Nia, straddled by Keith as she slept and stuck a meat stick in her mouth, sucked it off with joy, still shriveled.

When the flavour of your penis seeps through your mouth, you move your tongue around in your mouth and crawl around.

Licking the tortoise head fully around, then choo-choo, and again licking the tortoise head, the meat rod gradually swelled and swelled inside.

Nia, bitter but never letting it out of her mouth, swallowed it toward the back of her throat as it thickened and stiffened.

"Ogu, boo. Ngu...... Ggu"

Making a noise that seemed to suffocate with his penis, Nia tightened her cheeky meat stick across her mouth with a wide open face as she worked hard to welcome the tip of the tortoise head to the back of her throat, even though it was slightly tearful.

I didn't lick or rub it. It was just a tightening, but Nia's small, warm inside compressed the entire meat stick softly, and it felt so good that the sensory and visual stimuli combined to suck adorably.

Nia, still young looking, looks purely delightful and sucks the man's dirtiest organs cheeky all over his mouth.

"Oh, Lady Nia...... always wonderful no"

Keith leaked the starting juice from his penis, whining with a soggy look on his face.

Nia felt the raw smell of nevus in the back of her throat, once it came out of her mouth, she binned! and licked the tip of the bouncing erect penis like a peppered dog.

"Though I can't get away with it, get away with it! Keith, do you think it's funny?

I learned only there that Zamen would leave because it felt good. Nia inquired as she licked hard near the bell mouth behind the geese.

I was suddenly getting high-speed tongue-in-cheek and about to pull my hips where I was softly tightened until just now.

"Yeah, yeah, it feels so good... ooh! If this is the case, Zamen will be here soon... Ugh!

As Keith was talking, Nia laughed and tipped.

Keith also looks up at Nia's tech, who only puts his turtle head in his mouth and handles his goose neck up with narrow lips.

A healthy feeling was showing Fella to get out the Zamen early, drink it, and tell Keith to sing him another babysitter song.

I thought this was going to be a little early (a), and Keith decided to try to keep it before I let it out.

Keith, who once pulled his hips and pulled out his penis,

"Dear Nia, spit in that mouth ~ please accumulate it all"

"Tsuba?... Huh?

Nia opened her mouth and showed it, accumulating saliva in her mouth as long as she could get it out as she was told, even though she didn't know why.

"Huh? Huh?"

The softness of the meat was obscenely revealed by the wet and glowing inside of Nuranula saliva.

Keith nodded yeah when he said he was a fine cuckoo, and then

"Please don't gobble your spit as it is. I'll go ~"

That's what I said, I held my penis myself and pushed it into Nia's chamber.

It feels very good to have more sticky sensations inside Nurenule, which has increased the amount of saliva than before.

Keith, who turns there only lightly but does the piston, instructed Nia to narrow her cheeks and stick her lips out.

At the same time burn that fine nasty face into your eyes as you rock your hips and enjoy the inside of a little cuckooed Nia.

Even the royal family of your species elves still show a little face, a tortoise head rub at the tip of its pointed lips, and the saliva stored in it is drawn out by the penis, foaming and polluting the ends of Nia's mouth.

Keith kept waving his nose rough and hips as he was actually receiving pornographic footage of enough firing just for his vision.

Then you perceived Keith's expression, which seemed pleasant, and Nia moved her tongue in the armpit with her cheeks narrowed, touching her thighs.

Keith couldn't help but notice Nia trying so hard to make her feel better while breathing with her nose with her face like she said to ejaculate hard.

"Ko, oh! Ohhhh!!... Ah, ah, I am! So!! There's a cold prevention zamen...... zame...... ahhh!!

As the semen that had been entrapped became obsessed with the roots, he hurried to remove his penis near ejaculation from Nia's mouth and treated it severely with his own hands.

"Dear Nia! Open your mouth!! Please open your mouth and bellow out!!

"Come on, huh?"

Neither did Nia complain at all about the number of orders, leaving her tongue out and mouth open.

Keith butched his thoughtfully boiled semen toward that little, adorable tongue out there.

"Huh! Mm-hmm...... hah, heh!!

Dobby! Dobby! Cubs!! and the hot liquid on my tongue delivered a strong karki odor flavor to Nia.

The zamen on his upper lip pull a dot to the mouth of Nia to white-contaminate his lovely lips and tongue.

Keith, who saw it to his satisfaction,

"Yes, then let's go gook"

As instructed, I was delighted to see Nia drink up without leaving any tongue-injected semen.

Nia, who drank the zamen on her tongue cocklessly, also licked them on her lips and looked happy.

I'm glad that I made Keith feel good and that I can now safely accompany her to bed.

But from the side, all I see is a bitchy elf princess who drinks a simmer and is happy with its flavor.

When a penis about to shrivel in pornography wakes up and there is zero remnants from the beginning,

"Huh, it's left in your penis. I don't have any body."

That's what Nia said, kissing the bell mouth and sucking the contents off like straws.

As the last drop in the urethra exited with Nia's suction, the sober time created by Keith's ejaculation marked the end to the feeling and the unconscious nastiness of the act.

I assumed on my own that this wouldn't heal until I put it inside Nia. Keith drinks up to the remainder and gets off the satisfied princess,

"Good luck and you were able to drink Zamen. It's great, Master Nia."

I woke up and sat across from Keith and praised Nia for being a good kid and smiling.

Happily, Hakami Nia,

"Dear Keith, it's delicious, so I'm fine! I love Master Keith."

Nia won't understand how inferior dialogue that is. Keith added more power to the good boy as he shuddered and indulged in the fact that he was about to erupt unexpectedly as he nicked.

Nia seemed satisfied with having her head stroked full, so here Keith cut out the story.

"Now I think I've been able to ingest the antibodies to the cold... uh-huh, you're still a little worried"

"Huh? Still... do you drink more zamen?

To the inquiring Nia. Keith pretends to be worried and serious. And as I came up with one thing,

"No, there are more efficient ways to drink and consume from your mouth!


Keith said with a smile to the cute Nia tilting her neck.

"Yeah, I'm putting a samen directly into my intestines. It would be more efficient to absorb it directly into your intestines! That's right, my ass!!

Put a zamen in your butt. Isn't that supposed to mean panting your ass with your penis?

"No, you can't! Master Keith, I have a cold. If you do something that makes you tired!!

Keith replied with a serious look to Nia's voice that seemed worried.

"I have a harder time getting Nia to catch a cold. So please... let me insert my penis in your butt"

Nia shakes her head to the left and right for a direct ball favor.

If Keith was so worried about me and I was impotent, it would make no sense for me to come visit you.

The truth is, I have to take care of Keith and watch him gently, but this is gonna make me look good.

Nia honestly thought so with no idea how much of an inferior man is lying and using his innocence and deceiving.

And honestly, Keith was so happy to think of himself as a priority at all times that he almost cried.

"Dear Nia... if it's enough to make you catch a cold... even if I'm hated! Excuse me!!

Keith suddenly pushed down Nia, a troubled face with confusion that he assumed was causing him joy and annoyance, and rolled up his bedtime hem.

Naia, who was laid to sleep, raised her voice when she perceived that her butt had been exposed and began to be rubbed.

"Hih! Micha!! So, no! I can't, so sooo!! I'm gonna get stuck, penis...... Yikes!

Keith rubs a round, hot Nia peach butt in front of him and puts his fingers in the habit of a small, luxurious body.

The bright white butt meat wrapped in pure white luxury panties is pushed in with a guinea pig at Keith's fingertips, changing snails and waving obscenely.

The skin of the buttocks weak to irritation quickly became red by being rubbed, and gradually softened as it lit hot and on fire.

That's with Nia, and with each increase in butt meat softness, the strong "no" voice gradually turns into a sweet gasp.

He is a cute princess Lolibitch who has been completely planted with butt pleasure.

"Ha Ugh!! Ha... Huh, Micha... Huh!! Oh, uhh... it's me... it's me, so sooo... it's me, but no... himi oh!!

Keith, who rubbed his sensitive ass scattered and then now gently stroked it with his palms, laid a gap and dragged his panties down all at once.

Touch the narrow anal wrinkles on top of it from the Omako hole, which had already begun to moisten, many times, and apply seeping love liquid to the anus.

The itchy pleasure of being touched by the vaginal mouth mixed it with the pleasure of being painted into the butthole to make Nia's body a little more sexual.

Keith also wore the anal slightly stronger with the love solution he put on his fingertips as his body began to soften up his receptivity.

Nia bit her pillow at the feeling of grime and fingers coming in, and the feeling of being gently stroked with her fingertips through her anus meat.

Keith has a cold. I shouldn't let this happen. You can't want a penis.

Hard to say, his body spreads his legs wide to defy him, pokes his butt up slightly, and shakes slightly for pleasure greedily.

Keith pulled his finger out and put his face closer to the sweet open anal hole when he saw Nia exhale and chew his pillow.

Princess Elf's secret scent mixes with the nasty scent in her rectum to irritate her groin.

Face close. After inhaling the smell thoroughly, Keith put out his tongue and snuggled out his anus wrinkles.

"Khahuuuu!! Cha, cha cha aah!! Oh, oh, ooh! No! If you lick your ass, it's no good. Ooh! Ahhhhhhh!"

The tongue gradually wets the anal loosened with the fingers, causing it to become even more trout.

Nia patted her legs small as she walked inside so that the tip of her tongue could hit the narrow spot in the center.

"Me, but no... no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no."

Keith, who panicked at the boulder because he was really crying, asked as he let go of his mouth and stroked Nia's body.

"Oh, you didn't like it that much? Didn't you feel well?

In Keith's inquiry, Nia buried her face in the pillow and shook her head left and right.

staring at the swinging blonde and saying, "Bye," Nia said,

"Kai-sama... you're welcome, but your buttocks... if you lick that, you're going to get sick... so you can't, but you can't... Kai-san, me"

It wasn't a tear against Keith, it was a tear against me that would make me feel better in this situation. It is a tear of self-loathing.

Keith said gently, stroking Sung Sung and Nia's back, who kept crying.

"Dear Nia, what do you think is the most special effect of my cold?


I shook my head and indicated that Nia, who raised her crying face slightly, could not tell. Then Keith,

"That's what Lady Nia laughs at. That feels good. If you have fun and laugh, my cold will heal in one shot. Really?

Keith, who held Nia and got her up, took off her bedding and let her naked. She herself got naked and hugged the elf girl in the opposite seat.

We haven't inserted it yet, but the two genitals are already in a state of battle. Snuggling there, Keith held Nia hard.

"If Master Nia gets a cold and she suffers, my cold will get worse too. But if you feel better and laugh at me, my cold will heal perfectly soon!

What he was saying was a disjointed cod story, and Nia caught Keith crying.

"That's such a lie... No, I've never heard of it..."

"I'm not lying. Someone I love is laughing at me... because that's the best thing about cold."

Love it. The words shook Nia from the bottom of her heart.

I thought Keith was the only one in the world who thought of me so far.

Even if I don't feel well with a cold, I think about Nia the best, and I can't help but serve the salmon to make me feel better.

The princess, who really can't think of everything in a good direction, has completely left her body and mind with Keith, who protects herself like a hero of the story.

I forgot it was the mouth that was licking my anal, and I got obsessed and kissed Nia.

(Ahhh, I managed to mislead you...... suddenly you cry)

The lowest man with rotten sexual roots muttered the voice of his heart that attributed the dialogue he had ever uttered, hugging and kissing Nia.

Don't forget to keep loosening up with your fingers in Nia's anal that involves her little tongue.

In the meantime, put some intestinal cleaning pills in it and keep it clean inside. This is how the mammary inferior species persuaded Nia to keep her body greedy at all times.

Keith, once his lips off Nia, who will always suck on his tongue,

"So can I have a samen on my butt? Does your butt make you feel better, Master Nia?

Nia, smiling in tears, nodded over and over again.

"Please. I want Master Keith to feel so much better...

I get very cheerful and suck anal sex naughty.

Keith kisses Nia as she is impressed by the planted princess bitch. Then I turned Nia's body backwards and let her hips float.

Nia's anal with zero lubricating oil was cracked and inserted while it narrowed cuddly despite being rolled around.

I set my aim there and protruded my penis, instructing Nia to lower her hips slowly.

"Whoo! Fumi...... Ooooooooooooooo!! Ooh, buttocks...... penis guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Phewah!!

Nia raised her voice similar to that of a scream and still kept her hips tucked down.

Scratch the anal meat and scratch the intestine 27615; the feel of the meat stick coming in the back causes Nia's face to swing in pain.

With tears, I said, "Whoo! Phew! Phew!" she exhaled for a long time, Nia as if she were having a major act of excretion, but every part of her body indicated that she was bored with sexual pleasure.

The fallen nipples are pinned and bulky, and Clitoris has let his face peek from his foreskin.

The goosebumpy limbs were tight and tight, but when he swallowed his penis to the root, he lost strength.

"Ha ha ha ha ha, till I get my penis... hum ah"

Wiping Nia's mouth dripping with saliva, Keith shook his spine at the splendour of the sphincter that tightens his roots and the addition and subtraction of the intestinal folds tangled in the turtle head.

Roana's mature ass cock feels different, she is young and she is willing to ask to squeeze out the semen.

It feels good that it would have already been out if it hadn't been for the same perfection and fellation.

Keith pulled the duvet and gently twitched herself and Princess Anal as she freaked her penis out in her bowels as she kissed Nia's neck muscle.

Nia, twirling to warmth in a situation like a pair of feathers, was happy to feel more intimate with Keith and smiled thinly in her ass pleasure.

"I need to keep it warm. So did you not like it?

Nia returned with a swinging voice to the voice calling from behind.

"Yeah, it's beautiful... it's so warm, I know, I'm happy."

Keith also smiles at his happy voice and says, "Really?" while gradually rocking his hips out.

Caught a penis irregularity on the intestinal wall, rubbing inside and blaming Nia at the same time while increasing his sensitivity.

At first, it gently relaxes within the anal, and gradually increases the speed vigorously.

As the feeling of poking and shaking from the bottom increased, Nia opened her eyes to the pleasure of rushing up from her intestines.

Pleasant organs and converted intestines are poked loose into hard meat bars with cores, and feelings run from the gut to the uterus.

From the vaginal mouth where the wetness became intense, there was zero dandruff and love liquid in Keith's groin on board.

Naturally feeling it, Keith reached out and began gently twitching Nia's nipples and Clitoris.

"Ugh!! Ugh!! Ah, uhh!! Together, Chikubi...... Kuritori Shigeru!! Come on!! Come on!! Whoa, whoa!

"Master Nia, you like to be with me. Look, you're gonna skin Clitoris, right? You love being like this, don't you?

She strokes the peeling clip with her fingertips as she receives reports, and is bounced her nipples over and over again.

Even though, when we took this blame together in the midst of intense anal irritation, Nia's young body shook up like she said she couldn't stand it.

"Shigeru! Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh Mm-hmm!! Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh! Yikes!!

Keith, who felt that the irritation to Cri and his nipples was boosting Nia to a good feeling, repositioned his hips and pointed the tip of his penis at his uterus to make him crazy all at once.

Uterine blame over the intestinal wall, Roana and Nia are both favorite attacks.

From the current state of three-point blame, Nia, poked through her womb, a place where pleasure was transmitted, opened her mouth and shouted loudly.

"Uh-oh!! Oh, oh! Ooh!!! Whoa, whoa!! Shikyu Dumplings!! Shit, man. Yeah!! Really happy with the garlic!! Oh, stomach, guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Mm-hmm!!

I'm not sure Keith understands. I didn't stop blaming Nia for returning my thoughts full of phonetic sounds.

Keith kept pushing his hips up even as the intestinal fluid tangled in the meat stick and the anal meat tightened the rod hard enough to almost ejaculate now into the feeling of handling it there.

At the same time, the clips and nipples of the small grains being touched also twist more violently.

Nia stared into the void and gutted her young body as pleasure collapsed into her brain from all over her body.

The sweaty Nia and Keith bodies were visible from inside the duvet wrapping the two who slipped away gradually.

The smell stuck with sweat and sexual odor stimulates Keith's sense of smell and tickles his smell fetish heart.

I can hardly stand to see a meat stick wet in the love liquid that has passed on intestinal fluids to intense intestinal squeezing with a smile on my face.

The tangled softness of the rectum rubbed tight by the anal sphincter blamed Keith relentlessly.

Make the best of your penis to fight back. Protrude into Nia's womb, rubbing it to the point that her nipples and cries swell.

"Ah! Ahhh! Ami ah!! Ah, ah, ooh!! Ohhhhh!! also, lah, lah yeah!! Ike, Kachimunko Ike, don't hang in there!! Uhhh!!

"Dear Nia! No ah... uhhh!! Fine, ass man coik it up!! If it feels good, say so and ass man koik!! Then I too...... Zamen, zamene!!

Turning his hands to Nia's hips, Nia said to Keith, concentrating solely on poking her up. Aww! Aww!! "He shook his body like a doll.

This blow takes a strong stab in the womb and transmits it to the brain.

"I'm flattered, too. Yes!! I can't even flatter you. Ooh! Mm-hmm!!! Awwww!! Awwwww!! Keith, I'm done, I'm good!! Kitty, yeah!! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!! Kachimankooooo!! Kachi mankoi guuuuuuuuu!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

I barked my cute voice to the max and shouted nasty words for anal ACME. Nia pussy from her vagina!! and sprayed the love liquid.

When the love liquid created stains on the bed, Nia was struck by a continuous light acme that made her body intermittently nervous over and over again.

Zero tears in successive light squids after a large end, and Keith, who drools and eventually sticks his hips out toward his relaxed body,

"Oops!! This... Antibodies!! Zamen antibodies!! Take my suppositories... eat them!! Ooh!!"

I barked at the back of my intestine for words I didn't understand anymore and let the samen pound.

Dubby! Bibby!! Bi! Bi! BUH!!! - Shooting cloudy amounts into his bowels that he never thought would happen again, Keith kissed the neck muscle in front of him many times, holding Nia's hips as he did and immersed himself in the ejaculatory aftertaste.

Every time I kiss you, my penis is buzzing! And I shot the sperm away, but eventually when it stopped, I exhaled and pulled myself out of Nia.

White semen from the red intestine of a pompous open anal! Keith lay down himself, laughing at how Nia flickered out.

The cold has completely healed already, and Nia followed Keith, who will nibble when another fun erotic threesome begins tomorrow.

Do you want to be sweet? trying to cuddle that body, Nia hugged Keith first,

"... well, I'll give it to you."

It was Nia singing a lullaby with a moistened face and a salivating, but still diligently unruly voice.

Keith, freshly cured of a cold and counting from day four, fell asleep like a child, softly cuddled up listening to the song without the power to be shy anymore.