Lou came home to Keith laughing.

Granzardo's boarding house is densely packed with buildings, so many cats are often seen walking dangerously on roofs and window telling.

Lou was just returning from a walk like that - once again after a territorial confirmation of his name.

"Oh, your husband is awake already? Rare."

Lou's appearance has only grown slightly since two years ago, but this is characteristic of a cat fairy.

Cat fairies don't look like normal cats, but they have very different growth factors, and they only age at about the same rate of growth as human species.

Because its shelf life is longer than that of a human species, there are times when witches are persecuted because they say they have witchcraft or something.

So Lou also had a young look that still left him kitten-like.

"Uuch.... By the way, what would you do if I got super-rich?


All of a sudden Lou tilted his neck when asked an unexplained question.

But this man's lack of understanding did not suddenly begin, so Lou replied, licking his forelegs and washing his face.

"It's none of your business if your husband gets rich. It's your husband's money, not yours."

The cat said farewell to a dialogue he would love to hear from some inferior species who are counting on the money of the other person's house to be married.

Keith, suddenly devoured by the demon, was a little depressed but honest, so he couldn't even say it back.

That's how a smart cat and a bad husband were dabbling in the room, and one owl stayed in the window where Lou came in.


Lou rushes to hide behind Keith. Actually, Lou can't really do that eye of an owl.

Keith looks at Lou like that before turning his gaze to the owl. The bird looked familiar.

"Eh, of the Archdeacon Reid..."

To Keith's words the owl narrowed his eyes and returned them with a voice like a sinister old man.

"I've got a message from Reid... Keith the Magic Instructor, that you've come to Reid's office at Order Headquarters right now... I did tell him."

The owner of the demon flew up to the sky when he briefly told him what to do.

Keith, who was pompous and watching it,

"Yes, now I'm using the demon to say a message... I'm here"

I slowly began to be selfish, surprised by the way it was so old to tell me.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the boarding house where Keith lives to the headquarters of the Sorcery Order [Dawn of the Necromancer].

I was so hungry that I bought a noodle with a lot of meat and rinsed it on the way to the store.

[Dawn of the Necromancer] is a magical society in which formation falls into the oldest category of ginseng in this city, so the headquarters building also feels splendid, robust and historic.

Enter through the gate and continue down the hallway as you stretch out. Lou on his shoulder was also followed and voiced from the side as he was stretching.

"Ooh, Keith!!

When one and one turned their faces, there stood a man's magician who looked the same age as Keith.

He came breathlessly,

"Oh, hey! What happened to the example?

suddenly cut out the requirements so as not to overwhelm the feeling of doing it.

Keith raises the edge of his lips to what such a man looks like.

"Calm down. I've got it, you're better than that."

"Oh, look!

That said the man grabbed the gold from his pocket and offered it away.

Keith, who cares about the eyes, says, "Don't let him out here," pulling the man to the corner of the hallway.

Then I received the gold coin and used magic to see if it was real, and when I had confirmed it was real, I called what was out of the room with transfer magic.

When it appeared in Keith's hand, the man swallowed the saliva and rushed to take it away when it was offered. And I checked that received and I said, "Whoa!!" Raise your voice.

"How's that? Satisfied?

"Oh, oh! Of course!! Wow... this guy is awesome!!

What the jolly man received was a piece of paper.

Paper that the alchemist creates that is also resistant to water and sunlight, but also hard to tear. What was depicted in it was a picture of a woman who said it was just bras and panties and garter stockings.

"It was tough, I can't believe you just wore underwear and garters... it was kind of easier to be naked honestly"

Regardless of Keith complaining, the man stared around to lick the figure of the woman in the picture. In fact, the saliva seemed to overflow and the tongue shrugged.

Keith, who decided that nothing was in his ear anymore, left the scene when he called out, "Please come back again".

I was sure after this he would rush into the bathroom and be doomed. I had a near-certainty.

"But Ms Mary and I are always maniacs... even though I don't know"

Mary, who was painted, is the woman who is secretary to the Glass Archdeacon, a mature woman who turns 42 this year.

Not so beautiful as to attract attention, but erotic physical appearance, and a feeling of cooling somewhere can be very popular with some male magicians.

gossip. Selling paper depicting such a person's flirtatious appearance, that was actually Keith's secret part-time job.

Originally, during a mindfulness class, it began to occur to me that if I applied this to automated clerical magic props in combination with my detective witchcraft, I could draw erotic pictures.

When I tried it, I was able to portray all kinds of women without it.

But Keith had less magic in the first place, so mass production was not possible, and Keith decided to sell the phrase lost in the few pieces.

This is another big win. Word of mouth spreads, and all sorts of male demon mentors ask me to be with this woman of that woman, and the supply becomes about as busy as it gets.

Then the value was caught, and now one painting and one gold coin are on the market. It was about time I couldn't stop laughing when it was too lucrative to suck if I kept it up.

"If you do this, you're gonna hit a bee one day. It's time to stop..."

I cautioned my husband as the cat sighed on his shoulder. But it is impossible to stop a person on track other than exercising strength.

"Don't be silly! I finally got a big way to make money!! My fight is coming!!

Keith, squeezing the gold coin, said a dialogue that was like a cut-off cartoon, and next time he decided to buy a little good magic wand and head to Reid's office.

Keith arrived in Reid's room there,

"Heh?... Kubi?...?

The bees quickly won big.

All of a sudden Reid, who looked like he had chewed a bitter bug in front of Keith, who was fired and showed his dumb surface, and slashed it with his back teeth, returned the words.

"Oh, I'm sorry... but I'm asking you to leave the Order in the form of a voluntary departure."

"Oh, no! Why all of a sudden?

Reid replies with a sigh to Keith in panic.

"I'm sure it depends on the painting you sell."

Evil was all I could think of. Those who sold so many paintings said they had laid down a warrant.

Apparently this dumb idiot didn't know the story of doors not being closed in people's mouths.

"But... suddenly I can't believe I fired you"

"Actually, I have a complaint from the Union of Women Magic Instructors to the Association of Magic Instructors, and there are pictures out there depicting their indecent appearance that are very troubling. He wants me to do something... and if there's nothing I can do, he wants the Gendarmerie to do something about this."


"So it was the guy who bought the painting from you... who brought me the story because he was in trouble. So far I've stopped talking, but to be clear, I can't do anything more. I'm sorry, but there's no other way than to ask you to leave the Order and leave. And so is this country. Then I'll take care of it."

"Ku, the country too!?

"You know, what if the gendarmerie moves after I deal with the matter and any circumstances come to light? Not just you or me, but this Order itself is going to be damaging."

It was only a quiet reid to say, but there was a compelling force in it not to say whether or not.

At this point, Keith had no path left but to do what Reid said.

If the door doesn't close in a person's mouth, the painting may leak from somewhere again and the gendarmerie may move to investigate. That way Keith gets caught.

Keith, stunningly packed, replied small, "Okay," with an item dropped.

"That's why I told you," Lou sighed as he went down to the floor and looked up at Keith.

Then Keith decided to sign the exit notice in Reid's room and say it was convenient.

When I asked if it wasn't expulsion,

"I don't care how you look at it if you get expelled at this time. The departure is happening all year round, so there's no problem."

That's what they say. I don't know how Reid will handle it after this, but it should be handled in the least annoying way to the Order.

It exists in every Sorceress Order to say the role of erasing the regiment's Gotagota in this way. This time it is just a story that Keith was the one who caused the problem of that fire extinguisher being extinguished with Reid.

Keith, who officially quit the Sorcery Order, leaves Reid's room bent over. Lou jumping on that shoulder asks.

"Your husband, what are we going to do? Where are you going out of this country?"

As Lou looked in trouble at Keith, who answered nothing, a girl came from the other side on a small run. It was Liz.

"Keith, what's going on? What are you doing, man?


Liz smiled small at Keith returning the words.

"I thought I was definitely sleeping again after that. What's the matter with you? Maybe even a good study came up with something like that...... Hmm!?

Suddenly kissed, Liz made her eyes black and white. And I look around in a hurry.

Fortunately, no one was there, but Liz responded to the kiss by blushing to her ear in a situation where she didn't know when anyone was coming.

I don't like it. I tangle my tongue. It was like an act to carve something into your body.

Liz swelled her cheeks with her face red as her mouth moved away and her breath began to catch on.

"What are you doing all of a sudden?! Well, if anyone finds me..."

"Sorry. I wanted to kiss Liz... didn't you like it?

"Yes, I don't... but ugh"

Liz leaned down, roaring, picking Keith's clothes sleeve just a little at her fingertips.

Keith is a sweet, good boy. I'll give you a genius girl who looks good.

"Hey, what's going on? Something's wrong."

"Nothing, because Liz is always cute."

"That's it again... hey, tonight... you promised... can I go?

Too gentle a kiss from Keith and a good boy. My heart begins to tell my body to give this man everything.

Besides, Liz did not hesitate to respond and invited Keith from herself. I asked you to seed it as promised.

"Uh-huh, a little tonight, sorry"


"Always next time. I'm gonna fill Liz with mine."

"Then I'll just say stupid!! No more."

Liz turned to Keith, who said all she could about being an idiot. I kept staring at those two with a cat on Keith's shoulder bewildered.

One last kiss and you two break up. Liz headed to a classroom where she had her next class and looked back and smiled many times along the way.

Lou tells Keith to wave.

"What are you gonna do? Say that... about Liz."

Keith quit waving as Liz turned around the corner of the hallway and became invisible.

"... there's nothing you can do about it... you just have to shut up and go"

"Nha!? Well, what about the Agrarian priest? What about the lady knights from the Cathedral Knights? What are you gonna do with the fox lady?!

"Why are you so familiar with my relationship with women... so I don't care. I'll keep going without saying anything. That's the best part."

"That's irresponsible!

To Lou's words Keith answered exhaling and scratching his head polypoly.

"You know, I'm gonna be rootless from now on, right? Start a wandering journey you can't guess. I can't even afford to live in clothes! And yet it would be more irresponsible to ask you to come!!

"Oh, that's"

"I enjoy it with women because I have a lot of money, I have a job and I have a place to live. It's not a good thing that the rootless grass does it."

"No, even people who are normally alive can't do it if they get their hands on so many women. It's all wrong."

"Uuch. I'm leaving this country. I can't get anyone involved in that. That goes for you too. Lou."

Lou was surprised when he was suddenly named. I didn't think my name would come up here.

"It makes me suspicious if I can secure the meal... I know a few people who want demons, so I'll talk to them through it."

That's what they said. Lou thought a little before staring at Keith's face.

"I'll follow your husband."

"... were you listening to me? You know what's gonna happen?

"I know. That's why. If this husband wandered alone, he'd be lost and dead in three days!

"... nothing if you care about when I picked you up"

"I didn't do that. Horn on the raven. I am your husband's demon. I'm responsible for watching your husband die!!

"That's not true!!" Keith started walking as he put in the scratch. I thought I was going back to boarding house for once, Lou.

"Ugna? Sir, it's not that way out. What are you doing back there?

"A little treasure from the treasure trove for the exit celebration...... or I'll sell it and make it gold!!

Lou sat his eyes sweating at the words.

"Quick thief...... I haven't even traveled yet"

Thus began Keith and Lou's long wandering journey.

And it was when Liz found out about it that she looked at the leaver roster, which was turned to the Magic Instructor as an instructor the next day.

Liz collapsed in front of Reid and other instructors who would start explaining, and was kept home.

But Liz didn't go home. When she left the Order's headquarters, she rushed through the city to Keith's boarding house.

Unused to exercising, the body immediately screams and the legs snap and the heart is about to come out of the mouth, but it doesn't matter.

I ran so hard to get Keith waiting in that room to give Keith an excuse to listen to what was going on, to get Keith waiting for me to hold him again.

When I got to the room, it was a mushroom.

There were no beds that the two of us slept in together, no chairs that we sat in hugs, no desks that made magic props, just sun marks on the floor and on the wall indicating that it was there.

"... Kisu? Hey...... KISU, where are you? Come out because it's not funny... where?... hey... where are you!!

Whether screaming, peeking into the bathroom or the bathroom, opening the closet, there was no one there. I didn't see anywhere a man in my room holding me up all the time.

Liz stood there in a room where no one was, and the boarding house grandmother came over and told her to give it to you and offered her an envelope.

When I opened it and looked at the contents, it was a contract certificate.

A testament to Liz's bond with Keith. Keith has signed that the contract has been fulfilled, and if you submit this to the Magic Instructors Association, Liz is clear and free.

Reading the paper over and over again, Liz gradually squeaked her face and leaked her "whoops" into the floor.

A large grain of tears pounds over the contract.

My eyes were sore with tears. I had a sore throat to shriek. But the most painful part was a heart that seemed to rip open.

"Duh... why don't you follow me? Why not say anything... uhhhhhhhhh yeah..."

The girl who was left wiping her tears with the back of her hand over and over again kept crying forever and ever.

"Ki-su... Ki-su, Ki-su... Ki-su!!

The habit of calling out names over and over has not changed for two years, but the thoughts caged there were completely separate.

Wanting to see the beloved again, wanting to call the man back, the girl kept calling her name in tears.

But no man ever came back to her. That even after the last kissing aftertaste disappeared from Liz's lips......

The voice that kept calling such a name remained behind Keith's heart and forever.

"Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith..."

Keep calling your name in a poor, bell-ringing, cute voice. There was a little girl with chestnut hair there.

"... Shut up, Liz... just a minute"

"Wow!! Get up, Keith!! Who!! Who's Liz?!


I woke up with a sleepy eye. Keith was grabbed by Aisha by the chest barn.

My head awakens once and for all to my body shaking.

When I see it, there are four elves sitting around Keith, all looking at each other like they were angry.

"Oh, that? Gentlemen, what are you doing..."

"What are you doing!! You! Now what woman!! A maid!! Town girl!! Confess!"

"Dear Keith! Why are you cheating on me all the time!! Meh!! Ugh."

"That's right, Keith! Aren't there too many of them? Oh, and I didn't hear about Liz! It's a violation of our reporting obligations. Wow!!

"... that's not a pet, is it?

Suddenly he was rolled up and Keith was confused without knowing what it was, but to sum up the story, he ran "Liz" in his sleep.

I kind of miss it when they say that. I think I was dreaming about my daughter.

The elf daughters kept stuffing Keith, whose story swallowed up step by step.

"Dear Keith!" "Keith!! Keith!" "Not a pet, is it?

There's no way Keith knew it was because he kept getting called names in his ears. Keith stared at the four of them in cold sweat.

"Hey, hey, did you name Liz... oh, that's right, about my sister in the country..."

I tried to delude you with a completely untrustworthy lie,

"Wow, so Keith dreams of his sister and gets an erection...... how can he be in this near-coming-out penis state!!


When Keith looked at his groin in Aisha's words, there was a meat stick that shoved up his slender pants splendidly because of his erotic dreams regardless of the will of the owner.

"Oh, no, this is a morning bulge... eh"

"Shut up, idiot!! Confess!! Who's Liz?! Where is she?

with Aisha at the head. The elf daughters' onslaught continued afterwards. In the end Keith became the wingman to continue the excuse match until morning.

I deserve it.


Far from such a seimrad, at the headquarters of one of the Sorcery Societies in the school capital Gran Zardo, even today, those who aspire to be mentors were seriously engaged in magic classes.

One of the most popular classes right now is so busy that the classroom gets stuffed every time.

So much so that I have a track record of saying that more people have joined this Sorcery Order [Dawn of the Necromancer] for instructors with that class.

Even if the class ends and the time is off, the instructor has a student listening to the impulse.

Instructors had carefully taught each and every one of them to understand without any disgusting faces, and they had set up remedial classes until the holidays for those who did not understand.

This politeness and first-hand viewing may be one of the reasons why the instructor is popular.

The male magicians were rumored in the back seat to answer the questions of the apprentice magicians today.

"It's amazing... how beautiful she is and the youngest ever to become a archdeacon, isn't it? Yet you're still too goddess not to step down as an instructor."

"Oh, and it's cheap boarding house where you live even though you're out of fame, because there's nothing great about common folk everywhere and it's kind... and on top of that, it's horny"

"Yeah, it's horny...... it's so horny"

The figure, which blinds the male demon mentor's eyes, is tall and has a rich buttocks and chest but a limp hips.

Wearing stockings stretched from tight skirts, the legs looked glossy and leg-lined, matching the long chestnut hair.

The thin framed glasses he was wearing were adding an intelligent impression, creating some shady beauty.

It was that instructor who took first place for the second consecutive year in a popular poll of all female magicians.

"Isn't that great, Teacher Elizabeth?"

"Too great..."

It was Elizabeth Hollywood. In the years since then, Liz had grown greatly both physically and mentally.

Liz thought hard about why they left Keith that day. Lady, because you grew up and you don't have the strength? Because you don't know the world? I kept thinking about all that.

Then and to overcome it, I trained my body, started living alone, and also encouraged magic while living on my own. And I started spending it with care in the public.

All so that Keith may pick him up at any time.

Then the more I worked out, the more feminine I grew, and even in my studies, the better off I was, and what a great mentor I was in my teens. Then the popularity as a teacher also becomes an eel climb.

That's how Liz grew up. During that time, she had resented Keith for leaving herself so many times and leaving on her own. It wasn't once or twice that a grudge tried to curse you. But without doing so, Liz kept waiting.

No matter what kind of man invites you, no matter what kind of pageant you bring out of your parents' house, say no all the time. I waited a long time.

And today Liz, who returned to her room free from the apprenticeship demon mentor, sits back in her bed in an organized room staring at the paper as usual.

That was Keith's placing souvenir, the contract between the two of us. Liz didn't submit it to the Magic Instructors Association.

"... hey, when are you coming to fulfill your promise?... you said next time... silly Keith"

Liz shrugged softly, staring at the contract and smiling pathetically.

I still remember what I said the last time I saw you. I forgot how to feel and gently stroke my lips, but I remember the warmth I was held.

So I'm waiting. I've been waiting. Sweetheart, you swore you'd never let me go. Lovely subspecies.

In a small room where these two still vowed to love each other.