith fell asleep thinking someone had to suck off the cloudy poison tonight.

It was because of the pleasant spring night breeze coming in through the window that was open when Lou left.

(... Hanami... the princesses can't... but if Aisha or Berna... welcome... maybe)

Keith, who fell asleep with that in mind, woke up realizing the sound of something squeaking and signs of people.

I opened my thin blurred eyes and when I looked at the window, there was a little dragon princess sitting there with her wings in her body.

Black dress with dark hair. Keith fell asleep when he saw the silhouette of a princess of the subdragon species with wings of a black dermis,

"... epilepsy?... mostly?

That went hand in hand with the cheerfulness of spring.