I've been coming to the villa for a few days. Keith's daily behavior, which was completely calm, was rotten by perfection.

Around lunch I wake up bare and smell the bedsheets stained with my sweat with the four people I enjoyed last night and get up niggling.

Then when I take a light bath and head to the first floor, I usually hug Berna from behind as she prepares lunch.

Berna also looked back without stopping the cooking hand in the way she was used to,

"Good Morning"

"Oh no, Berna...... ugh, Berna is still cute today"

"... Lunch is cold soup pasta. Please wait."

Actually, I'm happy with Keith's words. Keith pushes his groin with only his pants and shirt on Berna, who keeps cooking without giving him any such expression.

Berna sighed today at the feeling of an erect penis that didn't fit in at all after a shower.

"Doesn't your husband have a bottom..."

"Because Berna's cute in the morning. Ooh... can I ask you to do it again today?

Besides, Berna crouched on the floor with an apron when she interrupted her cooking manners without answering anything.

By the way, while in this villa, Berna wears an apron to her personal clothes. Leonora,

"How hot and painful a samurai look doesn't look like this villa!

Because I said so, but the inside came from my desire to be at all comfortable with Berna, who has a job to do.

For that reason Berna crouched on the floor with a rare figure of saying summer knit on top of a tank top on her skirt, saying "excuse me" before dropping Keith's pants off.

She already loves and cares about her sweaty groin to say it's after the shower, and Berna kisses the meat stick many times.

Let the cunt touch her lips, then tongue out, lick the tortoise head and shake the whole thing.

That's how I salivate the whole penis and then only lick the geese neck from various angles to handle the rod.

It was a mouthjob that I could tell I was trying to get crazy quickly because I had to prepare lunch.

But in the end, when Keith grabs his head and puts on a strong iramatio, Berna instantly becomes a swinging face and starts gasping for bitterness.

"Ogi! Oops, Oops, Oops... GO! Goob!! Oob."

I finally pull my penis through the limits of the mazopet I recently learned while I was satisfied with Berna, who sounded drowning and bored with tears.

By this time Berna has been wet by the bitterness and the fact that Keith says she was offended all the way down her throat.

"Berna, your hips are kunekune... then you can't cook. Shall I kick your ass once?

"... Yes, I don't want to be Igi"

He ends up fucking Berna hard in the kitchen, begging him with a face messed up with covetousness, snot and tears.

Keith starts the day every morning (after noon) filled with hearts and minds with the pleasure of strongly standing back and blaming a really cute girl elf in her kitchen with a different impression than usual in her personal clothes.

Berna is also becoming a bedtime routine. I'm actually very excited about this, until the day before I thought I wanted it to be this way tomorrow,

"Ohhhhh!! Oh no!! Shit!! I like it!! I don't want to get squeaky!! Uuch!! Come on!!

I was so close to having such an honest treat.

So Keith is all over the kitchen to respond to it, and today he sits Berna at the table, waving his hips as he stands and hugging her and kissing her.

Blamed on the back of her vagina with a hug and kiss strong enough to likely break her luxurious body, Berna cramps her hips and squirts as she sweats even in the cooler indoors.

Keith, who's ejaculating on Manko like that and replacing today's energetic Barometer, looks at the color and amount of semen dripping from Berna's vaginal hole, which is cracking at the table.

"Ok! I'm fine today!! Fuck you all day ~ ~!"

What? Take another shower in a scratch-awaited situation.

Berna takes a while to recover afterwards, and lunch is always a little late because when she recovers, she has to take a shower.

Meanwhile, Keith, now try to get out of the veranda.

Then there Aisha was mostly vigilant around watching Nia and Leonora play in the lake.

Of course Aisha is also in private clothes, wearing a shirt in her hot pants, but has a knife and a rapier nearby.

"I knew you wouldn't play with me today."

to the voices called. Aisha looked back,

"How many times do I know it's natural? What if the escort knight plays with the escort?"

I know you're gonna play with me at night, but don't tell me that. Keith handed Aisha the juice he brought and recommended the deck chair.

From the veranda of the villa, the back was immediately connected to the lake, and the lakeside space between it and the lake contained deck chairs and chairs so that barbecues could be made.

to Aisha sitting down and drinking juice. Keith was

"With that said, I was asking you yesterday..."

"... Ha, I'm wearing it"

Saying so to sigh, Aisha took off her shirt. I'm wearing a bikini bra inside, so I don't have a problem with it, but Keith, who sees it, gets his nose rough.

What I put on Aisha was a bikini with a pattern of fire patterns on the white ground.

Since I came to the villa, I've had a lot of hot pants in my personal clothes. I wanted Aisha to wear them, so I went out of my way to summon Kiki Mora to make this dish.

"Oh, I knew it was the best... a flaming bikini in hot pants... I knew it"

"I don't really understand that standard. That might be enough, get back on the guard duty!!

Aisha screamed and bored, thinking after all.

As always, Keith's on a escort mission. I won't stop saying it again and again.

"Here, Ma... Nymu, Tochiu... Ugh!! Oh, stop, boobies...... Mmm!!

Ask Aisha, who gets her tits squirted over the bikini and reacts, to get her penis out and get a pussy.

"Make sure you wear this swimsuit!!

Every time I say I'm on a mission, I end up with a meat stick handled in the valley of my chest with my bikini on.

The black meat stick after already enjoying Berna is rubbed by Aisha's brown milk manko and her hips move.

Every day this makes Aisha feel sorry for herself. I get attacked and collapsed every day during my escort assignments with Nia and Leonora.

She's a bad woman. I don't think I... but when Keith's meat stick gets hotter and hotter and the beast stinks from between my breasts, I can't stand it.

to Aisha, who looks up at Keith with a hot, lit face and bites off his exhale,

"Ah, Aisha... Aisha's tits, Kimochi no... but I guess... Ike would be nice in there"

That's what I'm saying in the current situation, so naturally Aisha couldn't stand it, and when she took off her hot pants and bikini bottoms, she wet herself under the light of day.

Keith protrudes his pussy-grown meat stick into a pink organ that emits a fragrance of honey.

At midday. And while I feel sorry for myself for allowing adultery beside Nia and Leonora so close to me,

"Kisu! Ki-soo!! More, gently!! Be gentle with me. Yes!! Ahhh!! They're so gentle. Yes!! Ugh, uhhh!!

I stuck with Keith on the mess cutting deck chair by the time I placed the order.

Keith keeps poking Aisha's vagina at her as she tightens up to her penis all over her body on that fierce knight's hold. Makes her crazy.

Keith also ejaculates in the back as he sees Aisha's wandering grin completely satisfied with the gentle way he loves to blame him.

Keith, who enjoyed having sex with a female knight sweating with her hips sticking out, received the two without two hours after waking up like this.

Be sure to do so from behind,

"Ahhh! Dear Keith, with Aisha again! Cheats!!

"Keith! Why are you always so colorful and black!!

The two princesses came up from the lake with floating rings. Leonora has been teaching Nia how to swim ever since she got here.

"Ah, both of you...... good morning. Your swimsuit looks great today."

To the shitty man who smiles and says that as he pulls out his penis, but both Nia and Leonora look at the love liquid penis and look envious.

Showing them off intentionally and burning them, and not attacking them there. It's about the time we can have lunch, so we're taking them indoors.

At the end of a delicious lunch in Berna, from there, go out to the garden and head to the lake for a magic class. This was a promise to Mia.

Mia told me to study magic every day because I was going with Keith.

I did that in discipline and Keith did not hesitate to continue to practice offensive magic on Nia because it is an unpopular place.

It's funny how Nia remembers one thing after another that she can't do as if she's playing a nurturing game.

In the last few days, Nia remembers [underwater dragon king guns] manipulating the water flow and shooting highly compressed water bullets into the target, and [water blade blade explosion serial slaughter] compressing the water thinly and cutting the target to a blade.

"Oh, Keith! Let Master Nia remember the magic of attack again!! What are you going to do with Master Nia!!

"That's right! I have to make you remember the magic of a cute feeling that feels more brilliant!! Or just Mr. Nia with such initial magic on me!!

Keith was angry with the two sisters, but both of them decided to make them remember absolutely "anti-divine magic".

Nia and Leonora, who took such Keith's class, will be in nap time around 3: 00.

Then Berna and Aisha, who have not been fucked since morning, are also tired and fall asleep on the couch upstairs.

Keith, who slowly ascends upstairs with Chance here, approaches Nia and Leonora sleeping side by side there like cockroaches.

Let's start with Leonora hugging me from the back. Totally.

"Mm-hmm, ki-su... here we go again... no, it's a hoax... Mm-hmm!!

"Leonora please stay asleep. This is how I love Leonora by myself, so, Nguyen, Chu."

"Yikes! Ah, mmm, ahh! Mi...... no, Ke...... Nia kept it...... Mi."

"Then you have to be quiet... Leonora... I can't believe you asked me to stay in my swimsuit... that's not true"

"Ah! Penis, rub it... Ugh, wow, I get it... be quiet, right?

To Leonora, who rolls up her white one-piece butt and grates her panties. Keith slips her body away and sticks her face in and licks it around.

At the same time, it is carefully cleansed to the anal wrinkles by licking the inner thigh so as to improve the condition of the pepper and the name vessel.

Leonora bites and endures not to be found out by Nia sleeping next door screaming......

That's how Leonora sleeps horizontally on wet Omako enjoys piercing her vagina from behind in the rear position.

Slow hips movements make Leonora raise her voice by rejecting the insertion and making her aware.

"No, ki-soo, no ah...... hey, ah! Mm-hmm! Micha, himi. Oh, ooh!

I'm just adored by Keith, and I can't believe I'm next to Nia like this... such guilt made Leonora wetter.

Keith indulges deeply into Leonora's masterpiece as he kicks his skin in front of his chest and makes his nipples pop out, increasing his sensitivity.

Keep having deep, quiet sex all the time, and Leonora can't stand it anymore, hold Nia's hand, Bikun! and make him jump hips, rubbing his penis all at once there and firing Keith at about the same time.

Keith licks and kisses that saliva from behind and strokes his head as Leonora drips his saliva with a cheeky, swinging face on the semen on his squid vagina.

Leonora is also tired and falls asleep as she is when she is kissed and gently caressed with the peace of mind that remains connected.

So Keith pulled out his penis, cleaned his penis with the prepared wet tissue and towel and hit the neighbor Nia the same way.

But I know Leonora won't wake up for a while, so I'm going to be bold. By the way, I was attacking Nia first yesterday on the contrary.

Slowly let Nia lean back and roll up Leonora and matching pieces and stare at her panties as she grates.

When I finished admiring the beautiful Manko, I licked it wildly to wake her up breathlessly.

"Heh, mm-hmm... heh, ah! Ki, ki-su... no, no... ahhhhhhhhhhh"

Nia speaks out not to wake Leonora to a tongue that would force her to wake up to sleep.

Then Keith puts his body out of the piece,

"I'm sorry... but if you see Nia in her swimsuit, I... she's too cute for me, I want to have sex... Nia."

Yesterday when I saw Nia taking a nap, she said she was too cute or something, but it also lit up in such constant complaints.

And I was happy with Keith's really wanted thoughts,

"I'd love to, too... so, you know, but your room... Leonora's gonna wake up... next door"

I say I'll do it in Keith's room, but before I do, Keith, I'm gonna start licking again.

"I can't believe Master Nia either! Glad! Glad to hear it!! Habu, Pechu, get laid, Nchu! Lachiu, Lachiu."

"Ya! Ha! wow!! Mmm-hmm!... no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, me... aah!

I felt like I couldn't help but lick it around like that, and I knew I would do it on the spot.

Pierced in a normal position while apologizing to Leonora, who sleeps next door, Nia gently rubs her bee-wet cunt against her fourth spare penis today and lets it roam from her waist down.

With a feminine face entangling a thick vaginal fold with a large strand opening,

"Kisuma, slow down... Nkuhi!! Granny Pooh, Sora, Slowly Scarecrow...... Hi-yah!! Ugh!! Oh, I'm so happy to be another troll...... hey!!

He gasps with pleasure all over his body for an attack on his gentle vagina and says, "Micha!" Quietly rising between the high voices.

Eventually he bites his teeth into a large acme that he can't help but squeeze his sheets together and lean back.

Keith moved his hips selflessly as he let his tongue lick as he kissed him, covered in a cute, distorted acme facial nia, ramblingly penetrating and ejaculating.

Rigorously blamed on Acme's vagina, but her body was held tight and kissed with lips and filled with separate pleasures, Nia fell asleep with Keith hugging her.

The inferior man, who woke up at lunch and finished four degrees of sex by evening, smiled satisfied with his cloudiness dripping out of both holes with the legs of Nia and Leonora lined up as he pulled his penis out of the sown princess.

"Oh... four shots from sleep... great"

When I said that, I put the two of them in a mess. I took a shower and fell asleep when I went to the next room.

And Keith, who enjoys the best summer like this, never forgets to entertain everyone.

For example, I'm not just making a sex fool out of making fireworks or trying to make my own shaving ice machine.

And when I called the four of them into the garden tonight, I used magic to try and surprise them.

Keith fills the air as he spreads his thin seat about his height in front of the four people in the garden and shows it.

That was simply a simple, circular pool. Though simple, the circle has a diameter of ten meters. It's big there.

Keith magically puts the water from the lake in it, dripping magic medicine to filter it once, and then raising the temperature with the Demon Spirit Stone of Fire. And the finishing touches are done with hot spring vegetables.

Nia, Aisha, Berna and Leonora are happy to applaud the production of a simple open-air bath.

There was no light at all when I quickly took off my clothes and the five of us went in. The night sky was shining so bright that it was going to come down.

Keith looked up at the sky himself and took his fatigue as he smiled contentedly when he saw the four of them delighted as he said beautifully to his mouth.

Doing so,

"Mr. Nia, you're burned. Your hands and legs are bright red."

"Yeah, it's a little tingly"

"If I lift you out of the bath, I'll give you some medicine."

"I'm begging you, too. Well, it would be about some color Mr. Black that you don't need in this."

"What the fuck! It's me, Keith stripped the groin outside... the"

Keith remembered a long time ago when the beauty of the night sky went hand in hand when he heard about the Nias.

"Sunburn... weird sunburn... ha"

Remembering, laughing. Keith brilliantly remembered the girl who came with a crying face showing her skin leaving only a white part on the swimsuit snail.

That day, in that sea, I was talking about a little elite daughter with a very horny tan skin...