It's been a few days since Keith was squeezed out by the two Lolibitches.

The injured pride got it back the next day by fully charging the golden balls with activation and hitting Aisha and Berna.

Berna, who loves to be abused, was suddenly shown his power as a male for some reason. Aisha stunned,

"Stop it - Shh!! Stop it!! Oh man, rub it. Ugh!! Frightened. Ooh! Silly!!

and was squirting in tears at three consecutive rounds without pulling it out.

Keith finally healed his broken heart there as a pole, having activated on his way to Cite and fired eight to coincide with Aisha Berna until morning.

I'm not sure what it is, but the two of us who used it to restore our pride draped an incredible amount of salmon from your bed and slept on top of it.

"Ro-shuru-ra... Ko, from the koshi, but I'm frightened... Garlic, Chikana-san"

"... Nanaka, it's full... Nanaka, Hatsuya, Hatsuya, Hatsuya... Hatsuya, Hatsuya"

In the end, even in the morning, we both followed the assignment and the job in a fresh-born, deer-like flurry.

For the record, we're both going to call it a fatigued face, a fluttering, gasping voice. Needless to say, there's been a terrible rumor.

Satisfied Keith, on the other hand, slept the next morning snoring heavily, but around the evening the door to the room was knocked and woke up.

Fraser, an elderly elf dressed perfectly in butler's clothes, stood there as he opened the door with his eyelids swollen from oversleeping with a musty face.

Keith, who was in a hurry to stand upright, stirred his sleeping face in an instant. Somehow Keith doesn't like this elf.

Then Fraser bowed neatly,

"Lord Magic Master, Master Mashua wants to talk to you. May I join you?

In the same dialogue that I had when I came to this room before, and in the same atmosphere I couldn't help but say yes or no, Fraser said that to Keith.

Keith, who said in a frightened voice, "I'll be ready" because it's not a topic I can say no to, went to Mashua's room with Fraser after five minutes of everything from washing his face to brushing his teeth.

Last time, we were supposed to follow Nia's journey. Whatever the hell it was this time, I was thrilled to get to the room, and there was Mia with Mashua and the samurai.

Keith, who keeps bowing his head, has a majestic but gentle voice to say, "Easy." When I looked up, I smiled at Mashua,

"Sorry to bother calling you."

"Yes, no. King's call, if any."

"Well... no, actually, my wife would really like to ask Keith something."

"The queen... will you sit down?

Mia, sitting in the chair next to Mashua, opened her mouth to confused Keith.

"Yes, I really want to borrow the wisdom of your magician..."

Mia to say so was obvious but very similar to Nia.

I've never seen him so close or heard him speak, but his appearance and voice are astonishingly naïve. No, I guess Nia looks like Mia.

I can tell you that Mia can do it if you grow up with that innocent, naive princess as she is.

White blonde hair extends to her hips and limbs are incredibly thin. Yet it is the earliest miracle that it does not feel pathological.

Her physique was so different that she wanted to suspect that she was sisters with Roana, a mature woman, but her eyes and soft smile definitely proved her blood ties.

(... is this one great at night?... because we're related...)

It is a severely disturbing type, whether it resembles Nia or Roana. I almost salivate in my imagination.

I think you will fully understand how inferior this man is at the point of imagining the Lord's fine erotic scene.

Mia started talking about the requirements in a quiet voice in front of Keith, who was enjoying the expressionless paranoia she was good at.

"Actually... there's something I need to tell the children of Seimrad..."

In summary, this is what happened.

Every year, Seimrad explains how to spend time in the woods to new freshmen entering school.

That's the first knowledge you should wear as an elf, ranging from how to determine your orientation when you get lost, to securing drinking water, to how to get wild boarding and food.

Even though it has been a long time since the monetary economy was introduced into the elf society, the elves are the family of the elves, the woods. We can't forget that history and tradition.

So in elementary school, we learn how to live in the woods at the same level as Mandarin and arithmetic.

The most important thing there is the presence of the monsters lurking in the woods and valleys.

Of course some monsters are friendly to elves, but some monsters are more fearful than that.

Even though the neighborhood of Seimrad is safe, it is not known when a vicious monster will appear, as Keith was inspired to come to this country.

That's why monster education is important, but these days kids don't understand the horror no matter how much they tell you because they don't have that fear close to them.

Besides, in Imperial Capital these days there has been a pandemic of stories for children who use monsters to fight, and that has flown all the way to Seimrad, to the phenomenon where children say they are not afraid of monsters.

Somehow the dialogue between the protagonists of that story

"Monsters are friends!!

That's why I can't afford to end it.

Mia, who had been consulted by the school director to see if she could do something about it, said she had consulted Keith this time.

To say why Mia was so consulted, she was keen to reform her education as queen, and it was Mia who set up a system of schooling in Seimrad like a society of the human species.

Finally, it is also Mia who turned part of the country's finances moistened with demonic spirit stones to the education sector, making primary education completely free.

"So... can't we do something about it?

Keith conceived to Mia inquiring with a troubled face.

I guess it's because I'm a court magician that the story was brought to me, and because I have a proven track record of basilisk exorcism when I came to this country.

That's fine, but that's why I came up with a fu when I thought about how to make my child aware of the fear of monsters...

Keith will try to offer Mashua and Mia the idea if this is possible.

Then Mashua laughed delightfully and Mia smiled "good idea".

To Keith, who is relieved that this apparently ends his role as a wisdom bag,

"Um, can I ask the magician for the role of arranging it?

"Heh... Oh, um... me, not me. Do you want me to sit down?

Mashua nodded at Mia to confused Keith.

"Um, that would be good. Keith, can you do it?

Here's a "no!" Keith's liver balls aren't big enough to say. He is only a small man.

"Or maybe, huh?

So Keith, who was entrusted with a major role without knowing what it was, asked Mia, "Do you need anything? Asked," I left the room with the promise that whoever was in the palace after getting lost could borrow anyone's help.

And he went back to his room, groaning, "Oh, my God..."

Then three weeks later...... a large group of parents and children were gathered in the elementary school auditorium in Seimrad.

Whether you look to the right or to the left, it is an elf-exclusive elf-threesome with an elf-exclusive elf.

They all had white skin and a neat appearance on their blondes, and it felt like they could seriously mistake whether they had come to heaven for a moment once the normal human species had mixed here.

The auditorium is crowded with children's cackling voices and adult public stories, where you can hear laughter.

In that sense, I'd say it's no different from any other race. The bells rang in such a bustle that the parents called the children to sit down.

As attention was drawn to the direction in which the bell sounded, the schoolmaster's old female elf was represented and began to explain.

Explain in a few words from today's greeting that Queen Mia has held this meeting and that she will teach us the dangers of monsters for the children.

It was not boring but boring for the kids, and the child elves who wanted to play looked like they were there.

Did the principal also guess that, then the early summer monster workshop for the kids began with the words.

What appeared on the dimmed stage was Krone, who looked embarrassed.

Krone says navel out on a miniskirt that is not her usual samurai outfit, but it is a healthy outfit called Erotic.

Crone, who climbed on the stage despite the light, bowed down and spoke to the venue using loud magic props.

"Hello, good children ~!"

When my voice sounds, I hear a little "hello,"

"Oh? I have a friend who's not well? Good health again, hello ~!!"

to that word. Now the whole venue smiled and said "Hello ~!!" back to me.

"Yeah! Very good. Hello. Sister, I'm so happy for you!

I hear a laugh that sounds fun from all over the venue. Take that as a signal, Krone. Sister continued her MC progression.

"It's gonna be a hot day, but we're all gonna go to the woods, right? Your sister actually likes to play in the woods and swim in the river."

Next to Krone, who said so, came a cat with a small loud demon prop on his collar. Yes, it's Lou.

"Hey, lady, but there are dangerous monsters in the woods! We have to be careful!

"Eh, I'm fine! There's no such scary monster around Seimrad, is there? I'm sure we'll get along when we show up!

How about that? I think it's dangerous.

"If you say so much, ah! Here we go. There's a party of adventurers going into the woods!! Let's take a look at them."

"That's good."

Then the place, which was just sandalwood, turns into a stage that recreates the forest. It was hallucinogenic magic. Moreover, it is a fearful degree of reproduction.

Three adventurers appeared in the woodland landscape where even the leaves of depressed and lush trees were likely to be heard. The kids said, "Wow!" and cheer.

Adventurers have always been a very popular profession for their children, especially since Seimrad is a euphemism because King Mashua's Adventure Tan has become a bedtime story for his children.

There were three adventurers who showed up, a female swordsman in armor and a female demon mentor with a cane in a hood, and a female cleric. It is Della, Berna and Sasha.

The three of them were walking around the stage saying, "This is the Seimrad Forest," but encounting with the monsters in it.

The monster was also made of hallucinogenic magic, and some of the children held to screaming children and parents when they showed up because it was made to its original size.

But every time a monster showed up, someone out of the three knew the right thing to do, and he walked away talking it out loud.

It doesn't exorcise badly at this time, but it makes it easy to understand how dangerous the monster is and how harmful it is.

Plus your sister and the dodgy cat said, "It was!" "I've never known you before!" and hammer them according to the timing of the children.

You already know that. This is the monster education method of the child opponent that Keith conceived, named the "Adventurer Show".

For kids who don't like serious stories or who are interested in monsters, it's best to explain it funny and easy to understand.

The story of monster objects became popular only because it was easy to understand, and then it would be easier to compete on the same mound.

Children make the knowledge they enjoy and see for themselves a priority over making booklets and explaining them clerically or as parents say.

Keith, whose root was the kid, knew that very well. That's why I decided to host this show.

It would be easier if I were to say from the beginning that I would not let my children go to the woods, but I thought this was all I had in my order to say that I would live with the woods and learn about dangerous monsters on them.

By the way, Keith, of course, is doing hallucinogenic magic, and there are no men in the party members who

"Boys will remember more excitedly just their sisters, and girls will remember admiring what they look like to their dressed sisters, right?

It was from the idea of saying.

Using the magic of night-time magic to appear one after the other, Keith rammed, tormented and exited the monster to match the three lousy performances.

It also created a hallucination that would allow giant ants to sag according to the explanations that Berna still does.

"Giant ants discern enemy allies by smell. So if you stay still and sprinkle the incense made from the stinking glands of giant ants… it's safe."

It was an awesome bar-reading dialogue, but the kids cheered as the giant ants walked away without finding the three.

(Come on, it's from here...)

After exiting the monster that seemed to show up near Seimrad all the way, to the three relieved, your sister's MC began.

"That was amazing! But there were all kinds of monsters, but each one of them has its own way of dealing with it."

"Yeah. It is important that you know it correctly and that if you find it first, you run away gently and let the adults know!!

"Right! Mr. Adventurer, even the three of you are in trouble, and you can't all get close to a monster with your friends, can you? You can promise your sister, right?

"I can ~!!" came back from the venue at the same time.

"Great! Everybody can do it."

"This venue is full of good stuff!!

Then suddenly the woods darkened. "Huh? What is it?" The whole venue squeaks with Krone's voice. It was then.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!! You've come a long way to defeat my lovely monsters, you adventurers!!

A woman appeared wearing a big hallucinating flame. All over the venue. The twist came not from the children...... but from the man's parents.

The woman appeared on stage with silver hair flowing through brown skin, dessert elves wrapped in leather bondage-style costumes with their rich and beautiful limbs. Blah, blah, blah. It was Aisha.

Wearing boots that cover all the way up to his heeled legs, Aisha shows up in front of the three with a flamberge-shaped demon sword guiliad and pokes her cutting tip.

"But that's it too! Get ready!! Sacrifice our great Dark God!!

Brown glossy complexion illuminates with light and invites lust with silver hair. Most importantly, the breasts tightened to the bondage seemed to leak polon even now.

The cuddly eaten high leg is pudding and shaking whenever the leather accentuates the stickiness of the crotch and a round, large brown ass walks on the back.

The elf men's parents were roaring "ooh......" and were slapped by their wives thoughtfully.

Aisha, who realizes she's gathering weird gazes, accumulates a great deal of tears in the eyes of an invincible smile she's made of half-baked,

(It's Keith's fault. It's Keith's fault. It's Keith's fault. Ah!! No more... I want to go home, yeah)

I wave up and call the monster, driven by the urge to escape even now. A large number of previously retreating monsters appear in that voice and fill the stage.

What is the identity of the three surrounded people, the crisis of absolute desperation, and the invincible grin of Dark Elves!!

"This guy is a pinch!!

Lou screamed sweating at Krone's narration on his forehead.