Dokundokun and pulsating heartbeats, every single one of the raised blood vessels, all of the rounded irregularities, are clearly transmitted into Liz's vagina.

The first raw male organ I accept pushes a frightening feeling into my body.

It's not a question of vaginal ejaculation saying how it is. It feels so good that if they scratch my vagina, I can handle it. Liz really thought so.

One contraceptive. That's all the difference, but the pressure of a man who can feel it immediately will please you to the fullest.

Moreover, the vaginal condition is a sensitive vagina that continues to be blamed and welcomes ACME many times.

The raw shark and the insertion from the continuous iki have combined to make it enough to welcome a light acme just because they put it inside Liz.

Liz asked Keith for help as she grabbed the sheets and kept shaking her head left and right in tears.

"Stop... please, don't be fooled... this, Ra... Ra"

The tone, completely tongueless with continuous acme, reminds me of a really young girl with an immature appearance and touch.

Keith smiled gently at Liz as he freaked out his spine at the look. I was relieved for a moment that you understood, Liz.

"I'm sorry. I feel so good in Liz, my hips are Hitrideny"

Grabbing Liz's bright white, thin legs spread like an upside down frog, Keith began to slide his hips back and forth.

The meat stick goes back and forth so as to determine the vaginal canal, scratching every inch of the meat . Liz's hips rose to that unpleasant pleasure.

"Khun!!! Mm-hmm!! Hey, hey, no!! Lame, lame but no!! Ahhhhhhhh, silly!!

As his hips float, Keith's protrusion climbs deeper into place, slamming the shock of pleasure into Liz's brain.

I could clearly feel the tip of the thick tortoise head rubbing a ton of knocking and rubbing the mouth of the uterus that was coming down. That feels endless again.

Liz was perplexed that Keith's movements, Keith's meat stick snail, and everything Keith had ever experienced would deliver pleasure.

Why do you feel so different so far when you just don't have one artificial slime? Why does it feel so good to be here?

The smart girl desperately tries to derive that reason, but she can't possibly tell how much she thinks about her lack of sexual knowledge.

At first, it was impossible to even think properly about the pleasure stimulation of running from head to toe while paralyzing the core of this body.

"Oh, oh, yeah!! Am! Am, amuuuuuu!! I'm frightened!! Frightened!! Kimochi...... too good to be true!! Ahhh!!"

There was an unlikely amount of white foaming love liquid coming out of the bond.

It's what Keith has been scratched out of the back with the vaginal meat that gets tangled up when he pulls out his penis.

Every time a piston, the love liquid overflowing from the vagina wets the sheets in the chicks, creating a large stain. That was also proof of how much Liz was feeling again.

Without even realizing the amount of love fluid passing through her perineum from her widened vaginal hole and zeroing through her buttocks, Liz was just desperate to resist the pleasure of trying to burn down to her heart.

Grasp the chewing sheet on your lips and try to dampen the feeling of creeping deep into it.

But when Keith's penis is in intense motion but only when it reaches the back, it suddenly makes him gently touch the tongue, and when he gently shakes and rubs the mouth of the uterus, it breaks down lightly.

"Ugh!! Kiuuuuuu, hiuuuu!! Oh, my God, Rohiko, oh, my God so... so bad!!

When he planted meat stick pleasure in his scattered vagina and stopped his hips in a deep position about time, Keith gently touched Clitoris, who was stiff and pointy beside his pubic bone.

Inserted and motionless. Even then, when I am gently stimulated by the cli in a pleasant situation, gentle pleasure rubs my body against my vagina and I take it to an icky state.

Keith spoke to Liz, who was trying to breathe as she gently rocked her hips to the sweet crisp stimulus.

"How about your first raw shark? Sounds pretty good though."

To Keith, who deliberately asks after hearing words that say it feels good again and again, Liz turned a resentful but somewhere looking for help.

"Oh, about... Konra's, about... KIUFU!! Ha, uhh! … Chitsu, Shizuku… This is crazy."

In a half-crying voice of doubt, Keith placed her hand stroking Clitoris on Liz's breast this time and began to move her hips slowly and finely as she gently rubbed them.

Still feeling the best, Liz shuddered herself to the feel of a meat stick moving slowly through her vagina, and was picked a hard, pointed nipple and raised her jaw to say, "Fu giu!" and roar.

"It's not weird. Even me and Liz feel so good about doing it without contraceptives. I'm sure this is proof that my body and Liz fit perfectly!

Liz said to Keith's dialog, "Tomorrow?," he inquired with a frown.

"Yeah, it's compatible. Because it's so compatible with your body, it makes you feel so much better if you don't put on something so innocent about contraceptives. This must be fate."

Liz shook her head hard left and right again and again to deny the word.

"Liar, Lamon... Oh, my goodness, I said... Lamon... Lamon of Sora!

"Heh," muttered Keith, releasing his finger, which was nippling, knocking his torso down and covering it as he put it next to Liz's body.

The tip of the penis, which has been pushed deeper and further into the waist, reaches the depths of Liz's belly.

Keith whispered in Liz's ear with a distressed look at the deep insertion as she felt the stiffness of her youthful uterine mouth tip.

"Then why do you feel so good? How come Liz's Omako meat is so tangled up that it's not comparable to when she's having contraceptives?

That's simply because I kept loosening and squirting vaginal meat until it did.

But I still don't know about the physical changes caused by it. Young Liz was bewildered by the flesh and the brain miso that accepts it, which has changed enough to know for herself.

"Wow, no... I don't know"

So that was the only word I could say. I thought there was nothing I didn't know or understand in this world.

The smart girl, who has assumed that she could understand anything with the knowledge she has learned and packed in her fourteen years of life, gibbered up to the "feeling of incomprehensibility" that Keith had experienced many times.

I don't know what it all means to feel good being touched by a guy like this, to feel safe kissing a guy like this, or to be hugged by a guy like this and make my heart feel easier.

On top of that, you can't possibly see why it feels so good to have sex without contraceptives.

Keith kept his hips moving on top of his lips to Liz, who wept over an incomprehensible phenomenon.

Says Liz by shifting her lips to her ears kissing Liz, whose pleasure has begun to come even to the feeling of penetrating into the back with Zunzun.

"So that's because it's compatible. Me and Liz are perfect. You can't possibly not feel good because such a perfect body is practicing reproduction raw like this, can you?

Reproductive behavior. Real physical connections. An act of love in which reproductive organs are linked to each other. That makes me feel the most comfortable, I mean...

"No! No way!! Wow!! Get out of there!!

Keith hit his hips with all his might to Liz, who rolled out his pompous punch with all his strength.

Basun basun! and the sound of hips hitting and Zutuzutu! As the water sound of the mucous membrane rubbing becomes more intense,

"I'm not lying. Because I've never felt so good before. That's why I know. Me and Liz are the best. It works best with me. It's my destiny to be able to connect with each other like that."

"Ew, hi! Oh, ugh! Ugh!! Mm-hmm! Amen!! Amen!! Hiu!!

Whispered many times as compatible, Liz has vaguely come to think of it as true.

I really feel like I'm compatible with a guy like this...... Keith, so I can feel so much better, so I guess I'll be relieved when I can hold him so tight.

"Chiko, no...... Mmmm!! Shira, lying...... ahhhhhhhh!! Huh, Yikuhi!! Ahem!!

I already half-believe what Keith said, both deep in my heart and in my body, is well understood by the fact that my arms and legs are coming to hold.

But with his mouth, Liz, who continues to strongly deny, began to get intoxicated by the pleasure from Keith with his terribly chiggly behavior.

Holds due to words and expressions of denial, and conflicting arms and legs clinging. I keep saying "no" to the vaginal meat that gets scratched and decided, shaking my hips from me as well.

Keith kept telling Liz as he rubbed his penis into the place where it was easiest to feel to admit it at all.

"I'm not lying. True. You said Liz would feel good. My raw penis feels good. Raw sharks feel good. He said sex without contraceptives was the best."

"Yes, please don't go!! Let's go! Oh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Mm-hmm!! Ahhh!!"

"I told you. I said it feels good. Plus... Liz's body says it feels good!! 'Cause, look, it's pretty good, isn't it? Isn't that Ike?

Liz's body was already at its limit after taking a fierce piston across her body rather than saying hips in a tight normal position.

The intensity of the vaginal irritation has already drawn many more light acme from Liz's vagina that she remembers Ike, and now more vaginal ikis are about to visit than ever before.

Liz waved her thin body a gnaw at an acme hunch incomparable to the medium squid before this to gently cramp her abs.

My body, which is losing control of me, is desperate for Keith to stick around and ask for help.

Besides, Keith responds gently and dares to move her hips loose as she kisses her cuddly back.

The fine, gentle thrust rub twitched through the scattered, fierce vagina, gradually letting Liz ride all at once into the wave of acme she was visiting.

"Heh heh heh!!! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Awwwww!!!

I don't know how much I know about ACME by horribly vicious raw penises. The girl, who is only fourteen, gets scared and I don't know how to ask for help.

But there's no one here but the man in front of me, so I have to rely on it even if it's the man who gives me this fear.

"Kisu, Kisu-Kisu-Kisu-Kisu-Ugh!! I'm frightened, Nama-chan, Nama-chan, I'm frightened!! Nappy Ike's Frightening No!! Ki-soo!! Kimochi is no sardine!!

Because Keith called me raw penis. The good brain miso totally remembered that, and I had said it myself without knowing it in a state of sumptuousness to Acme.

Keith grinned and rubbed Liz when she was called by her name with a cute, grumpy ACME face and said nasty words.

"It's okay. I'm holding Liz right. Don't worry, it won't break even if you do this, okay? Liz, you're a good girl."

Quickly moving her hips from herself and trembling into ACME cramps, Liz frowned facelessly at the feeling that she was finally finished in the peace of mind that Keith could hug her.

He stared at Keith with a lingering finish, but eventually opened his mouth.

"Ro, hi... what are you talking about?... Shh, shh, shh... What?

Yes, today is Keith's day for vaginal ejaculation, not Liz's day for ACME with raw penises.

Yet there is no way Keith has ejaculated, and his penis still fits in the ACME vagina as it grows.

Keith moves gently through the area that remains connected to make sure his Acme vagina is in shape as he wakes up from Liz, who lets his limbs get stuck and becomes a big letter on the bed.

I troll more than I did when I loosened it with my fingers, and my uterus mouth snuggles perfectly against my tortoise head and doesn't try to let it go.

Even it's a shallow vagina, so the cramps are half gone. I gently rubbed the meat stick right before ejaculation there and Keith changed his position.

Lateral to dorsal position, and Liz's full body in the raised rear seat. Of course, the meat stick stays inserted.

(a) The vaginal fold just scratched and twisted, but since there is a lot of lubricant, it can be changed smoothly.

In the back seat, Keith shook his hips for his ejaculation and said, "Ah, ah, ah," hugging and supporting Liz, who was about to bow forward.

Liz put out her tongue only a little with the saliva and her eyes were half-strained with Tron.

I have a mild sense of despair that my vagina has become a fool and only feels good anymore.

"No more, no more, no more, no more... no more, no more today"

Squirting at no one in a young tone. Keith whispered from behind when he heard the words.

"Liz, you're so compatible, there's no such thing as ending this. Hey, let's keep the relationship going even if the contract expires, huh? Right?"

Liz shook her ears and neck at the words whispered as she was rubbed to make her aware of a different place than just before her vagina.

But when he tried to come up with a word of rejection, Keith made a clear and strong accusation and said, "Higu!" It stops coming out except with a voice that says,

Rub your vagina slowly again while you do so,

"I want to hold Liz tighter. This is how I want to do my cute Liz. Please, Liz. Please!"

I wonder why you want so much. Do you want to suffer so much...... or do you really think Keith likes himself?

I don't know why anymore, Liz, but I knew perfectly well that this sex - vaginal ejaculation doesn't end until I respond.

"Monday! I will put on proper contraceptives!! So even if you're out of contract, right? Isn't that nice?

I don't care anymore if this is over. If that's what you're gonna do, I'm gonna have to snort... but even if it's over, I'm gonna “make you feel better” again once a week.

Liz nods back to Keith, unable to be aware of the unexplained thoughts she was born in a corner of her mind.

"I get it... I get it... I get it..."

Keith rocked his hips hard as if waiting for Liz to reply.

Liz said to the last strong feeling of rubbing her vagina with a ghoul, "Ugh!" He roared and looked at her.

Keith, on the other hand, also rubbed his penis meat against his vagina tightening into the gizzard, waving his hips to welcome him through his third ejaculation.

It was easy to elicit an ejaculatory desire because it had increased to its limit in the normal position just now.

Keith continued to call Liz's name with his face up to the feeling of ejaculation with even the slightest pain creeping up from the back.

"Liz! Liz, Liz, Liz Ugh!! So... Liz's... elite demon mentor lineage! Me!! A third-rate magician!! Ooh!!

Everything I was enjoying jumped out of Keith's midst.

Dubu!! BICUM!! BICUM, BICUM!! - Pushing Liz's body against her waist for intense ejaculatory pleasure, Keith ejaculated closely just saying it was delivered to the back of her womb.

Liz, whose first innocent uterus was tarnished with male bodily fluids, made her eyes black and white at the feeling.

"Huh!? Hih, ha!...... to others!? I can see, I'm hungry, I can't... HI!! Oh, wow... no strings, no strings..."

I wonder why everything this man does feels good. I wonder why you accept everything that this man does as pleasure.

Genius Girl Demon Instructor, who is only lacking in sexual knowledge to die for, maybe Keith and I are physically compatible, and so... maybe because Keith really likes himself, he's trying to make me feel better, and because it passes, it makes me feel good, and so...

To sex full of things I don't understand, I couldn't help but feel that vaginal ejaculation was over, Liz.

"... full of... Akahi-chan, Rikihi-chan"

No way. I fell asleep muttering words like that and losing my mind.


"So, why?... What are you doing?...... how come my contract hasn't expired ohhhhh!!!

Liz stood up on the bed bare and screamed all over.

When Keith glances at his face with his ear kicked in, Liz gets stuffed.

"Why!? Why does the contract line stay connected!! I told you I could cut it!! That's it!!

Liz woke up in a hurry and checked the magic contract line when she woke up from sleep and found herself cuddled by Keith, who sleeps next door.

This should be out. I definitely don't like it. You have to be out!

If you think so and make sure, the contract line still kept Keith and Liz connected.

When the semen coming out of Liz's vagina, which she accidentally weakened, came to zero, she cried heavily at the feeling.

So far, so far, so far, so much so that they can do whatever they want with their bodies. The contract still remains.

I didn't know what to do because I felt that my contract could not be broken after scratching.

Keith woke up to cry like that and looked at Liz.

"That... Rizu? What's wrong with you?

Liz's angry fuel tank caught fire to that voice, which I fell in love with terribly.

Liz stood up and vomited the words she had just said when she tapped Keith's cheek and woke him up completely.

The slapped Keith scrubbed his cheek and said, "Huh? Couldn't you cut it?," he murmurs.

"I didn't cut it!! Why not!! Why aren't you hanging up!! That's it! Keep it this far. Why? Yes!!

"Yes, no, I don't care if they say that... is that it after all?

"Oh, that?... What the hell is that?!?

Keith sets his index finger in a serious face and stares at Liz.

"I knew I was going to have my first pregnancy!

As soon as I said it, Liz's right leg slipped into Keith's face. Liz barked with a face red in anger at Keith, who bled her nose and was bored.

"Don't be ridiculous... if that's what's gonna happen, I'd rather kill you and get caught!

Keith said as he stopped nosebleeds with therapeutic magic pills by the bed.

"Well, I haven't tried anything else... you might hit me with one of those"

"Not one of them!... Oh, so you signed the contract!!

"But okay, I promised I'd do it once a week, even if my contract went out today, if I thought I was doing it."

Liz turned faceless when she saw Keith wiping her nosebleed and smiling, and turned red all at once. It was redness in a different way than anger.

The promise we just had, and most importantly, the thought of "I feel better once a week" that I thought about then. That's what wolfed Liz.

"But I was happy. I can't believe Liz still wants to be with me when her contract expires."

"Bha...... Bha!! Chi, no!! That says, oh I have to tell you, it's not over... because I thought so, so!!

Panicking Liz let go and nearly fell over the bed. Keith can hold on to it.

Liz was held by Keith from time to time, but she wasn't sure if it was because she was about to fall or if Keith would protect her like this.

"I'm so happy, Liz... knowing you felt like you were with me... wow"

"So no... it's a lie, that one earlier... the contract, when it expires... you something... you!!

"Yes, I know. That's what I'm gonna do."

"I don't understand! I have no idea. No!!

Keith repeatedly kissed Liz as she hugged her trying to leave.

Liz felt her body getting hot again, unable to beat her or chew her tongue.

again or I'm about to cry. Keith told Liz that

"Maybe it was bad that I made Liz crazy and let her go inside...... now Liz try to make me crazy! Yeah, then I'm sure there's a contract too!!

"Huh? Oh, uh... he says it makes you crazy... Huh?

"So, Liz, get on top of me like this, get your hips..."

After another joke, Liz did it with a glimmer of hope, distorting her face to shame.

Liz still had no idea that the desire to cut that contract someday would make Keith and I want to be together forever.

"Liz, I love it!

"Wow, I... hate you so much!!