At night, when he entered the bed and closed his eyes, Nia made his lips a letter to him, remembering the day.

Open your eyes and stare at the dark private ceiling with a caged cat screaming "Stinky!!".

What a terrible thing I have done.

Technically, it was Aisha and Berna who did it, but it was definitely me who gave her permission.

I kept telling him I didn't know anything until the end. I can't believe the cute cat tortured me and forced me to try to get the information out.

"But... I wanted to know..."

It doesn't clear my mind to give anyone an excuse.

Lou's vomiting voice won't disappear in my head forever.

Oh, how the hell have I been such a bad boy?

Not yet well aware that the pain of love would make anything happen, Princess Elf wore a futon over the horror of what she had done.

I'll apologize to Lou again and again in the dark, I swear I'll never do that again.

But if you do, you don't have a way of knowing about the woman who says Liz...

"No! You can't do this!! Such a terrible thing... you can't do it anymore!!

I don't quit torture to find out everything about Keith. It's Nia I'm getting scared of.

Such a bed of Nia's sleeping vibrated lightly. It felt like someone rode.

I don't feel that much because it's a big bed, but I do feel like someone got on it.

I don't think so. When Nia faces out of the futon. There,

"Master Keith."

My dear Keith is staring at Nia sitting on the edge of the bed. Those eyes looked sad somewhere.

I thought Nia had come to see Keith like that.

from Aisha during the day when he freed Lou,

"May I? Keith will definitely be in someone's room tonight among these three. And you'll try to be soft! but never get on with it!! That is a trap!!

Lifting his fist as he theorized forcefully, the female knight continues to say forcefully.

"I'm sure you'll say all kinds of things and do all kinds of things... but don't promise not to look for the woman who says Liz again!! You got it, Master Nia!!

Nia nodded unintentionally at the force of not letting her say yes or no. And when he saw it, Aisha said to Berna, "Nice! Berna in particular!!," he pressed.

"Yes," says Nia again with Berna, nodding. "Yeah," Nia was only ready for Keith to come.

But in fact, I don't know what to do when Keith comes in front of me like this.

Especially here for a while. I spent my free time looking for Liz, and I didn't see Keith very often.

Keith, who I haven't seen in a long time, looks sadly at me with a look that obviously knows about Lou.

"Oh, um... uhhh... kiddo, -susa well... me"

Keith approached Nia looking for words everywhere. Even the bad boy accidentally stiffened himself when he was slapped, Nia, but the feeling that came next was kindness, not pain.

"Dear Nia... Lou told me... I didn't know you were so worried... sorry"

"... Huh?

When I opened my meditated eyes, there was Keith, who looked sorry, gently stroking Nia's white blonde hair.

"Kisu... Sama"

"I can't believe what I whined about in my sleep was bothering Lady Nia so much... I'm so sorry"


Rising up in a hurry, Nia held Keith's hand as he bowed his head.

"Keep your head up, please. I... don't deserve to apologize to Master Keith."

I thought about Lou and Nia kept asking Keith to keep his head up.

She is a princess who has completely forgotten what Aisha had already told her at this point.

Keith bites his teeth as he clings to it.

"I... swore I would never grieve Master Nia again... and yet... I'm a guy!!

"No! This is... I'm worried about it... so... so, Master Keith, it's not bad."

I might have told you to tell me about Liz if I'd been out good.

But the gentle Nia, who was originally energetic, couldn't get out this poorly while he was in self-loathing about Lou, who was there during the day.

By the time Keith said Nia and raised his face, and apologized to each other "I'm sorry," he wasn't so concerned about the woman who said Liz, who wanted to know so much.

Then we hugged each other for a while, and Keith anticipated the time and got completely on the bed and turned behind Nia and gently hugged him from his back.

Place one hand on your head and the other on your stomach and gently stroke Nia with both hands.

Nia looks ticklish, but happily stroked by Keith, and slips herself away like a kitten.

Keith, who stroked Nia that way for a little while, as he spoke,

"Dear Nia, you say it right again. When I say Liz, I mean my sister. I'm not supposed to lie to you like that."

Naia nodded when she said that in a serious voice. For a moment I thought I'd believe it, but there was something I really wondered.

"... you know... then... why was your penis, annoyed? It's time to blame whoever you like... so I dreamed of saying that."

"That's what you wanted to know, right? That's right... I was actually dreaming about Nia."

"Wow, mine?

"Yep. I was dreaming of having sex with Master Nia - all the time. Dreams of Nia licking her penis or putting it in her vagina and moving her hips thoughtfully."

Imagine the said act and Nia accidentally dyed her cheeks red.

"That's when I dreamed my sister would call me by my name, so I accidentally said," Liz, shut up. "

"Yes... was it"

"Yes. But if I said that in that place, everyone else would... you know what I mean, right?

I know. If I was dreaming about Keith having sex and I heard they were Aisha or Berna or Leonora, I would be sad and envious.

Keith was afraid to tell me that.

It was Nia who felt happy from the bottom of her heart to say that Keith was such a sweetheart and that she was dreaming of herself.

The pure princess, who had no doubt that there was a lie in the words of the man who was holding me in her arms, was well aware of what she called her dream.

I wish you could just keep doing what you dreamed you would anyway...... what a time it was.

"... but Master Nia... there's only one thing I have to do."

"Huh?... you have to...?

Suddenly he said that and I don't know what it was about. Nia tilted her neck, but Keith goes on to say.

"... I'm the one who's sorry about this. I know that. But... Dear Nia, Lou should have nothing to do with this matter!!

"Ah... Wow, that's"

"He doesn't know my sister. So I don't know and deserve it. Yeah, he said that, too! And yet everyone... take him."

"Oh, that's... you know, I..."

Nia desperately thinks about excuses, but I don't know what to say because I'm not used to the act of "going on”.

Besides, I knew what I did to Lou in the first place was a handsome thing myself, so there's no way I could argue.

"It would certainly be Aisha and Berna who put their hands directly down...... but it is Lady Nia who did not stop it. It's the only Nia I could stop..."

"Oh... sorry..."

"Apologize to Lou, not me... he was deeply hurt and crying"

Sure, Lou was crying, but when he washed his body and bought him his favorite cat food, he was kerosene.

Now he'll be seriously fighting to clear up daytime stress on his newly-made rat toy opponent in the room.

Keith, who lied to Daiyi and cornered Nia,

"So I... I really don't want to do this... but I have to punish Master Nia!!

"Ohh... dude!?

The blue-blue Nia moaned her mouth.

Punishment. My good boy Nia has never had such a big deal before.

But I can understand the horrors from the words, and I remember the heroine doing something terrible called a punishment in the previous erotic book of the Princess Knight Abuse.

"Oh, no..."

to Nia, who turns blue and shakes his head. Keith never lets go of the body he hugs,

"Lady Nia should soon be the leader of this country... such a person should not torture someone for what he wants to know!! That's why I... haunt my heart."

It's all my fault. How can I drool my lectures so greatly?

Without even questioning that, Nia cried over her anger at Keith and her fear of being made Keith.

"Obena hi...... gusu! I'm sorry... I won't do it anymore... I won't do it again... so, uh-huh, let it go."

I've never seen him say frightened Nia, but Keith was unintentionally impressed that it was a really good one.

Keith burned Nia's face in his eyes as he looked back and stared at her because it was not what he saw or what he was allowed to look like.

I am excited to frighten and cry such a poor, innocent princess elf. It is a specimen of a terrible man.

Slowly indulgent Keith shook his head left and right slowly,

"I'm not mad. As I said earlier, I'm the one who's sorry if I didn't... but this is for the people!! Sooner or later it is for this country under the rule of Lady Nia!! For that reason, I... I am!! Excuse me!!

Shouting like that, the terrible man was holding him. He broke his arm through Nia's Negrije-type bedding hem and picked his nipples with his fingers.


Surprised by the sudden events, Nia unexpectedly bends forward, but nevertheless Keith kept squeezing her nipples around.

"Keith... Amin! Hey, why...... phew!!

Keith to Nia raising his high voice to the irritation from the nipples being played around,

"Dear Nia, under no circumstances should you be forced to listen to them. That is an act that is also prohibited under international law. Ask them to be honest when you talk to them, and exchange terms, gratuities, etc. are valid when you can't do so. But you mustn't say torture."

I kept nippling as I drooled my sermon. Nia gets lightly confused by this.

Keith said it was definitely a punishment now. But this is a reward, not a punishment.

It came from nipples that could be stroked and pinched because it felt so good that my voice accidentally came out.

I can't believe this is a punishment, and if it is, you'll still be able to take it.

That's what you think.

"If you don't, the other person will try to escape the scene by lying fine. And most importantly, if you keep doing that, eventually there will only be people around Nia who say things that are convenient to Nia. That's a terrible thing, isn't it?

"HAMI...... Hemi!! Ah, ahhh!!... Ugh."

"I want Master Nia to be a good mentor. That's why this barbarity... even if you hate me as a result..."

"This, whoa... no, no... no! Tits, no kimochi...... hahaha!

Knowing all Keith's pleasure points, Nia's body reacts well with her fingers, filling up to her core.

His breath became rough and he picked it up all the time as his fallen nipples made a slight face to indicate the degree of sensitivity he had cut up.

Finally, Nia's nipples were sensitized to the expectation that they could be touched, so she picked them up and screamed in surprise.

"Hi-yah!! Oh, oh, oh!! Miaah!!

Keith tugged up and pulled his nipples as he supported Princess White Blonde Elf's little body to the back, smelling the hair on her face.

Amazingly flexible little Nia tits stretch together when she gets her little peachy nipples pulled.

But the stimulus was strong, and Nia asked Keith for help, freaking out that she had been extended her nipples, which were feeling better enough.

"Keith. Well!! KISSA Sort of Awww!! Oh, no! Stop it, stop it. No! Ngu!! Chick-bit, tits...... if you snap it, it'll work!! Ahhh!!"

The nipples were exposed when Negrije was pulled up because he was shaking his body.

Nia's beautiful, cute nipples were crushed with a man's grubby fingers and pulled around up, down, left, and right.

Of course its power is only to the extent of children's play compared to Berna, who loves this blame, but it was powerful enough for Nia, the first time she has received such a blame for pulling.

Besides, they say "punish" just before that, so I can't stand it.

Princess Nia, a young innocent thought, petitions Keith with tears all over her eyes.

"Kee-sama! Sorry!! I have to be sorry!! Nmiuuuuuuu!! Ru, don't get too confused with Ru!! Obena hisha, so... aaaah!! Boobs Bully No!! Higiuuuuu!!

Words are hard and pointy erect nipples as I continue to abuse them on my back. I had a bad grin as I connect my index finger and thumb fast, now thinking about how far to "punish" and then plenty of cuteness.