A young elf princess who rolls up a negligee and performs a tiny shave while showing off her strands in diapers.

The exquisite pornography of that figure can't help but daunt Keith.

Keith exhales with a disgusting face mixed with comfort and excitement as he sticks his hips out and strokes Nia's head.

He stuck his lips out in his penis and sucked them, and within that, Nia's tongue, which moves his tongue tip and licks the tortoise head as a reliever, was too bitch on the back of his appearance.

At first glance, even a princess until perfection can see the height of the elves of your species, but the fruit is a horny princess developed all over the inferior species.

Keith honks his chest when it's great that Nia herself hasn't actually noticed that.

I'm glad to hear how far you're willing to please yourself for not losing this innocence after a year.

That feeling manifested itself in action, and Keith moved his hips quickly forward as he stroked Nia's head for further stimulation.

Goose necks and bell mouths rub against cheek-back meat and tongue more than ever before, and sweet pleasures pass from tip to scrotum.

When there was zero clear juice from the tip, which could also be a touch of ejaculation, Nia dyed her cheeks red one by one as she tangled them in her tongue and swallowed them.

When Keith's meat-stick taste overflows, I feel somewhat relieved and ashamed to disappear.

And when the juice that swallows and the tension of the meat bars in the jar increases, the body becomes hot from the back.

So Nia rolled up Negrije more to the point where she said if she could see her breasts and cut her legs open into her crotch.

What a nasty appearance, Keith's spit overflows.

I can't believe Princess Bitch is obsessed with her penis shabby wrapped in paper diapers.

Besides, I don't feel comfortable because I'm the one who's getting that shabu-shabu.

"Dear Nia...... Ahhh! Oh, Nia, sweetheart... wow, that's amazing... I'm rarely surprised... cute! Ooh!!

Keith touched his nappy that he had to give him one too when Nia's head moved more and his pleasure in his penis increased.

I sometimes tickle you around the urethra just as I put my hand around my bladder and gently pushed it.

"Mi! Pucha! Ah, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! I can't get rid of you, penis...... Uh-oh!

That being said, Keith also stimulated his groin over the diaper to Nia, who comes out with his tongue diligently and licks his tip.

Touch the massage so that you really pee rather than say sexually, with a wish to spit it out in this.

Nia felt her bladder swing with a tron as the gentle way of touching over the wrecked paper diapers conveyed.

The feeling of uncut melting around the waist widens and a sweet paralysis is transmitted to the urethral orifice.

Because I must have licked the clear juice of my penis. I thought that was the reason I wanted to pee. Nia moves her tongue as hard as she can then that if she drinks Zamen, she will leave.

Paralysis also ran in Keith's groin as the tip of the innocent princess's tongue rubbed intensely Ella's tense geese neck, not knowing to doubt it anywhere.

Nia is likely to pee with Keith, who gradually rises while stimulating each other.

Two cutthroat exhales leaking trying to get another thing to burst out of the urethra.

Eventually, Keith couldn't stand the compression of the root of the meat stick more first, and handled the roots himself with the tip stuck to Nia.

The gentle licking tortoise head feel mixed with the intense handling you do yourself makes the intense feeling less controlling the meat bars.

Running up the urethra as soon as possible, the salmon fluid erupted from the bell mouth overflowed into Nia's chamber, slightly zeroing the white fluid from the edge of the mouth.

Nia drinks up the cloudy pull jelly accumulated in her mouth with a happy face, licking and drinking it with her fingers on the edge of her mouth to Keith, who also handled all of the inside of her urethra.

Then a shudder runs to the young body once pulled, and his toes are squeezed tightly.

"I'm sorry, Tsumen, I peed... I'm here... honey"

It's not a conjecture. Nia drank the slightest amount of urine that she felt.

to Nia, who is enduring the feeling of compressing the urethra, Keith, who has just refreshed,

"Go ahead, let's pee like that, shall we? Let the diapers be filled with Nia pee!

Too perverse a statement, but Nia nodded small at it and pushed the contents of her bladder all at once.

"Ah ha ha ha ha, they will... they will, pee... me, on the diaper... oh, oh!!

Pussy! Little bit...... it was the urinating sound that sounded that way in Nia.

That doesn't sound like Keith, of course, but the ammonia smell of the girl drifting in her place tells her to take a leak.

"Master Nia, you're out! Excellent!! You're a good girl."

He was Nia who got his head stroked on the way to pee and would be very complicated to feel embarrassed but about to cry.

Feeling good about diapers urinating sounds like it's really back to baby, even Nia feels pitiful about boulders, but I also wonder if it's okay because Keith is smiling when I look up.

The totally dyed princess puffs when she does that and gets it all out! and trembled cuter and weaker.

"Pee, did you get it all out?

"Bye," Keith said to Nia, who nodded with a crying face, moving to the leg area.

"Oh, huh? What, do you?

"It's a diaper treatment. You're not gonna like this, are you?

"Damn it, I'll do it myself!!

"No, you can't. I also have to make sure that this diaper sucked my pee properly. So let's start with bedtime clothes."

Shortly after she said "Ah," Nia, who was stripped of her bedclothes and turned into a clot of diapers, began to be treated with diapers without being able to resist.

"Stop, you can't... pee, look, sooo... ahhh"

Ignoring the small whining words, Keith prepared toilet paper and a wet tissue to peel the diapers off.

Some of the openings had yellow-stained pee on the suction surface, creating the most nasty smell.

It is the pee of an elf of your species that is fundamentally too different from human and other species. It seems to work as well as a nightcap.

Keith, who can nibble while swallowing his saliva,

"Wow, there's plenty out there...... yeah, you don't seem to be leaking"

How dare you deliberately confirm something that was already confirmed when you made it?

They smelled him and saw the stained pee, and Nia was about to get a fire out of her face in embarrassment.

"Mita me... smell me, kata me... gusu! Hiu... Keith."

My crotch is wet and shiny on my pee that makes me cum.

Keith pulls out his diaper and leaves it next to him when he lets Nia's butt go up and into a mangled state.

Then I wipe my crotch to butt with toilet paper.

I can't help but love Nia. Keith treats me like such a baby and makes me feel sorry for myself to death.

Yet when Keith politely wipes up to his butt and even his mucous membrane properly, he feels better shaking his wrath endlessly.

What the hell am I thinking? I think so, but the physiological reaction could not have been stopped, and the groin was reacted in a Nia haunted state.

I can't help but blame Keith for feeling scattered the most, but for Nia, who doesn't realize it, it seems like she's a bad daughter.

That feeling got even bigger when it was wiped with a wet tissue.

Wipe the whole thing gently and beautifully, then wrap a wet tissue around your middle finger and wipe the fine areas.

Beginning with the diaphragm, gradually wipe the labia to the inside of the Manko muscle. Of course when Clitoris also touched him cutely, Nia began to jump with the piqun piqun.

Keith, who was curious about it, now carefully wiped the anal wrinkles he had developed, causing his fingers to plunge slightly into his anus.

"Keefe!! Hih... uhh, there, we are... ahhh!! Mia!!

"No, there's a pee over here too... I need to clean up some more"

I can't resist Keith telling me the joke, and Nia, wiped from one end of the pleasure point that has been deceived and developed, completely puts her body in a female state.

Fallen nipples are pinned! and erect, the little clitoris peeks at his face from his foreskin, and there is zero clear juice from his vaginal mouth.

I purposefully wiped that love liquid over and over again and at the same time sweetly massaged my vaginal mouth made Nia more and more sensitive and unable to stop the love liquid.

"Is that it? Here at Lady Nia's, it's getting wetter and wetter whether you wipe it or not...... Oops"

Nia was told to tear herself up when she was wiped peeing her crotch getting wet for sex.

I don't know the word pervert, Nia, but I still get a long taste of what it feels like to be a very weird elf.

"Obe, no hiccup... Kissima, I... I don't"

"Wow, hey, why are you crying!?

Keith, who honestly thought he was going to ask me to get laid here, panics about being cried.

"Me, peeing... Kisu, yet... I'm dying to tickle... because I'm crazy. Uh-huh."

"Wow, wow! Hey, hey, it's not weird!! It's not weird!!

In panic, Keith began to complain desperately, whilst mangling Nia.

"Uh, so, look! Sex makes me want to be someone I love!! So Master Nia thought to me that she loved being looked after like this!! Different?

Fact is, it's not like Keith won't be happy to take care of him this way. Nia nodded small.

"It would! That's why you love it and you think it makes your body want to have sex with nature!!

Keith sweated cold at an explanation that didn't make sense even if he said so himself, but I know exactly where Nia says she's going to want to have sex because she loves Keith, even though she's not sure.

"I don't know... Gusu, pee, you're getting it, but you want to make me tickle... don't you?

"There's no way!! Hey, glad to hear it! I am happy that you think I love it about taking care of my pee!!

Keith, finally relieved by Nia smiling in tears with her lovely eyes, wrapped up a set of pee wipes with diapers and got her out of bed.

And when I let Nia get up and sit down, she starts kissing me.

Keith reached out to Manko, who was clean as she gently picked Nia's nipples and irritated them with coldness as she turned her hand around her neck.

It's totally warm. I stroke it there and it's adorable, whispering to Nia.

"I can't believe you love me... and when you find out they think you're like that, I'm going to miss having sex with you too."

Nia took a breath of "kiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" when she saw pee diapers and a perverted penis completely erected in that cleanup.

"Along with the diaper thing, why don't we just have sex with the three of us in secret?

Secret sex. Just Keith and myself. Even though there are three sleeping next door.

Bad feelings of guilt make Nia unbearable combined with the uncut that made her handle the diapers.

I enjoyed kissing Nia again whining "I want to" as she increased her ability to snort and cuddle, then Keith sat the princess backwards.

Slowly lower your small, luxurious body as Keith slowly lowers his raised hips by holding him completely naked.

Slightly approaching. A so-so butt touched the sleigh bulb meat stick to convey a warm feeling.

Waiting for his butt to come down as he kissed his beautiful neck muscle and fixed his meat stick with his finger, eventually the vaginal meat that wandered with the pleasure and guilt of peeing slowly swallowed his penis.

Naia, who swallowed everything in her young vagina by intertwining meat with cucumber......, held herself to Keith with her breathless face.

Wait for your hips to come down completely as you hug your pull shivering body, then poke your hips up all at once just to say a few more.


Keith continued to play his nipples with his fingers as he cuddled Nia repeatedly immature female tremors with a meat stick in her little body.

As nipple pleasure passed through the core of her body, shaking her hips slightly, Nia's body began to react by capturing pleasure sensitively.

"Keeps, hiccup! Hik, hik!!... Oh, oh! Kisama, ugh! KISSA Well, Mmm!!

The fact that you say you were letting me handle your pee until just now, and the guilt of telling the other three people to keep it to themselves, makes Nia's Omako wander unceasingly.

Nia's voice keeps getting louder and louder as her penis chooses to be gorillary there and knocks Conn on the weak spot in the back.

Feeling from her back, where she could cuddle her uncomfortable feelings, her nipples to be bounced, and her vagina to tighten her penis, she even put a young elf princess on her troll slut face.

"Kissima, pee, sorry hiccup, sorry hiccup!! Me, Kisuma, Ugh!! Kuhiu!!! Ahhh!!

Nia, who honestly thought she was bad for the fun Keith had personally done and repeatedly apologized, squeezed her penis with meat each time she apologized.

The feeling of flesh like you're telling me to forgive you fully entertains Keith and drowns his heart in pleasure from the meat stick.

But Keith waited for the right time to blame him for still showing up from here.

Waiting for Nia to finally get on with her comfort in earnest, Keith begins the blame she had prepared.

When Nia gave a good international voice by playing and touching her fully erect nipples with Cri, Keith spread the new diapers she had left next door in front of herself and Nia.

And then to Nia, who didn't realize she was doing that,

"Dear Nia, let's get all the pee out of here, shall we? That way I don't want to pee tonight anymore."

"Oh, hiko? Ugh!! Ha, ha!! All of them, Ohiko, I don't want to anymore, no!! Ugh!! Yikes!!

Nia honestly gave it back when she said that while her penis was rubbed against her vagina.

Keith then slightly repositioned his hips while remaining in the back seat at an angle to blame him for sticking his bladder up with a turtle head.

As she continued to gong her hips even at the same speed, Nia was stuffy with the feeling of peeling off her eyes and compressing her bladder.

"Khahahaaaa!! Ah, miuuuuuuu!! Phew, Mi!! Awwwwww!!! Mmm!! Mmm!! Mm-hmm!!

Rubbing the turtle head from the vaginal steeple to the bladder on a small immature body so that it sticks in while rubbing, Keith is also blamed for the meat irritation as his penis is about to melt.

However, with that in mind, he simply went into Nia and moved his back to urinate Acme toward the diapers.

The bladder, which was already almost out of its contents after two leaks, gradually surrenders to a stimulus that forces the rest out.

Nia felt that the feeling of coming down to the urethra came along with the sense of acme and kind of made her lower body a trout guzzle.

"Kissima! Stop, this, hiuuuuuuu!! Me, this. Me, yeah!! See you soon!! Another time, heh heh heh heh heh!! Ahhhhh!! Tohiuuuuuuu!!

Nia's face was wet and disturbed by covetousness and tears as she was completely powerless in her lower body and just pleasure dominated from her waist to her bottom with rage momentum.

Nia shook with pleasure up to Saho's ear and raised her voice to the acme sensation by making her little nipples of her little tits tremble and eventually she was stunned by the last penetration with her hips grabbed.

"Keefe!! Also, ah!! Ahhh!! Higi-yu!! Omiko, Yiku!! I can pee!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Omako ikuuuuuuuu!! Uh-oh!!

Naia opened her lower body to an acme sensation after complaining of an incomprehensible gasp that was confusing.

Freaking out, freaking out, freaking out!! and being blamed for the vaginal meat pleasure point as it is, the bladder spits out the contents like it's paralyzed.

Now it choked lol at the sound Keith could hear... and sucked on the absorbent surface of the diapers spreading as his last pee tonight threatened to get on the futon.

Nia felt so pleasant that she was likely to become accustomed to the open feeling of ACME urination,

"Ouch... shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

A small continuous ACME followed by a large ACME was amplified by the feeling of peeing.

Nia fell asleep when she shook herself for the last time with the utmost pleasure.

The lowest man hugged such a sleeping princess and moved his hips hard, rubbing his penis to spit the white one out of his urethra into Nia himself.

Letting her hips cum obscenely while holding the princess's body to boast that it was her who made her do the most inferior of all the peeing smells,

"Pee princess!! I've been taking a lot of leaks! Nappies are gone!! Ahhh!! No more! Nasty!! Nasty!! Bad girl!! Bad kooooo!! Just mine...... bad boy!!! Ahhh!"

I stuck my hips in to satisfy my penis's desire and perform the best ejaculation while spitting out what I couldn't say earlier.

A bell mouth close to the mouth of the uterus sends the salmon fluid up from the back into it.

Bigg!! Dubb! Dobigu!! Big, big, big, big!! - Keith squeezed Nia hard as she shook at the feeling of spitting inside the leaking princess.

"I'm going to take a leak... and I want to be a mom... oh, I can't stop being such a bad kid... uhh!

Keith slowly pulled himself out of his vagina after shaking himself into so much pleasure that his penis swayed, letting Nia lie down.

Keith started cleaning up a set of dirty diapers after wiping her acme piss clean again at the end of a sleeping bare princess.

"... pee-play is fun... but I have to clean up after..."

Keith heads to the ground floor with diapers and toilet paper as the deodorant spray erases the smell.

Alone, in the bed of the room, Nia slept well into the morning without being bothered by the phantoms of a spiritual tale any longer.

In that dream, Nia was replacing Keith-like baby diapers.