In a room full of pharyngeal sexual odors, Keith stared at his own meat stick, shriveled but still trying to collect blood.

I found out about the woman's womb. It still hurts me to leave all that out there and want to know what the last one tastes like.

Yes, it is Leonora, the young lady who rocks this big breast.

Keith was in love with her arms tied to her kindness appealing to herself at the stronghold while helping the other three.

For Keith, who didn't know Leonora, who was arrogant and impatient in a high-flying car before we met, now she looks like a sister that holds everyone together.

Leonora, who is getting Aisha down from the top of Keith freaking out her hips by Acme and complaining, approached her softly and kissed her when she noticed she was being watched.

"... you're not gonna tell me I'm not the only one, are you? I should have loved you."

I even think Keith is purely cute because the words have no arrogance but a ning-roe prank-like content.

But that's why you hold onto your instinct to say you want to penetrate the bottom of your heart,

"Yes, I shouldn't... until you, if I get dirty... I... I do"

Then Leonora looked decent and then laughed small, her mouth close to Keith's ear and whispered.

"No... Keith doesn't pollute me, I pollute Keith"

Keith's spine popped in a whisper like a succubus. That makes me jealous when I can lick my ear.

I want to know what Leonora tastes like. Keith bit her lips and endured that the desire to indulge in this slutty female elf boiled in her heart.

Such an effort also ends in vain when Leonora heads to Keith's lower body and Nia and Berna help him start Fella.

Anyway, Leonora let Keith's hips go up because she couldn't move, and when she made Nia pose like a pussy, she made Nia fester and she started licking her anal.

"Ahhhhhh!! That way, nothing!! Because I will not!! Dear Leonora!! Stop, uuch!!

"I'm going to punish Keith for putting on Sama. Rock, roll, roll."


Fellated by Nia across Keith's chest, Leonora amplifies the sensation transmitted from that meat stick with her butt.

Leonora licking the dirty man's anal around with a cheerful, rather than tranced face, and Nia's mouth to look at and mimic it was exquisitely breath-taking.

The timing of sucking and licking is consistent, and the increase in pleasure doesn't know where to stay.

Stolen a delicious spot by Keith, who gets stuffy and stiffens the meat stick, Berna started licking her toes like a dog, which was at least originally instructed to hold her back.

The tongue of Berna, who carefully licks and shaves each and every toe with a dark scent of sweat, also feels endless.

I tried to tell him he shouldn't do that to lick his leg, but before that, while Aisha fluttered into the aftertaste of Acme,

"Silly to you... Jiru... Me, Me, Me"

That's what I said, and I started ferrying my toes opposite Berna. Now Keith gets his legs, meat bars and anal shaved by an elf.

Keith was struck by the illusion that his lower body would melt due to the feeling that the simple act of licking would make his body so flutter.

The skilful tongue of a young elf princess snaps a geese neck, and a bell mouth, and a tender sister princess carefully licks her dirty anus to every one of its wrinkles and kisses her narrow hole.

On both toes, a samurai and a knight lick their toes healthy and stain their pleasures from the ends.

Melt. I really thought it was pleasant and my body would melt. Keith just got an erection. I didn't even feel guilty anymore for myself.

I even think there's no way there's a man who doesn't get an erection because he does something nice like this.

Though it was a meat stick hardened enough in Nia's jaw, Leonora moves her mouth from anal to scrotum to condense the contents.

Let me ferrao to the limit, and I'll lick the golden balls and thicken the thinner contents.

Roll the dandruff and sagging ball bag into your mouth and lick it to shave even with candy.

When it was done at the same time as Ferra, different pleasures echoed deep into the perineum at the same time as anal.

I want it out. I want to ejaculate. Leonora let go of her mouth as the desire swelled and approached the limit.

When I saw that, Nia let go of her mouth and got off Keith, too, so I tried to get ready to insert,

"Hey, Mr. Color Black! How long have you been licking Keith's leg!! I can't do this. Bye!

At last, Aisha let Keith's leg go with regret.

Keith, who was thus finally released, had no half the loitering addition to his lower body, and he couldn't understand for a moment what was going on with his paralysis.

Leonora crosses over to such a body and lowers her hips as she picks the meat stick with her fingers.

The moment I thought I touched a warm spot all the way inside, the meat stick gave Keith a hell of a stimulus.

It was Keith now, who already knew the three bodies, but still feels amazingly wrong.

"Oh, hey, what, come on... ugh! Sachiko, lazy, uuuuuuuuu!!

Leonora's vagina full of zaratubs. A few child ceilings behind her make Keith's meat stick daunt so much that it doesn't matter how many ejaculations she's had so far.

The tightness, the resistance and the tightening are in the minds of the other three, but they were so famous in Leonora that they were no match for each other in terms of feel.

Keith gets his turtle head, especially his geese neck, shattered by the beauty of the famous apparatus he feels (thinks) for the first time.

In a situation where breathing was the best, Leonora moved her hips to a joyful bouncing meat stick in her vagina more happily.

"Ah! Ahhh!! No, no, no, no, no! Ugh!! Ahhhh!!

"You've already told me it's Leonora... I can't believe she's the woman to be my wife... Aah! Ugh, ugh! Oh, oh!

Leonora, who was looking for her pleasure point by adjusting the way she moved her hips a little bit, found the most effective place to concentrate there.

Move your hips back and forth, turning them occasionally to make a difference and inspire you and Keith alike.

The place was a good place for Keith to hit the countless child ceilings, so his hips floated unexpectedly due to the strength of his pleasure.

"Amen!! Miyauuuu!! also, all of a sudden you have koshi... i knew you were keith... hehe..."

He smiles glossy with joy, and makes his hips jump twisted again. The blonde hair like cotton candy was shaky and beautiful.

"Oh, my God... Oh my God... Oh my God!! Ku, uh-oh!! Oh, oh!

If this had been the first, I wouldn't have been aware of it so far, and I would have endured it more.

But after experiencing the three of them, the famous vessel has to be aware of the intensive attack on the geese neck, and my body is happy with the condition of saying that this happened for me.

I don't think so.

"Kisu...... Keith...... Mm-hmm!! Oh, oh, oh, oh!! Right here! Whoa, whoa! Here, here you go... KYSU, KYSU!! Lots not good!! Fumiuuuuu!!

Keith stared at Leonora with an unbearably cute voice like a kitten, with her dumb, big breasts all shaken up and felt.

I really feel like you've been born into such a vagina for yourself. My heart moves on Leonora.

Naturally my three daughters had also noticed how that was, and I got in the way with a musty look.

First, Nia and Berna sleep next to Keith's face and push the little pie against his cheek.

A small but pleasant breast wrapped Keith from both sides and seemed to teach him the virtues of lactation.

And at the same time Aisha turned behind Leonora and grabbed her breasts and rubbed them around.

"Hey guys, what the... HAMI!! Come on, come on, come on, come on!! Oh, yeah!! Ami!! Stop, Nahi! Here!!"

Leonora, who was rubbing her bragging tits with Aisha's brown fingers, felt the sensibility of the current running to her spine due to her skill.

"Hey, don't just look at me... Keith, me too... look at me too"

"Your husband... tits, mine... small, but it's your husband's... none"

Soft chives that can be pressed against your cheeks and tickle. Keith put his pleasantly stuffy face in a troubled breeze and his nipples hitting his cheeks alternately in his mouth one at a time.

Both Nia and Berna are totally different to the usual awkward way Keith licks. For some reason his chest holds his head from both sides as a cum.

"Here, here! It's mine now, Amy! Miyau!! Hih, ahhh! Yes, stay,!! Stop, no, ahhhh!!

"Hmm! Even my time interrupted you... you son!

"Ya, ah, ah!! Hey! Chi, Chikubi, no!! Ahhh!!

Leonora, whose nipples are squeezed, accelerates her lower back velocity more and more, rubbing her eye-to-eye goose neck against her vagina.

A motion for pleasure that is out of control. It further doubles the pleasure and leads Leonora to Acme.

"Hiaaaaah!! Ra!! Mo, no...... Huh!! Micha! Micha!! Chikubi, get fucked. Wow!!

Masturbating polished Aisha's nipples relentlessly abuse Leonora's nipples sensitive to breast implants.

Her vaginal irritation made her body start to get bored and explode with it at once, bringing her vagina into a state for irritation.

Keith, who was licking Berna's nipples, couldn't help but focus on his mouth as his famous bowl gnawed to give him even more vicious pleasure.

to Berna screaming at the light bite. Keith tried to apologize,

"More... more now... more, please"

Berna gives her more power to cuddle.

"Berna, it's sloppy! Keith, follow me! Me!!

This alternating nipple lick was distracting me from my body that was about to ejaculate.

"Hey there! Ah! Ugh! Miyau!! Ya, Ra... Kisu to me, Wataruhi to Mi Wataruzu... Kisu!!

Aisha, who was pinching her nipples to Leonora, who wants Keith, who is obsessed with the two nipples, to see herself and weep,

"That feels good...... Hmm"

That said, I'm a little pathetic for the boulder, so I took Leonora's lips out of my head.

tangled tongues, to Aisha, who tastes Keith's anal flavors earlier, himself. Leonora finished kissing,

"What are you doing! Oh, my God! You can't do it!!

"Silly! This way Keith will turn this way though!! So, look, I can't help it, but I'll do it..."

"There's nothing left for them," he said. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no."

Keith noticed his eyes nailed as he was shaving his lactating milk at the slutty sight of Aisha and Leonora exchanging lesbian kisses on her breasts.

Black and white elves intertwined thick tongues to the chest besides...... there was no way Keith could stand a sight like this that was the limit.

"Oh my God, oh my God!! No more… no more."

Keith's lower body exceeded the limit for Tubzara's flesh blaming the tortoise head relentlessly.

"Ma, ah, lame, hiko, nju, chipu, raku, raku, aisha, no more, stop, hehe, nju, chipu...... humaaah!!

Leonora is reluctant to end her time with Keith with a crying face, but her kiss and chest rub with Aisha didn't stop her hips.

That's how Leonora felt the shooting of semen concentrated in the back of her vagina, shaking her hips back and forth and rubbing her vagina loins scattered to squirt the meat stick.

Bibu! Bibu!! Big! Big! Dobigu!! - An unlikely amount of semen gushes from a meat stick blamed on a few child ceilings.

In response, Aisha's caress and kiss mix with the feeling that the mouth of the womb drinks Zamen, and Leonora is not intense, but peaks.

but it was like Aisha was mad at me.

"Chipu, pu... what the heck... squirt waku hi... heh heh heh heh heh no"

"Nah! What are you talking about!! I'm not crazy..."

"Ki-soo... give me a good whirl... no"

"Shut up! Dumb tits!!

Keith felt somewhere nostalgic about how the two of them were starting to make up their minds and developed a headache.

Nia and Berna kiss Keith like that,

"Dear Keith, I'm not the only one who's squeaking! I'll do it again, won't I? You have to let me Ike it. Ya!

"Then it's me again...... be strong, full of it"

That's what I said and took Keith's shackles off. I think Keith, who's free, can get away with this.

"Wow, me too, Keith! Me too!! Hello... Nice hug."

"You don't have to worry about this! Keesh, more than that... just keep going."

"Sister, you can't cheat!! Follow me!!

"You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you... you want to be more... you want to be more."

"Berna, get out of my way! I'll kiss you too!!

"Oh, I'm starting to faint... Mm-hmm, Keith's faint..."

"Oooh well!!

Keith's headaches got worse and worse when four elf girls asked for sluts.


What do you want to hear?

to Grandpa's words. Lou said,

"You know, about the magic artifact I bought from your grandfather."

Then Grandpa nodded immediately, "Ah."

"What's wrong with that one?

"How can I undo that!? How can I put my bad heart back on my husband... to the person I used!!

Asked with great force, Grandpa muttered "Come on" with a troubled face.

"I'm not an adventurer. I know what kind of magic trick it is, but I don't know the details..."


At the end of the day, Lou finds himself in a situation where hope is denied. And I thought about Keith.

I like women and suck at being inferior... but sometimes being nice and having fun with them somehow wiped your husband out of the world.

It was pathetic, hard, sorry, and Lou cried with his beard down.

"Sorry, sorry... sorry... uuuuuuuuuuu"

"Oh, you cry about this. Well, I don't think you need to worry about that."

Lou raised his sobbing face to a terribly mild word.

"I can't explain it enough, but it's not a permanent magic trick. Use it regularly."

"Funya? What do you mean?

"Nausea is human instinct. It springs up infinitely as long as you live where you suck it out. Especially if he is disgusting. Then I'll suck it off regularly. You can't clean a room once you clean it, can you?


"Maybe the cat won't be worried about you. Leave it alone and it'll go back to normal in a while. Well... six months if you're normal."

"Six months!!... but it's better than not going back."

Relieved, he knelt on the ground to Lou, who was about to cry again. Grandpa stroked his head for him.

"I'm so jealous of the cat... but he's so terrible at using that magic trick, isn't he?

"Ugna. But... the roots are pretty good. There's a lot of people crying if we don't get back to it! So I will tell them to go back to normal!! Thanks Grandpa Nya!!

Having been able to hear the solution, Lou swung his tail to let the four of them know, and most importantly, to the joy of seeing that Keith again, and walked with all his might.


At the same time the cat is running towards the palace, in Nia's room.

Four elf girls were flocking down to Keith, who woke up a free body, kissing one after the other.

I can't kiss them. The three of them lick the various parts of Keith's body sitting in bed and wait for their turn to come.

That's how I kissed Banko instead and set my body on fire.

"I'm sorry, then, I'm sooo... I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

"Kishi, if you don't let me down, I won't let you go! It's me!! Me... whoa, whoa, whoa."

"Your Highness, your Highness... I will do anything... whatever you want... so... hey"

"Keesh, I can't let that get away with me! Lachipu, Lachipu... Lachikuhi is the most adorable and deserving."

Speak word for mouth that I am next.

When four girls volunteer to ejaculate, and most importantly, four hands hold the meat stick without letting go, the warmth of their hands and their desire to get erect heal naturally and soothe their penises.

Keith, who was also erected, had a headache that made his head Don Xia, making him unable to resist.

When the four of them took their hands off the erect meat stick on Keith's face like a shudder, they crawled on all fours on the spot and turned their asses to open themselves.

From the four female holes there is a thick flow of white foaming love liquid, emitting a dark female scent.

My brain blurred further into the nostalgic scent and the meat stick dominated my spirit. I mean, I only had the instinct to say I wanted to fuck you.

on a vacillated meat stick. I don't even think Keith would ever run away from this spot again. The four of them turned to Keith, who completely untied the restraint,

Keith, it's me.

"Keith, it's me, look!

"Your Majesty, here... I want to be full"

"Keith, if you don't choose me, I won't forgive you."

"" "" Hayaku "" "

Keith, who was shown four rows of female holes to lure in, was in the four rows of buttocks he saw for the first time... yes, the four rows he saw for the first time in his life. It's really the first time I've been born. What's with the book? For the first time in your life?

That's right. It's 5P with my first elf in my life. Elf's beautiful self performs the piercing ceremony Occasionally there are four!! Line up all four!! I'm inviting you!!

Words like that keep hitting the wood spirits in my head, hurting my head with bumps. At the same time, energy-stimulated objects that sparked from erect meat bars ran through the entire body, filling nerves and magical pathways with inferior instincts. The instant headache exceeded the limit, and I could play.

"but...... ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhh too!! This!! How far are you going to get horny? Aah!! Bad elf daughters. Yeah!!

A bouncing scattered instinct makes Keith stand up, brumbling his erect meat stick, Dharan and dripping golden balls. The four of them looked at each other with their female holes open, as the usual Keith tried to jump by screaming loudly as the male showed his seriousness.

"Ki... Ki-Sama"



"Kei... eh"

"Oh! Already!! Show me your nasty ass and ask me out!! Besides, make it pink darker!! Nevah's love fluids drool!! It's so delicious, I have an idea which one to eat from... what's up?

Keith tilted his neck at the four people who stopped posing erotically and turned around. That wording is the usual seemingly disrespectful one, and the four of them,

"Master Keith!! Me! Do I get it!?

"Heh? Master Nia, what's wrong? I don't know what I know."

"Keith!! It's me, huh? Me!!

"So what is it, Aisha, are you okay?

"Your husband... me... what am I, your husband?

"Huh? Huh? I'm a pet... what is this... Huh?

"Kisu... Kisu! Keith Ugh!! I will!! I will!!

"" "" Get out of the way. Ahhh!!

Keith falls behind when he is held together by four people who remain naked with a crying face. Momentum, headrest, Gotchin 'in the back of the head! and bumps,

"Yes, yes!! Hey, what the hell!? Come on... what the sudden, it makes sense..."

That much said. Keith put a question mark all over his head when he saw the four of them cling to themselves crying loudly.

"No, uh... seriously, what is this... that, what am I doing? Is that it?"

It took six months for a normal person to have his nausea sprout again, shortened to just one night by the efforts of four girls.

Keith couldn't help but notice the warm tears of Nia, Aisha, Berna and Leonora, stroking the tumour on the back of his head.

"Ahhh... Ladies and gentlemen. Can someone please explain... ahhh... that explanation is good, so please don't hesitate to say anything to anyone? He's got an erection."

When I heard that, Aisha said, "It's the usual Keith!!" and we all cry out again. I can hold onto it.

Keith, who felt like an overnight corpse, couldn't help but distort his face to an unintelligible situation, so he put up with touching all four bodies.