Keith was walking towards the palace as he stretched through the streets after noon. I feel the sun is slightly yellow today.

As a matter of fact, yesterday was a tough day after that.

I thought I had satisfied Roana, and when I took a bath and lifted her up, Roana woke up and looked at me resentfully.

That, smiling and approaching to see if anything was awkward, Roana woke up a body with an acme sensation still smoking,

"... you're always like this."


I wondered what they were talking about, but soon I knew that was about Aisha.

Maybe Roana was happy to wake up and be trolled, but I figured this must be how that escort knight's daughter must have been doing the whole time.

In fact, it's rare to hold so politely, and most of them play weird as Roana.

Roana, who doesn't know that, must be, and she stubbornly thought it must be.

"To me, always let it go... only to that one... what... silly"

Wow, I thought it was hard to say... but Keith got in bed with a troubled smile and held Roana in tears.

Wrap Roana with the scent of soap on the hot water and a body with elevated body temperature and whine as you kiss the area closer to your ear than your cheeks......

"Me... I don't hold you like this other than the person I'm serious about"

"... Huh?

"Because Roana meant it to me... so I can mean it too... because that's what I thought"

Not saying anything more. Keith waited for Roana to interpret it on her own.

In my current words, I have never given Aisha this hug, nor have I ever given it to anyone else.

But in Roana, I get the feeling that I'm the only one held like this specially on my own.

I'm not, I'm sure Aisha would, but the body that was turned into a troll chose the convenient truth. And I asked for it again.

"... lying"

"I'm not lying."

"... then shimmer, do"

Roana had a lukewarm face from the bottom as she pulled Keith into the bed.

"Come on... come on, come on... do it"

Keith smiled and overlaid his body in a slightly commanding tone. From there he continued to adore Roana from morning to morning.

I managed to satisfy myself by using my fingers and mouth full to make her daunt and then fuck sex with my penis and using my strength and mental strength until morning.

Keith ejaculated six times on Matsuko instead of continuing his torture that no anal should be allowed on top of not abusing a swinging meridian.

The marking act was the utmost disobedience, but Roana, happy with it, ends up hugging and falling asleep.

Keith also slept cuddling her ripe body as Roana became horrified that she was more euphorically greedy than she was when she was somehow abusing her.

That's how I woke up around noon, and Roana said that when she got herself into shape, she would show her face in the palace before returning.

I came in the name of saying so, so Keith held me up and satisfied me, so I'm not going straight home.

Keith walks around the city with a tired face after shifting away because he stands out when he returns with him or leaves the inn.

I'm hungry after using all my strength, so I buy sandwiches and coffee at the store to eat something and then go home, and sit on a bench in a park near the woods.

Come on, the moment you open your mouth to eat - gash! and I felt something eating into my shoulder.

Oh, I know this. Keith's body was pulled upward when he thought,

"It's not good to do it - no, no, no..."

As the Doppler effect lowered his voice, there was a eating sandwich and warm coffee placed there.

This is what is commonly called the hidden truth of God (lies).


The moment he was pulled up in the sky, Keith, who hurriedly cast his magic magic on the magic wand for physical protection magic, was still plagued by disgust and headaches.

Looking up at you in a distorted way, there you go, after all.

"Ka, Master Ka..."

Kagi, the next sister of Nightshade, is gently lifting Keith's body and flying through the sky.

Keith didn't feel wind pressure with protective magic, but the high altitude sensation had a crotch.

Keith to Kagi, who is still a good body-burner in the sun,

"Oh, you know, I don't know if it's a good idea to say this all of a sudden..."

"Oh? What, you're not complaining?"


I don't know what it is, but I thought Keith might be able to rain a pee in the woods that spreads beneath his eyes for a moment because he has an erratic cut.

Last time we broke up, he didn't look particularly angry, but suddenly this ferocious addition and subtraction could have been found out? Did I find out you were working on the nightclub?

I was worried about what I was going to do about listening in a cold sweat, and in the end I couldn't help but know.

"Kazama, you know"

"... I think I remember knowing who we are earlier."


"Amnesia, did you lie to me?

Keith shook his head hard left and right in a hurry.

"No, it's true! Just, you know, back to normal."

"No, no, no, no, no, no. Amnesia..."

"Ugh, I'm not lying!! It was because of the magic props, so, uh... oh, but why did you..."

"... whichever is more problematic."

It was her country-owned airship that was taken to the serious Kagi who said so.

Kagi unloads Keith on deck and walks out with Zukazuka wondering if he has come on his own again.

I see you're telling me to follow you silently. Keith rushed after him.

Keith, who walks in the lead among the luxury passenger ship Bright Blue Kagi's ships, still couldn't believe why he was brought along as he was being heard.

I can't ask anything because it's not an atmosphere of inquiry, but I followed him, wondering no way, and he brought me in front of a room.

Kagi speaks inside when he knocks on the door there.

"Nightshade, are you there? We... come in."

Turn the door knob without a reply, and when I entered the room, there was a strong bond there.

Apparently, the Garuda strained it, but this power will prevent even the magic of dragon killing.

Why do you think this is happening? I knew immediately why. It was to keep the room from getting hurt by the magic overflowing from the night when I was crying with my knees on my bed.

In the midst of such tremendous energy as a lightning strike being able to play with the bees, the crying nights are losing magic control because of pity.

"Hey, this... Wow"

To Keith's astonishment, Kagi groaned just one word, "... because of you,"

"Nightshade, see if you're crying. No, Keith. My sister wanted to take you."

The moment I said it, Nightshade looked up and gave me a surprised look. And as soon as I distorted my face into a shamble, I barked at Kagi.

"Why Bye!! Why are you doing this on your own? Ahhh! Ahhh! Ugh, ahhhhh!!

More magic overflows the tears of the large grain that makes the junction vibrate. There was a chance I could break it as it was.

"Oh, hey, here! Listen!! Oh, now, listen!!

"Yes, no! No. Bye!! Kisu, forget about Non!! I don't like that!! No, no, no! Uh-oh."

"It's okay do it!! If I remember, I'll go back!! I'm coming back!! Our ship is broken!

The night I heard the words, the tongue solidified. There Kagi slapped Keith on the back and pushed him out.

"See the culprit!! Tell me and explain!! Stop crying before our ship breaks!!

Keith, who stepped forward with a sigh of relief, slowly approached the nightclub.

I know I won't be hurt by the magic of the Nightshade, but that power is still slightly scary.

To Keith, who gets so close, comes about half the night when he's freaked out more than that.

"Yay! Don't come!! Not when you get here!! Keith, if you don't want to... about me, if you don't want to... oh."

That's the scariest night ever. I'm trembling because the Divine Commandment Eye is afraid to read the word "who is this little one" from inside Keith.

I can understand that what Kagi said about the situation is true.

A few days ago, Ka Hao, who read on a circulating demon board that only tells the Elf territory that Saimrad's demon mentor had lost his memory, was coming to see him (technically, he was here to discuss how to hide his crotch mole) at night.

Momentary nightfall went into shock like the world or collapsed, and I cried out.

As the magic ran wild and the palace was damaged, Kagi, who hurriedly joined the boundaries, put him on the airship at night to see if he would cry that far.

But if Keith had forgotten himself on the road, and if he didn't want to go at night driven by horror, he would make him stop the airship.

No matter how many times he persuaded me, it didn't come to light, so Kagi pulled Keith.

I get scared before I know for sure I can't remember that pig rushing night. I couldn't believe that was Keith, but this is how I see it as true.

I thought if I surprised her like Roana, Kachi would butch her. Keith smiled and gently hugged her little, frightened night when she got in bed.

"Forget what? You're saying I love nightclubs? Or do you think Nightingale loves me?

I could get you a name. And he told me the usual joke. It's Keith. This is Keith.

The night I stared at Keith with the eyes of the dreaded God, I turned my arm around my back when I found out it was Keith who remembered me,

"Higu! Higu!! I got it... Kishi, I got it... I got it... Aww, I'm up!! It's up. Uh-oh!

Cry again and overflow the magic, but it is stopped by Keith's body, which is never allowed to hurt him, and sprays away.

Keith, a desperate and good boy, wept like a child at Keith's face and watched the night cuddle, and Kagi exhaled in a ho.

But I couldn't look at the little arms that were turned on Keith's back or the way they twitched, and I left the room.

I still can't watch my sister, who is supposed to be a child, look like a woman if I try to turn her into a dragon.

"Damn it, I didn't make you worry - I didn't say a word to you... what about Chu or that guy? Yeah! What kind of pervert is that? Not at all!"

Keith, feeling a blur and a gazelle walking away from the room, noticed lightly that this was something the relationship might be finding out.

But to say that you will not be angry or killed... is to say that you are an approved friend of your sister! I mean, after this, it's called consolation sex ok!!

I thought so. Keith makes a gutsy pose with his heart that he was right to keep it activated when he breaks up with Roana, and his face kisses him with seriousness.

At the moment of layering, he puts his tongue in from the nightingale and licks Keith diligently with his still small dragon tongue.

That was a deep kiss full of thanks for not forgetting yourself.

Keith nearly smiled when he finally finished kissing her never-ending inside, pressing her from the night cunt even as she tried to release her lips.

"Were you that scared?

"Oh, for fuck's sake! I just promised you we'd be together the whole time! I won't allow it to happen!!

"Permission doesn't mean I like it, either."

"Shut up! Kiss, Keith... I don't know if you remember Noon... but I was wondering who he might say... Oh, hiccup! Oh, my God! Ugh."

Even Nia says she endured loneliness and tried to get Keith back from herself.

This fearless, monster exorcism is my hobby, and I can't believe I could only cry because I was afraid of the little dragon who defeated even the hero and demon king.

Keith rubbed his stomach when he thought he should start with his head and stroke his whole body.

"Hey...... let's make sure it's okay if I forget about it in the future?

"Huh? Wow, wow... again?

"No, it is. If you forget it again, just make sure it's all right at night. What do you say?

The tears prevented the power of the Divine Commandment Eye from being used well. The Night Xu learned too much about how to "Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!" It was not a sweet voice. Then Keith laughed and stroked his lower abdomen,

"Here... I'm going to make a baby with you at night..."

"... Huh?

"And even if I forget, if you make me look like a child at night..." I'd be relieved if someone had that connection when I lost my memory. "

If you found out you got such a little girl pregnant even though she was over 800 in that good guy state, you would surely kill yourself.

But there's no reason to know that.

"Ah, eh, rah, rah... I haven't... I can't... mumble"

I can't. I can't get pregnant. That being said, Keith strokes a little harder closer to Kri at night when he never says "I don't want to."

"What do you say? Will you?... My baby, can I make it here at night? Can I make you a mom at night?

I just insist on asking if you can, not if you can. And keep stroking the belly part of the toddler's body.

That was just where Keith's [dragon knot] was engraved last time.

Lolibotte demanded the night as he was touched by a place where he felt hot and keith, he shook his neck vertically many times without defying his instincts, which he really wanted to "do" as his sweet paralysis ran through his whole body.

And with a faint wish that this man might do something he couldn't do,

"Yep, wow... Kisu, it's a little... here I am, make it... make it, yeah"

I confessed with all my strength and hurt my still young womb.

Keith slowly took off his clothes in order to comfort and seed the little girl, who made her feminine body unfit for pregnancy.