Keith gently stroked Kreha's entire body as she left bite marks on her tense breasts.

Keith also realizes the boulder is just right for Kreha to touch it a little stronger than tickling.

So stimulate the thin, muscular floating mature body with your fingertips and rekindle the leftover fire in the last four minutes.

I don't care how much you don't have, you should be able to light it. Then I'll just aim there.

Sweetly bite and suck and lick your nipples as you touch them. Licking it to play hard at the tip of your tongue,

"Ah, Mmm!! No, no... no, more... ahhh!! Keith, please."

Feeling his sweet voice run out of room, Keith bit his nipples harder.

Kuru! And when his nipples crumble sweetly in his mouth, Creja says, "Gee!" He raised his voice to hear it for the first time.

Keith moved his fingers even harder when he was glad to finally hear this voice, twirling around Cleja's soft and supple flesh.

When even a thin, floating sweat wets his fingertips, Keith moves his fingers to his groin saying they fit around the time.

Kreha's Omako is so ripe that it gets hotter than just now and is likely to get wet as soon as it touches it.

Touching his finger there, Keith stroked Clitoris to scorch, waiting for Creja to gently spread his legs before inserting his finger inside.

The vagina said Kreha washed it in the bath, but still has Keith's body fluids.

Apply it to the vagina and bubble it up.

The nebulous semen quickly foamed thickly in the Kreha, zeroing from the hole where the fingers were placed to the bed.

Keith used that stickiness to blame Kreha's vagina.

Rub even the weakness of Kreha, who has finally figured it out four times inside out, right in front of that step.

Never touch a steep spot. Abuse only one step ahead of you.

Having just rubbed the shallow spot and applied semen, Kreha frowned and stared at Keith.

"Hey, why? What is it...... Phew!! There, more... touch me... Keith"

Keith ignored his voice. I really wanted to hear it, but keep screwing it down and sending the stimulus one step ahead of me in pleasure.

Of course the vagina that had been inserted until just now still gave Kreha enough comfort, but not another push.

Cleha, who bites his finger and endures the uncut, tries to lead his finger from himself to a good place to move his hips, but Keith didn't allow it.

Because I can avoid my fingers as my hips move, I really don't get the most pleasure, so I get as wet and painful as I get in the creek.

Keith abuses the inside with a slightly stronger, folded fingertip when what he wants is also transmitted from his fingertips, scratching Kreha even more.

"Ahhh! Oh! Mmm!! Mmm!! No...... no!! Akuuuuu! Ooh, there is...... such, terrible things, ahem!!!

Keith finally pulled his finger out of his vagina to show it as his voice got higher.

In Keith's hand, a liquid with a mixture of white, cloudy semen and love liquid pulls a creepy, snug thread.

Keith tried putting that dirty juice in the mouth of Creja, which opened sweetly in his pants.

Cleha, who was put in dirty juice, opened his eyes to surprise, and when he glanced at Keith, he moved his tongue and licked it.

Silent stares excite Keith and finger fellas accelerate it.

Turning her strength back in activation to her erection again with her current caress and finger fella, Keith pushed her hardened penis against the wet cock of a bitch.

Keith put his tip on Omako, who was so loosely cut that he seemed to enter the moment he touched him, he stopped the finger fella and inserted it before Creja said anything.

"Ah! Mmm!! All of a sudden, no... Oh, no! Ha... ugh."

It should have been inserted. Kreha is still frowning. Keith stopped inserting it in the same spot he blamed it on his finger because he couldn't do it either.

Zunzun rubbing the vagina in a shallow place and blaming it with a move like trying to widen the vagina hole.

Kreha stared at Keith with a crying face that pleasure would come halfway again.

"Hey, why... are you bullying me?... Ahhh!!

Keith then answered, quickening his hips as he adjusted the angle of the insertion, blaming the shallow spot wholeheartedly.

"I didn't abuse you anything else...... I'm desperate to make you feel better this way. Even as I am."

Kreha leaned back to become stronger and stronger as she was pushed in.

"Damn, that's not true...... Mmm!! Just now, just now."

"Yeah, I know. That's a joke you wanted me to be serious about, right? So...... this is how I really fuck you!!

Here Keith pushed his hips all at once to the back, from where he rubbed up the vaginal steeplechase of Kreha.

On a scattered scorched spot, his penis was pounded into a spot where he was not given pleasure, and Cleja screamed as he leaned back.

"Hi-no-no!! Ahhhh!! No, no, no, no, no! Ahhhhh! Mm-hmm. Awwww!!

Keith pushed his hips forward even more viciously as he held on to the bouncing Cleja hips, while simultaneously pushing her lower belly flat in his hand.

Squeeze! and just pushed in and massaged from the top the place to hang on with your penis, Kreha opens her eyes and squeezes her pillow.

"Kyaaaaaa!! Ugh, Ugh!! That, no!! No - Ugh!! Ahhhhhhh!! Higu no!!

He scratches his vagina on his sooner hips and blames his vagina for being scorched and made more receptive to pleasure.

At the same time, they hit the geese neck where they were pushed in and sensitized from above.

Keith pushed his hips satisfactorily against Kreha, who began to disturb him as he watched his big breasts sway.

I move my hips to rock them with a stick in the back, and now I don't pick and handle my nipples with my fingers.

With erect nipples treated as sicosis up and down, Creja's sensitivity keeps rising. It can also be seen from the addition or subtraction of the vagina.

Keith glanced at Kreha's vagina, who was more persistently involved than four times earlier, wondering if he meant it.

Squeeze the nipples with bite marks hard as he blames the squirting flesh on his hips for restarting the movement.

Cleja, who meditated on his eyes, roared and increased the amount of love liquid so clearly that he could tell.

Driven by the desire to ejaculate in this, Keith lifted and repositioned a single leg of Kreha as he inserted it.

Push one leg up against Keith's shoulder and push the other leg inside. Kreha clenched her sheets when a different place, the vaginal side, was rubbed.

"Ah, ah, ah!!! Mmm! Mmm!! Ahhhhhhh!! Keith...... no, Keith!! Mmm!!

Hearing his growing voice, Keith pushes the back of his vagina all the way in to blame for the weak spot in Kreha.

It's all to make her crazy. To not let it end with my own satisfaction.

Keith repositioned himself again to the body of Kreha, who is agitated enough to see in appearance, and now flexed.

Same as the first, but now Keith takes the lead, moving his hips hard and attacking the back of his vagina with a turtle head.

Take your lips away, of course, but make sure your breathing fits Keith, not Kreha. I wave my hips and grab my chest and devour my lips as I rule everything.

Licking the red and lit Kreha's ears,

"Oh, no!! Oh, hmm! Please don't... this, Lambu, oh, stop, Hiuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

"What are you talking about... you didn't sound crazy earlier. You had such a good reaction over here... you wanted to be like this!! It seems to be forced!!!

"Ohigi Ugh!! Ah, ah, uuuuu!! Ahhhhhh!! No!! No. Ooh! Mmm!!! I... I don't want to!!

"You're not!! You shouldn't be crazy!! You need to be so rambunctious...... you're too slutty to want to invite a man to be rambunctious!! You bitch!!

Kreha cried terribly at Keith's words, but that vaginal meat twirl undoubtedly showed joy.

So Keith scratched his vagina sticking sweetly and at the same time continued to blame him with words.

In doing so, Kreha's vagina begins to contract gently and tries to lead the meat stick back. I'm squirting.

Keith rubbed his penis tip into the worst part of Kreha many times in detail as he was about to finally put it in his mouth.

intermittent screaming Kreha shook her neck violently, left and right,

"No, I don't! This!! Due to this...... Awwww!! No!! No and no!!! Ugh!! Ahhhhhhh!!

By wrapping his stuffy screaming voice and powerful hands and feet around Keith, he showed that he had done a good job.

Keith rubbed a meat stick that seemed to cross the limit on his entangled unnecessarily vaginal fold, and while he was about to cry over the relief that it was finally going to be real, he pulled the meat stick out at once.

I take the one just before ejaculation to Kreha's face and treat it beside her lips and shoot her in the face.

Kreha, whose acme face had been white-polluted, was relieved, but eventually glanced at Keith with tears.

"... such a terrible person... it wasn't funny... I'm here... you are"

"But can't you help but want a creja manko with such a shitty seed? What will you do? Would you like to go fishing with another man again?

I gave Keith a look of regret and embarrassment as he waved his penis closer to his mouth.

"... don't give a shit... you're here"

I included a meat stick in my mouth as I said it. With the dripping face of semen, I can't help shaking the meat stick that spit it out.

The vagina that wasn't served just washed away. That's what I was looking for.

Keith began to move his head gooey by grabbing her horn as he lay down, grinning satisfactorily at Creja as he began to shake.

Keith swelled the meat stick again, closing his eyes firmly in tears at the irama, thinking about how he would blame Kreha for being offended and swallowed up to the back of his throat.


That was how the room was filled with the smell of a man and a woman who swallowed it back, and it was still going on.

Keith blamed her again and again for that method, which allowed him to go crazy on Kreha.

Keith was unhappy and excited about Kreha gasping with zero viscous female nectar as she cried every time she blamed him hard and hard.

In the normal position, in the seeding press, in the back seat, blaming it in various positions, and keeping it out.

Kreha, who was defiled and cut through his stomach, is still being offended while being kissed and bite marks all over his body.

A little body with sweat, tears and semen looked the most lustrous of thinly floating muscles.

Keith, who blames the last buck there, slaps his big ass hard against the basin and makes Kreha look backwards.

"Hi! Higi!! Higu!! also, stop... kenka, it's... frightening, it's... uuuuuuuu!!

It was such a plundering, weak girl squeaky voice that I didn't think it was the same as when I first met her when I came to the room.

Keith relentlessly stretched out there like a dog and enjoyed back sex with her breasts and cries.

No, honestly, I was already physically and mentally tough, but I really wanted to offend you like I ruled in this position.

In a purposefully rambling penis, a vagina filled with semen is called "Boop! Buppy!" and I rub my man fart.

"Ha, are you listening? What is this nasty sound... Wow, Kreha."

"Ya...... hey...... no more bullying...... no more, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

"Ooh! Uterine Mouth sucks so much!! You like to be abused...... this is totally it, so the ripe one is!!

Creja shook and screamed her squeaky body as she stabbed the basin and hips and thrust up the sweet open uterine mouth.

Blaming there relentlessly, Keith went on the last offense.

"Look! You won't get pregnant like me!! You're not getting pregnant this time!!

"No! Shh! I'm sorry!! So, no more, no more!! Don't let it get to you No!!

"It's okay!! Don't get pregnant!! You look like me!! I can't let you get pregnant like this!! Oh no! I'm squirting. Cramps!! Komankooooo!!

"Higiu!! Hi-gi-oh!! Oh, oh, wow! Or, no. Yes!!

Creja, unable to support her weight, lay her torso down on the bed and spasmodically cramped her hips.

"Iku! Icuuuuuu again!! Iki Ugh!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! of the human species!! With this and this. Yes!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh."

Gyummy!! and Keith ejaculated in the back as he made his last penetration into the tightly tight, spasmodic Manko meat.

All the rest of the golden balls were spit out and the meat stick slipped into the back so that they could be seeded in earnest.

It was the kind of sex that even Keith thought was the best mate, and Keith lay on the bed as she pulled out her penis.

Keith fell as-is satisfied to see zero semen from his raised buttocks several times he didn't know.

The next time I woke up was five hours later.

When I see it, it is properly put to bed and even put on a duvet.

I get up and look around but there was no creha and there was just a letter on the table beside the bed.

'It was fun. At the end of the day, it's been a long time since I've been serious. If I'm on edge again.'

I read that. Keith was disappointed. When he dropped his shoulder,

"No, yeah... I knew it, that was an act to put me on too... that was all I did and it was a salutation to the end... Lu Ryu was normal... yeah, really"

I guess it was a bitch who gets real seeded sex by a guy who got laid......

In the end, it was Kreha who enjoyed himself the most. I was replaced by a live vibe for the fun of it.

Completely devoured of defeat, Keith lay in tears on his bed,

"... be kinder to Roana... gusu"

I sipped and fell asleep again. Remember the mature lady who really fills Keith on the bed with the smell of Kreha.

Okay, well, then a few days later.

Nia, Aisha and Leonora blamed Keith for being kidnapped (to be exact, by Kazan) at night, even as soon as his memory returned, and for staying out the next day.

And when they had managed to take it together, they were passed from Mashua together into the chamber of the palace.

There all the key positions in the Palace's particularly protective role had been called. I wonder what it is,

"Sorry all of a sudden. As a matter of fact, I can finally get the combat instructors I've been asking for, and I'm trying to welcome them."

Combat instructor? and Aisha whispered to Keith leaning down.

"He's a special training officer to improve individual combat skills. Elves are used to handling weapons originally, but they don't like bare hands. You'd better beg the good people to teach you."

"A good race?

"He was originally a mercenary race, but since the Pope's office gave him an example of hiring, he's made a living in the nstructor business... because they're good at destroying human bodies with their bare hands"

I have a very bad feeling about hearing that much. Keith drowned a cold sweat.

I kind of feel like I have to get away from this place very much.

But it was already late that Fraser put those instructors through the room. Keith almost cried after all at the look of it.

A woman in a dress who could obey four nearly 190 tall men. All five, including the woman, are resilient and have horns on their foreheads. Yes, it's a ghost race.

"I will write to you first, Master Mashua. My name is Momiji and I am the president of Marquis, a civilian combat training company."

It was Kreha. Whatever you think it was, it was Creja. The outfit is not a poncho but a northern dress, but definitely a creha.

She was definitely noticing Keith, but she was fine, and she said hello to Mashua and Mia, and Nia.

Naia was delighted to be told she was a pretty princess.

"I'm sorry, it was a sudden offer."

"No, not even one of our subhuman strangers would take precedence over any requirement if we could call you this way, Master Mashua."

"Don't stir me up like that. And those who are there."

"Yes, it was a short-term concentration, so we kept it... in fact, the children of my husband, who died leaving me this company."

Kreha then described the four employees who are now his stepsons.

"From the left, it's Onitake, Bear Take, Wasiou, Igasse"

Keith remembered that Onitake is the one with the four sons in law bowing his head from the left and the tattoo of the wax on the right half of his face, Kumatake is the one without one eye at the skinhead, Washiou is the one with long hair tied behind him, and Samma scratches on his left cheek and over his nose are Igasse.

Kill. Definitely kill. Help me at night. To Keith screaming with his heart, Mashua praised the four of them for their soundness, and then explained his subordinates.

Kreha when Keith is explained following the defense minister, the military secretary, the palace guard secretary, etc... Momidji shakes hands like the rest of the elves,

"... you had an edge... terrible man"

I shrugged so small that I left Keith.

Keith, with his golden balls creeping up, was determined with tears in his eyes that he had to figure out a way to summon the strongest little dragon in a hurry.