Keith took off his panties at the stripper when he led Nia to the bathroom with a bright white body that would follow him without picking the hem of his clothes properly.

Panties wet in the pee are moist and heavy and can be seen yellow and dirty under the bathroom lights.

"Well, you can't if you look at it so much!... Don't stare."

Keith, who was looking at his panties, took it into the bathroom with a nod of "yes, yes," to Nia, whose embarrassment blamed him with a climactic face.

Keith, who is also naked by taking off his clothes, washes his bedding and panties with hot water when he lets his bath chair sit in Nia.

When the soap was also used to wash properly, water was skipped in an instant using the magic of drying.

"Now that I've taken a leak, everyone won't find out."

To put it that way, Nia thanked Keith as she got a complicated look at what Keith knew the least she wanted to know.

Keith started washing Nia's body by bubbling soap the next time he stored hot water in the bucket.

Nia looked happy but distressed when her pee-filled legs and groin rubbed gently with a particular focus on soap bubbles.

I'm very happy to have it washed, but I feel guilty because I think it makes me do something dirty.

But Keith cleans up there with his palm with a face that sounds like fun.

I wash the back of my knees and buttocks from between my toes and clean them to the anal wrinkles. And the main dish is O-manco.

Peel off the crisp skin properly and clean it all the way inside, washing it so that you rub the yin vila that just came out a little bit with your fingertips.

Sitting in the bath chair on his fingers that were too sexual, Nia dyed his face slightly to Zhu and roughened his breath.

But Keith doesn't get his hands on it here, just letting Nia daunt him until he's full.

Keith washed himself and soaked himself in hot water when he put Nia, who cleansed his groin, in a hot tub with a towel to keep his hair from getting wet.

The two of us stare at the hot air escaping out the window that opened him up as he hugged him from behind and kissed his neck and ears many times.

Nia howled in a comfortable bath that she couldn't care less if it was a palace, and at the same time groined in romanticism.

I've been a bit of a bold bitch lately because I don't like everyone stealing Keith, but the root is a shy princess.

I'm too happy to cry when Keith is holding me and soaking me in the bath in a situation where the stars look more beautiful than Seimrad.

For the first time in her life, she is happy with the opposite sex she likes.

The thought exquisitely tickles the developed and cut body, leaving Omako in a craving state that has been ruined for a year.

The innocent elf, who knew the female state completely, was hesitant to ask for it in this situation.

Even though they saw a pee leak, I felt like I shouldn't be saying I wanted to have sex on it.

Even without knowledge. The man who taught the innocent princess the feminine mood had a bad grin behind him about how Nia could somehow tell by instinct.

I haven't played a prank in a long time today. That was the grin I was deciding.

"Dear Nia, it's time to go up"

"Huh? is... yes,"

After all, I went upstairs dressed in panties and bedtime clothes that I had washed and dried in Nia, where I felt a little loneliness for what I couldn't tell you.

But as it was, Aisha, Berna and Leonora didn't take him to the room where he was sleeping. Keith took Nia into the room to which he was assigned.

Smaller than the room where the three of them are sleeping, but still letting Nia sleep in a room the size of which is there, Keith activates a silenced demon prop to keep his voice from leaking to the other members. I brought it just in case.

Then I'll lay next to Nia and give her a hug.

"I do this all the time until Master Nia falls asleep...... you're not scared, are you?


Kissing Nia with a snorting smile, Keith gently stroked her body.

Nia cling to Keith with genuine pleasure that she was not afraid of ghosts for this.

Now I thought it was time Keith looked a little troubled as he stroked Nia's body.

"Oh, but Master Nia, if you want to go to the bathroom with care again, you can't wake me up. Please wake me up properly."

"Huh? Um... yes"

In an ill-toothed reply, Keith put his face closer to Nia's.

"Oh, you're not gonna wake me up, are you?

"But because... it's okay now, too! Bathroom, alone... I'll do my best."

"He said he couldn't care less where he said that anymore... Uh-huh! Right!!

So Keith got up and got out of bed and fished his baggage when he raised his voice exactly as he had just thought.

"With that said, I'm bringing a lot of stuff. Inside... uh, here it is! This!!"

Naia tilted her neck when she saw what she had been brought with her. I don't understand what that is.

"What is it?

"Is this it? This is diapers."

"Ohm... tsu... diapers!? Is that a diaper?

There will be no need to be surprised. I don't know why, but Keith has paper diapers for adult women, and he's bringing them to a destination.

Plus, scarily, maybe Keith is willing to let Nia wear it. Because Nia knows that, too.

"Oh, it... could it be me"

"Yeah, as long as I wear this, I don't have to go to the bathroom anymore! It's gussy until morning."

"I don't like it!! I absolutely don't like it!!

Keith was like, "Huh? Why!?" I was greatly surprised.

I can't help it, but Nia responds properly to discipline.

"I'm already here! Not a baby. Shh!! So I don't know about diapers..."

"It's okay. This is for adults."

"I still don't like it, so sooo!!... I don't know about diapers... Gusu, no... me"

To Nia, who was about to cry. Keith lowered his hips next to Nia, who was sitting close to his bed as he stood up with a serious face. Of course I have diapers in my hand.

"Dear Nia... okay, one in four women is experiencing urinary leaks. Nothing to be ashamed of. I'd rather not be able to sleep at night."

"Huh? Oh, uh-huh? Huh?"

"I can't sleep with anxiety either unless Master Nia can sleep in peace. So please... Master Nia. For me, please!!

Princess Elf is pushed into Keith as he pushes. If you don't like it here, you can get away with it...

If Keith doesn't like me any more, even though I've already made him do the shitty thing today of taking a leak and letting Keith clean that up.

My aversion to wearing diapers is filled with the usual Keith's desire not to hate me.

"... to someone... and I say, it's Ya... Himitsu, it's"

"Yes! It's just me and Master Nia's secret!!

Keith suppressed it and put Nia back to bed where she was going to cry when she was about to jump up to a word that could be taken as permission.

Let Nia roll herself up a luxurious negligee hem with a pretense that she had just soiled but is now clean.

The white, sneaky legs of Nia in Negrije staring under that thin light, making the light of the constant night light just a little stronger, are more ferociously erotic than the bare legs you see in the bath.

I put my hands on my panties patiently wanting to bump into them and slowly took them off.

Hairy lady In this beautiful color dazzling, Keith carefully wears it on Nia, who let her nappy strand beneath her as she raises her butt.

Nia chewed her lips and wept as she turned bright red to the tip of her pointy ear in a humiliating ritual that said Keith, whom she loved, would wear diapers.

Eventually, Keith was desperate to get a nosebleed when he saw what he was able to do.

A girl in a white negligee, an elf, is lying in bed embarrassed wearing diapers.

Even his penis was happy to run ahead and wet his pants that the finest dinner was available for the lower species of man.

(... don't make me the type to wear it. You were right... diapers are important in the process of wearing them)

While reaffirming that, Keith kept staring at diapers from all angles.

Diapers at the base of luxurious and beautiful legs. Nia rocks her hips with a frown on its gobbly feel. Everything is horny and awesome.

Keith laughed at Nia, suppressing his feelings that he was about to strike again by accident, but not yet.

"I got it. Dear Nia,"

"... Yes. What... you're going to bed."

"Ah... but actually, this diaper, it's my handmade, so maybe my pee will leak out of the gap... Dear Nia, if you don't mind, why don't you pee now and let me check it out?

"Huh?... ahhh? Huh?"

Even the boulder Nia gets confused by the furious perverted desire without the processing following her.

"Pee... here, in diapers... now, are you?

"Yes. Be sure!!

To Keith, who said strongly, Nia shook her head left and right with all her might.

"I can't do that!! You will never be able to!!

"Huh? Why!?

So why not? I wouldn't be able to think about it normally.

It would be quite enough to be able to snort telling me to pee in it in front of you, even though I'm a big decision just to wear diapers.

Keith to Nia, who keeps saying he'll never be able to

"It's an experiment..."

"Still... I'll never fuck you... I can't..."


Keith decided to try “arr” here for the first time in a really long time.

"This was for your penis... Really, can't you"

"... Huh? Oh, your penis's?

Keith replied with a smile on his face.

"Yes. Though fully fused to my body by the shame of the night, when is this vicious magic item going to strike back at me with that demon... now that it's completely fused when it does, I'm in danger of samen and peeing drooling"

"Ah... oh, no"

"So I always get diapers when I go out... embarrassed, don't you think... but worried, don't be afraid... duh!

Nia shrugged her face off, believing in the dialogue of a tearful fool.

I always had to carry diapers because of myself, Keith. Keith, who is always frightened that one day his penis will break out again.

Lately, I had begun to think that my penis was a normal body organ, but if I had, it would have been a terrible magic trick fused to Keith for me.

I can't believe I forgot that and Keith made me feel better, put the baby vegetables in my stomach, and had fun every day.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I... Keith, such an important thing, totally"

"No, it's fine. Don't worry about it. Let's go back to sleep."

"I will! I will pee!!

Getting up and saying so to Nia's words. Keith looked moved and trembled, "Dear Nia," but was actually jumping and dancing with his heart.

I thought this long-time deceptive word might no longer work, but I was glad to know it could still be used on active duty.

(Because we can't all use it when it's sulky...... oh, it's been a long time since I've had a man-to-man! The deception is excellent too!! Dawn ~)

I hugged Nia as she thanked her for waking up the inferior seed that could stiffen her groin.

That's how we thrilled each other for a while (although Nia is mistaken) and quickly Keith started letting Nia play diapers.

I force him to pee by letting him lie on the bed with his crotch while I roll up the negligee.

Actually, I let him drink sweet juice so he could sleep on the ground floor when I brought him into this room. That should go hand in hand with soaking in a lukewarm bath. It should be time to irritate my bladder.

Nia doesn't know such a ruse, she just spreads her crotch and tries to free her pee inside to do a diaper performance assessment.

But because of the tension and the embarrassment that wouldn't stop me from being prepared, the holy water inside didn't burst out of the urethra.

Keith stared at the lovely Princess Elf, even as she strove on such diapers, as she was about to let another holy water gush from her urethra.

"Wow... Dear Nia, damn porn... I'm so powered by diapers... it seems so porn"

Keith figured Princess Lori needed a nursing bottle as she worked so hard to pee on her nappy in such a cute little way. Yes, it is a penis feeding bottle.

So I took my penis out with every pair of pants under my bedclothes, and took it to Nia's mouth, which turned red and worked hard.

"Dear Nia, I don't think I'm going to get inside..."

"Oh, I'm sorry...... Hiya! Keith, where are you going with your penis?

"Actually, Zamen has a diuretic effect. Look, when you always drink and have sex with Zamen, Master Nia, you pee, right?

Nia nodded seriously if you say so.

It is normal for a young body to take a leak if his penis is penetrated into such an immature vagina and his bladder is gong-stimulated.

Besides, there is no reason to blame such an unfinished body for seriously wandering off the control of the lower body and opening the urethra.

Even Aisha and Berna, who are a little more physically complete, are. If it's Nia, it's about Judgment.

but I knew nothing. Nia believed Keith's words 100%,

"So, you're not licking your penis - if you drink, do you pee out?

"Yeah, so go ahead. Oh, nothing if you don't like it."

"No! I want to lick my penis!! Zumen, I'll drink! Hap."

Keith sauntered his spine all at once to the nappy Naia, who was well said and flanked as he slept his erect penis.

It's the first time in Keith's life that a nappy elf girl plays shabu-shabu.

I didn't know I could use it for Nia because I thought I'd let Berna wear it and let her play baby too.

Convinced that God was possessed after all, Keith gently stroked Nia's head sucking on her pussy with her lips protruding.