"Heh heh heh heh!! Why are you so flirtatious and rude!? Why don't you have something to say about awe for the royal noble elves!!

"Hmm! I have awe for royalty, but I'm not even willing to have that kind of dust for a half with some cow like you!!

"How many times do I know it's not a cow?" What's next to that face of yours!? It's a decoration!!

"Well, did you finally get hit in the eye that this was deafening? Poor thing."

"Shut up, you hundred slayer! What is that filthy hatred!? It suits you, though!

"I'd say that. Awwww!!

Keith sighed at the hustling screams of Aisha and Leonora, who were wooden spirits throughout Nia's room.

I thought we were finally getting along a little during this time, but this is as soon as it gets to be today. I can't even remember the reason for the fight anymore.

Nia has always been horny about the way it is, and Berna makes tea, as usual. It's kind of become a everyday landscape.

"Ki, Master Keith! We need to make him stop fighting! Ah, what shall I do?"

Keith smiled and stroked his head at Nia, who was still unfamiliar and horny,

"That's okay. Because this is proof that you two are twisted together. The truth is, these two are very close, aren't they?

"Huh! Really?

"Yeah, 'cause you see, at the end of the day, Berna, take a look at the evidence."


That's what I'm gonna tell you. To Berna and Nia, Keith put the demonic props in film mode and streamed the footage into the hollow.

There are two people by the pool deck chair holding hands amicably and sleeping happily.

"" Ghaaaa!!!!

As soon as it flushed, Aisha and Leonora shouted out of Keith's hand and took away the magic prop.

"Kiki, kiki, keith!! When did you get something like this?

"Oh yeah!! Oh, the biggest stain of my life. When not!!

The two screaming stare at Keith with their crying eyes clenching the magic prop they took away from each other to hold hands.

"Right? We're very close, aren't we?

"Yes! Leonora and Aisha are really close!! Glad to hear it!!

to Berna nodding cocklessly in the back and Nia looking happy,

"No! Ugh!!" "No. Wow!!

and they scream, but even such a voice is hammered, so no matter how you look at it, you are a perfect friend.

The two elves who are thus framed by Keith trying to bury them from the outer moat were already on the verge of panic because they had to solve Nia's misconception that they had to do something about this lily proof footage.

This is so much time, but the Fun Five actually kept talking to each other as usual.

Keith called Arsi that night because he couldn't do it with anyone because it was a situation where he would be pissed off if someone dealt with him.

I picked you up for the end of your work, and you're free tonight? What a white-invited complaint to take you into a room and attack you.

Surprised Arsi was also ready at the time he came to the room already...... or he would have wanted it from himself. Respond to kisses and caresses.

And I started having sex without even taking a bath and tasted plenty of sweaty meat for the day.

Arsi's soft scent induced an erection and Keith continued to let Arsi shake the beefy meat stick. I decided it was your day.

Two shots in a row without a fella. Then one shot at 69. Activate and take a shot in the bathroom. And he handled it in his vagina and pulled it out and shot it again.

Arsi, who has been drunk five shots, has a face full of salmon in his stomach that makes him cry. Just breathe and it stinks of karki.

Still, one last time he scratched his vagina hard with a meat stick,

"Ki-san! Kissy!!! Mm-hmm!! No more Ike! Yikes Ugh!! Ahhhhhh!! Nhi-no-no!!

"Fine, Arsi! You can say" a "!! If Arsi says yes, so do I... I'm in your mouth again!! Let it out!! Ahhh!!

"Oh, oh!! I can't take it anymore! I can't stop!! Ugh!! Ooh, there's so many of them!! Oh, ahi! Ahi, no!!

"It's okay! Because Arsi can do it!! I can definitely drink!! So see!!


Arsi, rubbed up the back of her vagina, was stuffy by pulling meat from her body. The slightly clogged vaginal meat in Omako also shivers to give Keith some oppressive pleasure.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... no"

Munchkin's vagina covered the entire tortoise head and rubbed it there, so the unpleasant pleasure swept around her waist.

Keith moves his hips nervously and blames Arsi. Eventually Arsi, who got poked in the back, had a bigger feeling of being saggy every single blow, and when he couldn't stand it,

"Oh, oh! Hiaaaah!! Nhi-no!! No, no! also,...... ahhh!! Yikes...... HIAHHHHHH!!! Nhi, hiaaa..."

I bickered my hips and welcomed ACME. Keith poking in there also took his penis to Arsi's face, where he could pull through the acme at once when the stirring from the golden balls exceeded the limit.

"Ah, Arsi! Open your mouth! Tongue! Bellows!!

Handle the meat stick by hand and squeeze out the samen from the back. Arsi, who said he couldn't do it anymore, nevertheless accepted Zamen, who had been soundly tongued out and shot out.

"Kufu!! Oh, whoa! Ahhhhhhh... so. That was amazing."

Dobibu! Biggu! Biggu!! and the ejected semen polluted Arsi's mouth and hooked its cloudiness up to his nose and cheeks.

Arsi, who wiped his face with his fingers in a knotty motion, drinks up cockles when he puts everything in his mouth,

"Also... a lot, a lot... a lot... a lot of bodily bodies, a lot of Keishan"

I'm going to report it with a face that I don't really know if I'm happy or about to cry.

On Arsi's mouth like that, Keith pressed a dirty meat stick with a love liquid and a zamen.

"Arsi... let's just have another drink... just one more shot. Because Arsi will be fine. Right?"

"Murray... Murray, that's right... Boo-hoo"

"Arsi can do it. My Arsi would be absolutely fine... me, I want to fill my Arsi... please"

Arsi felt a mess in her heart at the dialogue she told me was mine. mixed with the feeling in the stomach of the semen it has ever drank,

"... be, ra-cheeky! Chubby! Chubby!!

He started Fella with a nasty face sticking out his lips.

(Ah... the planting works well... I knew it would be a good time to keep one or so separate from the others!

Keith stiffened the meat stick in Arsi's mouth toward the sixth shot with the very worst in mind.

Keith didn't realize there was a righteous messenger who wouldn't allow such an outward path.

Outside Keith's room window, Lou, sitting on a tree branch, looked bitter turning away from the room.

"Totally... Princess and Aisha have Berna, but there's more... the outside road is past!!

That's why if you snitch on other members, Lou can't say anything because it's Arsi or Roana being held up that's annoying.

But it was the justice in this cat's heart that kept him outrageous that didn't allow it.

"We have to do something..."

I don't think so.

"I don't know what to do."

One night walked under Seimrad Castle and Lou was alone.

I left the palace because I couldn't see the sights in the room.

Seimrad's palace is inaccessible at night, but if it's about cats you see, the soldiers will be watching.

The city of Seimrad is busy even at night, because of the large number of pedestrians from different countries and the late opening of the dining area for them.

Still, insecurity doesn't get worse because there are rumors among the merchants that if they do evil in this country, the princess of the sub-dragon species will come after them to the end of hell and be killed.

In fact, the bandits who insulted it as a small country and turned into merchants and entered it were wiped out all over the night... or something to say?

But no one knows that the doomed actor is an elderly knife elf...

That's fine, Lou walked around the city on such a safe night looking around to see if he'd like something to eat.

Apart from the human species, I found Yoboyobo's grandfather spreading cloth on the road and selling things on it amidst the sight of various races enjoying their meals.

to Lou peeking there without any concern. Grandpa said,

"What do you say, Cat Fairy? Why don't you buy me something and go?

Seeing a cat who hasn't even spoken and seeing it as a cat fairy at a glance is a species who is very good at magic detection, or else is a magic guide.

"Grandpa, the Wizard?

"Nah, I'm a little overwhelmed, but my main business is adventurers. But now I'm retired, and I'm selling out old treasures to live in."

I'm convinced so. An adventurer is a generic term for all kinds of professions, but one thing I can say is that all of them excel in their sensory abilities.

Otherwise, it is not possible to explore dangerous labyrinths or ancient castles.

Grandpa bellied in front of Lou, who was convinced.

"Actually, I've been selling nothing for the last few days and I'm so hungry... so what do you say?


Lou looked on the cloth to buy you something. Money for a night meal, but I can catch myself a rat, so I don't regret being bought crap.

"What is this?

"That's not food that you can hear the languages of every country just by eating it. The most expendable deadline is about 200 years."

"So what is this?

"That's a cloak once used by the legendary King of Magic, who followed twelve apostles."

"It just looks like a bathroom. So, what's this?

"That's a disgusting stone I picked up in the river plain. Your eyes, your mouth and your nose are all over the surface."

I don't have any crap.

My eyes went to one thing when Lou thought there was no need to sell this stuff.

It was a vial with a plaque that Lou could not read but wrote in Eastern letters.

"What is this?

"Oh, and did you lose your eye? It's a legendary monster made to defeat the outrageous king who once ruled the South."

"Is this it?

"Uhm, it's special when it comes to knocking them down, it only traps and purifies the bad parts of that opponent inside. Besides, it is said that a person who has been sucked nausea turns into one who has a good heart. In fact, when the king was young, he was evil and outrageous, but in late life, he kept a record as the king who laid down good governance."

Is that something amazing in a place like this? I don't think it's possible. I think if it were true......

It could be my last chance to turn that inferior lady lover into a good person.

"Please do this!!

Lou bought the legendary magic item and returned to the palace after offering all the gold coins that were in the navel.


At dawn, Arsi embarrassed herself and went back to her quarters.

Lou asked Keith for an opportunity to sleep happily in the room where the smell remained for both of us.

Now that Keith is a good person, I'm sure we'll all be happy. No, I'm sure I can. That's what Lou believed.

And after noon, Keith swoops up, takes a shower, and comes back to his room,

"Your husband!

Lou opened the vial plug and pointed it at his husband as Keith raised his face to his suddenly called voice.

"Hmm? What is that? That's... Ugh, guh! Oooh!! Whoa, whoa! Ahhh!!"

Then suddenly black smoke began to rise from Keith's body, and it sucked into the bottle.

Smoke keeps going inside as Lou stomps about to be frightened by the shock, instead Keith gets stuffy and suffers.

Isn't this kind of bad, Lou on the boulder started to think so, too.

"Uhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhh!!!

When Keith gasped for pain and anguish shouted out loud, he collapsed on the spot.

There is a Keith who is not even picky when Lou with a bottle stopper rushes.

"Your husband! Your husband!!

Keith woke up roaring "Ugh" at Lou's voice shaking his shoulder. Apparently, he was safe.

Keith looked around and woke up shaking his head in front of the howling Lou,

"Ahhhhh, here... is what the hell"

"Is your husband okay?

Keith looked down at the cat and tilted his neck as Lou spoke, knowing he would be angry.

"You... who? I... uhh! Ah, now and then... where am I? I... who?

"... is that a yes?

Lou drowned a cold sweat on Keith showing a reaction of vegetables that were not bokeh or acting.

Turn into a good person. That's all I was going to do, but there was this amnesiac guy who totally forgot everything.

Lou's expression froze to the tip of his mustache at the sensational event he had done.