The next day, Keith was woken up by Berna sleeping in his own room when a night mole rushed home on a strange mole made on his body.

time is around noon, and when asked what was the matter,

"Master Nia wants to see you."

That's what I was told. I thought maybe they would ask me if I got out on the way yesterday, but I still can't go, and when I replied, "OK," I woke up physically.

Berna tried to get her clothes ready to help her get ready for herself as she was, but grabbed that hand and Keith pulled over to the bed,

"Berna... please do something in the morning than prepare your clothes"

With a sweet voice, I smell a noodle hugging an elf in a maid's clothes. That alone shook my erection in the morning.

"... it's lunch already?

"Then do something about the daybreak. Otherwise, you can't go."

I thought I was about to go out to plenty of dragon daughters last night, but in the end I could only do it once in my mouth and manko.

I couldn't help it, so I went back to my room and slept, but my energy is excellent because I drank the dragon water from the night.

I took a small sigh of sigh, and Berna kissed me when I looked up and said there was nothing I could do about it.

"... excuse me"

That's what I said. I let Keith's underwear off, where he slept with a cloak of pants, and he started licking his male smelly morning bulb penis.

Keith exhaled howlingly at the itchy feeling of Berna's tongue rubbing against his turtle head, stroking his blonde head as he did and immersed himself in fella pleasure.

I ended up getting two rounds of nuisance with my mouth intact, and then Keith made his way to Nia's room.

After being drunk in a row, Berna seemed somewhere happy to still feel the smell of sarmen coming up from the bottom of her stomach even with her brace care. It is perverted.

When I get to the room, Aisha and Nia are waiting for Keith and Berna with a musty look. When Keith laughed and sat in front of Nia,

"... Keith. Well... that was close... what were you doing with Berna?"

"Yes, no, I have a little trouble with my health."

Not believing in excuses at all, the princess looked hilarious with her cheeks swollen.

"Even yesterday night I was gone... Dear Keith, about me lately... Gusu"

"Oh no! I always think about Master Nia..."

While such a conversation would take place, Berna, who stood next to Aisha, was also being questioned.

"Hey Berna... I guess it's your fault... I can smell Keith from you... and like a chestnut flower"

"... only twice with your mouth"

"Gu!!... hey, why... have you forgotten you apologized for singling me out yesterday!

"Your husband asked for this... so why don't you let Aisha wake you up this time?

"Can you! I am a knight!!... It's like I quit the other half..."

While the conversation was going on in two places, Krone and the others exited the room after all the tea preparation and so on.

I thought I'd stay, Aisha and Berna, but I'm going to follow Krone and the others as if I had no choice but to make Nia's two best men.

When we were alone in the room, he remained cheeky like a rice cake, and Nia stood up and sat across Keith's sitting leg.

Nia was not in front of Keith for her sophistication as a princess or her appetite to even act like this.

Sitting on Keith's thigh, Nia, who cuddled,

"Has the night fallen... full?

Keith gently stroked the princess's white blonde hair in an attempt to make her use of it for a bit here at night, as she listened in a pitiful voice.

"No, I'm not. Yesterday, I was just in the middle of a discussion about your problem."

"Napping?... is that you?

In Nia, there was no connection between the word "night-time" and "troubles", which solved everything with overwhelming force with that energy.

So Keith tells us that the nightfall was about to be crushed by 800 years of loneliness, and tells us to turn it away as if it were Nia's fault.

Nia, whose roots are honest and gentle, was shocked by this.

I couldn't believe I was trapped in such deep sorrow at night behind my worries that I might be taken Keith. And I made myself feel that way!!

Nia zeroed her tears when she found out she was making such a hard time with her first best friend she had ever been able to miss because she didn't have many friends.

"Duh, what do you want me to do?"

"No, it's never Master Nia's fault! But... sometimes people who have to live a long time can be deeply pitied for trivial things."

I often say it in such a way that Nia cares.

Having fallen prey to such inferior thoughts, Nia completely forgot that Keith had already adored Nightingale and Berna, and continued to hurt her chest with the guilt of hurting her friend.

I don't know what to do, what to do. to Nia, where the answer is floating. Keith said

"So next night, when you come, I'll tell you two, okay? Master Nia has always been a friend of the Night Buddha. I won't let Lady Nia and I miss you at night."

Nia nodded over and over again thinking that was the best solution to the dialogue Keith said.

"Wow, I say! He said he has always been your friend!! He's always been my best friend!!... Nightshade is mine, dear"

Keith gently hugged and kissed Nia, who was overflowing with thoughts and tears as she said it.

"That's right. Let me tell you something. Me and Lady Nia have been friends all night. So let's just hang out with the three of us."

"Yes...... come on"

I made a gutspaw with my heart that I could make another friendly 3p to Nia clinging to me crying.

Keith thinks the 3P extremes are amicable, although competing 3Ps are fine.

The last rod role was so heartbreaking that the inferior species had decided to revenge with a friendly 3P one day. I'm ready for that.

(I wonder if I'll come see you soon, Lori Dragon. I'm shaking my dick.)

Even though he had just served it twice in Berna, Keith had begun to serve it for no reason to know that he had carved something absurd into his body at night.

(... it's a corner, and should I keep giving the princess comfort sex?

I don't know what the corner is. I don't know what it means. I said I was the one who hurt him in the first place.

But deciding to do so, Keith began kissing his neck muscles as he stroked Nia's body in tears in his eyes.

"Hicha, Micha... Ki, Dear Keith... Um"

"You have to cheer up, don't you? Even though I have to cheer you up at night, Master Nia's going to have to cheer you up."

"Ha, yes...... Phew! Ah, ah... so, but this, ha"

"Sex is the best way to cheer up. Get well from the back of your crotch with sex!

Fire your body by rolling around Nia's body and pushing the fucking chi switch as you teach cod health laws.

I just thought kissing Nia dyeing her cheeks step by step again and staying put all at once......

"Keith! Queen Mia!! The Queen is here!! If you're doing something weird, stop it!!

Aisha's thoughts echoed on her head, and Keith rushed to get Nia off her legs and let her sit in a chair.

"Huh?," he said to Nia, looking strange, "I'm Queen Mia!" and make her fix her flaming face.

I know it would be awkward if Nia found out she was still doing this now, too, so when I hurried to fix the clothes mess, I patted her in the face and regained my mind.

Of course, I still have this totally stained thought in my mind that "I wish it had been a good place".

As soon as I waited that way, Aisha's voice rang from the outside.

"Master Nia, excuse me. Queen Mia is here!

"Doh, go ahead, it is!

When I replied slightly nervously, the door opened, and from there, beside Mia, my mother, who looked like Nia,

"Ah...... auntie!

Roana, a mature elf, stood with an impression similar to Mia but with a completely different breast size.

Roana rushes over looking heartily relieved when she ascertains what Nia looks like.

"Nia...... you look good. Good."

It looked the same as usual, but the shade of feeling a little tired was on my face. Nia, hugged by such Roana, smiled joyfully.

"What happened all of a sudden?

"When I heard that the princess of Seimrad was involved in terrorism... I thought I'd be here soon, but the airship had temporarily stopped all flights. So... but I'm really glad you're okay."

I was so worried about Roana, who was about to cry. It was Nia recognising that's why I had to be careful.


When Roana arrived, Keith was returned to his room. I asked Berna in the dining room at dinner. After that, she had a tea party with Mia, Roana and Nia.

Imagine the appearance of three noble species of elves who talk pleasantly, Keith who would love to mix (in a sexual sense), but there he held back and finished his meal.

Tonight's menu turned into Drake's steak. After all, what is needed for the night is meat.

Drake's leather and bones are shipped as weapons and clothing ingredients, but the excess meat is cheap and wholesale, so it was perfect when he wanted to eat a lot of meat.

When he finishes eating and goes back to his room, Keith feeds Lou, and he starts drinking muscle tres with protein and vigor.

"Mature ~. Mature ~ today ~. So my body needs to, make it, keep it!! Uri!!

Lou finished feeding on his weird singing husband again, feeling the air outside, and slept fine.

On the side all the time. "Hmm! Hmm!" I thought it was time to complain to my husband, who is muscular.

".................. Shh!! Kita-kita!! I'm coming."

Suddenly I stopped muscle treading and wondered if I had shut up. I raised my voice of joy and took a bath and got ready. And weave a marishi heaven coat.

"Bye, I'm coming!

Keith, who couldn't possibly see because he was weaving his coat, thumbed Lou straight out into the hallway.

in a room where it was finally quiet. The cat was

"Man, I don't know who you're comin 'to tonight... seriously, we gotta do something about it."

That's right. I squirmed and slept again.

Floating without even knowing the cat was solidifying such determination, Keith keeps going down the hallway hiding in the effect of Marishi Heaven's coat.

And the way we got there was in the room where Roana was staying, after all.

Keith knocked on the door and waited for a response when he did a final check on his body odor and bad breath. Then soon the door opens from the inside, and a mature elf with a shy face shows his face.

Keith, who hurried to get his coat and showed up,

"I'm here for you."

"Yeah, yeah... sorry. Suddenly."

"If Roana will call me, where will it be?"

That's what I say. Keep kissing. Keith was still in the hallway, so he panicked to the public. Roana pulled her hand and put it indoors, leaving her lips sucked, of course.

That's how he keeps turning his hand around Keith's neck and turning up to exchange thick kisses.

As her tongue entered her, and Keith's saliva spreading into her tongue for the first time in a long time, Roana cheerfully rang her throat and swallowed it, moving her tongue from herself as well.

Eventually when the tongues pulled the thread away from each other,

But all of a sudden, I was a little surprised by the boulders.

Say something white to you that you were ready for.

"I thought I'd be with you tonight."

Roana bowed shyly to Keith smiling.

"Buh, I know you're safe... and that girl's old enough to sleep with me."

"Say that... didn't you really want it this way?

Turn the arm you were holding onto Roana's ass and rub it over her skirt. Soft, big birth-experienced buttocks changed shape in my fingers.

That's all mature elves with anal development had sweet pleasures running around their hips and their vaginas getting hot.

But you can't just admit what Keith said.

"Chi, no... I really am"

"The truth is, Master Nia's an excuse to say she's worried, and it's been a long time since you've wanted me to mess it up all over your body, hasn't it? Otherwise, you wouldn't let your body wander so quickly."

"We... um, me, hi!... really, that one's full of shin... so, hmm!

Keith's tongue licks his neck muscle and starts shaking his Saho ear as it is.

When I did that with my buttocks touched, the core part of my body was burning with heat.

"I don't like this elf... I can't believe you're here to make excuses for your niece's worries... really"

That being said, Keith noticed that Roana was really one step ahead of her crying.

"Wow, no, no, no, no, no, no."

Shit, shit. Mature women really enjoy mental abuse and get mean right away.

Keith disciplined himself that he shouldn't,

"Sorry! It's been a long time since I've been mean to you!! I'm so sorry!!

Tighten it tight and I'll turn my arms around your head, good boy. I'll give you a good boy over and over.

Roana sighed as she felt the relief of being held and stroked by Keith's arm.

"Silly... why are you being so mean right now... it's terrible"

"No, because I really want you to come see me more, but you have to come at a time like this"

"... because... there's a school event in Erne... and a shop."

"I'm mean to your daughter and the shop, the poor man who was made to be their next treat. Don't cry like that. Take it."

Roana was completely deceived again by the deceptive words and gentle embrace and stuck to Keith's body.

"I forgive you for what you've done. So, from now on, be nice?... please"

Copy that, sir.

Keith layered his lips gently when he said so. To a genuine gentle kiss, Roana smiles contentedly and stops crying.

After all, Keith thought about what embarrassment to do today while being nice to a chocolate elf mature woman.

And when you come up with something, slowly release your lips.

"Hey Roana...... why don't we go on a date?

"So, a date? Huh?"

"It's a late night date for both of us. Isn't that nice?"

"But... at this hour..."

"It's okay. Believe me. I'm sure Roana will take you somewhere you like."

That's what Keith smiling told me. Roana got lost, but it would be a lie if I told her that the word "date" didn't hurt her chest.

dating. For the first time in decades, a maiden circuit in a mature woman gave orders to nod at embarrassing words. So Roana followed it and shook her head vertically.

Keith, who happily confirmed it, kisses lightly only once more and tries his magic and uses metamorphosis magic.

The two appearances were scratching off the spot when the room sounded like a "shrug" cutting the wind.