In the end, Keith and Berna decided to use the aristocratic mansion room instead of the inn.

Berna said she would make dinner while shopping, so she told me that it would be easier than Keith's room or inn to have an aristocratic mansion with a cooking area.

That's how Berna, walking with Keith all over the city, had a mess of scratched vagina left over, and besides, she did her best with the rotor.

While I clung to Keith with my arms around me like a lover, I also answered the question diligently about thinking about the dinner menu and what alcohol would be good for.

Along the way, how many men would have looked back in love with Berna's expression.

Exhaling with a bright red swinging face, Berna, sweating, gathered the man's gaze like a moth lamp.

It was not only the elves, but also the men of the human species and of every other race who visited Seimrad at work and so on, when they were shot through the chest and groin by a beautiful, loving elf.

Keith, the interrupter next door, soaked in superiority, erected to the fact that he was the only one who knew that he was letting such a cute daughter take a rotor insertion walk.

Fortunately, I was deluded with the robe of the Wizard I must wear when I went out, but only the desire of the wind rage that builds up in this perverted man's heart can be stopped, even if it's God.


Shortly after finishing her shopping, Keith, who flew to the room with metastatic magic, kissed Berna nauseously as she was about to hug her. Berna asked Keith to calm down when she was kissed like she couldn't breathe as soon as she got to the room and shivering her vagina at the rotor stimulus.

"Chipu... what are you talking about, when you're with Aisha or Leonora, you don't listen to me no matter how calm I say"

"... Oh, that one... or your husband... will take it from..."

Berna, who leans down to remain faceless but still embarrassed, wanted us to be slow and cute, at least when we were alone.

What a precious day to be alone with your husband. I want you to take the time to stroke, squeeze, and slap your butt all over your body without hurry.

"Uh-huh," roared Keith, laughing nicely.

"Right...... well, I'll just give you one more shot and then I'll take it slow and cute"

"Huh?... ah"

Berna took off her clothes lightly and was half-naked, and gave up everything when Keith took off her clothes in front of her.

Keith takes me to bed with a princess in her arms wondering how many times I'll let her out and let me sleep there.

Berna, lying in her underwear on a fuzzy bed, rocked her erect penis and came. She looked at Keith and tried to take off her panties.

Then Keith lent him a hand, letting him take off his panties, which were already dirty and the crochet part was terrible.

"But Berna shouldn't either, should she? Because you look so cute and you fill it with so much eclectic juice and you make it pheromone puffy. You can't even make me crave it."

You must be the one who made me do that. Berna does not say, of course. Just looking a little bit more complicated on Keith who seems to have fun,

"Oh, but I'm sorry I got you dirty with those cute panties you wore around the corner. I'll buy you something else next time."

He was noticing. As soon as she thought so, Berna realized she was just a little lit up.

It was a bra and panties with ribbons I went out of my way to buy, wondering if Keith would be happy.

I thought he was rambling on to lust and hadn't noticed, but Keith had noticed properly. He sees himself right.

That's just what I thought. The lighting and joy come up on my head and the tip of my pointy ear is slightly dyed by Zhu.

"Is that it? What's up?

"... nothing"

I don't know my casual word is delighting my pet. The unconscious subspecies ask a slightly illuminating faceless elf.

Berna turned to the point where she rarely realized that she could illuminate.

The fact that your husband says you were looking at yourself properly makes Berna hotter and makes the rotor stimulation more sensitive than ever.

Keith opened his legs to Berna, who had already begun to blush her cheeks even though it was just words, whining with her heart that she had become cute.

From the vaginal mouth, the love liquid, wet evidence of irritation, and the foamed semen pulled the thread and was zero.

Vicumbing his erect penis into a mixed female and male odor drifting from inside, Keith pulled the cord and removed the rotor.

Bubble, bubble... and still vibrating, the rotor sneaks a zamen shaked all over the surface and shines in an obscene color.

Stop the switch and show it to Berna, "Do you want to lick it?" Asking a perverse question, the pet elf reached out to receive it and licked the cloudy foam on the surface.

Even Peppy and Candy are no longer comfortable with the inferior appearance of licking the rotor as if licking it. Keith inserts without any more caress.

When I push the tortoise head in, my penis, which later came in to be swallowed, feels null entangled in my own samen, stirred, and unspoken.

"Zamen lotion...... I don't like anything but it feels good...... ooh!

I trembled my spine and rubbed my meat stick against Berna's vagina, which was more relaxed than just now.

I can see that the loose vaginal meat in the rotor massage is more flexible than usual in the way it is tensioned and sucks on the snail of the meat stick intact without any gaps.

Keith looked rotten as he pounded back and forth there with Jubjubuto, seeming to stain his pleasure into his urethra.

Keep her hips piston and look at Berna, she did seem comfortable but not enough. She looked up at Keith and breathed shallow like a dog "haha".

Keith giggled and kissed the slutty breeder being matted on the bait and slowly repositioned.

Lateral position from normal to dorsal position. My butt turned round and I had a cute, cracked anal that handled my hair properly.

Berna looked upside down and distressed as she pushed the rotor that Berna had been licking into its butt without any notice.

"Phew...... ha, ugh"

Berna's anal, which still only accepts toys, is vulnerable to insertion and can begin to feel even a little irritation.

As Berna was breathing well into the foreign body sensation in her butt, Keith made the rotor switch vibrate hard in her rectum by strengthening it.

"Geez!" Berna said as she raised her voice, still sticking her hips out from now on toward where the rotor was in.

If you blame it from behind so that it hits you forward with each body, your hips hit the thin butt meat of Berna, pampered! And the sound sounded.

When that blow transmitted a shock wave in his butt like spanking, the rotor tormented Berna by gobbling around in his rectum.

"Ha! Aggyu!! Aaahhh!! Boobs, such a good idea!! So, guhhhhhhh!!

In his upper body, where he lays low, he grabs the sheets and tries to endure them, but there's no way Berna, the luxurious one, can kill Keith's offense as he continues to work out.

The nipples rubbed that had erected against the sheets of the bed, and even that felt good, Berna screamed at the magic props that ravaged her ass.

"Butt!! Holy shit! It's all over!! No buttocks!! Ridiculous No!! Take it, take it, take it. No! Awwwww!!

But Keith didn't stop, and of course he didn't pull the rotor out.

"What are you talking about! If I'd been normal, you'd have looked like you didn't have enough!! You really are so exhausted already Berna!! This is how you wanted it!!

Besides saying that, I saw real spanking.

Basheen!! and when the butt tab is slapped, the whole lower body is vile! and trembled violently to bring the best pleasure to Berna.

"Haguuuuuuuuuuuu! Oh, ooh!! Yes! My uncle just said no. Yes!! It's full, so full of kimo no more ah!! Ahhhhhh!!

That's how Keith continued to entertain Berna, who finally showed up and began her monster stinging gasp to take revenge in the bathroom.

The thin and thin body really breaks, so much so that Gatai is getting better. He blames the flesh as much as he can, and he continues to slap his ass.

When the rotor, trembling behind his bright red swollen buttocks, comes to the turtle head tip position just when he sticks his meat stick up in his vagina.

"Ajihi-no!! Oh my god!! Oh my god! Oh my god! Ahhhhh!! Yet no! That's not good!! Ugh!!

Whenever the meat stick is thrust in with the dong, the rotor jumps cologne and scratches the intestine. That's where the spanking stimuli go together. Berna is

"Ooh! Ooh!! Uh-oh!! Whoa, whoa!! Ugh!! Oh, no! Not good!! Not good enough!! Ugihi-no!!

He was exposed to fallen and disturbed faces to the pleasure Keith would give him in the stuffy way that the men he had just attracted around the city would dongle.

"Oju-sama... Oju-sama!! Oju, no way. Oh!!! Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!

As always, gasp fun is picky alongside Nia, and Keith replies with a giggle and a wave of "yes".

Then Berna turned her tearful and coveted face back as she desperately endured her gasp.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no."

"... okay? I won't be able to slap you on the butt, though?

In Keith's inquiry, Berna shook her neck small and repeated times to the head.

"Keshiyu, I want to... Keshiyu, Keshiyu... Keshiyu"

Keith repositioned himself when he muttered "at all" to the mazopet, who not only hurt but even remembered that it was totally sweet.

He then causes his legs to wrap around his hips and pistons as he knocks his body down and holds Berna back. I kissed him as he was.

Berna turned her arms desperately to Keith so that she could devour the kiss from herself.

"Chubby, Chubby, Ohi-jung, Chubby, Chubby, Chubby, Chubby! Oh, my goodness."

Instead of being able to slap his butt, he blamed the back of his vagina with the best stretching piston and approached Acme.

"Berna, is this okay? Is this okay? Looking good?"

"Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ugh!!

Berna felt the stimulus running to the tip of her limbs sagging her spine and calling for ACME as she pushed her tortoise head into the mouth of her sweet pet's sucking womb.

The feeling of being able to twist inside me makes Berna's cute face look disgusting as she frowns and her mouth smiles, forcing her to focus even more on her clinging hands and feet.

"Gu, ugh! Oh, ahhh, no!! Fine, fine, fine!! Yikes, hi no!! Ahhhhhh!!

Berna sucked so hard on Keith's lips that she couldn't even say no more and ended up there.

"Hebe! Ngu, chu, chupu, chubu!! Chu, chu, chu... pu... ahhh, higu"

In his cramping acme vagina. Keith now put his tongue in and licked around the inside as he took Berna's lips from himself, blaming the meat that irritated his penis while intoxicated by the feeling.

Even the tortoise head felt like it was about to melt into the rubbing comfort of the swinging ACME meat, and still even continued to put his hips in the Zunzun, his face distorted by the feeling of coming up.

"Gu, ha... Ugh, chug, chug, chug, chug... chug, chug, chug"

Still, don't stop kissing. Keith ejaculated with goosebumps all over his body with his hips stuck in, feeling Berna's tongue.

Dobi!! Dobilu!! Dobby, Dobby, Doggy!! - The ejaculation, which took all the thoughts from walking through the city, was so pleasant that I could accidentally stop, satisfying Keith.

Berna leans back on her cheeks sweetly as her penetrated tortoise head fills her heart with the pleasure of sending semen into her womb.

He was a good boy and satisfied Berna for a while. Keith now pulled his turn and penis out of his vagina and let Berna clean it.

eagerly licking dirty meat bars in Keith's sleeping groin, especially to Berna, who pokes his tongue around his thick geese neck with flavor,

"Shall we take a bath, it's sweaty. Let's eat when we get out of the bath."

I thought you wouldn't mind because it's early for dinner but if you're hungry anyway, eat it and then have sex and it's a repetition if you're hungry again.

Berna also peppered the meat pole around with a young look as she answered "hey" in favor of it.

Needless to say I fucked one in the bathroom, of course.

The bath was Berna's hand cooking time.

Keith made Berna do a naked apron to cook in the simple kitchen she deliberately put on inside the room when she renovated it.

faceless and responsive to it. After enjoying the scattered rape of Berna,

"... you really... are you kidding me?

He asks Berna in surprise with his lit face, "Of course!" Answering well, Keith fed her a meal.

Not knowing what emotions to hold, Berna spoons handmade dishes into Keith's mouth while sitting face-to-face with a bare apron and being inserted.

Keith seemed happy to satisfy both appetite and lust at the same time, but this time he fed Berna the same.

He continued to alternate this feeding and eventually immersed himself in full-fledged sex where he ate half of it, kissing him with a hug and out of the samen.

Keith, who took the rest of the meal after sex and then had Berna knee-pillow it for a while, took Berna again and this time purely bathed before giving her a change of clothes.

Berna, who receives it and dresses in the damp body of a bath, turned around slowly to show it, as Keith told her in front of the bed. That was the succubus costume I put on before this.

When I saw that, I had to do it with this! Looks like I put this on once and fuck you!! I've been thinking about it.

"Oh! I knew it was cute...... Berna, you look great!!

I don't know if I'd be happy to be complimented. Berna replied briefly, "Thank you," and stood up on the spot.

to Berna waiting for instructions. Keith sat naked on the bed, keeping his hands wide open and coming,

"Very cute succubus. I'll give you as many sperm as you like ~. Suck it away!

I showed off my still healthy penis, which I started to react to with Mukumuku after seeing a prettysexy costume.

Sacubas Berna, who saw the red and black meat bars creep up just a little, silently got in bed, first kissed her and then drooled over to her groin and accumulated spit in her mouth.

When his penis was filled with sweet saliva and tekateka hissed, Berna grabbed the wet meat stick with her own saliva and began to handle it slowly.

Keith exhaled "Phew" in his fingertips, wondering if it was rare to start with a handjob. Besides, Berna kissed her lips without a look on her face, and then she put a glossy smile on her face like a real succubus and put her turtle head in her mouth.