Pinch your ears with your thumb and index finger and rub them from the pointed tip to your earlobes.

The earlobes can squeeze just a little cuddly, not too weak to say that they may be overpowered.

Nia was surprised by the ear massage that all of a sudden began: "Hia!" He raised his voice.

"Dear Keith, Mimi... Oh, no."

"What can I say for myself, but I'm pretty good at cleaning my ears. So let me reward my good little Nia."

"Mimi, yes... Mmm, himi"

Nia couldn't stop a small leaking voice from massaging Keith's fingertips while he was talking.

Keith's fingertips turned from the edge of his ear to the side of his face, gently stroking what he called an ear ball over the hole in his ear.

The movement of its fingers is as if caressing, and the delicate fingering that deals with female genitals is reproduced as it is.

Nia was embarrassed by Keith's too snuggly fingering and the voice she would get her ears touched.

"Keith, Mimi... no... if I do, I'll fuck you."

"Heh? Why not?... Don't you like being touched by ears?

"Chi... no, but it's cute... Mimi, if it's cute, it's cute"

Keith then put his medicine finger in the falling spot in front of the hole in his ear and said carefully as he looked inside.

"Dear Nia, don't you think it's only when those you love show each other their shy parts too? In fact, where I lived, lovers do ear cleaning with each other, right?

To that dialogue, Nia looked up at Chirali and Keith sideways and said, "Is it true?," he asked.

To Keith, who nodded that it was true, Nia thought for a moment before keeping herself quiet and putting her weight on her knee pillow.

When the weight of Nia's head feels on her thighs, Keith smiles and resumes her ear massage.

Rub the whole thing soft and loose while stimulating the bumps in your ear.

Elf's ears are several times more sensitive than human species and other subhumans, so he also crawls his fingers behind his ears while trying to rub them up toward the pointy tip with care.

Nia felt so good that her neck would snap as her fingers pushed from the back of her ear to the lymph nodes of her neck.

Eventually, when his ears, which were the same and white as his skin, became better and lit red, Keith peered through the hole as he accompanied the gauze behind his ear to pinch the edge between his fingers and spread it slightly.

Magic creates a very small light sphere, illuminating inside, first floating dirt in the hole with a cotton swab.

Never enter the back of the ear hole and rub the shallow area softly with a cotton swab. Carefully scratch and avoid scratches.

Every time he was treated with a cotton swab inside, Nia was about to freak out.

When they rub various parts of a shallow spot, and when they are touched, they lose strength from the body, but when they come to a certain place in it, the body is likely to jump to the stimulus.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As the sweet stuffy voice leaks, when the tip of the cotton swab touches the back of the head side with a tightness, not the face side of the ear hole, it feels like "Himiyu!" and the saliva leaked with his voice.

From Keith's point of view, it's a hidden backside place, so it's hand exploring, but the familiar handles make the dirt float from the dirtiest spot there would be.

At that time, when the tip touched deeper than where it was blaming only a little, it suddenly changed from previous stimuli, so Nia's body moved cum.

"Excuse me, did it hurt?

Nia answered Keith, breathlessly asking worryingly.

"No... I'm just surprised... it's a mess"

Rest assured, Keith moved his fingers again.

Still further care is taken to rub the ear canal with a cotton swab to a point where Nia will not react.

Nia's feelings swept away by the feeling of being slammed in the ear as she heard the sound of the cotton swab saying moving gasagoso.

It was enough as it was, but Keith lifted his ear to stop the irritation with the cotton swab.

Wooden earrings are something Keith shredded and made himself. There are constraints on the shape, handles, etc.

"Then you clean it with your ear. If it hurts, tell me immediately."

After saying that, Keith pressed his earlobes against his earlobes.

Instead of cleaning it, massage it off the edge with the tip of your ear, with little effort from where it was pressed.

When I rubbed the area that I had already rubbed with my hands with the tip of my small ear, it conveyed the feeling of stiff objects peeking through my ears.

Nia meditated her eyes feeling a little anxiety and anticipation for the crunch and the stiff feeling of coming inside from the outside.

I wonder what would happen if this scratchy, sensational stiff tip went inside the scattered earholes.

And when it actually happened, Nia couldn't help but feel comfortable saying, "Huh!" and made a sweet voice.

The act of being stained with a cotton swab was not refreshing just to be stimulated in one way or another, and the itching of Ningro was increasing. It must be natural because it's floating dirt.

When that's the stiff feeling of the earring makes a crisp noise and scratches off the dirt, the feeling of being able to remove itching is transmitted from the ear to the brain.

The flow from cotton swab to ear was so great that I thought it was underneath ready for this feeling.

"Hi-ha, hi-ha!! Ah, ugh! Ah, Kimochi no... Nah, Rikimochi no shame, Hiu!

Naia shrugged her thoughts with a moist face as she drowned in Keith's pants.

I have never felt so comfortable before, even if my mother Mia cleaned my ears and felt safe and comfortable.

Ears are the most important organ to elves. That is a sign that we are elves.

That's why Elves don't leave ear cleaning to people. Everyone cleans themselves regularly.

But the child is dangerous, so if you say so, the parents will do the most for you. And teach children how to clean their ears.

Nia is 24 years old, but she still leaves ear cleaning to Mia, and this was not because Nia wants to, but because Mia won't let her daughter clean her ears.

What would Mia do if she damaged her ear, Mia never let Nia clean her ear, and as a result Nia only knew Mia's ear cleaning.

That's the first time Keith cleans my ears like this, my whole body is amazed at how it feels. And I get troubled.

Nia seemed to fit perfectly in with the feeling that the direction was completely different from sexual pleasure.

"Ah, ugh! Oh, there... there, Kimochi, Kaori... ahhh!

When he was able to report properly, Keith also took away the dirt that his arms buzzed and floated.

It wasn't that dirty originally, but the slightly arrived earwax eventually took it all together.

"Yes. It's over. Next time I disagree."

"Ooh... you want to hang on? Oh, hang in there."

With the thought of becoming a troll already, Nia deposited her opposite ear with Keith when she slept in reverse.

The opposite ear from the other side is said to be prone to dirt, but at the same time it is becoming more sensitive.

Nia grabbed Keith's thighs in a different way when he started massaging those ears again.

When blamed for massage, cotton swabs, earrings and a series of streams, it is likely to melt hot to the back of the body.

Especially when the earring feels stronger when it's scratched than the other way around and the body reacts.

"Ah, ahhh... uhh, uhh... heh, there, shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Keith was also cleaning his ears with a serious face to Nia, who made a weird voice, and the door was knocked open.

"Master Nia, excuse me...... hey!?

The expression of Aisha and the samurai who came into the room hardened.

I can't do it. When he came into the room, Keith was knee-pillowing Nia and cleaning her ears.

This is not an acceptable act, no matter what you think. But Keith at the time is flat, and Nia seemed comfortable.

Aisha, hardened by consternation, yells at Keith that this place must be angry in front of the samurai as an escort knight.

"Ko, Ko Magic Master!! What are you doing!! What did you say to Lady Nia?"

"Oh, wait a minute, please. I'll be done in a minute."

Keith, who doesn't think ear cleaning is that big of a deal for the elves, tries to go on with his cheerful face.

"Oh well, Ra... stop being so disrespectful... stop being stupid!!

"Aisha, then no. Keith. Well, more... Phew."

Keith restarted his stopping hand by saying yes to Nia, who was completely in sweet mode active.

Aisha and Berna and their samurai, who could say nothing more than that, just had to stare in silence.

Keith finished cleaning his ears properly to the end in front of the samurai like he had witnessed on the occasions he shouldn't and Aisha looking at what he was going to do.

When I finished rubbing in just a small amount of special cream on both my beautiful ears, Nia looked happy with a puffy look.

"Phew... you're so sweet... Mimi, Pompous"

Keith left the room, smiling at Nia, who was totally oblivious to the fact that she was stubborn at night.

When I got out of the room, Aisha followed me to the hallway with a look that seemed complicated, pushing Keith into the shadow of the pillar.

"What is it? Look at me."

"It's not what it is! Do that... what if I find out everything! The death penalty is guaranteed!!

"That's a big deal. Didn't you just clean your ears?"

He showed Keith the clever moves of saying that Aisha would yell in his voice as he said lightly.

"You fool! That's what I'm sayin '. You're in danger!! What am I supposed to do when Keith is on death row? I'm in danger."

I thought it was worrying, but I couldn't help but say so when I put a weakened knight in front of me with tears in my eyes. Keith held Aisha tight.

"I'm sorry. I'll be careful next time. So, look, please don't cry. I'll kiss you."

"Ugh, shut up!... That's not deceitful... Mmm-hmm."

As her lips overlapped and her tongue came into her chambers, Aisha pulled out of her power and left herself to Keith.

Hiding in the shadow of the pillars and kissing was kind of a story heroine and exciting Aisha.

to Aisha, whose cheeks are red after the kiss,

"Now I'll even let Aisha clean your ears. I know you know because I was watching, but you're pretty good at it, right?

Saying so, Aisha replied "Yeah" with an upturn.

I thought I was in a good mood, and now Aisha spoke to Keith as he tried to get out of the pillar to go home to his room.

What, I thought you wanted me to kiss Keith again. Aisha said,

"By the way, will you let me know more about your company next night? Ready?

Smiling and saying so, I went out of the shadow of the pillar first from my own side. Keith, who had completely forgotten his accountability, went back to the room thinking about how to make an excuse.

Well, a few hours after that, Keith headed to the dining room as usual, completely forgetting one thing about ear cleaning.

When I receive and eat the menu that is set from Arsi, I am called "Magic Master". When I saw it, there stood Della and Sasha, the samurai, just like Berna.

"Oh, thank you."

"May I join you?

When I nod at Sasha's words, Berna and Della also sit in Keith's seat together and start eating.

The conversation was a sloppy topic, but basically Sasha and Della talked and Keith gave it back, and Berna was like two or three words. In other words, it is as usual.

That's how we talk, and the conversation goes on in the meantime, and Sasha...

"By the way, Master Magic, was Aisha angry with you?

"To? Come here?

"Look, Nia's ears... so, huh?

"Ahhh... ahhh! Oh, oh, yes. That's right. You're pissed. Yes, it is."

Aisha's relationship is certainly not uncovered, so it's natural to assume that I told Keith to yell at him about Nia when he stuffed him that way.

The truth is, "What are you gonna do when you're on death row!" I've been sweet with a worrying voice, "but I can't possibly say that.

So when we talked together and we were nodding, "Yes, yes,"

"But the princess's ears are too much on the boulder ~?"

"Right, that was kind of... bad if they'd found it besides us."

Keith grinning bitterly at Sasha and Della, whispering and hissing, wished these two hadn't become ad towers.

When I replied the same way I did to Aisha when I was careful, the conversation went in an unexpected direction here.

"... Hey, but... the Wizard's ear cleaning sounds bad, doesn't it? You know it feels good just to watch."

"Uh-huh... you can't deny it"

In reply to Sasha and Della's dialogue, "Thank you very much," I thought about it for a moment and then Sasha said,

"Master Magic... you know, with the princess. I'll keep my mouth shut, will you do it to me too?

"... what do you mean you will?


Della and Keith gave Sasha a similar look of surprise as they said with a little redness in their cheeks with anticipation.

Sasha, who can suddenly stare at you with the look of what you're saying, doesn't care about that either.

"Isn't that nice? Right?"

Stuffed with a face like a chunk of curiosity about how good it felt, Keith looked at Berna with a glimpse.

Berna sipping tea after the meal was as faceless as usual.

"Stop it, Sasha, it's annoying."

"Oh, no, it's not annoying... unless Sasha doesn't like it"

I thought Keith was getting kind of weird surrounded by a delightful Sasha, a little confused Della, and an unresponsive elf samurai named Berna.