Liz got goosebumps in Keith's gaze staring around licking her whole body.

Liz was already the limit at this stage to say that Keith would actually lick and touch her all over her body from now on.

The one who hates you the most, the one who hates you the most, sees the embarrassing part, and besides, he's going to be offended.

That's definitely all Liz's own fault, except for one point where Keith says he's a pervert.

But Liz hated God who gave herself such a fate, and I knew I hated Keith. I couldn't help but hate it.

Send a murderous gaze toward Keith, who makes you feel fully offended by your gaze alone.

It was a totally ineffective gaze, but that was Liz's best resistance she could now.

Keith stood up and approached me as Liz went forward again after a spin with that in mind.

Unexpectedly touching Liz's hair, Keith spoke as her gaze turned to her flat breasts.

"I knew it was dusty. I don't have a choice."

Liz, bathed in the wreckage of a magically broken ceiling she had unleashed herself, was dusty with debris debris all over her body.

It is someone's fault for holding a naked viewing party without even letting them shower.

She couldn't hide her nakedness. Liz looked away.

"... I'm going to take a shower... then you won't complain."

"Can I take a bath with you?

Liz turned to Keith's tearful gaze that she would still kill him.

"The only contract you have is sex!! Why do I have to shower with you!! No kidding!!

Hands off Liz's hair as she was about to bite. Keith raised his hands to show irresistible willingness.

I looked at Liz heading into the small shower room with a glance, and this was Keith who couldn't stop getting excited when she was shivering inside.

Keith knows how much fun it is to subdue a little girl like this.

Not feeling such evil, Liz took hot water from her head in a small shower room.

Under your feet, cloudy water flows down the drain, mixing dust. I stare at it and bite into remorse.

Why should I take a shower for such a man? Why should such a man hold me? Why would you do that to such a man...

When all the same words repeatedly came to mind, Liz's eyes were mixed with hot water and a large grain of tears appeared.

Anger, fear or remorse, to Liz, who is about to cry with thoughts she can't tell herself,

"I knew you'd come in with me because you didn't have time."

Keith stood there naked when his voice suddenly turned around.

"Huh?... Yay!!

Naked of a man suddenly shown off. Besides, Keith's penis was slender by the time he was stunning.

Liz accidentally turned away from each body to male organs in a state of battle that could be shown off for the first time in real life.

My heart chopped the beat faster than it just did, and it's about to come out of my mouth now.


Liz panicked at the appearance of an unusual object she had never seen before.

Technically, this is not the first time Liz has seen male genitals.

He is still a professional magician who has completed psychotherapy and restorative magic at the mentor level. I also have qualifications.

That is familiar with the physical composition of all genders of all races, and naturally has been seen in field training.

But the patient is mostly shriveled when I say so. Plus, the specimen from the autopsy is definitely shriveled.

In other words, Liz had only seen the one with the erection.

That's suddenly being stuck in front of me now. I wouldn't have any choice but to panic.

Liz calmed down a little while taking the hot water from the shower that kept coming out, trying never to look behind her.

"Hey, hey! I didn't tell you to come in!! Why take it personally, eh... ahhh!

Liz solidified when she was hugged in the middle of the word. I also forget to break out and feel the feel of a stiff stick that can hit my butt.

This may or may not be a male organ pulled my blood in an instant.

Keith whispered softly into Liz's ear, turning bright blue and trembling as she pressed the gritty hard object against her ass, which was still not rounded enough.

"You haven't even decided where to get a virgin, have you? Then you can have it here."


Even the worst loss of virginity - the first sex I've ever experienced, and I can't believe that's in such a small shower room.

Liz's body fell out of her power at the worst that would come next.

She is a girl who has only fourteen years of experience in her life where she has tried to be vain. I can't help it.

The underspecified man who's willing to tell such a girl to seriously screw a meat stick is surprised by the unexpected softness of his pressing ass.

"It's a lie. How rude for a hymen to lose a virgin in a place like this!

Liz opened her mouth to Keith, who shouted silly things, to try to squeeze the power of her body away and resist it at all.

"Ko, you imbecile! Just now virgins are loud!! Why do you think I'm a virgin?

In fact, yes, but I can't bear to be able to decide that way in the first place.

I don't care because Keith told me to get Liz's virgin on the contract.

"Huh? Aren't you a virgin? Do you have experience?

But there's no point in lying or putting up a vanity. Because I can't wait.

"... but I'm saying why would you decide that!! You know nothing about me!!

"I know you do."


"I know. At least Liz is very cute and has a beautiful body."

That's what Keith said. He broke the new solid soap wrap he had in the bathroom and started washing Liz's body with the contents.

The awkward feeling ran all over her body, and Liz was about to burst out. But the smart girl quickly realized that it was pointless.

No matter how resistant or rampaged around, Keith will eventually take it away from me.

That's what I call a magic contract. It is a kind of curse that can never only be defaulted upon.

If he tries, Liz will suffer a lifetime of beating around. Because it's the best contract I've ever chosen to be.

I had no idea Liz was going to lose. Liz made the contract the one with the top curse.

If I win, let Keith sit down in front of everyone, and the Sorcery Order... no, I was going to kick him out of this city.

And yet this is happening with a loss. I think I'll kill him first, but Liz is the first one to suspect that.

Liz is not stupid enough to commit a crime in such an understandable situation. But that wit was catching her up by rejecting it.

soap and Keith's fingers with it crawling around over his skin when wet. And the feeling of an erect meat stick that I still feel on my butt.

All in all, she developed goosebumps and Liz continued her senseless resistance.

"... uhhh, you're Liz... uhh! I didn't allow you to call me."

At the very least, the resistance was unlikely to be able to do anything other than argue with my mouth. In the end, it was only taken lightly.

"Eh, but Elizabeth is a name I call at times like this. I look up too much. No, that's a good name. So isn't that okay with you, Mr. Liz? You'll feel better that way, won't you?

"Ah... no cancer no! Hih!!"

One hand stretches out to the groin as she strokes a large number of soap stuffed milk rings into a circle.

Feel the feeling of the growing hair on your fingertips, poking it around and gently poking at the crisp sides.

"Ugh!!... Fuku!!

As a result of the body's freaking out pushing the meat on his little ass further into Keith's meat stick, a light rubbing feel burned Keith up.

"The sensitivity of the clitoris is good, it's just the right size. This is going to be worth the touch."

Once Keith put the soap down, he washed the milk wheel and cri fully with his foamed hands.

The milk wheel is drawn round or rubbed at the tip of the nail in a motion that is not monotonous one at a time, and the clitoris gently strokes the foreskin monotonously from the side to the other.

"How does Mr. Liz do it when he masturbates? Are you a cripple? Or should I let you in?

Liz tries to withstand the irritation by answering the inferior questions while touching.

"Shh... no, no... duh!... unclean things"

"Huh? Really? Don't you want to?

"I can't stand sexual impulses... proof that I haven't been able to control my mind and body..."

Keith took it a little seriously, listening to your high theory, trying to keep that under control.

Until now, I've been thinking about having proper fun, but if that's all I'm saying, it might be interesting to make you crazy.

This is the first time a body with no experience in ACME has ever tasted it. of others, and at the hands of a man who would hate them the most.

Keith, who came on fire, suggests to Liz from behind.

"Hey, shall we wash it up?


"Liz washes mine and I wash Liz's. What do you think? That's a good idea.

Having understood the meaning of the word, Liz strongly opposed it.

Naturally. I couldn't even stand being touched, but I never thought I could touch it.

"Why!! That's why I have to!! No kidding!!

Then Keith returns it with an open voice.

"Why, because it's dirty?

"Then you can wash yourself!! I'll wash myself too, so let me go!!

"Eh, let's wash it up. If you won't, I won't wash it. You're going to attack Mr. Liz with your dirty little pussy like this!

Listening to that, Liz's face was blatantly disgusted.

I promise to wear contraceptives, but still I really didn't like being screwed into myself for not washing them.

I think it's better to be dead when you think you're going to get your virgin ripped off with something like that.

"What do you want to do? Can I stay like this, or..."

It was a whole child threat complaint. I don't know which one is older with this.

But that threat seems to have worked for Liz.

"Ok...... wow"

"Yes? What is it?

"Yikes... I said I understand!! You just have to wash it!! I'll wash it!! I'll wash it. Just... Ugh!

Turned to face Keith halfway through the words, Liz showed off her freaking meat stick around her groin and nearly cried.

"Well, thank you."

Liz reached for the soap she kept with it as she genuinely wanted to punch Keith in the face laughing at him.

The importance of cleaning the affected area in medical practice and how to do so have been properly learned. So if I'm going to wash the affected area, I'll be fine.

I tell myself again desperately that Liz foamed the soap with her hands.

Keith receives the soap next time his hands are overflowing with bubbles and foams himself.

Keith was the one who touched me first with a hand full of bubbles.

Reciprocating from around Liz's clavicle to her chest over and over again, letting her inner nipple touch her fingertips.

My body was used to irritation only slightly after touching the milk wheel and crisp foreskin, so I don't hesitate to touch my nipples this time.

The gesture was a totally sexual substitute, and Keith blamed Liz's nipples for the way she moved her fingers that weren't the kind of gesture she could go against the girl.

Pick, pinch, rub, and play. When you only blame your nipples and concentrate your consciousness, suddenly you rub it to squeeze the whole breast.

It's flat to say breast, so try to scratch it there and squeeze it up toward the nipple, making it even more sensitive to the nipple.

The first sexual gesture runs electricity through Liz's body and a paralyzed sensation into her spine.

Not knowing that was what was called pleasure, Liz bit her lips and endured the strange sensation that flowed in her body.

(Shit, chill... this is nothing but sexual pleasure... I can't help but feel it if it touches me instead of being forced... so)

The nerves in the brain calmly analyze the physical reflexes and try to delude them, but as the sensitivity of the nipples increases, they can't do it either.

"Hih! Hiahhh...... ikuhia, no!! Oh, ugh."

I stare jiggly at Keith's hand touching my chest.

It's like I'm researching how my body reacts when my fingers move, but I was actually just beginning to feel it without even being able to do that.

But when Keith suddenly picked his nipples and pulled,

"Higu!! Yes, I want no!! Ahhhhh!! Hey Aah!!

The height of pleasure instantly turned into pain and blamed Liz. tears on his cheeks. Liz said Keith to

"Look, you haven't washed me ~. I'm so cunning that only one person feels better"

It was his habit to do so, and that way Keith again releases his pulled nipples and begins gently stroking the tip.

When the abused virgin nipples were gently stroked again, Liz stared at Keith with hatred from the bottom of her heart and wrapped her penis with both hands.

I'm just washing the affected area, cleaning up the dirty areas, that's all. Many times he shouted so with his heart, Liz moved his hands.

But the heat and stiffness of the meat stick that I feel on my back makes me wonder what to do.

Hard, thick, gritty, meaty male organ. A stiff, stiff reproductive rod for insertion into the vagina in order to offend the female.

The structure, too, I understand how this could happen, but when I actually felt it, it was as if it were something else.

Liz rubbed desperately the organs that made her feel beastly vicious enough that what she had learned disappeared in an instant.

"Oh, you're good, Mr. Liz... so good. Ooh!"

I wanted to tell you not to raise your voice weird, but until just now I couldn't say anything because I had raised the same voice.

So I just kept washing my penis silently.

We both know that the null leaking from the tip is the cowper, and that the area around the geese neck of the turtle head that held its roots and exposed it completely is the dirtiest.

I know, but I don't have half the resistance to touching the cowper or rubbing geese neck dirt with my fingertips.

"Why... why am I such a... such an imbecile... duh!

The gradual increase in tension adds a freak to the meat stick, and I can still feel myself trying to cross the critical point. But Liz didn't know it was a precursor to ejaculation.

Not declaring an end, Keith also reached into Liz's groin as he continued to wash his roots with his left hand and tortoise head wrapped with his right hand.

nipples with his left hand, and Keith rubbing out his manko with his right hand. With his mouth against his ear,

"I'm about to touch Mr. Liz's unused place. You're gonna put that in there, right? I gently tear the membrane and gobble my vagina with the part where it's sticking out... and turn to the back and say tongue."

The concentration of consciousness on the touchable Omako and at the same time the heat of the meat bars felt in the hands make the imagination easier.

This is what makes such an inferior thing despise itself. Hollywood's successor. It ravages the genius and the disgraced self.

The irresistible humiliation and defeat began to destroy Liz's vanity one by one.

"No... no..."

With an age-appropriate voice, a voice that erased the atmosphere of adulthood, Liz makes her legs tremble and your mako tremble with fear.

Keith rubbed up the cracked pink mucosa with his middle finger as if he had aimed there, stimulating the exposed tip of the cli with his finger belly.

Liz, who was blamed once and for all as the horror sensitized her, said, "Ahhh!!" He raised his face with a high voice.

Strength stirred about the tightening, and Keith's meat stick was tightened and rubbed with Liz's hand.

Keith, whose limits were close, released the weir of the meat stick and released cloudiness from the back of the golden balls as he took Liz's lips, who raised his face with pleasure reflexes.

"Hmm!? Heh, heh... heh, heh... heh! Ah, hi!!

Something exploded in my hand when I thought I concentrated my consciousness on kissing and shaking it off my face and loosening it! Dobi!! And I'm jumping.

I lowered my gaze as to what it was, where I kept spitting yellow salmon fluid from the tip where the meat stick had been bubbled up against Liz's hand and thin stomach.

"Ah, ah... no, no... why, like this... no more"

Keith, with a crisp expression compared to Liz, who wept with a childish face, held the body of an elite girl who seemed relieved as she exhaled.

Liz was again deprived of her lips when she was held without the power to resist, but now she can't even shake it off, but it stays.

Keith, who ravaged one lip and licked it around,

"My hands were great. Now, don't hesitate to blame Liz... I'll make you wet."

That's what I said and kissed him again and took a shower of hot water with Liz that kept coming out.

With the soap bubbles and semen washed away, Liz could only continue to pray that this nightmare would end as soon as possible.