"Spectacular Spectacular ~"

Each of the four people who sat in line on the couch looking different when they heard Keith's nibbling voice that seemed happy.

Sitting in the order of Berna, Nia, Leonora and Aisha from the left, the four look up at Keith as he floats a ball of sweat in that beautiful body in the closed room.

As Nia lit up, Leonora was jealous, Aisha slightly peeled, and Berna was faceless.

But the gaze was uniformly nailed to Keith and his own meat stick.

The four elf daughters stared lustfully at Keith as he stood with a sweaty smell of male organs that made him hot in the back of his body just watching.

Keith looked all the way over to see who he was going to eat from, then first approached Berna and put her leg on the seat, letting her slit open her leg on the couch.

As the other three gaze gathered, Keith fingered Berna Nomankovila to expose the pink mucosa inside.

Berna, who smells good with sweat, is still young in shape, and still has a cute shake in her crisp that has finally grown up recently.

Keith, peeling his foreskin off and letting the body out, smiled happily, smelling muggly steamy as he moved his face closer.

Berna also looked a little shy on the boulder, but Keith kept his mouth shut to make sure it tasted good.

Dark, sweaty softness was the best flavor in my mouth. Make a noise of it and suck on it to strengthen the taste. Bite and pinch it with your front teeth.

"Ha... gu! Hih... Hih!! Oh Shijun...... Sama, Mn!!

When Berna's sweet voice started to sound bored by the mild irritation, Nia beside him groaned, "I wish," staring at the place where Jee was licked.

It embarrasses me when I say something that doesn't make sense, but I can't help but envy Keith seeing him lick it.

Keith felt it, but he didn't touch Nia at all and licked Berna alone.

Gradually, I apply the love liquid to the mucous membrane of my tongue and then rub the whole thing with my tongue.

I don't feel Berna on that alone, so I occasionally pretend to gently screw my tongue into the urethral orifice or try biting a slight pubic villa for strong irritation.

Then licking it, the aftertaste of the shock entertained Berna and increased the amount of honey.

I want you to lick more. Keith deliberately moved his mouth off to Nia when his vaginal mouth was cuddly and uneven, as he said.

Berna looks sad at the cunt, who was stopped halfway by a grunt, dripping more sweat floating down her chest by gasping.

To show off to Berna like that, Keith tasted the princess Manko, who had grown up a little in a year when she made Nia dress the same as Berna.

Both Clitoris and Yin Bila twirl around Nia's Omako, who is only getting a little bigger with a beautiful light peach color.

Except during sex, Nia's Omango, who rarely sweats, had a sweet scent of childhood that tickled her nostrils.

If you lick it, you put your mouth on the vaginal mouth that zeroes honey as much as you lick it, sucking it inside, licking it so that you can put that nuke on the clitoris.

"Master Keith...... Ugh! Yikes...... HAMI!! Ugh!!"

To the stimulus that grows stronger, Nia reaches out to Leonora and Berna, who are next door, for help.

They held the little princess's hand, but I knew I would keep looking at that manko lick with envy.

You stare at Keith's tongue salivating his pale, peachy meat and glowing a slightly hairy pubic hair.

Nia gets more sensitive with the warmth of her two hands and the embarrassment she's seen, and ACME was about to come, but that's where the cunt ends again.

"Huh?" Moving next to Nia, who sounds like she's going to cry, Keith lets Leonora dress the same and licks immediately.

Not after lightly touching her, but suddenly she crawled through her tongue and Leonora drank her breath and raised her jaw.

Keith licked Leonora's pussy around from the base of her leg as she stared upwards at that cut look.

Leonora's unwashed sweat-steaming excitement to taste Manko, who usually cares twice as much about perspiration and smell, rambled Keith's tongue.

Only the shape on the knuckle of the famous vessel still kisses the childish lady Omako all over, then pushes it wide and licks the medium mucosa.

The outer lick alone had already zero love liquid, Omako had honey darkening the flavor more, and Keith enjoyed the smell and flavor satisfactorily.

"Himi! Ah, duh!! Keesu... no, no... you're here... hino!!

Leonora says so to Keith, eager to lick the part that would be deliberately dirty, but her body rocks her hips wanting her to continue more.

To Leonora showing her movement for a nice place from herself, Keith let go of her teasing mouth by stiffening Clitoris to the limit behind her tongue.

I knew I would somehow do that from what I've been through, but I still can't help but raise my voice "ah" from Leonora to Aisha this time.

Aisha was angry at the last thing she had done, but her groin was also wet for that matter.

The hot, lit body makes a lot of sweat and it gathers in the groin, giving it a dark smell. It is a slutty fragrance that deserves to be licked at the end.

Keith enjoyed sticking his nose in it as Aisha's unique floral scent made her body smell even more caged and wonderful.

Enjoyed the smell of Eroman, Aisha, with all her strength, and then sucked it on Yin Bila, the knight with a disgusting face, and showed it to him.

Chuuuuuuuu! and make a noise, inhale the billabilla, apply the saliva, and then release. Repeat it over and over and let it swoop over there.

The more I smoked, the zero honey and the more wet I enjoyed it. Eventually when I put my mouth on the clitoris, I peeled it off and inhaled the body again.

"Ahhh!! Yikes!! Stupid...... stuff, buckwheat! Why, say... Hiah!

They just sucked me without licking me, but that made me feel good again and twisted Aisha's hips.

Oman. Aisha was happy to float her butt when she sucked this part deeply into Keith and sucked the juice all at once while pressing her lips against her vaginal mouth.

Almost there, the best will come later. That's what I thought. Keith let go of his mouth and now he's up.

After all, all four of them will be sitting side by side with worse sweats on their bodies than they just did on Aisha's face.

Everyone is halfway through Omako, staring at Keith as she makes her body tremble. I'm looking for a quick continuation.

Keith flat as he gathered such a gaze,

"Uh-huh, I knew Aisha was the darkest smell"

Oh, my God. Aisha turned bright red in her face and tried to weep and complain to Keith.

But before that, Keith sits in front of Aisha, advancing his hips and sticking his penis out in his face.

"So I'll give you mine for the darkest smelling Aisha! Go ahead."

He was stuck out of his penis coming to his nose, which emitted a foul odor, but Aisha swallowed the gokuri and spit.

I can taste this by myself. I'm the only one who smells and tastes this best. I thought so. Turning to the side,

"Keith! What the hell is that? Why are you alone with such a stinking woman?"

"It's clever, Master Keith!! Zulu no!! Me too, penis...... even though I want to pepper it"

"It's just Aisha... it's just Aisha"

Hearing the three of them, Aisha put the erect penis in her mouth without hesitation as she immersed herself in a sense of superiority.

As soon as they were all three, they said, "Ah!" She raised her voice, but Aisha continues to sip her penis with joy.

Tighten the meat stick in your mouth to the limit throughout your mouth! Yikes!! and apply plenty of handled saliva.

That's how I teased out of my mouth and loved the meat stick wet and glowing with my saliva with my tongue.

Lick and rub the raised blood vessels and weak areas around the geese neck with the tip of the tongue and enjoy a place where the flavour is particularly intense.

The lit face is redder with the smell of penis in her mouth, making her want to add and subtract as if she were drunk, but Aisha was actually drunk on Keith's meat stick.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! No, no! Phew, Kuhita, what are you... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

She herself was most aware that the smell and taste excited Aisha.

If you lick it, just lick it. Keith's nasty taste stains the back of your body and makes Manko tremble hot.

The flavour of the lead, which is zero from the tip part that is licking in, reminds me of the flavour of this juice, and my vagina and vagina want its nevus and karki odor.

Either way, I want you to let me out. If it's going to happen, I want it both ways.

I have a grudge against Aisha, the princess, the lady and the samurai who wish that in the presence of the other members. I turned my gaze.

"Oops... cheats..."

"You should give in! How much Keith gave me... a little over here."

"Dear Aisha... it's just"

Needless to say, Aisha, who is obsessed with shabby, laughed damned when Keith felt the other three had been able to make it look good.

At the same time, they are letting Aisha's shabby sights reproduce their flavors and cut them off.

Especially since it didn't actually come to us, the feeling of wanting it made your heart pound with heat.

Keith dawned on her penis when she felt three beautiful elf girls with bright white skin blushing to her ears and looking sadly at her.

Aisha is happy to rub her tongue against the tortoise's head so many times that she blames it all at once.

From the rod section, the applied saliva was enough to drip from the scrotum to the thigh, as if Aisha had marked it.

Keith pulled his hips away from Aisha as such a marking penis put his turtle head up to the limit.

Aisha, who solidifies with a tongued expression as she said "ah" as she threaded her saliva, smiled thinly as it was time for insertion and spread her smile wide.

As I say here Cre, the obscenely shaped Omako seemed to get hot air even now due to the sweat of the sea urchin and the steaming of the love liquid.

Keith smiled nicely at the emaciated Aisha, who even felt Leonora next door smelling sweet and dyed her face to the vermilion, leaving the spot to kiss Nia.

"Yeah!?" It was all of us who voiced surprise, and that, of course, was also Nia, who was taken aback.

Nia opened her eyes to a suddenly begun kiss, but soon she had turned her arms and legs around to say that she would not let go with a hug when she tangled her tongue in Keith's tongue.

Keith felt the pressed groin area get wet and let go of his mouth.

"Dear Nia, your crotch is almost there...... did you get so much when you saw Aisha licking your penis?

Nia nodded back in embarrassment holding onto the words.

"'Cause I'm cheating, too, so I said cum again."

"Yeah, well...... if you're so much of a troll, you're all right with sex now. Can I come in?

Before Nia nodded yes, Keith adjusted his hips, aligning himself with the hole and inserting a meat stick into the princess Manko.

Of course Aisha was the most responsive to that.

"Here, come on!! Silly Keith!! Silly!! What the hell are you doing! Give me that...... let me lick a lot!! That's not true, you idiot!!

But Keith just smiled and showed Aisha like that, his hips even moving back and forth and blaming Nia.

Put your hands on the back of the couch and blame Nia's vagina with all your might in the mid back position.

To the shark, which was more intense than usual for the amount of weight he weighed, Nia clung to Keith's hands and feet and distorted his face.

"Ah! Micha!! Hagu!! Mia!! Kimochi, Kisu...... Ugh!! Wow, ahhh!! Kaisha is full of them again! Kimoto Suzu Ugh!! Michahi-no!!

Kitten's grumpy stuffy voice made Berna and Leonora envy, making Aisha half cry.

Aisha was feeling more "sloppy" than the three of them had just felt when she saw Keith's forged body squeezing him offend Princess Elf's vagina using muscles all over her body.

Keith moved his hips and rejoiced Nia, regardless of Aisha like that, when he felt the princess sweating all over her body, he held her and repositioned her.

From a normal position using the sofa to a face-to-face seat. Now Keith sits between Berna and Leonora, hugging Nia and moving her hips.

Skin touches more than ever, making you feel even hotter and sweaty in this hot room.

The way he was born, Nia sweats an unprecedented amount, watching Keith get wet with his own sweat.

"Oh, my God! Sorry hiccup, ki-sushima!! Oh, but... Wow, that's not good!! Mm-hmm! Miuuuuu!!

Keith, who held Nia in tears hard as she loosened her hips, kissed her cheeks many times before whispering to her ears.

"Master Nia's pretty body is so peppered with sweat...... I'm so happy with that. I feel connected with Lady Nia and her whole body. Smells good to me."

Nia is too happy to stop smiling at the whisper in her embrace, while her vagina tightens and her hips move.

There was a mix between the sound of a cheeky, sweaty skin and a nuccio nuccio filled with sweat and love liquid.

Berna and Leonora staring at the sex with a still envy, and Aisha crying "Keith's Fool" at the sound of turning away.

In front of the three of them, Keith ejaculated to melt toward the back as he inhaled the body odor, many times darker than usual, which spread to the neck and chest of your species Princess Elf.

Keith didn't even realize that his whole body was feeling too numb and ejaculating, and Nia said, "Damn!" She realized it when she screamed and pressed her tortoise head against the back.

Nia felt her body freak out when Keith gave Keith a strong mouthful as she felt her vagina trembling in vaginal back ejaculation.

Acme that is not big enough to play all at once, but gradually squeezed out fills Nia with pleasure for a long time, and when it's over,

"Huh! Ah, ah, ah, ah... ahhh... ahhh! Hiuuuu!!!!

He raised his voice so that he could not stop freaking out. Look at that, Leonora.

"Damn... wow, yes... Nia, I've always been a good one... like this, ah"

He looked like he was going to cry because he wanted to feel it.

Keith slowly unloaded Nia immersed in the acme aftertaste still hugging her sweaty self and put her to sleep on the table in front of the couch, hugging her right next door Berna with a drool of sweat, love liquid and semen.

Berna stared at the owner painted on another woman's sweat and body odor with a seemingly complicated face,

"Is that it? Don't you want Berna? Then to Leonora."

That's what I said. I desperately pulled Keith back and lay my lips off myself.

Berna, who carries out an enthusiastic tongue fella and licks the sweat that passes straight to her jaw, began to lick around Keith's body, which was hot and sweaty.

My neck, chest plate, and my arms are raised and my armpits are raised. Feeling the dark part of the smell and licking it, Berna, really like a dog, held Keith tight and continued to taste her husband's body as he got sweaty.

"... Berna next... so boobs, you're gonna be mine at the end... Ugh! Then why did you make me lick it first?! Bye!!

Of course, it's decided to keep you in a state of pain and vaginal ejaculation.

Next to Aisha, who cried tears over what she understood, Keith swelled the meat stick again with Berna's tongue technique.