Keith's body kept holding him tight and the tail of the nightcap crept up and stroked him.

Even the unconscious core part seemed to be about to complain to Keith not to let himself go.

So Keith wraps his little body around it like it's going to break.

"Kisu... Kisu, I... I don't"

I wish I had to say something, but my thoughts were too overflowing in my heart to speak at night, and that's why I kissed Keith from myself.

Press your little lips to make a loud noise and suck. It was an awkward kiss.

Still, there was no way this man would not respond to the kiss that Nightingale would get from him, and Keith inserted his tongue so that it was covered.

Lick the little dragon princess's teeth and gums with a deluded twist.

to an act that was supposed to be disgusting. But at night, Tsubaki even developed goosebumps in the saliva of two people who swung with Tron and dripped from the edge of his mouth.

I want more. More of this whole male thing. Lots more.

The instinct of a greedy dragon brings the body of a nightcap into a state of combat. Of course it is of the night battle.

Keith laughed at the bitch-faced night as he put his tongue out of his mouth for a while after the kiss was over and seemed to regret it.

"Nightshade, let's get laid instead of promises. Promise me I won't leave the night..."


"Yeah, it's like fingering. But it's not a battle with promises, so it's okay to feel better. It's a special promise today."

Sex that makes you feel a lot better without winning or losing because it's not a battle. I want to dream about that.

He nodded happily at night when he was completely lost in what he honestly thought he would be.

"I will! I will, I will!! Promise etsy now!! Etsy Keith!!

All I really see is a kid sitting on the bench and clinging to Keith's body jumping a piompion.

Who would believe without horns and tails that this is a princess of the subdragon species over 800 years old. Besides, the words you put out of your mouth are only obscene.

The inferior species, who taught the battle freak little one that there was more fun than that, was already half-baked by such a figure, and hurriedly grabbed the shoulder of the nightcap and flew using metastatic magic.

The place where the two showed up at the next moment was a noble mansion.

It's my first place to come, but at night I understand where it is with the Divine Commandment Eye. I ask Keith, who is throwing up in the trash.

"Why are you here when it's Keith's room?

Then Keith, who wiped his face up with paper around his mouth, smiled with tears,

"'Cause if it was your room, Master Nia might storm in again... you see, at night, the two of us were the only ones who looked good tonight"

"Oh, such a shimmering face!!... Shitora, Mon"

In fact, at the bottom of my heart, it is a night when Keith and I alone wanted to be very sweet today. I feel like I've been spotted on that, and I blush in embarrassment.

Keith stroked his head at night as he went to the washroom with every trash can and rinsed his mouth, sitting on the bed still looking embarrassed.

"Really? Is that my wish, then? If you're gonna make a promise, you two should be alone... and that's probably what I want."

He thought the same thing about me. That makes me so happy that I'm going to cry, besides my body getting hot.

Totally remembering the female reaction, the little dragon lay his hands on the trousers in front of him sitting undisturbed.

"Ya, Nightshade?

In front of Keith, who unintentionally speaks, the night he blushes, he takes out his slightly swollen penis with reptile hands without saying anything.

"... today... because it's special... and I... hap."

He put his tip in his mouth while handling the roots with his fingertips.

It is the first spontaneous unwashed fera. A journey back on an airship steaming penises can be washed up in the midst of the night.

"Ooh! Ya... Oh, no! Awesome."

The dragon's tongue moves tyroscopically to lick around the geese neck, and the whole tiny cavity tightens the turtle head.

As the warm dragon couch manko was cleansed of the dirty penis steamed with pee and sweat, the erection increased acceleratively due to the freshness and comfort.

The polar meat stick, which became a cup in the night, tired his jaw and made his breath bitter, but Princess Dragon never stopped Fela from sucking and licking.

The caged tongue of devotional love completely exposed the area around the geese neck and even the darkest part of the flavor was licked at the tip of the tongue.

Keith freaked out his hips when the falling part was rubbed with a salivating tongue.

"Ya... Shit, it's... Kimochi no"

night when Keith is happy and it also comes from his penis. The

(Taste, bitter and full than usual... this is just Keith's taste... ugh)

Cum the female part over the dark flavor you taste, and pat the legs alternating left and right looking to enjoy dripping from the bed you are sitting on.

That's not what a bitch dragon looks like when she's into playing fera. Besides, if you're such a young creature, you'll be damned.

Place your hand over the beautiful head of your dark hair, good boy. As you were feeling the feeling of your little tongue crawling through your meat stick while you were a good boy, Suddenly Nightingale let go of her mouth and looked up at Keith.

"What's wrong?

In inquiry, Nightingale rubbed her thighs and thighs together while holding the erect meat stick.

"... oh... Shiko, now that I want to, just give me a minute"

She turned bright red to her ears and offered to call it off once.

One person outside was left so far to the core at dusk and his body was cold, so there is no reason to hold his urine.

I laughed and nodded, "Okay," Keith, but that's where I come up with this. And at night when I tried to go to the bathroom,

"Please wait. Um, pee on this."

Seeing the substitute shown so said, the nightcap hardened, forgetting his urine. It doesn't matter how it goes. Keith takes it and approaches the nightcap.

"Please make this here. Please."

"... hehe, hehe... kidding. Oh!! Ahhh! Ampountan!!!

Forgetting how sweet it felt earlier, the little one yelled at it pointing and barking.

"Oh, yeah, yeah! That would be Omar!!! Why should Nong piss on something like that!!

What lies ahead of Nightingale's fingertips, it is Omar as he points out. Mr. Duck's here.

Keith told me to pee on this at night. Naturally, I don't think you can do that.

"No, dude! I will never let you!! Wow, how old do you think Non is!!... don't hold it with one or another!

"Uh-oh, I bought it because I was going to use it for a nightclub one day... won't you?

"Do it!! Ahoy!!

"It's just for once! Once you do, it's worth buying..."

"No! Nah, nah, nah, nah!! Absolutely not!!"

Keith thinks with his heart of the cry. I think desperately. If I were to say that, I wouldn't be a good boy or a good girl today...

I shout with my heart that I am a mean and good boy for a mean night when I am a promise jerk in a corner but I don't even make memories.

Then the night I read it, I said, "Hih!" and he looked like he was going to cry, eventually...

"... I don't know... this kind of blackmail... gusu"

tears and went to Keith's side,

"Ha, ha, put that down... Ampountan..."

"Will you!? Ooh!! Turns out the nightcap is the best!! Enough of this kid!!

It was a night filled with good kids and feeling like some kind of torn dog.

Keith, who made him strip all of his clothes off and bare them at night like that, takes off his clothes himself, and in the meantime lets Princess Little sit on Omar.

I don't even remember using Omar at night. He shook the grip around the duck's ear as he sat in awe.

Totally for toddlers, it was a little small for nightclubs, but it was still big enough to sit on.

"Humiliation... why are you doing this... what are you doing?

Zero stupidity and a small trembling night on Omar made me wonder if this would be anything but calm.

But if I don't do this, Keith won't be a good kid, and maybe he won't get serious somewhere even though he's a corner promise jerk.

I absolutely don't like that, so I suppressed all the shame and stuff and at night I sat on Omar and started getting ready to urinate. In other words, the urine intent was already the limit.

"Ki, Ki Su... Ahoy, no if you look... that's Nashi!

Keith nicked a night squirming with tears in a situation that still seemed to open his urethral orifice.

"I need to make sure you're doing it right"

"Where else would I be in this situation...... ah, ooh! Huh!"

The body of the nightingale shivered burly. It was really the limit already.

"Mmm, Ri... already... Ugh, ahoy! Ahoy!!... Keisu, heh... ha"

Along the way he was in bad shape, Nightingale felt something warm bursting into Omar from the opening of his urethral orifice loose.

A little bit...... and the urine that keeps flowing is different from human species, elves, and any other kind of thing, and smells extraordinary.

"Shikko, Shikko... Shikko, Konya... Oh, Shikko no"

The pleasure passed to the tip of the tail of the nightingale to say whether it felt good to urinate so far.

I get drunk of urination sitting on Omar placed in the middle of the room and not holding my hand.

The feeling that Keith was doing something he shouldn't be watching began to drip from Omako at night to another juice with his pee.

Keith approached niggling at the night of his uncut face drooling to his covetousness in too much pleasure, staring at Princess Dragon's slightly open mouth zeroing his covetousness and pressing a meat stick that remained erect.

When the tortoise head touches his soft lips, he restarts his fella as his piss continues at night with a swinging face.

Fella, urinating, lets Nightingale's heart unwind with slut and disloyalty, narrowing her mouth and moving her head with her hands grabbed by a grip.

A little facial no-hand fella. Besides, I don't even know where Keith's excitement stays about the luxury of telling Omar to stay seated.

"Ooh, night porn... maybe, this is awesome"

I didn't know Omar would excite me to this point when I bought it as part of my magic drug ingredient collection. Princess Dragon, do not be afraid.

The inside of the narrow cheek rubs against the geese neck, and the tongue pressed against the bell mouth rubs and moves with the head movement to provide paralyzed stimulation.

Keith was lightly defeated by the feeling that he was letting that little one fella in the cozy fragrance of dragon water emitted by the night's piss that had stopped at some point.

The desire to continue to be excited about this feeling of happiness, at least for a little while later, distorts my face, but more than that, the meat stick, which has become intolerable to the tongue movement of the nightingale, causes semen to erupt.

"Ooh! Whoo!! Aww!!

The moment Zamen popped out, Nightingale opened her eyes to her surprise, but immediately drank from the tip of her exit and sucked the midway out of her urethra.

"Ooh! Come on, there's golden balls!! Let the contents come out!!

Spitting such an unpleasant and disgusting dialogue, Keith lost his hip in the feeling of the move of being sucked out of his urethra while he was ejaculating.

Keith exhaled at the feeling of being stung in the head of an ejaculating turtle at night when he still sucked on the choo choo and meat straw, even though it all came out.

"Nightshade, is the salmon delicious? Did you drink a lot?

When I hear that, the night cunt spits his penis out of his sticky, yarn-drawing mouth, Pfft! and snorted in a simmering breath.

"It's good... it's just me... it's better... it's better."

"It's an honor. But next time, I want to give you a simmer in this. You've been coveting me for wanting to drink a nightcap too, haven't you?

Nightingale stared at her own groin as she sat in Omar. There is a sticky love liquid falling in the accumulated pee.

Keith hugs her and takes her to bed the night she raises her voice "Huh" to what is happening with Fella and Pee. And he opened the door wide, and made it easy for the night to understand.

Princess Dragon's there was wet on Becha with pee and love liquid, glowing her labia in the same color as her hairless skin.

I pushed it wide with my fingers and the middle meat is also starting to wet and smell like a female. Keith breathed there and reacted with a pickle at night.

"What do you want to do? Do you like your mouth again? Or... would you like to insert your penis into this little hole over here and have a simmer in your acrimonious womb?

Make inferior inquiries. Night after goosebumps at the paranoia that comes up from Keith's words, he wraps his tail around the inferior species staring at Manko.

"Oh man! Omako...... insert your penis and drink your salmon!! Oh, come on. Ow!...... asshole sooo"

Even though I say asshole, my tail is rubbed and wrapped around Keith to reflect the thought of "daisy".

Keith laughed and nodded in response to the palpable reaction, "Yes, sir."

"But before I do, I need to wipe my pee properly... I'm going to get sick"

I put my mouth on a wet manko with a laugh at night and licked the pee and love liquid on the ends of my pussy, this time the other way around.

"Oh, no good!! Keishu, uuuuuuuuu! Ahhh, ahhh! Shiko, don't lose it! Oh no more if I say no...... no if I say no!! Hino!!

Keith moved his tongue wide and began licking and rubbing the manko mucosa with his tongue as the nightcap shouted and his hips floated at the feeling of being sucked out of the slight Shizuku left in his urethra.