When one airship taken over by terrorists was exterminated by witches, even another was about to settle.

Two beautiful women mutilated each other's backs while the terrorists were standing side by side.

The terrorists go one by one and fewer to two swordplays without blind spots.

Some wanted to escape, but I can't say that because the status quo is on a ship that floated in the sky.

The leader, who was bandaged in the nose by his companions who were just killed without being able to retreat or win again, incontinently clamped his knees.

This wasn't supposed to happen. This is how it should be...... that's all I repeat in my head.

In the meantime, another man was swept across his torso with Aisha's devil's sword, and he was put on the spot.

Finally, the leader, who became one of the last, breathed roughly and repeatedly before Aisha and the blue-haired beauty overlooking the pile of corpses... escaped.

There's no way he could get away with it, but the leader man made a courageous escape to the last hope where some magical magic equipment for the transition would remain. Behind it,

"" I'm not running away. Yeah!!!!

To the two overlapping voices: "Hino!," the man screamed, mutilating his body vertically and horizontally into four parts and rolling like garbage on the spot.

When it was all over, Aisha delivered Gilead into her body, and knelt down. Honestly, I think I used my whole life's worth of strength.

Every time I breathe, my whole body's bones and muscles swell, my sweat floats and my nausea builds up.

He was strengthening himself with the power of the Devil's Sword and temporarily removing his physical limiters at the same time. I can't help but scream when my body follows me impotently.

When Aisha was in pain doing so, a blue-haired beauty put a knife in her sheath and then touched her back,

"Unhelpful. That's the one. Please don't move."

It put a powerful healing magic on me. With that said, Aisha understood that this woman is a user of Holy Magic because she is a cathedral knight.

Recover until your body is instantly healed and you manage to walk.

"For once, I suggest you get a proper doctor later."

"Oh, I know. I'll see my own doctor."

That's what Aisha said thinking about Keith. Then I miss Keith as much as I can.

You meet Keith, she's a good girl, she's been kissing me a lot, taking a bath, in bed...

"... suddenly you look like a female at a killing scene like this or are you a pervert?

"Nah!? And I didn't!! I didn't!! Don't be rude!

"Well, fine. So now I'm... because it's about time I picked you up."

"Oh, oh... I'm sorry. Thank you."

The blue-haired beauty shook back the hand offered by Aisha, who laughed and thanked her honestly.

"I have a little situation... I can't say my name or affiliation because I can't cause any trouble... I really appreciate it"

"Yeah, that's me too... well, in my case, I know exactly what you belong to, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't explore"

Copy that.

The two smiling at each other stared at each other with a face like a good friend for years, and held their hands down disappointingly,

"That's strange...... I feel so sunny, and I'm suing you that somehow your instinct is to do something about you here"

"That's an odd encounter. My instincts also complain that it's dangerous if I don't do something about you..."

"... shall we not dare break up before we kill each other?


As the two beauties dared to walk out to the bow and stern in that way, a beauty with glasses magically came in front of a beauty with blue hair toward the bow.

"Sorry again...... ugh, bloody"

"Please don't complain. I can't kill as brutally as you."

"Who's cruel... let's go."

Grabbing the hand offered, the two instantly stepped down to the ground with metastatic magic.

On the ground, the beauty of glasses responds with a fuss in the army and the gendarmerie to another airship that is now visible thanks to the shame of the demonic props broken.

After seeing it, the glasses beauty smiled sending her gaze to the ship she turned to.

"What's wrong with you? Nibbling... soaking in the aftertaste of killing?

"I'm not!! Sushi......"

That's how I recall it.

The beauty of glasses heard something open on the deck when she finished all the terrorists and broke the magic props and later just picked up a beauty with blue hair on the other boat.

When you head for it on a small run, there's...

"Liar, right... Necrodemone"

An ugly Necrodemon was crawling out of the container, jointed all over his body.

The Necrodemon, as its name suggests, is an artificial weapon created by joining the bodies of inferior Lesser Demons and packing magic organs inside them.

Many of them were introduced during the Great War and are now banned from manufacturing by the Treaty.

The beauty saw it and understood that the terrorists who were inside the army downstairs were quickly given the coordinates of this ship.

If this is what you have, even if a regular army or gendarmerie enters, it's visible to lose if you think about the numbers with terrorists.

This time, nobody sent out Necrodemons because the beauty in the glasses was on her way alone.

This is how it's coming out now, maybe it was set to come out automatically when all the hidden magic items stopped.

When she saw the necro demon, the beauty struck her tongue. The blood god Magra she is contracting is a blood manipulating god, as her name suggests, so she is almost powerless for Necrodemons.

Because there is no blood in the body of the necrodemon, and it is the ether fluid with preservatives and magic that circulates.

I just have to do it with normal attack magic, but honestly, it's too tight to deal with alone.

"I wish I could..."

She works her magic and puts her magic language on the Necrodemon, who comes at herself, the enemy, with the smell of a cold sweat pounding into the nose of the preservative... I was about to,


Stick your ears out 'DOGAAAAAAAAAAH!!!' I wondered if the explosion had sounded, and the Necrodemon had left only his ankle and vanished from the world.

I couldn't understand what had happened for a moment, but when I calmed down and thought about it, someone unleashed super powerful attack magic to help me understand.

Looking in the direction in which the magic came, a small luxury passenger ship is paralleling this airship.

The glasses beauty took a peek at the other ship using a telescopic feature on her glasses. Then there was an elf girl who was turning her eyes into the deck.

The pretty girl has a samurai and a cat rushing up to her voice. When the beautiful woman looked at it and smiled small,


That's how I shrugged and used metastatic magic.

The beauty of the glasses, who was smiling slightly when she remembered that, exhaled, "Okay."

"Go home!"

"Do you still say? I can't. Absolutely in this situation."

"Saya. Giving up."

The eyeglass beauty stuck in by a fox-eared beauty and a blue-haired beauty who stopped and rushed over to see the two of them.

"Heh heh, no problem! I have this!!

That's what I showed you was that long-range transfer magic magic prop that the terrorist had.

"Use this to go to a neighboring country and get on an airship from there"

"That's evidence, isn't it?

"Crime. Evidence streams."

"Ugh!! If he even came back while I was doing this... I'm absolutely sorry for that!!

"If you're going to say that much, you should have embarked on a journey with Mr. Tanya to find him. It's more productive than waiting."

"No, with that direction tone deafness!! How long does it take to get out of Granzardo and get lost in the alley?

"Well, my daughter, she's a laid-back kid... but I really think so, don't you? Wait and see."

"Ugh... If you say that, you're going to be alone when he gets back..."

The beauty with glasses ate and hung on the two of them who answered nothing.

"Yay!! What's wrong with Peach Garden Oath!!

"Peach Garden... even if they give you the name of an awesome boarding house you live in right now"

"That's right. And I can't believe I'm alone. I'm going to ask my body a little bit about what I left behind, and then I'm going to give it to you both."

"" That's what makes me so lonely!!

The three daughters, who seemed very close, thus proceeded to walk towards the neighbouring country.


At about the same time, on the sky - Aisha was talking to the captain in a mindset and had the ship crossed and transferred.

The sailors salute Aisha uniformly when they see the bloody Aisha in their bodies and understand what happened.

In the next few days in Seimrad, Aisha got the hatred to say 100 kills (actually less), but she is a female knight who cries out when Keith tells her it's kind of obscene.

Nevertheless, Aisha, aboard the ship, made her way to Nia early to get dressed.

Then isn't Nia letting her eyes circle with a towel on her head on the bed?

"Hey, what happened!!

Lou explains to Aisha, who rushes over.

Waiting for Aisha the whole time in a twitchy way, Nia was stunned to see another ship suddenly appearing in the sky after a while.

It was another terrorist ship where the beauty of the glasses stopped the magic props and made them appear, but Nia, who did not know, rushed to the captain.

in front of Krone, Sasha and Lou, who headed together without time to stop. Nia was

"That ship! Maybe it's the ship that the bad guys were hiding!! Someone could be caught over there too!!

The captain nodded at Nia's words, but insisted that the princess could not move any more than she was here. But...

"I can't believe you may have someone asking for help but you're not going!! I command you. Lay it on that ship!!

"But it is."

"Go for it!

Military men cannot resist the majesty of the royal family. The captain gave instructions to the sailors to protect Nia, and sent the ship to the ship that suddenly appeared.

Nia heads to the deck to thank the captain with joy. Of course it was stopped, but then it disappeared with metastatic magic.

Turning to Krone and Sasha, and the sailors, assuming Lou was on deck, Nia was staring at the other ship on deck as she thought.

Nia, staring at the ship with Elf's super vision, sensed movement on the deck of the other ship. And then I saw it and I said, "Ah!" Raise your voice.

The samurai, the cat and the sailor look at you in a hurry, but unfortunately only the cat has no idea what's going on.

A sailor who saw a beautiful woman and a necro demon on the deck muttered about the monster and explained it to Sasha, who had listened back.

We were listening to that together. Nia slowly chewed her lips and backed away from the spot a little and spread her hands,

"Minnie!! Out of the way. Yeah!!

When everyone turned to the scream, Nia was practicing her magic and chanting her magic language.

Everyone screams and leaves the scene when they see the red lotus flame bullet that can be done in front of their bodies.

"Princess! Stop!! It's dangerous!!

"That's right!! You will get hurt!!

Whatever Krone and Sasha would stop, Nia became desperate to create the strongest magic for the Siege that Keith had ever taught her.

But here comes one miscalculation. No, it would be more of a miracle than a miscalculation.

Nia was in a hurry. Not much Keith taught me. I turned the magic language into a song. The song that is spinned is ridden with magic itself, changing the nature of magic.

Flamebombs rapidly increase their density, converge further and eventually......

"... lying... beautiful"


Brand new offensive magic that no one has ever seen... and then Keith assembles the magic that he calls "Puffy Nia Cannon".

The seven-colored bullet of light rocks the whole ship with too dense magic, fluttering Nia.

Krone and Lou rush over to the princess fluttering with magic.

"Sasha! What are you doing!! You too!!

"Huh? Oh, yeah!!

I held and supported Nia, transformed into an elf turret, from behind. And Lou, of course.

The sailors could not touch the royal princess and were grating on the spot, but eventually Nia set a goal for the Necrodemon.

"Master Keith ahhh!! I'll do my best - ooh!!!! Hemiaaaaaaa!!!

I raised my voice and unleashed magic that still didn't suit my moves.

While the magic unleashed was almost the speed of sound, the Necrodemon was wiped out of the world in an instant without any shock waves or explosions sounding on the spot.

Nia said to the magnitude of the power unleashed, "Hami!" and every Krone and the others are blown back.

As Krone, Sasha and Lou rushed over away, Nia let her eyes circle,

"Are you going to bluff? Um, one of those... bluff?

When the sailor confirms to the voice of worry,

"You're safe!! Oh, I say thank you!!

Upon hearing that, Nia lost her mind as she said, "Good for you."

After all I've heard, Aisha looks like she's going to cry "hey, how dangerous".

By the way, that airship was checked inside by sailors after Nia defeated the Necrodemon. Then on board, the bodies of the men tattooed with the symbols of the terrorists and the Bumpy Evil God were said to have been rolling all over the aisle.

When she finished listening, Aisha approached Nia and took her hand off.

Nia finished Aisha's battle. When she opened her thin eyes to the feel of her scratchy hands,

"... Aisha... you're safe... good"

"Dear Nia... what a dangerous thing to do... please don't be impotent"

"Aisha's fighting... me too"

Saying so, Nia put her mouth to Aisha's ear so she wouldn't sound like Krone or Sasha.

"Otherwise, I won't be happy when I go home and give Master Keith a hug."

I couldn't save someone. I didn't fight just myself. I can't honestly be happy with Keith's hug with such a mollusk in my chest.

Aisha nodded honestly, "Yes," because she knew exactly how it felt.

"I hope to see Master Keith soon."

"Yeah, I'd like to see you soon."

I hope so. The subordinate elves held hands with each other forever.