Drawing air deep into his lungs, Liz makes an effort to calm his mind as he slowly gets it out of his nose.

I couldn't help but want to defy the irrationality of the world as to why I had to be so nervous that I was dying, but if I did, it would be my fault, so I could cry.

Today was finally the day I had to have sex with that shitty, shitty man without contraceptives.

The sickness of something refluxing from the depths of my stomach just thinking so struck my body. This has always been the case for the past week.

Liz, who returned that day with a date set for Keith, repeated her regrets over and over, although she said she would take it.

Why did you make such a promise, why did you have to do it in the first place, and was there no other best course of action?

The more I think about it, the more I fall for dotsubo, and eventually I realize this is all I have, and I'm about to cry.

I redone my safety day calculations over and over and then scanned my body with demonic blood stones over and over again to find out what I couldn't do just because I was crying.

The more Liz gets, the more she can make oral contraceptive magic pills, but a female magician whose moon itself is closely involved in magic can cause abnormalities in her magic pathway if she takes contraceptives poorly.

So I can't do that as Liz, who wants to be top notch... I regretted it again.

I don't feel like all things are rolling conveniently to Keith for some reason.

"... he has a pact with another evil god..."

I don't have to admit my cunning wit and meticulous magical skill, but I would be able to cry if I signed with a different evil god and that amount of magic.

Liz got in front of Keith's house while she was thinking about it.

Just a bathroom boarding house with two meals a day stands like the legendary Demon King's Castle.

I'm going to come in here, and my tear glands hurt and my legs dull when I think that that inferior man has to let me live the first raw shark of my life.

I want to go home. I want to go home from the bottom of my heart. I want to go home and cage in my room and read my favorite magical logic b textbook until I die.

It was Liz driven by the urge to shake her thin legs and escape, but even if she escapes here, it always comes when she has to overcome this test.

I hope that's just a safe day like today, but if Keith fools me at a bad time and it's a dangerous day...

"Oh, that's just absolutely... absolutely not. You can't do that."

Liz groaned so with a crying and trembling voice, but those legs don't take a step forward.

I can't make up my mind knowing that today is a fine day.

Maybe if I postpone this and try something else, I even wonder if my contract will expire over there.

A voice suddenly rang from behind Liz, who was completely in escape mode.

"Is that it? Mr. Liz, were you already here?

Your body is freaking out at that familiar voice!! and reacted.

Keith stood there, as I thought, as I turned my neck around in a way that didn't look like a rusty screw.

A black-haired, black-eyed man in his usual black clothes stood like a reaper behind Liz.

"Oh, you, hey, there you are... yes, there you are"

"Ah? Oh, it's nice to go to lunch. Because I didn't think you'd be here so soon. Well... you've been waiting so long."

"Huh? Ah, huh? What is it?

Keith places his hand on the shoulder of a girl a lot smaller than that self and whispers in his ear as he approaches Liz, who is confused without knowing what the word means.

"You're gonna have live sex with me... you were sitting there so fast. If you say so."

Liz's face turned red on the words, her mouth smug and her head shook left and right many times.

"Chi, chi... no! Kanchi."

"No, I've been waiting for this day, too. I'm so glad I feel the same way ~. It's not like this, so I'm gonna go to my room."

"No!! Kick-ass!! Ahhhhh!! No, but no!!

Liz repeated her denial as she pushed her back and into the room, getting serious about Keith's joking dialogue.

But it was all too late, and Liz was suddenly in her underwear to see what had happened when she got to her room.

"Huh? Ah, let? Huh? Ahhh... Yep!? Hey, what? What did you do? Yeah??"

I just used the technique of flying only clothes with metastatic magic in a simple story, but I was on the verge of panicking too much for Liz, who wouldn't even think about using such magic.

Perfect girl shape over and over again, the underwear she wears is luxurious but tasteless. But that's childish and exciting.

Keith also hurried off his clothes and became a cloak of pants in front of confused Liz.

I thought Liz would be able to start right now as she was.

"Hold on! Wait!! Bath!! Let me take a bath!!

"I don't care if I stay like this. I like the smell of Mr. Liz."

"I don't like it!!

Keith called out, "Go ahead," as he prepared the bath, asking Liz to robustly let him take a bath.

I want to be mean to Liz as she walks into the bathroom,

"Right, no first contraception, right? You want to have a beautiful body."

When I spoke like that, I started shooting with tears in my eyes.

washing one's body in a small bathroom. Liz is

"Who cleans his body for him! I'm kidding!! It's not stupid!! It's not really stupid!!

Wash white and soft skin so tightly that it seems like it will become reddish.

Nobody said a word about it being for Keith, but Liz seemed to get that dialogue earlier.

With soap bubbles all over her body, Liz realized that she looked like an ogre in the mirror.

I try to get it back, but then I almost cry, so I honestly don't know what to do.

It's just in my mind all the time. "That's it for today. This is the last time. That's it," he continued chanting like a Buddha.

That's right. If we make it through the day, we don't have to be Keith's toy any more. I can be free.

I just keep screaming that thought in my heart right now, trying to get through this situation.

"... if this doesn't cut me, I'll kill you... I'll definitely kill you!

The bathroom door suddenly opened as I whined about the noise and tried to get some hot water on.


Fritin 'Keith came inside nicking to Liz, who would make a dumb voice.

"No, I'd rather come in with you anyway. Right?"

"hey...... that's not good. Ooh!! What do you think? Hia!!

Liz rushed to hide her body being seen and touched and rubbed and licked many times.

Keith approached Liz with a laugh at the behavior.

"Look, if things go well today, you mean me and Mr. Liz are the last of these relationships, right? Then I want to be staring at Liz for a little longer."

"I want to make it a little shorter!! Just get out!! If I were any more, I'd be pissed off!

It's nothing to be afraid of because it's a word while bending over and hiding the front.

If you can't even use magic magic, Liz is just a beautiful girl with a fourteen-year-old nose column.

So Keith, not leaving, started washing her thin body by kneeling behind Liz.

"Today is the last time I've touched Liz's body... unfortunately."

"Well, I can't believe who washes it... Yikes, I went... Mmm..."

As Keith's hand nodded from his back, glancing at his arms, stomach, and thighs, Liz seemed to raise her voice to the unbreakable sensation.

In the beginning, Keith, who was so disgusting and hated to die, began to feel good about being touched more than once.

It's a natural story, because Keith finds his favorite way of touching quotes that he touched all over his body and examined his sexy belt to do so.

But that's impossible for Liz, so much so that I suspected Keith was using some suspicious magic to feel good when he touched me.

But no matter how much I looked into it, there was no trace of magic magic there, only the result that I was just glad Keith was touching me.

Even today Liz began to feel pleasure at Keith's fingertips as she wanted to scratch her head at the unacceptable truth.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahh!...... Phew!!... Ew."

I was ashamed to speak high and when I bit my lips I leaned down with a crying face. If I opened my mouth poorly, my wheeze was going to leak at all costs.

Liz couldn't move because she didn't want to show me the front, and she couldn't even show defiance with her voice. So she kept quietly caressing me gently.

"Liz's body is lovely whenever she touches it... the comfort and softness of her skin... I don't know such a beautiful body"

When I gently rubbed my lateral milk whispering in my ear, I got goosebumps all over Liz's body.

Keith blames Liz's body more easily than he knows about pleasure points.

Her thighs rubbed together with a grunt saying "no" as she gently pulled her pleasure out of the bottom of the girl's body with only a gentle hand.

When I saw it, I could see that the nipples of the lactating milk peeking from the gaps I was hiding were stiff and pointed.

(I made my chives so pointy... lick them quickly ~)

Keith got erect thinking about licking and rolling that nipple with his tongue and blaming it out and letting Liz raise her high voice.

But before I do, I really want to do something, and until I do, I'm done.

Keith builds excitement by touching out Liz's body further to carry out the plan he had planned in advance.

Liz's penis got so erect that it seemed to cut off more and more swelling in her immature body sensations. Keith lets Liz touch her back a little bit.

Liz turned around and peeled off her eyes when something hit her. Keith's meat stick felt bigger than usual.

(Huh? Nah... why, that... eh?

The size and tension of the meat stick that bled through the bread is more than usual, and Liz is about to panic, unlike when she licked it or rubbed it with her hands.

Keith softly eared Liz when he noticed that he was staring at his penis with a flickering frown.

"What do you say? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

"Hih!? What is it? About what?

"You don't like it. You know that. This is it. This."

Keith, waving his penis, explained as he pressed his roots with his own fingers to show off, exposing the turtle head.

"Liz and I are the first and last raw sharks, so I've been trying to keep it, and I haven't actually masturbated since then."

"Ooh...... huh? Ah... huh?

"I mean, he hasn't given me semen since I promised Liz."

It is a lie. Sure, I didn't masturbate, but I enjoyed dying with Kyoka after that.

But I did then say no to women and banned ona, besides taking vigor and abs while reading porn books every day.

I don't care if you say so or not, that's why Keith's meat stick is increasing the rate of expansion and the golden balls are also hanging in Daldal.

showing off such a vicious penis and making it smell nasty. Keith was

"So maybe you can get a very thick one over and over again, right? If that's the ovulation day, we'll make sure she's pregnant."

Liz almost fainted at the threat complaint.

I know how many safety days there are, in case there are hundreds of millions.

And make sure you're not ovulating, because there might be a chance that Keith's evil semen will survive to ovulation day in the womb.

No. Maybe if you were using that even thinking about weird magic that extends sperm life......

Liz, who makes all her horrible imaginations work, shudders when she wonders if horns such horrible things go into her stomach in super thick conditions.

"Hey... why are you doing that?"

"Why, wouldn't it feel better if it was a corner? So it's the first and last time, right? Then you'd better be able to put out a ton of what you feel. I've been through this before, but it's amazing. Ever since I've ejaculated, I've been peeing like a piss."

Liz had heard a nasty explanation somewhere far away. Because there was a voice in my head.

I'm pregnant. I'm definitely pregnant with that. I'm gonna have a baby with this guy. What do we do... kill him?

No, no, that's wait, if I kill you here, you'll definitely find out I killed you. My grandmother in boarding house sees me when I enter the room.

So you want to run? Run away somewhere far away... so what? You're gonna sell and live on bills and amulets that won't do anything for the rest of your life? It can't be either.

Then... and Liz, who thought a lot as she leaped through logic, was unknowingly in Keith's trap.

Because that's what happens when you think about what you can do now and what you have to do.

(... yes, before you can stay... you just have to let it out a few times... that's how you get some of the rest of it inside... yeah, it's okay. That would be fine... shouldn't it?

I think it's the only way, but what about the way? I summoned the memories of all the things I'd been made to do, and I searched for a way to squeeze the liquid out of Keith's place.

In the end, however much I thought about that, I could only think of about two things for Liz right now.

The Elite Girl looks awfully complicated on Keith worrying that this would have worked with Liz, who keeps thinking without saying it to her mouth.

"Hey... hey, you know... you know"

Ordering from above is out of the question. So I try to say things from bad I'm not used to, but it doesn't work because I'm not used to it. Still desperately trying,

"Hey, today's the day... right, so... so"

Turning once and for all that it was no longer possible to snuggle, Liz grabbed Keith's meat stick and treated him like a gossip.

"Me!... also, give you... ru!! Ugh."

Keith freaked out happily about her accumulated penis in her hand as she decided to abuse this girl plenty as she got a rambling hand job from the girl who trapped her.