It's been a few days since Keith lost his memory and the Nias cried hard for the four of us.

In the meantime, Keith, the efforts of both sides of the women have not returned to their memories emptiness, and the elf girls' impotence grew bigger day by day.

Nia cried that she would only see with the princess, Aisha was hurt to come in contact with her at a distance, and Leonora cringed over and over again to treat her as a princess friend.

Especially terrible is Berna, who has had a decent meal or throat the last few days, so much so that she sleeps holding Keith's sweaty shirt every night.

We all thought it was time to seriously confess our relationship to Keith, but looking at the serious Keith these days, we can't do that either.

And if you say that to this Keith, "Oh, my God!" I can't wait to see the death penalty shaken up by confessing everything to Mashua.

Even Nia, who doesn't really know what's going on around here, can't say anything, and she can't say anything.

But the stress grew as much as it did every day, and there were four people suffering from the fact that they were at a distance where they could talk and be touched.

"... Dear Keith... I wonder if you'll ever remember this... forever, ever."

"Keith... it's not that Keith... I can't believe Keith didn't look at me... it's not Keith"

"Why doesn't every book say how to bring your memories back!! That's crazy!! This is crazy!!

"Oshi-jun... Oshi-jun... Oshi-jun..."

Keith As his four daughters, who taste withdrawal symptoms, spent every day in agony, Keith lived his normal life as a plain court magician, although he made an effort to remember back.

I woke up early in the morning, and I was stretched out in my room. Maybe I would do the muscle tremenus I set up, eat breakfast, look around the palace, see if there was any tear in the magic fence.

Then he showed his face to each department, asked if there was a request from the magician, and lunch. Then browse the book of magic in the library and explore the possibility of memory returning.

After dinner, I go back to my room, do it if I have the job I was asked to do, and if not, I go through the magic props that sucked my memory away and sleep.

I had a really regular life.

Lou was out of town searching for a grandfather who didn't like Keith as much as he was supposed to... and sold me magic equipment every day since that day.

It's unlikely you know the solution because that grandfather didn't make it just because he was selling tools.

But there was nothing this cat could have done to those elf girls except make them want to.

And myself, I never thought I liked a man smiling with that inferior face so much.

But the thoughts of all of them were empty, and a few more days went by without being able to do anything, and the day was celebrated.

That was the pre-opening day of the pool, which had been prepared for a long time.

It is an open day for Saimrad dignitaries, families of military personnel and those working in the palace that won the lottery.

Keith also appeared as the stunning elves enjoyed playing in the pool, adjusted to the extent that it was not crowded.

I lost my memory and left the pool job to manpower, but it was definitely Keith who rebuilt this place, so it was called.

Keith, dressed in a hoodie in a sea bread, looks around the pool with all sorts of voices, and sees if there are any problems or injuries.

If it had been a regular Keith, he would have looked at the incomprehensible physical appearance of a mother elf with a child, or stretched his nose under the young swimsuits of the maid elves, but now he doesn't either.

He had a serious conversation with the watchmen and cleaners, and inspected the pool.

It was Berna who won the lottery she didn't even want to win that looked pitiful in the distance.

Berna, standing still on the wall in the ordinary swimsuit Keith gave me and chasing your husband with her gaze, was seriously thinking about getting him out of this spot without the other three.

So I honestly confess that I was Keith's pet... but now Keith would be the one to be told "that's wrong".

If Keith had told me that, Berna didn't have the confidence to get back on her feet. So shut up and stare at Keith and keep calling him "your husband" with all your heart.

Then Keith turned this way, so I thought for a moment, but he didn't. Someone called him.

Watching it was a slightly puffy maid who had boobs up on Keith when she caught a cold before. It is Arsi.

Arsi stopped Keith and approached OzOz,

"Oh, um... Keith,"

"Huh? Ah... uh..."

"Ah... it's Arsi..."

"Mr. Arsi...? Uh, did you possibly know him?

Arsi almost cried when she realized it was true that she was losing the memory she heard in rumors about Keith tilting her neck.

I don't remember. Everything you said about my Arsi and everything you got for the first time. I don't remember.

But Arsi didn't have the courage to say it, and he just stared at Keith with a crying eye.

"Well, I... have Mr. Keith write me a letter of introduction... so I can work here."

"Huh!? Oh, really? Then you were close. Sorry, I know you're asking, but I remember..."

"Ugh, yeah, good... of. I'm sorry."

Keith was a little anxious to see Arsi bow his head and walk away pitifully, wondering if he'd done something before he lost his memory.

But I couldn't help thinking about it, so Keith looked around at the pool and decided I had to get my memory back.

After a short walk, I noticed that a female elf was about to drown in the pool. There's no one but Keith who's noticed it and it's about to sink.

I panicked, took off my hoodie, went inside the pool and said, "Are you okay!" I held her.

The woman swallowed in the water that went into her mouth,

"Oh, I'm sorry... I think I stuck it... keho"

"Because it's okay now. Please breathe slowly."

That's what Keith said. He took her to the empty deck chair and started massaging the legs he was wearing.

I felt comfortable touching a woman's leg not long after I met her, but I can't even say that... Keith's ethics were normal enough to think.

Not very much, but I don't think he's the same man who was attacking a woman as soon as we met.

"I think this will do fine, but I'd rather not go into the water anymore today..."

The elf woman smiled thinly as Keith looked up,

"Now... this is the second time you've been helped"

That's what I said in a gentle voice I miss. The second time... I don't remember Keith leaning his neck and trying to say something,

"Don't you remember? Um... you saved me from the basilisk..."

Lou told me how you came to this country. I can guess it might be the woman then. Keith said "Oh" and then exchanged words.

A few days after that, Keith was suddenly summoned to Mashua.

I went to the office, wondering what it was, and I waited there from Mashua,

"Oh, are you a pageant?

"Hmmm... yes, it is"

Keith solidified after being held up to the pageant.

"Oh, uh... is that for me?

"Who else is there? Well... did anyone tell you about the incident that prompted Keith to come to our country?

"Yeah, I'm listening."

"How could one of the daughters I helped at that time... I came to talk to Keith because the father I was asked to help me with my life? What do you say?"

Keith, confused by the sudden,

"Do you mind? I, the human species... the"

"I would appreciate it if Keith would stay in this country for a long time now... well, it's all up to you. You don't have to answer right away, think about it."

"Yes. Um, by the way, I mean your daughter."

"Oh, it is."

Keith was somehow convinced by Mashua's explanation that it was that female elf he met in the pool.

I found out why the conversation was somehow inclusive.

Keith, who left the office and went back to his room, told Lou about it. The amazing Lou,

"Oh, is that... you're taking it? Cool... do you want to?

"I don't know until we get married, but we're just making out."

"Sonya...... because to your husband!

"Huh? I... what's wrong?

Unable to tell the truth, Lou lifted his face and jumped out of the room as he draped his tail. If we don't find that old man soon, we're in big trouble.

Lou wishing he didn't want the Nias to cry any more, that's why he ran.

But it was already late, and in Nia's room, there were rumours of Keith's matchmaking, and Nia, Aisha and Leonora, who heard about it, solidified.

Berna looked like she always did, but inside she seemed to fall for Keith's distance from herself one by one.

Leaving Krone and other samurai out of the room, Nia stared somewhere far into the void with her usual sparkling eyes like dead mermaids.

"... Miami... Keith... Miami..."

"Muggy muggy...... uhhh! I don't like it anymore!! Can you stand it anymore!!!

Suddenly Aisha screams like that, kicking the chair and trying to get out of the room. And Leonora spoke up.

"Where are you going?"

"You've made up your mind!! Keith's place!!

"What are you going to do?

"I'll tell you everything! About me and everyone!! So... so"

"This is why I don't like single cells because they're too simple."

Sighing Leonora shrugged so to Aisha as she stroked her head holding her relieved Nia.

"Oh my God!" and Leonora continued to eat and hang on to Aisha,

"So there's nothing we can do about it, so we're not talking about it this far."

Sure it is. I confess everything to Keith, and then we get along. Again... there's no way.

"But! If so... then you're telling me to leave you alone!! Keith told me to keep my mouth shut and watch him marry this woman."

"Cool...... Keith, Cool...... Me, Yagu, Higu!! Yagu, but higu!! Him!!"

Leonora was desperate to stroke Nia, who responded to the word marriage and quenched her face and cried out.

"Well, I'm fine. Keith would never do that!

"You don't know! I'm introducing King Mashua!! I'm sure if you're Keith now... take it, so, kako, kagan... so, higu! Higu!!

There was Aisha, who became intolerable and cried out, and Berna, who overflowed the teacup with the tea she had brewed behind it and still kept pouring it into the cup unaware.

The only calm Leonora in a chaos like this is really going to have to do what she's been thinking for the last few days.

"Listen to me. There's one way to get Keith to another woman... at least if you don't want to give her to anyone but those here!

Everyone looked up at the words and looked at Leonora. With a look of tears in their eyes.

Leonora takes that gaze and utters the word.

"If Keith is forgetting... if he can't remember! You just have to make us love you again!!

"" "Huh?

"Love is what you take at all costs!! If it's enough for some female cat to take it away from me, I'll take it before then!! This is not the usual means of romance!!

I thought a lot to put Keith to death, and after I fell in love, I thought a lot to make it my own, and the nature of Leonora, who's been hiding here lately, made me look.

To the three pokers, Leonora gave a detailed description of a huge mess of operations. This lady's maneuver is always a mess.

"Huh!? Oh, no, I... I will, will I?

"You know, that would be... worse than me going to confess to the four of you."

"So you're telling me they can steal Keith? Are you going to give it to someone else like this?

"... I'll do it"

I knew it was Berna who said that first. to Berna staring at Leonora with a resolute, faceless look,

"Well, I thought you were the first one to do that... what do you do with color black?

"... do it. Let's do it! Yay, yay!!

Seeing burning Aisha and Berna quietly solidifying her determination, Leonora stroked Nia at the end and spoke.

"Mr. Nia... I'm not saying it's impossible... but sometimes the battle between love and love requires these ways, too?

Nia woke up when she wiped her tears when she was taught something dangerous by her sister, who had burned in a totally weird direction.

"I will... make Master Keith... my Master Keith again!!

"That's your elf princess!

That's how the four of us stared at each other and confirmed our resolve to run Keith again.

Good Keith, who had no idea that had happened, came back to his room the night the pageant was brought up after dinner.

I met Berna, a samurai, at dinner and exchanged a few words, but nothing else has changed... but I'm supposed to be sleepy.

"Are you tired... ah... bath... can I come later"

I think it would be bad for my health to eat and sleep right away, but I can't say that either. So Keith fell asleep to fall.

When his consciousness awoke thinly several times along the way, he heard the girl's voice each time.

"Hey, so this..."

"Here, hold it that way!

"Is this okay?

"There was! This is it."

I'm not sure what the word is. I think it's a dream or something. Keith, who sleeps again, then woke up completely two hours later.

And looking up, after losing my memory no matter how I looked at it, I finally realized it wasn't my own room I'd gotten used to.

"Huh?" he muttered, trying to move is not conducive to freedom of hands. When I look at it, the leather cuffs are on my wrist, which leads to the headrest of the bed.

"Hey, huh? What is this... Huh?

Surprised Keith hurried to check around. And when I find out that's Nia's room, it's all the more confusing.

I have no idea why I'm in Nia's room when I wake up.

Four figures appeared from the back of the room as someone tried to call for help at the corner of the rabbit.

"So, who, is it? Princess?"

Keith, bending his neck, called about the owner of the room. Then he replied yes.

"Good. Princess, hey, I don't know why, but this happened... Yikes... whoops!!

In the middle of the words Keith raised his voice and turned away.

At the end of Keith's gaze were Nia, Aisha, Berna and Leonora, who wrapped their bathing bodies around their eclectic underwear as they walked toward the bed.

All four of them come to bed wearing underwear with zero practicality besides the very nasty night Keith once gave me.

Keith, desperately turning away and meditating,

"Hey, what are you doing!! Clothes!! Please come something!! No, uh, ah, hey!!

I take the duvet that the four of them in bed had on Keith's body one by one. Then there was Keith's nudity without anything on there.

Yes, Keith had his clothes completely removed at some point. Four people hold Keith's body in surprise and try to cover his groin, and one kiss after the other.

to Keith, who resists but cares not to hurt his lips. At the end Nia went from Aisha to Berna and Leonora in turn,

"Dear Keith..."

"Hih, princess, don't... do you know what to do? Like this."

"I know... I know... I will make Master Keith... my husband... and I will make something called Kiki-jitsu!! Nchu."

This was the big operation Leonora had in mind. After all, fait accompli is the usual means of national royalty.

Keith and I have a physical relationship first, and the mind lets us follow later.

If Keith tries to get a death sentence for such a sinful thing, show him the demon props in the photo that he is currently filming this bed and threaten to publish it. I even threaten to leave to get away from the four of us.

It's kind of wrong, but Keith wouldn't choose death if he thought such footage of these girls might be scattered.

Slowly afterwards, little by little every day, just like before... no, they hold Keith instead of before.

That's how I mellow it down and even serious Keith does it as a fall!!

The four elf girls who so decided used all of the moves Keith taught them to carry out an operation to contact this seriously inferior species.

Scattered Keith wants to reverse what he's been doing to the four of us. Totally contaminated...... there were four people who grew up.

"Ya, Nju, stop, no! Oh, my God! Oh, yeah, wow!! Whoa, whoa!

Keith's voice began to sound in the room using silent magic props.