Aisha glanced at her face and held down the cut on her arm. The recovery pill I took as it was was the last one.

I can't make any more wounds, and most importantly, the healing pills don't just heal the wounds and add more blood, so it's time to be awkward considering what I've flushed.

"Exactly... the numbers... duh!

Aisha says so, but it was the opponent's barrier magic that was more problematic than numbers.

When the terrorists found out Aisha was a demon swordsman, they started praying for evil gods and put up defensive shields against demon swords.

When the shield is stretched, the use of the Devil's Sword is rejected and the shackles of Aisha are placed.

The Devil's Sword Gilead is Keith's special Class A gear, but still fails to show off its original cleavage before shielding. I really need to focus on each blow.

Then you might normally think of taking away Nia and enemy weapons... but Aisha is now circulating the demon sword's magic to maintain her strength, and if she stops using Gilead, she will definitely fall.

So he found a gap in his opponent's hard shield, slashed it, and was in a state of being abrasive.

As I breathed in a situation where I didn't know how many people I had slashed, that leader man showed up with a bandage around his nose. It's a demon sword wound, so healing magic doesn't work.

Still, the leader man grinned brutally at Aisha surrounded.

"You've given me a lot of trouble... but that's it. Let me thank you for this nose!

Hearing that, Aisha smiles with a rough breath.

"What?... will you even thank me for what I did to a good man?

"Reduce your mouth... Hmm, how long will that void go through? See if I can still say that when I kill those kids in front of you!!

Aisha also laughed couscous at the man who laughed high. What's wrong is yelled at, Aisha replies.

"No... wonder how you kill those kids who aren't here."

"What... to?

That's when communications entered the leader. It was a communication from a fellow who went to check on the hostages, that the room where the hostages were supposed to be was a mussel, and that they were nowhere to be found.

"Mi, Mia...... do you have such a stupid story! The goodness... let... hey, Kisama! What did you do!! What happened to the passengers!!

Even when intimidated, Aisha continued to smile without answering anything.

Prior to coming here, Aisha had given the child's parents a one-time defensive talisman and a magic magic magic magic magic item.

The magic props were loaded on the ship they were on for emergency use, so the breaking of boundaries talisman was the one I followed on the set when I bought a transfer magic sealed bill in Keith's room before. What a surprise two and a half pieces of silver on the set.

By the way, I got free shipping when I bought three, but Aisha bought twelve. Aisha kept such a broken bond in her purse all the time.

Always keep contraceptives and broken boundaries in your wallet. It is a good story even if such an adage can be made.

Aisha told the children to run away using the tag that they had placed by handing them the horn.

As a result, the passengers fled to the ground with two men who had managed to escape and succeeded in helping the children.

I don't know what kind of hand Aisha used to say anything, but I realized he let him get away with it. The leader had a toothpick, but as soon as he breathed,

"... well fine... you'll die in an explosion if you run off to the ground anyway"

Aisha, who doesn't know about the other ship, says, "What?" and looked surprised, "but nevertheless the leader,

"You're more of a problem than that, bitch... now how do I do it... like I said before I make it a gift to God? Or... of our Patriarch... hey, what's wrong"

"Yes, no, I'm sorry... the bishop... he's such an idiot... he said he's really here... hahahaha!! It wasn't just Keith, he's an idiot... kukuku, haha"

I remember the Dark Goddess Keith before me, and I laughed so hard at Aisha that I thought the leader made fun of their leader.

"This bitch. Ahhh!! I don't care! You guys!! Rip him till all of us are out of use over there in that bitch!!

To the voice of a leader barking at a still large number of his men, the terrorists stare at Aisha and begin to make those eyes roll ugly.

He will be killed. Aisha decided to hold the Devil's Sword and go forward ready to die, saying she was sorry for all that. That was the time.

The moment I thought the shadow came down in front of Aisha, stah... the brilliant beauty of the white blade ran and the five terrorists who were on the spot summed it up and bled to death.

Did Aisha or the terrorists say, "Huh?" Again from both? In the sound of such a voice, there was the sound of a kachiri and a naruto.

"I don't like it. A large number of people and a single woman. You say sex is supreme one-on-one... or are you guys that? Wouldn't you electrify yourself if you didn't see another lord's naughty ass?

Aisha and the terrorists are distracted by the person who suddenly buzzes with the lower story.

What was there was a beautiful woman wearing a white coat and splitting her blue hair 7: 3. The arms of that coat are sewn with a regimental chapter of [Knights of the Holy Wrecks].

The terrorists were wolfed by the emergence of their best enemy, the Knights of the Diocese, and stunned by the magical sword moves.

The leader man saw as many as five of his people slaughtered at once,

"Hey, what is that sword... what kind of demon sword... yes or no holy sword?

The Devil's Sword is weakened in front of us more than it is shielded. Then I can only think of a normal sword, but the phenomenon of referring to those five men all at once only seems like a demon sword.

If not, there will be only the Holy Sword later, but the Holy Sword, which is a divine weapon of armament, should not be able to wield it because its use is strictly prescribed between each nation. Then what is it?

She tilts her neck at terrorists staring at blue-haired beauties, all incomprehensible, including the way they appear.

"Demon Sword? Please don't spend two feet an inch and three minutes with such a chatty object."

The terrorists' gaze gathered on the weapon at the blue hair restarting the yarn-wrapped pattern as they said it.

Only Aisha knew what the weapon was. It was a legendary sword used by the neck hunters to live in the East called the sword.

The sword that is made to continue to forge steel will slay God when it meets God, and destroy the demon when it meets the demon. It was said to be exactly the sword of the special.

While wondering who this woman is to use such a legendary weapon, Aisha breathes and rises, apparently in the same way as herself... and for the same purpose, she sets up a demonic sword next to the blue-haired woman who would have come to the occasion.

blue-haired beauty to Aisha coming next door. When she glanced at Chira,

"You can rest, right? I've been watching a little bit, but that sword won't do them any good."

"I don't think so. I'm the one who sold the fight first. Isn't everything from side to side too greedy for a boulder?

"... right. Then at 7: 3."

"I'm the seven."

"... at your disposal"

A leader man shouted like crazy with a small tremor at the two beauties who kept talking.

"Yay, just about one more bitch!! I don't mind!! You can't kill them both!! Kill them all. Yeah, yeah!!

Two beautiful women intercepted a roaring terrorist calling.


Almost the same time, in the airspace a few hundred meters from it, there was an airship hiding itself using hidden demonic props.

Inside are all sectarian terrorists who practise cults, and all the crew members who were there had been killed.

I bought out the boarding pass and took over all at once with my companions, so the crew could hardly resist.

The leaders of such terrorist groups cannot hide their frustration at the lack of news from the ground.

If it's true, it's time to hear from spies inside the army who are on the ground.

That way we can turn this ship to the ground and take a course of falling and transfer ourselves to another ship that is far away... but we haven't heard from it anyway.

"Also, could... have failed or something...?

The leader of this ship replied to the voice of his men.

"No way. Then you'll hear from that ship... I'm sure he's still in the military and doesn't have the entire gendarmerie."

"Really?" the leader wiped his sweat at a statement he said himself and wasn't sure about.

Actually, I had a bad feeling earlier. I can't say exactly what that is, but still I can't stop cold sweating with a terrible bad feeling all over my body.

Is it the only member of this group who once belonged to the Order of Witchcraft that says it's the feeling of a former wizard?

Suddenly there was a scream in the communications magic prop as I was twitching into a feeling I didn't quite understand.

Members in the steering room holding their ears unintentionally looked at each other simultaneously. What's going on?

As I became silent on an unexplained matter, I had always heard a scream of an annoying cry from my ear demon prop.

I was just going to put in some correspondence from this side, and the screams disappeared in unison. After that, the silence just dominated the place.

"Hey... what?

When I whined about that with no one, the sound of heel tricks echoed there.

The men who looked at each other took all their weapons and cemented the door to the steering room.

As he sips and watches, the sound of his heel grows and eventually stops in front of the door.

When I felt the sound of gokuri and spitting noise in my ears, the door slowly opened and a beautiful woman came in from there.

Long, long hair, long legs wrapped in tight skirts and stockings, breasts under the blouse sticking out wide.

She wore a coat on top of it and was a beautiful woman with thin framed glasses that increased her intelligence on her face.

Normally, she was such a beautiful woman that I would fall in love with her, but there was no man here right now looking for that beauty.

But when the woman sighed a little at the terrorists who were hostile to suspicion,

"Hey, even by the time I got here, I'd ask, aren't you willing to surrender?

"... what... what?

"So surrender, let's... Could you just surrender and honestly get caught? I'd appreciate it if you would."

So far, the terrorists considered this woman to be some kind of negotiator or something.

More than the existence of this ship has been revealed, the spies below should be considered found. And to say that we're here to negotiate means that we don't have the means to stop this ship from falling.

The leader thought that far and made the cut that members of places other than here had already been killed by special forces or something that would have come with this woman.

That scream gave the impression that it was the demon at the time of its murder, then the leader showed the switch in his hand.

"Don't move!! Push this and the ship will fall in a straight line all at once!! So don't move!! Tell that to your people out there, too!

"My people... I'm alone"

"... what?

"Well, you mean you don't corner surrender to a rabbit... yes, I get it. I don't know what else to do."

"Hey, what are you talking about! Don't move."

The next moment I said that, my men around me screamed simultaneously, turning red and black all over my body, raising smoke and dying.

The scream was with the voice that had just flowed from the magic props.

Beauty shrugged when she saw a leader who was just one survivor who didn't know what had happened.

"Heh, I have high magic resistance. Could it be the Wizard?

Intense discomfort came to the leader's body when he said if the whining was over or not.

No, that's not an easy word to describe offense. I can clearly see that the whole body is "dead” at this moment.

The leader, kneeling in so much pain and anguish, saw a beautiful woman looking down at herself with her reddish, blackened face and brightly blooded eyes, flushing cold sweat from all over her body without being able to push the switch of her hand anymore.

"Gi, Za... What the heck..."

The beauty answered nothing and took the blast switch from the man's hand, forcing him to spit it out, and put it in his coat pocket.

Then I finally turned my gaze to the depressed leader man,

"How about the feeling of blood boiling? That's disgusting, isn't it? High magic resistance is a long time to suffer."

Blood... boiling. In the unlikely words, the man called the bubble sprayed from the edge of his mouth, "Gubbu!" and flew.

The boiling point of the blood is 100 degrees Celsius, but the body tissue of the human species has not been able to withstand that much.

In other words, if you only try to magically boil the blood, before that, all of the vascular neuromuscular bone cells are mutated and destroyed first, and the target dies before the blood reaches Baidu Celsius.

Yet this woman said. Blood is boiling. Instantly boils only the opponent's blood, after which the cells are gradually destroyed by heat. He said it was the pain.

The man who once belonged to the Order of Magic had a clear understanding of how unlikely magic it was. And I figured out the only way I could do that with my head that even my brain cells would be destroyed and I couldn't think of anything.

"Ko...... contra...... magic"

[Contract magic (contrast magic)] - Usually, if a magician or other person exercises magic magic magic, work out the magic inside him, and convert that magic into a force with a vector in the magic language to use.

But contract magic is not. Contract magic, as its name suggests, is used with the help and covenant with gods, spirits, etc., where even mystical miracle moves beyond the principles of general witchcraft are exercised.

When it comes to why such wonderful things are not popular to the public, it is because contract magic is the och who is eaten soul by a contracted being if not the better.

Leverage the power to enter into reciprocal relationships with the divine Spirit, where the lower being, the human, is the upper being. You can understand just how lame that is to ask.

Therefore, even in the long history of the world, there are few wizards who are said to have learned the magic of this covenant, all of which have been named after legends… as notoriety.

Damascus-Kinos, the legendary demon who tried to rule the world and called himself the "Great Sovereign"

Achillon, the evil king who devoured 10,000 subspecies and even killed and devoured dragons.

I stared at the long beauty, who uses contract magic, where all the monsters make their names, with the vitreous bodies of the eyeballs already destroyed and bright, cloudy eyes, and uttered words with the last force.

"... what, what... what, make a covenant with God... such a tough force"

God with the power to bring only blood to a boil and cause the target to suffer and die. I have no idea what that is. The knowledge desire to at least know the cause of my death was causing the man to ask the question.

The beauty who kept her mouth shut replied boringly when she found out that the man was about to die.

"Blood God Magra"

Blood god Magra. He is an evil god whose name is only inscribed in the inscriptions of ancient civilization. It is a legendary ancient god whose existence is even suspected.

The man, who knew why he was dying, made a pact with such a thing and groaned to death with a bloody saliva on the woman who had killed all his companions on this ship.

"... seriously... meh"

"Yeah, right. They say that a lot."

Flushing words of contempt and listening, the beautiful woman goes on board again, sounding the sound of her heels and only the corpse rolls.

A beautiful woman called the witch, who had contractual magic at the risk of her life to treat the blood disease caused by a curse once upon a girl, slowly walked toward the deck.