"... what an angel. You can't be picked up from heaven by the Lord."

A frightened Lori Voice awakens Keith's consciousness. It definitely belonged to Nightshade.

"Hmm? Ya?... are you a nightclub?

"Whoa," replies Princess Dragon, sitting at the window when she wakes up from her bed.

The voice represented a complex mood, even as obstinate as it was illuminated somewhere.

As a matter of fact, I was confused at night.

I dreamed of conceiving Keith's child in the middle of the night, and I missed him when I knew it was a dream, and I really wanted to meet Keith.

So I can't believe I came all the way from thousands of kilometers away, flying in the air at sound speed.

He is a combat creature who has yet to understand his feelings as an extremely natural girl who wants to meet a loving man.

I just can't tell you anything about my dreams or anything I missed. I look at Keith as a flicker, wondering if I can tell you.

Keith inquired with a little surprise to a sudden visitor in the middle of the night.

"What's the matter at this hour? What can I do for you in this country?

"No... you know, it's not like that... you know"

"So what? So you were alone? Who's with you?

As soon as he said he missed you and flew through the sky, Keith said he would do what he wanted at night.

I can't do that, I can't tell you. Grandma Lori, 800, searched desperately for a good reason.

And when I think of it,

"Bye! Hey, it's about Nia!! I would have found out a lot about you the other day! I'm here to ask you what happened! Yes, what!!

It was like telling myself half the time.

Yeah, I snort at my words, and then I go on like I'm convinced I am.

"Nia and Noon are not best friends! I came to make sure Keith didn't hurt Nia!!

Keith returned the words as he activated the silencing magic prop at night as he descended from the window onto the floor.

"I wouldn't hurt Master Nia, would I, Eardanner?"

I used to say to you, "Let me cry until now."

No offense, no dust. Keith said so with a smile, but at night he stared with a jittery gaze as he narrowed his eyes.

"Well... then if you find out all the cheats at once and make Nia cry, you'll have no problem deluding yourself with your mouth and lower body."

"Whew!! Oh, you know, it's against the rule to use the god's eye on your own."

"What's against the rules!! That's all I said!! Brain, miso, spongy man! Little bit because of learning!!

I was Keith who could be badly cursed, but I can't say anything because it seems true.

"I don't know if that's going to happen because I'm going to get my hands on it without even thinking about it!! Anyone can see it as a woman or him...... you lusty demon!!

"Do you say that much?"

"What, so you're telling me I'm going to make a mistake? I don't know!

"No, I'm not wrong."

Night after night, when I stuffed him with good things not to say back, I tried to curse him, but when I narrowed my eyes to see if he had done anything else wrong, I looked at a matter and stunned him with my mouth.

Keith noticed how it was, too, and I thought I'd call him and say something was wrong.

"Ohhhh... Ohh, did you even get your hands on Nia's cousin!? To Nia's cousin!! I don't know how many!! Still like that...... perverted man! Get back there!! They will succeed!!

Conditionally reflexed on the flying nightcap, "Hino!" Keith screamed and stood up, "but in relation to the protective law covenant," Nightingale can only help Keith's opponents to look his age.

Relaxed, Keith said, "Come here! Pervert!! Die!!," he cuddled a Lori dragon rolling out a pokapoka punch and kick.

"Get off me!! Get off me, Ampountan!! I thought you were a pervert and a pervert, but you didn't know it was real!... I'm scared to think you have a law enforcement pact for such an inferior species!!

"That's a terrible way to put it... it was commonplace to get married at twelve or three when you were mostly younger at night"

"When are we going to talk about this?! Yeah, let go! It's filthy!!

On a violent night, Keith instantly constructed an excuse to plant this information in a princess that he thought was true.

"If I let you go, you can't because I'm going to storm you. Look better than that, Erne, it was her mother, Roana, who did the right thing to make up for it."

I was told that Nightshade reads the information while making a tannic surface. I'm sure what Keith is saying is true, though.

"Speaking of the original, it started with my hand on Naia's aunt! And why are you making up for it? There has to be another way!

"That may be the case if you take the time, but that was the best you could do in that situation. Is that true?

It seems true that there was no time to say it was to make up, so Nightingale tied her mouth and roared "Fumiyu".

Truth Even if that was all the reason, I still feel uncomfortable.

"It's true. Believe me."

"... I can't believe it... because... you got your hands on me"

It was a night shrieking in a voice so small that I couldn't hear it, I understand myself being over 800 but looking like a girl. However, I do not like to say it from myself.

Then, hearing it in his ears, Keith held it tight as he held it up at night and wrapped it around his body.

At night when he was on his knees and Keith held him tight, he drank his breath and blushed.

"It's not because I'm a little girl at night that I keep cuddling at night like this. Because she's a lovely, lovely girl."

All of a sudden, after such a confession, the nightingale turns white in her head. Immunity from men to these words is actually a night like no one else's.

Even Nia is used to being said to be cute at parties and so forth to some extent, but the Night Dragon is a great subdragon species, but also [the noble bloodline].

There's no man in this world who can lightly say "you're cute" to that princess. Except for certain lower species.

forced to swallow spit into the spoken word,

"Oh... to deceive you... don't even say what you haven't done!...... ahhh"

"It's horrible you didn't think. I mean it. Mostly, if you just want to make a law enforcement pact and measure your safety, you should just do it the first time, right? After that, you want to hug the night cuddle because the night cuddle is so cute that you can't stand it."

In serious words, Nightingale wanted to meet Keith, who had suppressed him, and the emotions of the vegetables who wanted him to meet and hug him began to become uncontrollable.

I denied the thought of saying "I like Keith" to Nia many times after he left at night.

That's what I said to mislead Nia, to get away with that place. I told Keith I'd be in trouble if I couldn't compete with him. I lied, and I tried to assume many times.

But the more I do, the stronger my feelings for Keith are, and the more I end up dreaming about them.

When I found out that the same was true with Erne, the most I felt was actually pity.

Keith wanted to have fun 10,000 times in every way, and so he got his hands on a little girl like himself, but it really wasn't good for anyone.

I felt so sad and angry that I went on such an attack. Although he doesn't understand that much in person and assumes that he was angry because he got his hands on the girl.

That's how I don't like nightclubs. My heart was already going to wander when they told me I couldn't help but be cute.

I don't even think I like Keith because he was told and presumed to do so many times during sex, and I just get a taste of the real Keith feeling I finally got.

I think it feels good to see his tail move with prickliness. Keith licked his ear as he stroked the dark hair of the nightcap and gently glanced through the edge where the horns were growing.

"Hiccup!... what?"

"Nightingale, it's good to see you... thank you, I've missed you too, Nightingale."

"My lord... no, my lord..."

"Then let me stay mistaken. 'Cause I'm happier to think that Nightshade came to see me."

"... I can't help it... ooh. Let go...... do it wow"

When the words were over, Keith took the lips of the young face Princess Dragon. Nightingale rubbed Keith's body to sweeten her tail when she throated "Kufu" happy with the taste of the kiss.

Than arms, legs, facial expressions and attitudes. Tail eloquently confesses his feelings for Keith.

Keith grinned badly as he let his tongue break in step by step as he sucked on his lips and let him suck on the night cunt to sprinkle all the minutes he couldn't get out during the day.

The little dragon princess desperate for her tongue to suck was meditating on her eyes and couldn't help noticing such a inferior look or thought at all.

Keith grabbed his cheek with the hands of a scaly reptile and spoke with his mouth apart at night when he was delayed in a kiss as he leaked his young voice a word that was entirely settled with "kifu, hicuja".

"Nighttime... You smell a little sweaty"

"'Cause I flew in... Ku, are you kidding?

"No, it smells very good."

I bury my face in my hair and I smell cum, and I say to Keith, "Stop it!" But I bury my face in Keith's chest plate and smell it myself.

Keith's body odor, which smells like a man, runs euphoric substances all over his brain at night.

I thought it was okay to have sweaty sex as Keith or just like this anymore, but that would be highly resistant if it wasn't from being a little more fallacious.

So I say face-off from the hair of the nightingale.

"Shall we take a bath then? Sweat makes you sick, doesn't it? Do you not like it?

The first time I asked you to take a bath, it was a night when you said, you called me, you resisted, but now,

"Beh, it doesn't matter! I just wanted to come in... if Keith really wants to come in, I can't even allow him to come in with me."

"Yeah, I want in. I want to come in with you and clean your body at night."

"... yeah. Do it."

Keith quickly headed to the bathroom after holding an elderly loli who replied with a cute nod worthy of age.

Is this what makes me different from a fallen girl?


When you put hot water on it and then take off your nightcap dress, the usual flat lollibody appears.

Both the nipples and the vertical suji are thin pink, and by the time that goes with the dragon's hands and feet and black hair, they are erotic. For those who find pornography in the body of this age the most.

Keith and I sat in the bath chair at night pretending naturally to be tails, and Keith started rubbing his body with a soap on his sponge.

Soft, gently wash with care so that it does not hurt to scratch your ball-like skin.

There is no way that the skin of a nightclub can be scratched unless it is a demon sword or a holy sword, but she was still a dragon princess who was glad to see that she was paying attention.

I wash my tail off my back and bubble it on the tip of my tail. The cuckoo leaks my voice at night "haha".

Keith enjoys the feel of a rough, successful muscle from which he strokes the surface of his tail with his hands without using a sponge.

Rubbing like wrapping with both hands, he glanced at the base, and at night he raised his voice,

"Yay!... Come on!! Tail, hiuuu!! Oh, oh, my God, I can't soak it... yeah!! Heh, heh!! Lame, but no."

Such is a good thing, but it does not show resistance at night. It feels good and it's powerless due to the zooming irritation of the entire lower body from the tail.

Keith kept blaming Keith for the night when he could see his stuffy face from behind.

Rub your buttocks off your tail, touch your thighs with your slippery hands with soap bubbles, keep your flanks, and place your hands on your chest.

The nipples show a pointy way that can't even be described as cute and erect with stimuli to the tail. Keith abused it with milk wheel blame.

As her erection gradually intensified, she still wouldn't touch her nipples. Instead, she was dyeing her cheeks at night.

"Hey, Nightshade... do you still want to compete today? When I bathe up, I'll be in bed till morning...... battle. What shall we do?

When I heard of the battle, I had goosebumps all over my body at night. Sex battle. The act of planting a baby in your stomach.

At the bottom of my heart, I get a feeling from the back of my instincts that I don't want to.

Holding on to feelings similar to that rush, Nightingale nodded small and many times as she tried to calm down.

"Ah...... hia! Ugh... for the time being... shabby! Welcome back today... this is the day... Ohh!! Uhhhh!!

At the same time as the end of the words, my nipples are crushed with clichés, and at night, I raise a sweet scream.

If you're going to cheat again and complain that you're going to make me crazy again, Keith will do it first.

"Well, I guess I'll have to check my body for cheats at night."

"Huh? I can't... Chi Chi?

Keith nodded yes, moving his hand from his nipple to his groin, and began to squirm with his hand gliding Night's Omango with its soap.

"Huh!! Hey, what, yes, suddenly not good!! Hino!! Oh, whoa, whoa! Ha!!

Suddenly, Nightingale couldn't keep up with her mind's preparation and reacted high.

The pink female organ in the middle of the spread thigh is in the shape of a child, where adult fingers twist around with their hands.

At night, when expectations have been rising since I had dreams, my body turns into pleasure that I won't miss a bit of stimulation with my fingers so as to clear up the cravings of time I never met.

"Shiru no... Shiru no! Hih-oh! Why... suddenly no!! Beddo!! Mm-hmm!

Keith says plainly at night when he twists himself into pleasure and shakes his hips complaining.

"This isn't a battle, it's a body check. It's hard to cheat on you at night."

"I don't think so!! Mm-hmm!! So, that's more or less what I've been... so far!! Ha! Uh-oh!

The night shivered his hips at Keith's fingertips as he rubbed the little, hardened clitoris across the skin in his foreskin and at the same time continued to rub his labia from the diaphragm area into a massage as well.

It was going to feel too good for me to do something about it.

Keith's caress I even dreamed about. Keith's temperature. Smells like Keith. The whole thing gently wraps the nightingale and loves it.

In an effort to reproduce what you saw in your dreams, ovulation also leaves your body pregnant and feminine.

The vagina is wet and twisted by Guchuguchu, and the uterus descends and the mouth opens sweetly. At night when I clearly felt the feeling that I was becoming a female in my body, I felt sorry for Keith.

The tail wraps around Keith's leg and the hand grabs Keith's arm as he moans.

"Hikiko...... Ugh!! Hiya...... this is it! This, ahhhhhh!! Ki-su, ki-su!!

I sincerely hope you do more while I tell you I'm cowardly.

For the first time, the body that lived for 800 years was perfectly embedded in the pleasure of a loving male giving it and the emotions overflowing from it.

The night when I gasp with a sweet voice, I'm about to cry if I can't stand the feeling of ACME coming in eventually.

I want you to do more, but I want you to touch me, but my young body couldn't stand the first stimulus in a while.

There was no fine dust in there that seemed so innocent that I didn't want to squirt because I would lose the battle anymore.

"Ki-su... Ki-su! I say" a "because I say" a "... stop, yeah!! Ahhhhh!! Kisu!! No. Bye!! Mm-hmm."

Keith dared to irritate the urethral orifice with his fingertips as his voice grew louder internationally and his crotch trembled.

Of course with one hand I remember to continue to stimulate the cries, and when I turned these two stimuli into a nagging one, the night cum felt itchy at the same time as ACME's sensation.

"Huh, huh! Huhhh!! Stop, Kisu, AHOO!! Mm-hmm, apony!! There, kushiguruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Oh, ahhhhhh!! I, ooh, ooh, ooh!! Higiu!!

When his body jumped freaked out, the body of the nightclub was cleared out with clear acme. At the same time, a pee burst from the urethral orifice.

Keith grabbed the yellow water that came out as he aimed. chovo chovo and make noises and look at the accumulating pee. Keith is

(Get the magic medicine ingredients!!

It is the worst method of material collection in history. Not a single monster hunter would have done this before.

But Keith, who makes a potent out of his pee at night, really needs this. I don't just like toddler girls peeing or anything.

"Hiaah... tattoo... pee, I brought... hiu"

Even as the feeling of urination mixed with ACME for a troubled look, Nightshade zeroed his tears into embarrassment.

If you urinate with too much blame in sex, it's still fine because your head has turned bright white, but it leaked with finger blame, and apart from the story being seen so clearly.

When he singled out in his immovable embarrassment, Night Xu shook his body burly. Deciding that was it, Keith switched the contents to a magic bottle, pretending to clean up the mess.

The night when Keith calmed down from Acme while refilling the magic bottle, he suddenly hit Keith with a series of punches washing his empty temples.

"Wow! Hey, what are you doing?"

"What are you doing!! You coward!! I didn't know you were going to set me up all of a sudden!! Plus...... I'll do it till I leak it to it!! Come here. Ooh!

Keith was in a good mood to satisfy his desire at night when he started crying a poka punch. Actually, I was already at my limit with blame and peeing.

With a punch,

"Well, then... that's fine because it means no cans now! So hey, please don't hit me!

"Of course not!! Um... it's not that battle!!

"But I'm sure you're yiking once... Oh, yeah!

When Keith stood up with the same voice as he had come up with the proposal, he stuck his semi-erective penis out in front of his eyes at night.

I haven't washed my body, so Keith picks it with his fingers and shakes it as the foreskin drips down and shows off Ella's strained penis, steaming and increasing male odor due to the running and bathroom heat.

"This is what's happening to me this evening with the cute look of a cunt, so please let me out with your mouth once if you like. You don't give a shit about me, so you said you'd do it one at a time, right, Evan?

I have no idea what that means. Isn't that just what you're asking me to do, Fela?

It was an incomprehensible suggestion, but Princess Xiaolong, staring at a stinky, large chunk of meat, gently wrapped her tip in her hand when she swallowed the scent and rubbed the first run into her turtle head.

"... Keith don't touch Non... weird things are nasty. So... if I let you out, now it's time for a real fight in bed!

With that said out, the tortoise head was included to the neck of the geese in a pile of pacli and saliva with a red face.

Keith is carrying on as planned.