Keith brought her to the bathroom. Aisha took off her clothes and was seated in a chair to wash her body.

She had recovered from taking off her clothes and washing her body thanks to the night cunt's pee and healing magic, but Aisha left everything to Keith without doing so.

Aisha's body, which collapsed as soon as the battle was over, smelled dark at the stronghold because Sasha just gently wiped it.

But Keith was seriously sweating and washing Aisha's body without saying or smelling "good smell" as usual.

Even though Aisha's body was blocked by the shade of healing pills, there were even thin scars on the terrorists.

Keith sees it gently and puts his magic in one piece at a time. This way, when you go into hot water that dissolves the herbs and magic pills, you react and leave no scratches.

That's how Keith heard about the fight on the airship while he was treating his body and washing it.

Aisha answers in some way that she made God fight like a god. I still want Keith to think I'm cute.

"Heh, so that Cathedral Knight guy helped you?

"Oh yeah... or the woman almost knocked you out. I... a little."

Mostly Aisha. You can say Aisha, the murderer.

Somehow I knew that, Keith, but without dare,

"Huh. So, what's he like? Like what?"

Aisha mumbled at the inquiry as she was about to answer.

The lower story was a woman coming, but she looked beautiful, and most importantly, she's a mystic child. How Keith would react if he heard such a thing is more obvious than seeing fire.

Only now...... I just want you to care about yourself at this moment. Aisha thought about saying,

"Oh... she was like a gorilla... maybe even Dwarf's blood in it? Your muscles are thick, your face is tight, and at first glance, you were already a gorilla! Gorilla Woman......"

"Oh... is that a gorilla... is that right, gorilla"

Keith, who heard the story, disappeared from his head the figure of a beautiful woman he had in mind when he heard of a strong cathedral knight. That beauty and gorilla are not linked.

Totally irrelevant story, but when such a conversation is taking place with Aisha and Keith, in Far Away Granzardo,

"Heh... heh... blah blah blah!! Damn it!! No ~!!"

"... you know, you're a woman, so there's no animal after sneezing."

"But sneezing is also called the curse of soul dissociation, and after you sneeze, you curse me for being evil."

"Ahhh, yes, yes."

You think there was such a conversation between a beauty with blue hair and a beauty with glasses or something?

That's fine, Keith, who had this day's conversation with Aisha that way, washed the female knight's brown body in full swing.

Keith, who had finished washing his whole body, including his hair, put him in a hot tub where Aisha, who was kind of blushing red, was lukewarm.


"It's medicine. It's good for the body, so I'm patient."

He wraps his hair around keeping it out of hot water, and then he washes his body gently, too. Keith pushes it to massage Aisha's back to make sure it's in his body.

I checked to see if there were any lags in the magic path, if there were any areas where the internal bleeding had not healed due to the injury, etc., and then I gathered my magic powers on the magic wand I had brought and wrote a letter on Aisha's back.

Modern magic letters remained all the way on Aisha's back as they were painted at the end of the cane. When it's finished drawing,

"Aisha, it's a little exciting."

"Huh? Oh, yeah"

Hearing Aisha's voice answering, Keith shoved the letter into his brown back with his palms.

The letter of light goes all over Aisha's back and says, "Bili!" and leaves a slightly paralyzed feel.

Besides, by the time he roared "Ugh," Aisha's body fluttered and remained slightly lazy. Others were fully recovered.

I'm a little surprised by the precise and faster treatment than any doctor Aisha has ever called.

Aisha was honestly impressed not knowing that all of that was due to the various magic items she had hidden and the magic power of the dragon.

"Now you're all right in your body. And Magic Road. You shouldn't use the Devil's Sword for a while, because it shouldn't interfere with your everyday life. And then slowly soak it in this hot water and it's perfect."

"Yeah," replied Aisha, then thanking her small "thank you".

I leave my back in Keith's body as it is. I've been looking for a hug ever since I was fighting.

Aisha had noticed that she was sweet, but still wanted Keith's warmth so badly that she couldn't help it.

Then Keith turned his hand around Aisha's body to respond to it and gently hugged her. Unlike the warmth of hot water, the plush wrapped her whole body from her back and Aisha slipped her face.

For how long he had done so, Aisha opened his mouth with a snack.

"Oh, you know, Keith"

"Yes? What is it?

"You know... you know, hair fastening... oh, thank you... that saved me"

Keith realized that it was an automatic magic cancellation feature that only activated once when planted in his own hair fastening.

Pour fluid orihalconium into the core of a hair clasp made of silk steel alloy and let it bewitch you, only once, but it will dispel a magical attack.

Keith held Aisha's body tight as she exhaled,

"... I didn't give it to you for this, did I?... More Aisha needs to take care of herself. I'm in trouble. I don't know how many amulets I made in time."

"Kisu...... sorry"

Aisha was filled with joy as she apologized. Keith was glad he gave him such a amulet without telling himself anything.

Because it seemed like the fact that you were really worried about Aisha, who gets a dangerous job as an escort knight.

Actually, just for the record, that automatic magic cancellation feature was planted to prevent Aisha from running out of bees and using his biggest attack move [Hinokagabiko] in the Devil's Sword Gilead.

This move is a stunt that even dragon species could not use when they were fighting terrorists for the magnitude of their power to be physically extinguished.

If Roana became Arsi, it was a feature that Aisha put in place just in case she got pregnant and had to take the blame for not necessarily using this move.

Yes, the one that protected Aisha was for Keith who tried to protect himself from Aisha!!

(No... you really know what's good for you)

while swearing to his heart that he must never find out. Keith stroked Aisha gently,

"I'll make it for you again... then please put it on that way. I'll make it look good on Aisha.

"Yeah...... again, protect me"

Knowing nothing of the circumstances, Aisha has asked Keith to look back and kiss her with the illuminating joy.

Keith, overlapping her lips in response, noticed that Aisha felt like she was having a really bad time.

Unaccustomed to being protected, the escort knight seems to be completely troubled by the fact that Keith saved his life (whatever the circumstances) and this gentle treatment.

(Totally really, the contents are maiden...... my body healed too...... I guess I should go!!

That's what you treated me for, you bastard.

I can't help but scream a dialogue with my heart, and Keith moves her tongue like she doesn't like it and licks Aisha's tongue. And at the same time he started touching Aisha's groin with his fingertips.

to Aisha, who trembles with piqun and speaks of her lips,

"With that said, you were just washing up here. Don't. Don't."

My fingers slowly pick and rub the scrotum and rub the inside slowly. Aisha leaked her breath as its fingertips touched the cli and inner mucosal areas.

Keith said a little mean as he moved his fingers when he saw Aisha, who seemed bored with comfort.

"This place in Aisha is a big, complicated form of Villavila, so hey. I need to wash it well."

"Ugh, shut up! Don't be weird!!... I care... gusu"

Aisha, whose body was weakened and cut until a short while ago, tears her eyes even with such verbal reproaches.

"No, no, I like it...... it feels better to lick it, even when it's inserted into it, in this much more eclectic shape"

Saying that, Aisha frowned slightly at the cuts and began to feel her eyes moisturized.

My body, which has just healed to the caress that is given in the hot water, reacts sensitively to erect my nipples and cliques to represent my comfort.

"Huh, uhh... Hih, uhh... aku! Mmm!!

Moving his body stuffy by rippling the hot surface properly, Aisha left Keith's fingertips to himself without resisting getting faster and faster.

I always wanted to be like this. I've always wanted Keith to do this since the fight was over. I can see that hope is fulfilled and my body is happy.

So leave yourself to such joy. Aisha wanders into pleasure as she touches Keith's legs.

Eventually, Keith's fingertips completely peel off her erect crisp foreskin and rub and wash her roots.

"Hiuuuu!! Ugh, mmm!! Mm-hmm!! Oh, oh, ooh!! Keesh, stop, there...... that's a lot, no... mmmmmmm!!

Despite Aisha's voice, Keith answers with a brown sagittarius ear in his mouth.

"No, it's the dirtiest of the skins here. So clean it up like this... right?

"Huhhh!! Amen, Nhi-yum!! Rub.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................! I would do that!! Oh, silly!! Mm-hmm!

Keith was also totally erecting a meat stick in his voice and reaction that grew up gradually, but still didn't stop blaming the hand.

"Aisha, make it so loud... it freaks me out so much too, you're a sick, bad knight"

"Ha, ha!! Ugh, no!! That's what I'm making you do, not good for you!! Ugh, Ugh!!

Aisha, unable to stop her body from reacting to pleasure, made her hips jump freaked out by the feeling of crisp rubbing in the hot tub.

I say (a). To Aisha's body, which is sensitive enough to feel that way just because of the stimulus to Clitoris, Keith made herself feel like a female slut all over her body by kissing her neck muscles and pressing her erect penis.

"Ki-shu... Ki-shu... Ugh! Ugh!! Hiuuu!!

Calling his name in a sweet voice, Aisha left herself to Criiki, knowing she would want Keith from the depths of her body.

It is a wave of pleasure accustomed to the Krionist Aisha. Aisha did not hesitate to get through the feeling of a light acme unlike when she was a vaginal squid.

"Ugh... Ugh!! Yikes!!

Keith's reassurance in supporting his freaking body deepens Acme's pleasure aftertaste all the time.

Aisha turned around happy and kissed again. The overlapping lips are warm and about to swing.

Keith continued to touch this area to massage Aisha's Ikiman, who drowned.

Carefully loosen up your thighs, diaphragms, and over your pubic bones. While doing so,

"Aisha...... did you feel good? Did you look good?

Aisha looked a little troubled at the dialogue as if to ask the child if he could pee properly,

"Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi..."

Answer honestly and be ashamed of it and turn your face upside down. Keith hugged Aisha like that and licked her ear.

When you shrug your shoulders to the tickle,

"I'm sure there's Aisha's love liquid in this hot water ~ ~ It must be mixed full...... can I drink it?

There's definitely a mix of your leadings there. Drink if you can.

Oh, my God. Aisha's fallen so far. Aisha's not supposed to say, she's just a face that's dying to light up and cry.

"Idiot! I want to... Ugh, pervert... get this hot water ready!"

"Uh-huh, dip some more in Aisha's love liquid"

"Come on!! Wah, up ahead of me! I'm coming up!!

When I said that, I stood up all at once. Not to mention the warmth. I soaked it in hot water for a long time. And I even acme it. Naturally, it is upside down. If you get up there suddenly.

"Huh... cum"

It is only natural for me to feel lightheaded. Keith stood up in a hurry to hold Aisha, who fluttered and was about to fall.

"Because you're sick, but you scream and you stand, right?

"... even though I'm sick, I did something weird for Keith."

Keith didn't argue with the word, even though it was definitely from Aisha who asked for it.

When you just hold it tight, you push your penis, which remains big, against Aisha's lower abdomen.

"Right. Sorry, I really wanted to hug Aisha when I made sure she was safe... and I also wanted to get laid... I knew I didn't want to, it's bad for my health"

The honest request will also set Aisha on fire. (a) The body you just gave me really hurts me in search of a male lust stick.

Aisha, who draped tropical honey on her thigh from Hikutsuki Acme Manko, said she was stuck with Keith.

"... come on, give Keith a hug... and he'll heal fast... I feel"

"... Aisha"

"Instead... you're sweet. et al., it's abusive... then I won't forgive you."

Keith overlaid her lips by answering yes to a gentle sex-loving knight who looked up and sued her with moist eyes.

Sweet and swinging Aisha's body moistened her vagina thoroughly with this hug and kiss alone.

At the end of the kiss, he follows Keith's bare chest and tells him to take him to bed silently. Keith responded to it with a princess hug.

Aisha nicks as she lights up like a girl to the joy of conveying her thoughts.

You probably won't believe anyone now that this female elf played a huge turn on a terrorist opponent a day ago and just murdered over thirty people.