T, an elf living in the Imperial capital, told me about it.

As he was home from work late at night, he saw a small figure in a park on his way.

You got kids in the middle of the night like this? No, or is it like a fairy?

Surprised, sending his gaze through casually, it was neither a child nor a fairy.

He is a man of the black, coal-fired human species.

The limbs narrowed like dead branches, the abrasions were emerging but only the lower abdomen was swollen, with odd imbalances.

The black man, who is still going to melt into the darkness, but only his brightly red, blood-covered eyes appear to shine in the dark night.

T hastily left the scene, saying this was something not to be seen, to a man who only turned his bloody eyes and nestled in the dark night.

As I walked off my gaze to try not to look at you, I saw a thin black, coal-fired leg at the end of that deviant gaze.

Did you move from that position to your own sight? That's impossible.

T. missed his gaze again in another direction with a face drawn to fear.

Then in that direction, I can see the shadow of a black coaled man in the gap between the house and the house.

T. escaped on a small run, desperate to be near screaming. Go to popular places, where people are as much as possible.

I felt like I could follow you home like this and I couldn't.

So I decided to go home once I got out to the boulevard, which was full of people.

In the meantime, the coal-fired figure continued to appear, but its shadow disappeared at some point when he went out on many busy boulevards on the pedestrian street as he aimed.

Relieved T. headed home pretty far away.

When I got to the house and unlocked it, and opened the door and raised my face, two bloody eyes floated in the void on the dark front door.

No, the only thing that seemed to float was the white, prominent eyeballs of a coal-melted man in the darkness of the house.

"Did you say you weren't there anymore?

Tee to the voice whispered in my ear......

"Huh!! Also, no more!! No more. Aah! I don't want to hear it!! Oh no!!

There was such an Aisha scream indoors with only candles lit, and everyone, including Keith, who was talking, was freaking out! became.

When she sees it, Aisha meditates her eyes with a crying face, desperately clinging to Berna sitting next to her.

Berna, dressed in her bedtime clothes, was a good boy to Aisha, who shuddered small, "No, no, no, no, no." Leonora, who saw it,

"What is it? Suddenly you shout out!! It's pathetic, are you still a knight!?

"Shut up!! I can't!! I can't have a guy without an entity!! That's what you say. Your tits are trembling!!

"I'm not scared because I'm weak! And look at that! Mr. Nia is so slight... oh? Mr. Nia? No...... Keith!! Oh, my God! Mr. Nia, we're freezing!!

"Huh!? Hey, Master Nia!? Hey! Master Nia!! Oh, my God, no!

"It's your fault, Keith!! Bye!!

I don't know why such comic talent is being played out, that's because one case yesterday is drawing tail.

Yesterday Keith suddenly had a raging orgy at the villa he had just arrived in.

I held Nia, Aisha, Berna and Leonora from one end and emptied the gold balls.

Naturally, by the end of the day, the time was already late at night, and Keith had begun fixing the cooler he had promised from there.

... but by dawn I was tired of sex and fell asleep repairing my cooler.

The four of them who came up in the morning opened the window of the room completely as it was with Yale, or played in the lake and managed to survive the day.

I woke up around the evening. Keith flat apologized to everyone and then went to fix it again, but naturally it couldn't be over.

Keith told the four of us who had no choice but to go upstairs early and start making fun of him while he cooled down on the fan, at least once he stopped the repair and told him a story that would cool him down.

That is the suspicious conversation we had earlier.

I thought you'd be happy, but apparently speaking of elf species was a huge bad psychic feature in the middle of summer, and three other people besides Berna were drawn to fear.

Besides, I even had Nia, which has solidified...

As a result, Keith, pissed off by scattered Aisha and Leonora, went back to the ground floor to resume repairing the cooler.

Upstairs, when there were only four of us, Nia finally regained her sanity after being held and stroked full by Aisha and Leonora, and still remained trembling.

Leonora suggested we turn on the light all night and go to bed today, and we all nod at it.

Aisha and Berna should have slept in the next room, but Nia,

"Ah, Aisha and Berna... we're good together!... I'd like to be with you..."

I nodded "of course" and lay down in the same bed because I would seriously ask for it.

"Well, but there's nothing you can do where there was one of these frightened women knights,"

"Oh my God! Huh...... Hmm! But if I see that monstrous milk of yours, I'll disperse any evil spirits, so no problem!

"Why don't you stop saying bad things about your breasts!! It's too one pattern!!

"Shut up, Demon Milk! Write some evil spirit dispersal letters on that milk and shake it all night long!

"What kind of de-psychic is that?!? I wouldn't say that!!

The two of us are finally getting along during sex, but we still have a difficult future in our routine.

Such a bright sight somehow reassured Nia to fall asleep...... I didn't.

Nia was completely unable to sleep in fear.

I was fine when we were all talking in the little lights of the constant night lights, but gradually less words remind me of earlier stories when I fall asleep with one or two of them.

Two shitty eyes glowing in the dark, a black coal man with it. I can't help but feel that is standing in the woods or in the corners of the hallway outside the window with a slight extension of my gaze.

That's a lie. Keith said it was all a fabrication, but the words never erased the phantom of the ghost.

That is the first spiritual story Nia has ever heard.

I didn't tell Nia, who was born scared, that's what she said around her, and she didn't let me touch the books that said that. Because I somehow knew this was going to happen.

Hitting him over and over again with Aisha and Leonora pinched, Nia stared into the darkness at night with a crying face.

If this was still a palace, there would have been peace of mind, but now it is a strange ceiling. It doesn't make me no longer anxious.

"Mr. Keith... frightened."

The princess, whining about the name of the stupid man who gave her such horror and begging for help, tries to sleep with her eyes closed, hoping that there is no such thing as that coaled man somewhere in the room.

For how long she had endured that, Nia was suddenly attacked by urine.

The compression from the bladder shivers the whole body and the urethra is about to open sweeter now.

I know I have to go to the bathroom, but my fear makes me hesitate to do that.

There is no guarantee anywhere that I can get out of this room and go down the hallway and not have my eyes blinded in the darkness.

He was a little elf princess who was scared and trembled just imagining, but then his pee was about to leak and he rushed to rub his crotch together.

Aisha, Leonora, and I can't believe Berna took a leak in her sleeping bed... and it's too pitiful to take a leak beyond the age of twenty.

I thought you might wake someone up and follow me, but Leonora is asleep feeling good, Aisha is hugging Berna with a distressed look on her face, and Berna is frowning at the heat and bitterness of being hugged.

Nia cared and couldn't wake anyone up because it's a situation where everyone would be worried if she woke one up.

But things got worse and worse, and the bladder was on the verge of explosion.

"Ha... kiuuuuuuu!... pee, it makes me feel... gush, go away."

Half-crying Nia stared into the dim darkness at the end of the hallway, squeezing her fist, she never rose to her will, and got out of bed careful not to wake anyone.

Unlike a palace, a villa in a deep forest that doesn't always feel like someone is there adds to the fear.

But let's do our best. You can't be a fine mother if you're scared of this, so you have to work hard.

That's what inspired Nia to go down the hallway, truly taking the word "baby" Keith was saying.

The toilet upstairs is a penetration of the hallway, so I turn to it and rely on the little magic light.

As the light darkened deeper, the elf girl filled with tears moved forward trembling with urine and fear, in a place where she said it was almost a toilet.

"When I opened the door and raised my face, there were two bloody eyes floating in the void on the dark front door..."

I stood in remembrance of an earlier passage of a psychic tale that I said.

Beyond that toilet door. If... if a man with coal stood...

"Fu Jiu... Fu Jiu... Koai, oh well... Keith, well"

Seeking help from three trustworthy people he loved, and still knowing that no one was there, Nia took a step forward with her face like a shuddering jean dog that sipped and puffed.

"Dear Nia, what are you going to do in so much time?"

"Fu Hi......!!!

Suddenly, Nia couldn't even scream at the voices she had been called, and she came to the scene.

Keith, who had finally finished fixing the cooler and was coming up to sleep in the upstairs guest room, was surprised that Nia, who had just spoken, would come and go.

Trying to speak up about what's going on, the ammonia smell I'm used to sniffing drifts pu.


Unexpectedly he raised his voice and looked at the floor, where the water hoarding was lit by magical light.

I leaked it. Yes, Nia took a leak out of her mind.

Why? I think in front of Keith, Nia sneezes her face, hig-higs! And I start to squeak and cry.

"Oh, huh? Hmm? Nia..."

"I'm surprised, I'm scared... it was horrible, then I peed... I was hanging on... Phew! Mocha... oh, mocha... pee, I brought it to you, oh"

Keith was somewhat surprised to hear Nia speak out and leak surprise at the quote that freaked out and put up with peeing in her psychic tale earlier.

Actually, I used to do the same thing to Liz and make her see the same thing.

Keith led the routine "The Great Haunted Mansion" at the Academy Festival, and made the trial a liz and a thought-provoking little one.

I was half frenzied then and said, "I'll kill you if I tell anyone!! Absolutely colossal. Ah!!" He hit me, "but it's Nia there, so I didn't hit him or anything. I was just crying.

I can't be a good mother to stutter and take a leak even though I'm a good old adult over twenty.

I'm sure Keith thought so, too. I'm sure I'm stunned. That was mixed with the shyness of the leak and tormented Nia.

But Keith... yes, Keith, who loves a beautiful woman to take a leak, crouches with a good smile,

"Master Nia, if you stay put, your bedclothes and body will... I will bring you a towel now, please stop crying"

When I say that, I bring a set of towels and rags and start cleaning them up quickly.

Keith to Nia, who is amazed at how badly he is used to

"I'm sorry, Master Nia, because I told such a weird story... I'm so sorry"

"No, it's... it's Master Keith's fault... I..."

"No, it's my fault. I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?

"... I took a leak... will you forgive me?

Keith shook his penis at the comfort of being told to take a leak by the girl princess there who looks like an early teenager already.

Yeah, let's go with that one tonight. so determined to smile nicely. The inferior species

"Then we're done forgiving each other. Let's do that."

When she stood up a leaking princess smiling happily, she wiped her peed legs off and made her fall asleep.

Wrap it in a towel and stand up with a bucket of rags in it.

"Master Nia, let's take a bath, shall we? I'm not scared anymore because I'm with you."

to the most unreliable man's dialogue that it would be okay not to be afraid of ghosts. But Nia returned the word "yes," grabbing Keith's clothing hem and heading to the ground floor with him.

It is criminal everywhere to take an elf girl in naked leaking panties to the ground floor.

Keith, who smiled more evil than the ghost who appeared on the occasion of the long overdue princess, stared in love at the fragrant thin pink longitudinal muscles that made him take off his Nia pee panties when he began to prepare for the bath with half an erection already.