"... Phew, is this it?

Keith stood up with a breath as he put his hand on the ground in the palace garden.

There was a little sweat on that face, and I can see that I had some difficulty.

The time is so early in the morning that it still turns a little around four o'clock.

Keith, who stretches his back as he breathes in the morning air, gently cuts the elongation to death.

Keith walked out with Tobotobo toward his room when he rewove the [Marishi Heavenly Jacket] he had taken more than he had received from Aisha...

There was a reason why Keith was in a place like this until he used a magic item to sneak eyes at such a time.

Last night, Nightshade suddenly came and had sex in the name of battle.

After working hard to draw them apart from each other, Keith encouraged Pillowtalk as he lay down in his arms at night.

I also wanted to sleep, but the time I said this is important to girls, so Keith, who is a badass, works hard.

In the middle of that story, I was told that Nightingale often came without sounding the wall magic of the Palace Intruder Detection Alert.

This was something Keith put up last year and was a confident substitute there.

Then the night I heard it, the clouding of the words, "Ahhh,"

"... you know, I could have broken it"

"... to?

"'Cause, Noh... I'm not good at breaking walls or anything... Bye"

"Huh? 'Cause I'm making sure the alarm goes off, whether I break it or not."

"You just have to try not to react to that in itself and break it all at once. If it's the magic of Non, it's one shot."

That would certainly be the case, but that makes this palace now completely defenceless.

I don't think thieves or assassins will come, but in case anything happens, Keith's responsibilities are serious. Yet......

Keith went outside in a hurry with a crying face at night when he looked like a kid with a mischievous prank.

Confirming, the walls were perfectly broken, as I was told. It is shattered without a trace.

"Not if you're saying boulders [noble bloodline]..."

If there was a hole in some of them and they broke in from there, you could find a place for the hole and repair it, but the nightcap was stunning enough to destroy it all.

This was troublesome, and he rebuilt the wallproof magic in cold sweat, sending magic from the center of the garden to the point of need to perform the retention work.

The magic is fine because of the night-time tension, but it still hasn't changed, and Keith spent nearly an hour completing the retention.

If I ever want to see you again, I think it's Keith who needs to be called to talk and go from here.

But even then, I didn't know it was going to be until that night, when the monkey would fly all the way out of me alone.

When I first met him, I thought he would kill me no matter how I fell, but now I can blame him for anal or rubbing my porch with a sweet voice.

I can drink sophisticated, and I can lick anal. I can't stop laughing because that's the princess of the most powerful species in the world.

"Really... an elderly virgin is good, right? My body is waiting to be planted, so I don't have to go fuck myself."

The inferior species of the nigger surface, whining about something that no one would ever hear, rushed back to the room looking at the gradual whitening sky.

In the room, the nightcap slept in bed with Suyasuya.

The figure looks like a really young girl, and I can't imagine Keith being ejaculated in a massive way until a few hours ago.

But the fact that it wasn't a dream was that the semen was dripping from your buttocks at night when you lay on your side and slept.

Keith, who had thought about taking off his [Marishi Heavenly Jacket] and taking a bath, came mumbling at such a night's sight.

I have already given it out quite a few times, but the blood of the nightingale still seems to be there, besides, the body tired of magical combinations wanted the warmth of the girl.

Then I wish I could hold him and sleep, but I knew it was the lowest man in heaven.

(It's impossible not to be sexually excited to see a beautiful girl asleep, Yone!

Impossible would be this guy's rotten sexual roots, brain miso and penis.

Keith, who sneaked off his sweaty clothes, lay softly next to the nightingale when he was naked.

At night, which is supposed to be a battle race, I'm sensitive to people's signs, etc., and normally I wake up, but now I'm in Keith's room. Besides, I was totally distracted by sex tiredness.

When I was able to stroke my body, I woke up to a boulder, but he still fell asleep and said, "Huh?," he raised his voice and stared at Keith.

"Nightshade, you woke me up. I'm sorry."

"Kisu... did you swallow it?... Very well."

"No, more nighttime than that, actually, it's still cold out there, so can you warm it up?

At night, I thought the words were, "Can I hold you tight and sleep?" I smiled and nodded.

"I don't mind. Look, it's because of you."

Keith let Princess Dragon's leg rest on her hips as she held her hands wide open at night and slowly penetrated her penis into a woken up female hole in the open center.

I just thought it was just a hug. At night, Xu raised her voice to the feeling of the meat stick rubbing against her vagina Xu, confused by this.

"Huh? Fuhiha!? Oh, uh-oh... what, huh? Roosh, penis...... Huh, you can slow down!! All of a sudden, what the heck, Ampounta!!

I try to get violent, but it's still inserted into my body before I wake up, so my hips won't help.

Keith began to move his hips very slowly against his vagina in a face-to-face position, hugging him at night like that.

"Ahhh... it's warm. It is soggy and soggy at night. Cold and frozen penises are ok with this!

Moving his hips forward with a kiss on his little head at night when he put him on his arm pillow, flattering his stupid dialogue.

Lorimanco, who was so blamed last night, is already fully revived with the resilience of the dragon, and now he's taking his penis hard again.

As his pleasure twitched and seeped into his freshly awake body, Nightingale began to let his face wander into feelings he had never felt.

"Ah, ahhh! Oh, hey! Huh yeah!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Yeah, so please keep this a reward, not a battle. A reward for hard work on the wall. Isn't that a good idea?

to Keith, who utters a disgusting snare, but at night the

"Mm-hmm. Uh-huh!... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Amenbo's...... Plump!!

That's what I told Keith, and he said he had no problem with (a) because it was a reward.

Sex while lying down and held tight was a concentrated blame for the shallow position of the vagina, but the tip reached close enough in the body of a small nightclub to feel good.

Staring up at Keith, who roared happily, "It's warm," Nightingale said.

"Jiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Yes, no, no, no, no, no... Good luck, good luck... No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Keesh, ooh, ooh, ooh!!

I praised him for reassembling the walls that I had broken, and stroked Keith's head as best I could while raising the voice I felt.

The vagina, which was not wet and had a strong rubbing power, came all wet and diligently tangled Keith's meat stick.

The vaginal wall irritation to the turtle head is strong at the insertion angle, and the wet meat does not feel tight as it trolls.

Keith repositioned himself from side to normal, moving his penis quietly back to feel the entire vagina as he wrapped his legs around his waist at night.

Not too hard, but one blow comes in the back. On a continuous shock, Nightshade puts his strength into his leg, grabs a pillow and says, "Whoa! Ooh!!," he roared.

Keith was excited and sweaty all over his body at the eroticity of the Lolidragon, which raised his ribs from his thin, fat, little body and made his nipples stand in a bin to show his roaring gasp.

I do many pistons in my loli vagina, waving my back at the eroticity and comfort that rewards my hard work outside.

Eventually, the irresistible cut from around the tortoise head moves to the golden ball, and the tingling sensation sticks to the hips.

"Ya, ik...... ok, iki!! Ahhh!!"

To Keith, who gives a chopped voice, Nightingale spreads her hands open as she leaks an intermittent gasp with her sweet, disturbed face.

"Ra, I'll rake you...... ahhh, ahhh, huh!! Ah, ah, rako, I'll hitch it, it's more tiny, tiny!! Mmm!! Mm-hmm!! Hiccup!!

Night cuddled to Keith waving his hips as he knocked his torso down and covered it as he was told. I actually cling to it happily even though I wanted to hug him, saying, "I will."

"Menkoi...... NOO!! Whoa!! Ouch, Menko no!! Keesh, menkoh...... good. Bye, ahhh!

Grandma Lori even stroked the man trying to make her play the sperm in herself cute.

Keith is actually older than Keith, although she seems to be an older toddler with a frizzy spine.

"Oh!! Damn!! Ya! Ya!! Ugh, aah!!

Keith held his breath and shot the seed at the dragon looking like a girl holding herself as she pushed her hips deeper.

As the sperm spit out into the sweet open uterine mouth and the feeling of trolls inside, Night Xu muttered happily to his face.

"Take it... not again, then... Mm-hmm"

Keith overlaid his lips at night as he said so and leaned over.


"... that's not why I was walking and I saw Saimrad, and I thought I'd drop by, but it's late at night... so..."

"... Master Keith woke up, so I went to your room... right?

"Ugh, yeah."

Nightshade leaned down with his gaze pointed at him. Keith almost laughs when he sees it.

Now Keith and Nightingale were in Nia's room.

I enjoyed it all the way through the morning and then at night I was worried if I should go home or show my face to Nia.

As for the feeling, I wanted to keep running back, but I felt too unfaithful to do that.

Nia and Nightingale are lovers to Keith, although I don't want to admit them as Nightingales.

That felt too cowardly to go into the palace on your own and spend Keith's time and go home without reporting anything.

Cowardice and cheating are bad nights. I decided to go see Nia because I wanted to run away.

I can't say "I really missed you when I dreamed of getting pregnant," so I lay all kinds of lies on you.

Keith doesn't believe it, and of course Nia suspects it, but I really don't feel like just saying this truth.

It was an unsatisfactory explanation, but Nia honestly came to report it, so I decided not to go in there and raise it.

I am going to know painfully how much I really want to meet Keith in the first night.

So I said, "Okay," and I convinced him there. Keith and Nightingale are relieved that you understand.

I always thought it would be hard if I got angry and stubborn again.

At the end of the conversation, Nightingale went straight out of Nia's room into the courtyard and spread her wings. As a matter of fact, the samurai's story about Gallo just now is loud.

I wish I'd ignored you, but I don't know how much time you're screaming, so it's time to respond and go home.

I was jealous when I saw Nia and Keith waving in line for a farewell, and the two of them dropped off a flying nightclub hoping I could stay with them the whole time.

Keith noticed Nia swelling her cheeks like rice cakes when she dropped her off and went back to the room.

"Hey, Dear Nia... Um"

"... what is it"

"Why are you so angry..."

"I'm not angry."

Obviously I can tell you're preppy, but still, Nia insisted she wasn't angry.

Apart from the desire to see Keith at night and the fact that he lies about it, I still think it's cunning to spend the night with Keith.

Keith now has a lot of rivals, and his chest is tickled when he says he can't be alone inside, but he thinks he's had a hug and a kiss all night.

Of course I know I spend the longest time with Keith and this is what I say.

I know, but there's nothing I can do about the jealousy of a maiden in love. Especially if the other person is a cheating man.

(Me and you alone all night... even though I want you to hold me... I'm cunning)

Keith also noticed that he would think that way.

But now I don't have time to get in the mood. As a matter of fact, the time now is a small amount of time that I've made to meet with Nightingale.

Aisha and Berna and their samurai will be coming in in a little while, so there won't be time to even make a proper caress of your mood.

But I have come up with a lot of thoughts about the badass inferior species that I don't think will be taken care of at all on this occasion.

To carry out his thoughts, Keith took Nia to the couch when she held her princess.

Suddenly held up, Nia complains to surprise Keith.

"Dear Keith! I'm stunned! You can't if you suddenly hug me!!

I usually know I'm angry because there's no way I can complain about this.

When I put Nia to sleep on the couch saying I'm sorry,

"... you can't do that. Aisha and the others are coming back."

I really want you to. I would like to taste the portion of the night cuddle myself, but it is a naïa that is bent. But Keith...

"No, it's not sex. As I said, we don't have time, but instead, I'll reward Nia for being so nice to you at night."

"Hobby, is it?

Keith, who sat on the couch where Nia was sleeping a little thrilled to see what she was going to do, knee-pillow her, gently scratched up her soft white blonde hair and put her pointy ears out of her hair.

And when I called cotton swabs, earrings and gauze from my room with metastatic magic rubbing that soft elf ear, I started to get ready by ringing my fingers.