Aisha's power to grab the collar neck increases every second, and Keith's trachea tightens tightly.

My face turns red and purple with thianose, but Aisha still doesn't loosen her pursuit hand and Berna doesn't give me a help boat.

Oh, when Keith decided that this was the one that really sucked, I saw an illusion of my dead grandmother laughing and waving.

When I panicked and shook my mind, I said in tears, "Say something!" and gently touched Aisha's ear to place the impossible order.

Did Aisha blast her pointy tip when she snickered? "Hia!," he lifted his surprised voice and loosened the force to be applied to his collar.

When he can finally breathe, Keith hurries and takes a deep breath repeatedly pumping air into his lungs. I never stop touching my ears during that time either.

"Here, stop... Mmm! Deceptive!! Stop, damn it!

Keith, who managed to get out of breathlessness in front of Aisha, who shrugged his neck,

"Aisha, you can't say anything about that. I almost died!

"Uluru, hi! Ugh, hiccup! This, this, this touch... you even made Sasha and Della! Stupid, bubba! Hmm."

Keith recognised that Aisha had an unusually weak ear.

No, I guess it's because I'm weak that I react so strongly to seeing others touch me.

It is Aisha, like the middle boss, who, as far as fallen, comes to the fore with new weaknesses.

Keith spoke calmly to Aisha as he slackened his ear.

"Listen, please. Don't even let me talk to you. You can't do that unilaterally."

"Oh, my God, I'm gonna... I'm gonna kick your ass, get your hands off my ear! I can't do it properly, bye! Hin!"

Aisha layered her hand on Keith's hand touching her own ear, touching her ear with a cute voice and expression that I don't think was about to kill people until just now.

Keith, slowly releasing his hand, calmed Aisha down and let her sit next to herself on the bed.

The expression went back to normal because the irritation to the ear disappeared, but instead, the expression appeared a little grumpy.

Keith spoke to Aisha like that, choosing words.

"Uh, about you cleaning your ears with Sasha and Della, right?

"Oh yeah! That and what I dictated while cleaning my ears!!

"It's a misunderstanding there! I did do some ear cleaning, but I'm not dictating, am I? I just made it normal."

"You're lying! No such plain lies! They won't fool you!!

I'm Aisha, who totally tolerated lies, but I started putting orders on him telling me to fool him well if I was going to fool him. This is very hard to do.

No matter what you tell the truth, you may be called a lousy liar than you are now.

"It's true," Keith roared as she scratched her head.

But Aisha, unwilling to believe from the edge, has no ears to listen to, no matter how much she says.

"Why are you so stubborn?

Aisha turned her jitty eyes to Keith, who would listen to

"I have a witness statement over here. This is more proof than anything!

"Kokuke?... to?

"That's good! The problem is Keith dictated to both of us!! And I can't believe it's with ear cleaning... ha!? Well, the trap had begun with the act of showing off what you were doing to Master Nia!! Sigh!!

"Please don't decide!! Sasha's the one who asked you to do it first, right? I just responded to that."

"Keith would do it to anyone if they told him to!!

The way it is said is misleading, but this is about ear cleaning.

But even without it, Keith would give it to a woman if she told her to "do it".

"I heard that! You said you didn't want Della! Keith was forced to snap that... you blamed Della for letting him sleep!!

"So please don't put it in a weird way! I just cleaned my ears!!

The phrase that is unclear lasted a while, but within it, Aisha reveals her true intentions.

"... ear cleaning, Master Nia was supposed to be me next... that's how I got another woman right away... gu"

As a matter of fact, Aisha's true intentions were here.

When I stopped by Keith in the hallway, Aisha was heartily pleased to be told that I would do it for you the next time.

Keith cleans my ears that seemed nice just to watch. Then I'll do it myself this time. I kind of thought that sounded like a very lover to each other.

I'm sure Nia won't be able to clean someone else's ears, so I thought it was just me and Keith doing this ear cleaning thing.

That's why I was so excited, but it shattered my thoughts in just a few hours. There's no reason to be angry.

Finally figured out where Aisha's anger was based. Keith sighed and kneeled Aisha a little hard.

"Hey, what!

"I'm sorry. It was a promise, 'cause Aisha's next. But I couldn't say no because I promised Aisha. I'm so sorry."

"... well, excuse me that way... what a lag I am! It always is!!

"But instead, you always do something special for Aisha, don't you? So is ear cleaning, I'll save it for Aisha."

Save it? and asked Aisha with a parrot back. Keith removed the box from under the bed and showed Aisha the inside of it.

There was only a slightly longer cotton swab and vial inside.

"What's that?

Ask Aisha. Keith explains with a laugh.

"This is my treasure."

"Because of? Is this it?

"Yes, this cotton swab is the finest cotton swab handmade by artisans from cotton that can be picked in the Brochian region!! What a bottle and two silver coins!!

"Is this what this is?!?

"And this vial is the finest baby oil refined by the National Alchemist from mineral oil, what a bottle of three gold coins!! I will use these two to clean Aisha's ears!!

I mean, to put it simply, it's a very expensive ear cleaning.

Asked about it, Aisha opened her mouth pokanedly and hurriedly stopped Keith's hand as she tried to open one packed cotton swab at a time.

"Stop! No, you can't!! It's so expensive! You don't have any body!!

Then Keith scratched Aisha's silver hair up gently and whispered as she touched her ear.

"It would be rude on the contrary if you didn't do this to Aisha's beautiful ears. For such pretty, beautiful ears."

Aisha started getting rolled again by Keith, who said that and started caressing her ears.

The finest cotton swabs and oils I didn't even use for Nia. The joy comes in on Keith, who tells me he doesn't mind using it.

I'm not like the other daughters. I totally know what makes Aisha happy to say it's special.

Because of a clove of pants, Aisha, who put her face on her bare thighs, began to be unable to move because of the mixing of the sensation and smell of Keith's skin.

If anybody was watching anywhere, they'd say, "You no bitch!" There was no doubt that the female knight could put a scratch on her cheek on Keith's thigh as she lit up.

Aisha's brown ears had a slightly dry feel characteristic of the manual worker, but still have a soft and adorable snail.

Carefully rubbing Aisha's ears off as if they were even stroking in the shadows of a woman, Keith precisely stimulates her bumps.

Aisha exhaled with her eyebrows cut out at the feeling of being released in front of her when the edges of her ears were pressed and she felt pain.

Keith's fingers gradually crept inside, gently touching and rubbing against the entrance to the hole in his ear, which was not touched by Nia or the samurai.

Even though it's soggy, Aisha said, "Ha!" and he made a strange voice.

Keith pulled his finger out on his adorable stuffy voice and put a small amount of baby oil on his tip as he lifted the cotton swab.

In a slightly damp position, Keith spread the edge of his ear with gauze, and when he illuminated the inside with magical light, he called out and put a cotton swab tip on the tip of his pointed ear.

Keith's cotton swab purifies his stiffness with a wet tip from the edge of his ear to the inside as Aisha "shakes herself to a soothing sensation.

When I could clearly see my ears getting cleaner at the feel of the shush and moving cotton swab, its refreshment began to make Aisha wander.

"Ha, ha... hey, ha!... Keith, why are you all this... just... Yikes!

If I sweep all the elf woman's ears with this technology, a few women will definitely fall out. Keith's ear cleaning was as good as it seemed.

Ear cleaning, which is done silently, but with Keith's smell and temperature, and gentle cotton swabs, only gives him peace.

I think that every single act that makes her touch her body has the best moves to make herself hurt. Aisha almost cries.

"Ugh! Ugh...... ahhh! Ah, Ra... Hih!

A cotton swab enters the ear hole and gently wipes the surroundings clean. Never go in the back and just wipe away the dirty parts.

With that feeling Aisha leaked a similar exhalation to her wheeze and snuggled her cheeks against Keith's thighs.

A soft stick with a damp core stimulates the inside of Aisha, rubbing the most pleasant place.

"Stupid....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... If I do this, I'm done! Huh!"

I get a desire to be angry when I think I've done this to other women, but I can't move with comfort when I'm getting my ears shut.

It would be because it is an easy-to-feel Aisha ear, but it would still also have the power of the finest cotton swab.

By the end of wiping inside the damp ear canal on the other side, the saliva had begun to drip from Aisha's mouth.

The slightly moistened face stares at Keith and his breath is getting rough.

Still, I was in the mood for Aisha to be angry that I made these acts into samurai.

"I disagree."

And they said, "Higu!" and made his mouth a letter to.

"La mehra! La!! This... hey! Not until you get down!! Let me pee!

"What are you talking about, if it felt good, I'd have to keep doing it"

"How dare you!! Ya, stop...... aah!

Opposite Aisha freaked her body out without screaming at the ear cleaning, which also begins with a massage.

At the end of both ears Aisha was leaning back on the bed exhaling "haha".

Both hands and legs were sloppily opened, and the central part of the panties that was visible was slightly damp.

"I knew it was easy to feel..."

Keith, so grumbled away at Aisha staring into the void, turned to Berna, the main culprit in the case.

Berna, who was sitting on the chair, seemed so grumpy today that she could tell by the side. The usual 50% increase in faceless expressions is faceless.

Keith approached Berna like that,

"Sa, Berna. Can I explain something to you? Why did you tell Aisha that lie?

Berna strayed easily from her gaze at Keith's inquiry.

I don't know what you're talking about.

"You don't understand! The eyewitness testimony Aisha said, what did you think of that one? It's Berna!

Except for the two people who had their ears cleaned on that spot, Berna was the only one there.

There's no way for Sasha and Della to brag to Bella and Aisha about an act that could piss them off, and there's no way either of them could have said that they were dictating First Della.

Because if Sasha said it, Della would stop it, and Della's not the type to tell others that herself.

Then the only option left is to assume that Berna troubled Keith by reporting a lie to Aisha.

"Why did you do that? What a lie...... it doesn't look like Berna, I can't believe you're bothering me!

I'm not angry, but to reinforce her tone of voice, Berna remained silent for a while with her face down, but her inner pompous,

"... sex is fine"


I was talking about ear cleaning, and all of a sudden I think Keith replies dumbfoundly.

With her face up in that voice, Berna looked like she was about to cry with her cheeks red in an understandable position.

"I don't care what kind of person your husband has sex with... with others. You can date, kiss, or make kids. But!! But..."


"But... I'm the only one who can look after you... I'm the only one!

I grabbed my skirt and ran out of words, Berna had tears in her eyes.

Yes, this was the reason Berna was angry.

This pet elf is just unbearable to see the owner take care of you for allowing you to do whatever it takes with other women.

I'm the only one who can get Keith to wash his body, shave his hair, and take such “care of him". That's what I think.

Still, Nia or Aisha can put up with it critically. I can still forgive you if you take care of me with a doubling of that amount.

But there's no way Keith can allow a wild cat named Sasha or Della to take care of him.

(... is this it? Is that what makes your dog angry when you touch your dog outside and go home?

Keith stared at Berna with a bitter smile remembering the dog he had as a child.

Berna, who knows exactly how exhausted she is, was holding her skirt with a crying face without being able to stop her thoughts though.

They might hate you. Maybe I can get thrown away by being stunned. With that fear, I couldn't heal my anger for Keith and tried to lie to Aisha.

When he understood the whole thing, Keith approached the trembling pet elf thinking that nothing had to be petted to that point.

Keith held Berna softly as she stiffened herself up, thinking she might get slapped.

"... I'm sorry, Berna. I didn't realize you thought that way. I'm really sorry."

Berna burst into tears at the gentle words to Keith.

The thought of saying I'm glad you understand and the thought of saying I have to apologize is a mess.

"Wow, me too... I'm sorry, mister... but I don't know what else to do... you know, just me... Phew"

"Yes. It's a promise. Berna is the only pet I have. Berna is the only one who can take care of you. Will you believe me?

Keith stroked his head at Berna, who snorted.

"Then I'll apologize to your pet Berna and make it special."

"... more than you Aisha... especially?

"Of course. This is just Berna. I would never do anything to anyone else."

When I heard that, Berna wanted me to do it, and I lost control of it and gained more power to hug Keith. And I whisper in my ear, "Please do."

Keith scratched up the blonde hair on Berna's ear like that, softly crawling her tongue into the reddish Sakaho ear.

"Wreck, wreck, wreck... wreck, wreck, wreck"

Keith's tongue in the licking motion went wet with saliva to ravage Berna's ears with no extra space from edge to inside.

Let's get this straight. This would be an act that no one else would ever “do” and no one else would ever “do”.

Where would anyone say that the act of being licked around the ear by thirty men is acceptable?

"... is, uh... more... more... more... more, more... Hiya!

Yes, except for this de perverse pet elf.