Don't bother taking them off. They come crawling their tongues just off the crochet.

Liz couldn't help but raise her voice to a lick that seemed to know all about it.

He tried desperately to hide his voice by covering his mouth with his hands that he should not be heard by the same leaders of the Order who were, however, a little further away.

Don't even know that the appearance of an elite girl who meditates on her eyes and endures pleasure as she turns red and trembles excites Keith.

"Rabu, Habu, Chu, Ryu, Ryu, Ryu!!

"Hih! Hiaaah!!... Eww! Hiccup... stop, I'm on... ahhh!

Lick the stuffed and exuberant meat and rub the mucous membrane part of it from there with your tongue tip until it is obstinate.

This cunt, which takes place in the sun, becomes more sensitive than usual because of Liz's disloyalty.

Along the secret rift, the tongue movement from cli to vaginal mouth many times made love fluid zero out of Liz.

Keith puts it on his tongue to make the movement even more intense.

Keith turned his tongue into a licking motion only around his vaginal mouth as he indulged in the flavor of Liz spreading throughout the cup.

Liz pulled her knees trembling in a standing cunt outfit that kept her back on the rock and stuck her hips out.

It feels good, but I can't speak up. The oddity of it is accumulating inside my body and making Liz bored.

"Kisu... Kisu! Ahhh! Ki-soo!! Stupid...... Bubba!! Mmm!! Amen!!

Keith turned his cunt mouth into a chuckling snail to Liz's appearance as persistently as ever calling his name. Still, his tongue kept moving.

I make a peppery noise, and the vaginal mouth meat that I loosen with my tongue is completely swinging and hitting the meat inside.

The entrance was quite flexible and loose with a mixture of love fluid from the vagina falling out of zero and Keith's saliva.

Standing up, Keith kissed Liz, who was breathing rough, tangling her tongue so she could tell what she tasted like.

Liz licks it with tears as she is pushed into her love-smelling tongue.

Resistance can only be done in words if you've already been made to wander so far. Even resistance in that language becomes impossible when you are kissing like this.

Keith took off his swimsuit and showed off his erect meat stick to the little girl who twisted her body completely as she thought and was sweet and stuffy.

The meat bars, which are also exposed to the sun's rays and clearly visible in detail, can be distinguished by the redness and blackness of the horny water-baked rod section and the turtle head.

Liz fills up with incredible thoughts when she wonders if she always licks and puts such disgusting objects in her vagina.

But somewhere, the size and hardness of the strained tortoise head and the viciousness of the geese neck made me feel cute, and the feeling of feeling good.

Keith took that hand and let him hold the meat stick when he saw Liz's nearly female mixing another Zhu on her cheek, which was dyed red for pleasure.

A thin, supple girl's hand, along with the breathtaking sound, squeezes the hot meat stick with both hands and feels its heartbeat in her hands.

Keith kissed Liz again and tangled his tongue, not sure if he wanted to complain.

Liz responds to the kiss with nothing she can do and treats the meat stick lightly out without knowing.

This is how it feels to be scattered. The elite girl was physically remembered for her service to Keith because of her good memory.

Handjob is supposed to be the worst thing you can do while kissing me, but from the depths of Liz, love fluids flow through me to wet my swimsuit to show that I'm excited about this act.

Liz was the only one in her mind that a place that was licked and sensitive would show more female reactions.

(No... Absolutely not... Absolutely not!

I ended the kiss by shouting like that without even knowing what the hell was the difference.

Keith freaked out the meat stick in his poor finger at Liz showing more than just the breathlessness caused by the kiss.

"He says he wants to get inside Liz... he wants to rub all over Liz and feel better"

"... aren't you just... Bye. Bye."

Keith stood on one leg with his thin legs grinning at Liz, who even had some charming color mixed with cursing words.

Liz, who has soft joints instead of exercising, was shifted from crocheting the bikini as she was when she could raise one leg as if it were even a Y-shaped balance.

Same as earlier, but now it's insertion, not cunt. Even though he knew it, Liz was staring at where the two of them would connect without even resisting.

I'm going to insert it. Keith is coming in. That pleasant penis scratches open his licked vaginal mouth and inserts it.

Liz's chest rattled her heart so much that she was about to explode into the act of overflowing with covetousness just imagining it.

(Ahhh, you look like you want something... until a while ago, you said you were gagging just to look at your penis)

Keith kept his body close to Liz, who looked like a child with a snack in front of her, and proceeded straight to his hips.

The small, soft vaginal mouth is cut loose and soft on trout. If you push that little bit inside, the intense elasticity tightens the entire meat rod,

"Oh, ho!... Ah, I knew it... Liz's Nakimochi no... Shredded meat puffy"

I couldn't even say anything to the nasty stuff, and Liz was shivering at the feeling of coming up from her vagina just holding onto Keith.

Because they kept licking the entrance only, it was finally time to stand in the awesomeness of the meat stick pleasure that I felt in the pain.

Even though it was so painful and the shock was stronger when it broke, now pleasure wins and disgust doesn't even dust.

However, he understood best that his body instinctively wanted this cute reproductive rod.

(I'm here... why, of a man like this... I'm so nasty)

When he thinks that, he's already put his strength into Keith's body, and he's desperately hugging him with a frowning face in his cleavage.

It wasn't the way a woman hated it, it was definitely the way a girl looked at her beloved man.

Keith quickens his hips forward as he buries his face in Liz's neck like that! and began to stick out.

Every time, a turtle head rubbed against his vagina and Liz said, "Come on!" I raise my voice high.

Hearing the lovely voice by his ear, Keith moved her hips all the way to make her vagina rub and scratched the tender, puffy meat.

"Kuhi-ku! Ah, hmm! Heh, heh!! Kisu, no, don't lie to me!! Mmm!! Yikes!!

The kind of voice that you sweetly and strongly insist on when you insert that you've been putting out lately. Keith, who knows this one is the real Liz, licked her lips from her cheeks with her tongue and gently screwed her tongue inside.

I felt my body completely dominated by Keith without liberty when I was being kissed as I was being pistoned that I could keep my back on the rock behind me and push my vagina's shallow position apart in a face-to-face position.

But even though I feel sorry for myself for not being comfortable with it, Liz just gets bored with the pleasure of being given.

"Ha, ha, oh, hey, hey, hey, hey... haha! Oh, wow, hiccup!! Mm-hmm, mmm, mmm!

Engage your tongue to greed and also sensitize your body to pleasure in a tight posture of standing.

The sweat floating around my body fills Keith with a mixture of girl odor and Liz's own sweet scent.

I sweated myself as I moved my hips in this smell with my body tight, and I fell into the illusion of melting from the tip of my penis with heat.

The only prickly elastic vaginal fold intensely increases the stimulus on the geese neck to make them aware of the feeling of pleasure.

Liz could no longer stand with one legged knee laughing at her comfort about how long she had been moving so.

Keith also figured it out and sat Liz backwards with her hips in the lower position of the rock while she inserted it on the spot.

It is the rear seat with the rock sitting down. Keith shook his hips as he stuck his hand inside his bra and squeezed his little nipples.

Liz drooling in covetousness remained in a stinging sun as the mucous membranes rubbed against each other sounded all over.

"Kisu!! Ugh, ki-su!! That one, I... Mmm-hmm!! Oh, no, because, if... there's one, Nhigu!!

He was also rocking his hips from himself trying to crunch all over his body with the heat of sex and the heat of the sun for the peak of pleasure that would come a little later.

Keith, who felt close to finishing, kneaded his nipples, both hands to his groin, and carefully squeezed Clitoris.

When the pleasure stimulus came that would stain her squirting body further, Liz rocked her hips back and forth nasty as she couldn't stand it any longer.

"Ha! Huh! Huh! Oh, yeah! Oh, hey, ahhh!! Also, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra!! Oh, ki-su!! Kisu!! Keesuuuuuu!! Ahhhhhh!!

I don't care who asks me anymore...... I even think nobody exists here but myself and Keith. Immersed in two worlds, Liz screams the name of a man who loves himself with a pleasantly stuffy face.

Keith keeps his hips faster with a tight cuddle on her pretty girl who has a habit of calling her names when she's totally icky.

Then brilliantly Liz kept her eyes open and said, "KYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" He shouted backwards and sprinkled the love liquid from the junction onto the sandbox to welcome the acme.

Keith, who devoured Liz's lips by hitting her back on that body that freaked her out and spasmodic, also

"Nju, Chipu, get out... oh, oh! Also, ah... Liz, dashi... my child! Lots of Liz!! Liz's Chicks!! With my baby vegetables!! Full!! Whoa, whoa!

I said something deliberately to make Liz aware, poked her hips up in the back and ejaculated.

Big, big, big! Biggs! Dobbs!! Byu, Byu, Byu... When the intense clouds of momentum get dirty inside, Liz sneezes her ACME face when she finds out the species has entered herself.

Even though I know I haven't ovulated with my own in vivo clairvoyance to perfection, I guess Liz, a woman, would gladly tell me that her womb wants to swallow and conceive.

So all I could do was have a complicated look in the narrow space between my disgust with the matter and my body's delightful reaction to Keith, who unleashed the seed on me.


The second night I stayed at the inn the mayor had prepared for me.

It's a country inn, so the size is pretty good, but there is a large bath area available for sea bathers, and that feels pretty good.

Enjoying plenty of sea delights for dinner, Keith returned to the room assigned to him.

Most of the members are in the same room, but Keith, who for some reason is mistaken for the leader, was alone.

So I remember complaining after what happened to Liz earlier, and one person laughs and Keith schedules to go to the bathroom.

I knew you wouldn't break your contract!! Make a fool of yourself!!

Keith lusted again for a cute Liz wiping her groin with a tissue as she said that, and ended up fucking another fight on the spot.

"You're so cute for being petty... and you're an elite"

When I tried to leave the room with a stupid thing to say and niggle, the door was knocked in front of me.

Well, whoever it was, when I opened the door, there stood Liz with a musty look on her face.

"Is that it, Liz? What are you doing, sir?

"... I'm coming in."

Liz came inside Zukazuka when she whispered that so no one could see her.

Thinking it was something unusual, Liz stared at Keith with a magic wand and soundproofed the room.

Keith tilts his neck as he receives that stare.

"Uh, you know"

"... bath"


"Take a bath. It's a private room, so you have it, right?

What are you doing snorting at me for a favor? I thought suddenly,

"Fine, but what's going on? If you want a bath, go to the bathroom."

Liz turned that way to the word, but eventually, if I had to say it, Keith wouldn't be convinced, with a bitter, bitter face,

"It's your fault."


"I'm saying it's your fault!! Oh, from the sull twice in a place like that! So!!

Liz showed off her body when she took off her yukata from the inn she was wearing, which Keith said she didn't understand.

There was a brilliantly tanned skin of objects, and the tanning was in a very strange shape.

The chest area remains bright white in the shape of the bra. That's good. But the groin area is only tanned at the crochet because I screwed her because I couldn't take it off.

Then it's as if I was only cheating and fielding the crochet part, or else it shows that I've experienced adultery no matter how I look at it.

I'm worried about Liz until I show her naked to explain, and Keith says, "P!" and erupted.

Seeing her laugh, Liz turned bright red in her face, put her yukata back on and hit Keith.

"Laugh! Don't laugh, you idiot! It's your fault!! It's your fault, but no!! Idiot! Ahoy!! Pervert, no!!

"Yes, there he is! Hey, okay! I understand!! Sorry!! Sorry!!

I made a flat apology and then I told Liz in tears,

"It's my fault, I'm sorry. I apologize. Please don't hit me again."

Liz, still roaring, continued her tear-eyed stare, but as she took her to the bathroom, she wiped her tears and said, "Hmm!" Prepare the bath set I brought.

But I'm not leaving the stripper forever. Look at Keith,

"Hey... how long are you going to be here?

"No, 'cause look, you're a lady named Liz, right? I don't think you know how to use a bath like this. So help me."

"I don't need it!! I mean, I've used the bath in your house many times!! And don't worry about it... Aah! Don't take off your yukata!! Take me off!!! Hey. Oh."

I thought this might happen somehow when I came, but I put it out twice during the day, and I thought if I strongly refused to do that, I wouldn't be sitting on it. Liz.

But Keith's libido doesn't know where to stay, and he strongly rejects it at the heart...

"Oh little body that left a sunburn...... porn!! Porn!! So horny!! Liz Ugh!!

"Oh no! Don't be tight, push it!! Oh, no more, why not!! Why me, like this!!

Seeing Keith's lust for himself was starting to make him unable to get out strong.

I knew there was only one damned woman here who wanted to be born.