Nia sighed with a magnificent view peering through the ship's windows. It was the sigh that might have been several times since I got on the boat.

The reason for that is, of course, Keith and Berna in the country, and how are they doing by now? I can't get the idea out of my mind if we're kissing and hugging each other friendly.

I just envy the thought of the two of them together all day long in a situation where there is no Leonora or Nightshade.

If that happens to me, I'll definitely sit on Keith's lap, kiss him while he hugs me, give him a good kid, take a bath.

And naturally you'll have lots of sex and lots of samen in your stomach.

That's why Nia shakes her white blonde hair and sighs depressingly at the landscape.

"... Berna... you're so cunning... gusu"

Aisha came to the nagging Naia's cabin.

Aisha, who knocks and waits for the reply "go ahead" before entering the room, has the same thoughts as Nia.

Some dark look Aisha approaches Nia, some dark look.

"Aisha... Dear Keith, I wonder what you're doing by now?... I wonder if you're with Berna."

to Nia about to cry. Aisha said,

"I was worried about that too... so I decided to take the last resort."


Suddenly Nia was confused by the cut out topic, Aisha opened the bag she was wearing on her shoulder and removed the cat from inside.

"Ah! Lou!! Oh, did you bring Aisha?

Lou, who was put out of his bag in front of a surprise Nia, stretches out crying, "It was narrow."

"I really wanted to know about Keith... and I asked Lord Lou for a part-time job"

"Oh, there is, huh?

Nodding Aisha explained.

"When I say demon, I have a spiritual connection to the Lord, so I think I have a pretty good idea what my husband is doing."

"Huh! Really!?"

This was a true story. But this was not available until recently for Lou, who is still a young cat fairy.

But the last time Keith was taken away by his sister at night, he managed to master it when he saw that his elf daughters were so worried that they were about to die.

I bowed my head to the eight hundred tiger cat fairies and was specially trained, and finally I could understand just a little bit what Keith was doing lately.

Of course I can't move the shadow from there or use illusion, but I can grow if I want to stop someone from crying... that's Lou.

"... in my life... I wonder how many girls I can stop you from crying."

the tiger cat to Lou, who grumbled so during the special training,

"I'm sure you would... just the number you wanted..."

He said he answered. Aside from that, Nia held Lou back and confirmed.

"Lou, is it true!? Do you really know what you're doing, Master Keith?

"Ho, it's true. More details are still available, but for the most part..."

"Wow! Wow, wow!! Lou is amazing!!!"

The swinging Lou screamed "Nyahhh" as he let his eyes wander.

"Dear Nia! Lord Lou will lose his mind!!

"Huh! Oh, sorry!!

Lou, who turned his eyes, answered "Nice nya ~" and fluttered.

That's how he waited until Lou settled down, Nia and Aisha sipped and stared at the cat sitting in the chair and putting him on the table to concentrate.

Shared consciousness of the Lord by the demon of use... a preliminary move, but Lou has a lot of spiritual power.

Eventually Lou, who roared "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, opened his eyes

"Ru, Lou"

"What do you say, Lord Lou?

"... your husband is flirting with Mr. Berna."

I'm going to report it against Lou, and Nia moisturizes his eyes and Aisha says, "I knew it!," he barked.

I don't have to spend so much time checking that out, but these two elf girls couldn't help but be sure.

"Dear Keith... it's only been an hour since the ship left... already"

"That porn freak!! Bernard is Bernard too!! haaaa!!

Crying girl princess and angry lady knight. But the next word hammered us both perfectly at the same time.

"" Envy no. ""

It was a cold sweating loo who was completely poisoned by that inferior husband.

Even then Lou kept getting confirmed to Nia and Aisha every hour, "What's Keith doing?"

Naturally, the only answer is "I'm having an affair with Mr. Berna".

At first they were angry or crying. Around the sixth time they said that every time they checked,

"Hey, how many times are you willing!! A monkey! A monkey!

"Ro... six hours... heh... heh yeah!! What to do, Aisha!! So many Sita and Berna. I wish I could have a baby!! Berna should be Master Keith's wife!!

"Nah! Ah, but... ugh!!

A faceless Berna appeared in the midst of two delusions walking by Keith in a tuxedo on a forest trail.

Naturally that stomach is puffy and Keith is happily stroking it.

"You can't do that!!

"You can't do that!!

I don't care what I do with the whole room. I'm getting tired of the two of us walking around. The cat started to get upset.

Next to the sleeping lou. Oh, and not like this. The subordinate elf starts consulting eventually falls asleep without even eating dinner.

Aisha always wakes up at six in the morning due to years of habit. Waking up, Aisha was a little surprised that she was asleep holding Nia back in bed.

With that said, I stroke your hair and smile that it was something you napped with at an early age. Back then, I never imagined the same guy would comma me.

I thought besides being the Lord and like my sister, but sometime... I started calling those boobs my sister.

In order to shake off my unpleasant feelings, when I took a shower of prep with care not to wake me up, I made sure I was up to date with Nia's appointment today.

Doing so made it time for Nia to wake up and Krone and Sasha began to give herself up.

And then Lou woke up, too, so Aisha snuck up,

"Lord Lou...... just about already"

"Nya?... Oh, your husband would be asleep. I'm still sleepy."

The female knight took the assignment seriously as she caressed and relieved her lacking cat.

I talked to Nia and decided not to do the ambassador's job properly and go home as soon as possible.

What might seem more so now, but this idea was the best for two elf girls whose roots were serious and pure.

If we cut off where we can be stuck, we should somehow be able to board the airship tomorrow morning. That's five hours ahead of schedule.

It's only five hours, but if you two try it, it's just five hours, and if you have five hours, Keith can drive you crazy at least six times.

Do not hesitate to check the security routes and check the plans to where Nia is going. No matter how much you feel, that makes no sense if anything happens to Nia.

Breakfast was prepared for Aisha like that, and everyone took the meal at Nia's invitation to eat with her, including Krone and Sasha.

By the time it was past lunch, it was time to say it would be on, and the steering room became noisy at first sight.

When Aisha went to confirm what was going on, the royal sailor spoke to Aisha with a troubled face.

By the way, it is the small luxury passenger ships that the Nias are now boarding. I rented this out.

There are also airships in Seimrad, but that is for basic military purposes, and rental from the airship union was still the main thing when the royal ones went out.

We are letting the loaned ship steer the army sailors. So everyone here hits Aisha's men except the captain and the deputy captain.

Having checked with the captains what had been heard, Aisha could not help but tell Krone the truth.

"Stay... is that terrorism?

"Oh, I hear you do"

According to stories Aisha has heard, some cult that believes in evil gods is demanding the liberation of his fellow men who have taken over the airship.

If he doesn't respond to the request, he says he'll crash the ship he took over and turn the departure site of the airship into a sea of fire. That departure site was the country where Nia was headed now.

We can't just put a ship on a landing strip, or change course, but we have traffic in the airspace from one country to the next. If it moves poorly, it will be an accident.

"Oh no..."

"Maybe they chose today on purpose because they knew it too... it would also be a performance to countries"

Nia, who was eating sweets with Sasha, asked the two people with troubled expressions.

"What's wrong, both of you? What are you talking about?

Aisha and Krone were unsure whether Nia should be informed of this, but tried to keep quiet until critical.

"It's nothing. The departure site is a little crowded... it's going to take a while."

"Yeah... well... I can't help it. Shall we all have tea?"

Leave it to Krone, who answers yes. Aisha went to the steering room to avoid this ship getting involved and had a thoughtful discussion with the captain.

Then after about an hour, when we finished talking and went back to Nia, Nia was taking a nap holding Lou in her bed.

It was when I smiled at her adorable figure.

"Kiki!!! Fools!! Word of our God!!!

Loud voices by loud magic echoed in the sky, and at the same time phantom magic reflected the appearance of terrorists in the sky.

"Huh!? Huh? What, no?

"What!! Enemy attack!!

The sleeping princess and cat got up and stared in the direction of her voice.

It was the men of the human species who tattooed the symbols of cult groups that were reflected in the sky. In its hands are held swords and magic props that cause explosions.

"Damn!" he murmured, unaware of Aisha, and Nia and Lou looked up at the sky from the ship's window.

Terrorists complained scatterly about their legitimacy, saying that this world should be rightly guided by the rule of evil gods. And give back our own people who worked for it.

'We need to let those fools who try to put their demands off know that we are serious!!

The men who said so pushed a knife against its neck when they brought five fragmented children of the race in the video shown.

In loud magic I heard the screams of my children combined with the screams of my parents telling me to give them back.

Seeing that makes Nia stunned and stiffened her face. Aisha had a toothpick of remorse for showing the ugliness of a world that Nia should not and should not know.

Please, just Nia... No, at least a little more, I wanted this innocent princess to think that the world is just beautiful.

"Ah, Aisha...... what are those people talking about? What are you gonna do with those kids?

Aisha did not carry on the words when she said "it" to the inquiry. Whatever you say, it becomes only a lie or a cruel truth.

To Aisha, who distorts her face, Nia realized that her worst predictions were true. Run out as soon as possible.

"Nah! Dear Nia!! Which way are you going?!?

Nia turned resolutely to Aisha, who hurriedly grabbed her arm.

"It's decided. Go help!!

"Ah...... oh, no, you shouldn't!! No, you shouldn't, or what are you saying!? That's not true."

"Get off me!! 'Cause if you don't go, they're gonna kill those kids!? You can't do that! Because if I were you, I could go with metastatic magic and help you."

"I can't!! They must be anticipating some of that and have some magic moves in place!! Wouldn't you be able to put the First Nia in such danger!!

Nia, who tries to shake Aisha's arm away with fine force, desperately pulls

"Aisha! Get your hands off me!!

Scare Aisha with royal majesty. But I won't let go of my hand. To the escort knight,

"Aisha... I am... I am Master Keith's best disciple. Master Keith told me so much about the journey. They met all sorts of bad people on the road. But Master Keith has exorcised all of it! I've been successful!! I've been helping people in trouble!! If only I had not gone here as such a fine disciple..."

Lou, who heard that, was dying of bickering bickering.

Keith is one way or another a little villain who has been selling all sorts of Inch Demon Props to the bad guys he met on the road.

"Sell Inch Demon Props to the bad guys...... this is a kind of world fix!!

I don't even realize God is inflating that confident dialogue so much.

But Nia, who I don't believe in, must be going here to help if she's a fine Keith, and now that she's not, she's ready to go and help.

in front of Krone and Sasha watching it go on. Aisha is clear again this time,

"You shouldn't. That is absolutely not the only thing that will ever be forgiven for putting Lady Nia in danger."

"... Aisha... because those kids"

"Dear Nia... Nia doesn't understand why I'm here. I am Master Nia's shield and sword. Normally, be a shield, and if you will, be a sword that cleaves evil."

Hands off Fu Kuaisha drooled her neck.

"Please give me your orders. Tear the bad guys apart and tell them to save their innocent children's lives! Give your life to this person!!

To say it out Aisha. Now Nia's stuck in words.

It's easy for me to tell you to go here, but that means I'm just like ordering Aisha to risk her life without risking her life.

That's the royalty, that's the knight, but Nia doesn't have the heart to break it off so easily.

Aisha looked up at Nia like that and smiled gently,

"And I want you to come back alive... and I want you to order me to do so"

Nia also decided to be ready for the eyes willing to die. When I hold my fist, I hold down my weak heart and order it to be royal.

"Knight Aisha. I command you: bring down the despicable, save the children. And... be sure to come back alive"

Hearing it, Aisha abandoned her usual sweet face and showed and answered her face as a warrior who would put herself in battle.

"As you wish, my Lord. (Jesus Yours Haines)"


Not long before that. The departure site where the Nias were due to descend was a fuss scattering spider children.

The gendarmerie and army are rushing and directing guests who were at the departure site while preparing for an airship that doesn't know when they will fall.

On the other hand, the forces that negotiate with terrorists and even the Magic Master units at times of need were deployed to show off the battlefield.

There was a long-lasting beauty in that frustrated way with her legs and her poor slack repeatedly.

He wraps his long legs in a tight skirt in stockings, weaves his coat on a white blouse and wears thin framed glasses on his eyes.

An intelligent beauty, but there was frustration in her face, no matter how she saw it.

And beside it was this again, a beauty in thread with fox ears and tails sitting flat,

"Stop poorly slamming. Okay. [incomprehensible]

And the beautiful woman answered with her eyebrows pinched.

"Half a day? Because I say day trip...... why do you say that? I came to get you, what is this? What the fuck!! You won't be able to go home with this!

"That's not our problem. If you're complaining, why don't you tell the people in the sky?

"If you can tell, I'm telling you! Oh...... already!

Another woman came to the beauty and fox beauty who would cause frustration.

She was not that tall but strangely intimidating, and this was another beautiful woman.

The hair divided into seventy-three parts was pinned together perfectly, but the hair color was blue, and the ears were slightly pointed.

What it shows is that the woman is a half-breed with the succubus, and soon after she was born, she was sanctified and eliminated only the ability to absorb and be horny, characteristic of the succubus while maintaining her tough magic and physical abilities [Mystic Child].

She had sewn a painted regimental chapter of the blind Knights of the Diocese [Knights of the Holy Wrecks], a symbol of the Knights of the Holy See with branches throughout the country, on the shoulders of a white coat.

"You can't. Naturally, they say airships can't even fly small. When I asked if I could say or fly, I was seen with a face like this one that was sane or something. It's out of my mind."

The blue-haired beauty sat next to the irritated beauty and received more tea from the fox beauty beside her.

When the three of them lined up like this, it was like some kind of painting already, but whoever could afford to care about it was not in this place right now.

Three of them were even flat in such a hustle and noise, but eventually the beauty in the middle,

"Ahhh, already!! I'm going home!! Transfer magic continuously but go home!!

"What are you talking about like a child? I know how much magic you have, but you won't be able to make it from here to Granzardo."

"I can't, but I'm going home! If even at this moment he... if that idiot comes back..."

The two next to the words sighed.

"You haven't grown... you're so fine in front of the apprentice child... Chiuka, why don't you give up?

"That's right. It's unproductive. How about if you find your next love?

"Huh? You guys haven't had a lover since!!

The two of them sipped tea in silence without even a gu root.

"Even to the country next to the corner on the rabbit, fly with metamagic... and then fly to the airship..."

There was a commotion where I almost said it. There was footage of a terrorist poking a knife at a child in the sky with all three beautiful women looking up to him.

The three faces tightened tight when they heard the cry of the child and the voice of the terrorist at the same time. And start walking all together.

"What? Aren't you going to the neighboring country?

"I rescheduled... because I got a guy who wants to hit me a little"

"That's an odd encounter. Me, too. Is it sympathy between women stuck in the same guy?

"" Ugh ""