"Keith!! Keysky ski ski ski ski ski ski ski!! Keith Blockhound Huh!!!

Keith looked in deep trouble after being offered a big sale on his name. This was always the case when this girl called me by my name.

Once you call them, they'll call you Keith Keith in a row. I don't know how many times I've tried to scold you for being a good addition.

Even though he's called away by his younger age, it's even worse because his opponent is such a little girl.

Age is fourteen this year. I still have a body that smells like a kid, my chest is peppery and my butt is small.

The parts on her face are also childish enough to think that Hannah was drooling until this time.

I didn't force myself to make that jerk-off expression. An intelligent feeling is appearing, sometimes hazy enough to do the grown-up trick.

That was making me more busy in the child smell again.

This girl was Elizabeth Hollywood, hailed as a genius since the beginning of the Sorcery Order [Dawn of the Necromancer] to which Keith belonged.

Keith turned his troubled face to the girl and spoke quietly.

"... you know, Elizabeth, I've been saying this for a long time, but you can only call me by my name once."

"Shut up!! I won't forgive you today!! You imbecile!!

Now I smiled at her for coming with a cock.

Sure, I would be both incompetent and incompetent compared to this girl, but when they cut that head-on like this, I get angry.

But there's no reason to yell at me or to pencil my ass.

Because Elizabeth... commonly known as Liz is the rightful successor to the Hollywood family, one of the thirteen magical guides that divides this magical and academic capital, Granzardo.

Granzardo originally began when thirteen magicians, each of whom hated the reign of kings of nations, took a disciple to create their own autonomy.

And his disciples called his disciples, and his disciples made his disciples - and the city nearly doubled in size in a few years.

Normally it's not strange to be attacked by surrounding countries if a country is made that easy, but there was no problem because it makes and operates a city, but it is a magic guide.

In the days of the herd, no nation was willing to purposefully poke a snake.

Besides, if this country trains a large number of magicians, each country doesn't have to train its own magicians, so thank you.

Granzardo created a one-man demon mentor, and Granzardo was formed as a mercenary-free demon mentor state where countries hired him.

Eventually, in a time of peace without war, this country had become so huge and powerful that there was nothing that could be done in the surrounding countries.

It is a city of magicians made of that feeling, but its management operations were to be received by the descendants of the first thirteen magicians who made this country, not politicians.

Those who say, "Magic Master," are the ones who are best at exploring themselves and pursuing them in the first place. They're just people who aren't interested in politics.

As a result, the thirteen families that were thrown round the trouble stink. The job stinks - and it was the current situation that I continue to do, even though it stinks.

However, it is not that there is no power as a powerful person, and it is not possible to scold the operators of this country any sooner than it is a little girl.

That's why Keith laughed at Liz as blue muscles seemed to float.

"Even if they say I won't forgive you...... did I do something?

Liz then turned her face bright red and grabbed her fist.

"Keep me so stupid... because you won't make me say I don't remember!!

"Even if they say it's because there isn't... Did I say anything?

Keith is a glossy hairy cat riding on his shoulder. I asked Lou the user demon.

"I don't know," Keith looks really troubled at Lou shaking his head from left to right.

"Um... I hate to say it, but the argument is a bit..."

"Do you mind?!?...... Ugh, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! You were making fun of me earlier!!

Keith's cheeks were piquely drawn to Liz's explanation, which began that way.

Today Liz was summoned by the Magic Order [Dawn of the Necromancer] Archdeacon Reid Horns to his office.

Reid is a fifty tangled big man, and there are rumors that he used to be hired in some country as a demon conductor to tour the battlefield.

The mastery of magic and magic, backed by that experience, was trusted by many mentors and mentor apprenticeships, and he was one of the archdeacons, arguably the face of this Order of Magic.

Liz, called by Reid like that, couldn't help but hide her grin that she was finally here.

"Excuse me."

Reid rested his writing hand and welcomed Liz, who knocked on the door and came into the room.

"Sorry to call you."

"No, what better business than that?

"Oh, actually..."

Reid cut out as he glanced through the documents on his desk.

"With Master Uggla on his journey this time, he was able to become a teacher. I wanted you to do that, and this is how you came here."

Liz couldn't keep her mouth corner from rising because the conversation was as good as she thought.

It was a month ago that Master Uggla, who had been a teacher for many years, temporarily left the Sorcery Order after deciding to follow the path of the adventurer that was his dream.

It has been a topic of discussion lately about who will be on the faculty that has become vacant.

This is the case in all sorcery societies, but it was customary for those nominated by the Archdeacons to coach apprentice and orthodox instructors in sorcery magic.

This is a custom that was made when the educational process of the former disciples was reorganized as a caterpillar called the Order.

There were all sorts of rumors that he was going to be, or that he was going to be good, or that he was going to welcome a good wizard from there, but Liz thought he deserved this role.

Liz, who was born of a famous house of demonic guidance but never spares any effort. People refer to her as a genius, but the fruit of it is a man of effort.

No, I do have a natural gift. The intrinsic amount of magic is not the same digits as the magicians around there, and the monogamous magic that is passed down to the house from generation to generation can be met at this age.

But it's not like Liz would sit there and spare her effort.

Always learn and have high goals. And I will spare no effort every day to get there.

I chose the [Dawn of the Necromancer], to whom I belong purposefully in order to be harsh on myself, without any connection or itching with the house.

The Hollywood family would have been the quickest to belong to [M.O.M.].

That's how she pushed herself, and I can tell Liz naturally that she was chosen as a teacher at just fourteen.

But the point of arrival is not here. By successfully performing this role of instructor and teaching many magic instructors, I will learn many more myself.

And sooner or later, he is invited to the Supreme College [Tower of the Black Pavilion] of that magical guidance institution. That was Liz's great ambition.

Liz took pride in the fact that the first step of a grand dream was about to be taken now.

"Well, will you take it on"

Reid, who says that like a ho, has been talking administrative from there.

Teachers are treated differently from other magicians, so it's about explaining that part and talking about allowances.

Liz, who is not in trouble with the money, could have had it for free, but then I decided to have it because it would be a hassle later.

But the mind had already turned to the question of what kind of magic theory to give the wizards and what kind of classes to give them.

(Oh, but I have to make sure I can't lick you...... should I get new clothes?

I understand that I am a child. Liz left the room listening to Reid as she pondered.

It was one of Liz's stunts to be able to listen to people while thinking.

In the hallway, Liz walked early enough to fill out the paperwork she'd received in her room.

Along the way, I heard voices as I tried to bend the corner of the hallway. The voice I was used to hearing, definitely that guy, Liz skewed her face abominably.

But I rethink. I'm in such a good mood today. I will never be offended by that man only today.

Anyway, I was given the role I deserved, and I took the first step toward dreaming. There's no way he can hurt this mood!!... I should have.

"Ugna? Did you say no?

Liz's grin froze in an instant.

What is this conversation? What are you talking about? At the end of this hallway. That imbecile.

"That's why I am. It's obvious. Why do I have to take on such a fucking annoying position?"

Damn it, but in a voice like that, Keith answered Lou.

"Shit...... instructor nya. Once you are in your position, you will rank higher in your browsing literature, and most importantly, you will receive benefits from the Order."

"When I say allowance, you're a sparrow tear. That's unlikely to drastically reduce temporal freedom. Besides, I'm satisfied with the literature."

"... but nya"

"I don't know what a hassle it is to act as a teacher, but I don't think you feel like the guy who takes it on. I'm sure you're a fool or something."

"That's it?

"More than that, I actually came up with an amazing way to make money. Make a magic prop that matches mindfulness with an automated secretary..."

At the end of hearing this dialogue, Liz heard something crack in her heart.

So this is what you're saying? Are you telling me that the position Liz took with joy and courage came around because that moron said no?

I mean, spill it? Were you laughing happily when you got the spill?

Gutsy and boiled anger overflowed Liz. If that's true, it should be directed at Reid, who asked me to play the role of instructor.

I picked Keith first, and it was Reid who nominated Liz next. But Liz's anger turned to Keith.

Keith already had some nasty aura coming out of his body when he heard everything he said. No matter how I hear about it, it's eight wins.

No, I do think I said the dialogue between the guys who take it on, but it's such a personal feeling and I didn't say anything to Liz.

First of all, if you're doing it with that much faith, I don't think that's a good idea, but you wouldn't be the person that those objections make sense to.

I don't know why, but this girl joined the Order and has been seen as an enemy since she started taking the same psychotherapy classes.

As I said, it's a daily tea meal to be called by name after name, and then it's also a daily tea meal to be cursed as incompetent but incompetent.

Keith without M says she's a pretty girl. I don't have a hobby that makes me happy to be cursed by a girl.

I don't even know why I'm upsetting this girl so much, and she hit me with an anger that could be called an eight hit, and it's time I really hated her.

"You know... let's just say that after the words... I'm not denigrating my job as a teacher. No, it's a great job."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!! Pepper what you don't even think!! What, are you glad you gave me such a spill? I want to brag about my choice first!!

"Where in the current dialogue does it contain such nuances!? It's a little paranoid."

"Shut up! Always... you moron... more than me... why"

to Liz holding her fist and trembling. Keith was

"Um... can I go now? I'm busy, too."

"Wait! I'm not done talking to you!

"I said it's over... So what do I do?

"... a battle."


"I've been running away so far, but now it's time for you to take it! Stand up and compete with me and the witness!! Of course there is an audience!!

Keith opened his mouth to Liz, who was going to sign up for a magical battle.

I've been signed up a few times before, but I've never been serious before... or thought I was serious so far.

I can't believe the kid said, "It's a fight! I appropriately said," Yes, next time. "But I didn't expect you to sign up so seriously.

But the victory and defeat, above all, Keith, who was not comfortable hurting, shook his head to the left and right and refused.

"I don't like it. You're gonna get hurt, aren't you? Does it hurt?

"Yes, you will, one of you!

Liz, who already had a winning grin, was convinced that this would make it all work.

In front of everyone, I can show that I am better than such an imbecile in front of the instructors and archdeacons.

That should put an end to the silly situation where everyone already goes to a guy like this to ask him what he doesn't know about the part he's learned and doesn't even look good to him.

This is the kind of guy the instructors ask for work first anymore. It should go away.

Weird things aren't going to disappear when patients nominate Keith for better medical practice than they already do.

The picky genius girl of both knowledge and strength, but the idea or only the contents still had an immaturity commensurate with her age.

My talents, my grades, they don't understand me even though I'm the best. Then I'll show you in visible form.

By doing so, you must know that Reid was wrong to talk to Keith first.

It was still premature evidence of why my fellow mentors and instructors didn't think first about why they relied on Keith.

But even such children are several times more powerful than Keith when it comes to attack magic. I didn't know what was going to happen and lead to major injuries.

(Kid made fun of me and I can't afford to get hurt! Although this body is not my only mon!!

Keith looked like he was going to cry when he thought of the faces of the women waiting for him.

"What will you do, my lord? That man Maginya. Your husband is going to be killed?

A cat on my shoulder whispers to Keith like that.

A magic or magical duel is supposed to say that there is no problem with the dead coming out if they are officially done in the presence of a person.

Instead, it takes time to pre-sign up, and most importantly, if the two duelists are not in agreement, they will never let me.

That's why Keith was never going to take this.

Even though they say it's a heck of a lot, they say it's an unballed Funyatin bastard, but it's a thing of life.

"I don't care what you do... you're grounded. There's nothing but dirt..."

Lou sighed over his shoulder in a determined narrative.

"Don't your husband have any pride?

"Pride? What's so good about it? I spare my life, there is still untrained in this world. Besides, I've decided to die on my stomach since I crossed 90!!

"You should definitely stop that way. I can cry with pity."

"Ugh! It's horn dust in front of a bunch of people... if you're holding me back to shame in front of a bunch of people, I'll dust you down in front of everyone!!

And he was Lou, who felt kind of Ning Ro masculinity towards Keith, who didn't even have a piece of pride.

"Hey Boso Boso, what are you talking about!? You must take it. Have a fight!! If you run away, I'll never forgive you!

Keith relaxed his whole body muscles here and moved into a subsurface position.

I'll kneel on the floor, knock my upper body down, and show a 14-year-old girl the full body of a 20-year-old man dungeon!! I decided.

Liz seemed a little frightened when she felt such seriousness in Keith's eyes. I can't help it because I don't think I'm aiming for a dugout.

"Hey, what's with the eye!... you think I'm scared with those eyes!?


Liz glances back at Keith, who grabs the timing of the dugout, not losing from herself either.

"Because I will never lose! Take you down... I... now it's time to be trusted by everyone so they don't be ashamed of Hollywood's family name!!

This is where Chance and Keith tried to stick their knees on the floor with all their might to Liz, who shouted so as to inspire herself.

But before that, I said something Liz shouldn't have said.

"But if you win, I'll give you whatever you want!! Demonic blood stones passed from generation to generation, magic wands made of dragon ribs, and mansions! So be with me."

"Nha!? Oh, don't say that, Megna."

"Do it"

Keith shrugged to block the dialogue between the cat on his shoulder and the girl screaming in front of him.

Keith had a somewhat refreshing grin as he received the gaze of Liz with a face that said "Huh?" and a cat with a face that said "Ahhhh."

"Do it. Do it. Do it. I'll definitely do it. Seriously? Anything? Say it quickly ~. Ah, good luck!

Keith, who replied briefly in a grumpy manner, stuffed Liz while making a gutsy pose.

"What's the date? Who did the witness do it to? Oh, let's rent a second warehouse for the location. But before I do, I have to prove my contract when I win or lose..."

"Huh? Ah, uh?

It is Lou who could not forbid tears when he wondered if Liz, a little pully, would be his next prey.