Arsi, standing at the pool, was shyly slinging her thighs together.

The body, which is white and excessive in meat, is stained with Zhu with shame and is about to get hot air even now.

That's not possible either, because the swimsuit Arsi is wearing is a low-rise bikini, and the bra is a substitute for only the giri nipples being hidden.

It has no cloth area comparable to the one-piece type swimsuit that I wore during the last pool.

I wore that because Arsi like this puffy elf rep, the bottom part had meat on it, just a little bit, but the blonde pubic hair was sticking out, and the bra part had breast meat buzzing from outside of where it was hidden.

Its body, which is very meaty, is just the luxury ingredient if you try to make it a man that Po Daughter loves.

In other words, it is some kind of inferior species that is quickly excited with Arsi in front of them.

Even more embarrassed by his nasty gaze, Arsi tried to hide the too much outfit he was wearing.

"Oh no... Mi, Mi, no... No."

"Why? You look great, don't you? Just what I thought!

The person who handed it to me complimented the person who handed it to him.

It was this shitty swimsuit that Keith gave to Arsi, who said he was coming to the pool and admitted he didn't have a swimsuit.

I tell a used lie that I had prepared because I thought it would look good on Arsi, who complains in tears that I couldn't wear it.

What to hide. This is a regular bikini I kept for Berna. It is only natural for this to happen when Arsi wears it.

But Arsi, who didn't know that, believed everything Keith said for himself. So in the end, this is it.

This is what's happening in less than an hour when someone decided not to see you anymore. It's a really bad story.

Arsi also tried to stare at Keith and complain at the same time cursing herself with her heart because she somehow knew it.

But before that, Keith comes and hugs Arsi.

"You're so cute. You're so cowardly. I can't leave you fast."

"Oh, uh, uh... oh, hi"

I feel the man's muscled muscles and bones all over his soft body and Arsi lights up without knowing what to do.

It's Keith's flesh I was looking for. Keith's body, which I've always wanted, was the heat that I could tell Arsi's female instincts were happy with.

Arsi panicked when he nearly erected various places quickly in a swimsuit that had a reputation for its low cloth area.

"But you were spoken to by such a cute Arsi... and I didn't nag you?

"Huh?" Keith continued to speak to Earsi as she hugged him.

"When they talked to me in the pool, I didn't give a shit about Arsi?

If at that time, I might have simply lost my memory, but I couldn't because I was a well-informed adult.

Keith himself knew that, but I dare you to tell Arsi that. Then Arsi shook her neck left and right in a heart-lit breeze.

"And I won't... I didn't. So... me or something"

"Eh, I will definitely. No doubt about it. You sure it wasn't me? Whoa, no."

to a strange Keith. Arsi shut up a little before

"Oh, of... me, talk to me, right away... and they say I don't remember and I'm away, and so..."

After I say that much, then it's like if I'd talked a little more, I'd have been numbed.

That's all I'm over-conscious about. I'm sincerely ashamed of myself. Arsi stopped talking on the way, but Keith just said he was waiting for that word.

"I knew it. I thought so. Otherwise, I wouldn't be nagging such a cute, charming arsi."

"Ha, uhh... but that's enough, don't, don't... no"

Keith took him inside the pool, praising Arsi for increasing his shyness and moziness.

Can I tell you how colorful that fleshy body is all the time while playing in the pool, or cuddle it up every time something happens? and give permission before touching the body and stroking it around.

Each time, Arsi was left feeling a little overwhelmed.

It's been almost a month without Keith. All the loneliness in the meantime had dissipated with masturbation, but that only increased the pity that Keith and I couldn't do it anymore.

Arsi, who has just been taught the pleasure of being comforted with such a waiting and lonely body like this, can't stand it.

Keith looked in trouble, letting go of his body at a time when the lighting turned into a full-fledged wandering as he ascertained how Arsi was doing.

"Ahhh... I knew it sucked...... sorry"

Arsi became anxious for a moment as to whether she had done something to those words.

"Me, I... what have you done?

"Huh? No, it's not... sorry, it's not... you know, because Arsi is so... attractive"

…… ...... ah "

Not knowing for a moment, it was a kyotonous arsi, but I was surprised to notice it when Keith went up to the edge of the pool and lowered his hips.

Keith's swimsuit groin is still swollen and tented.

Arsi turns red on his penis, which can be seen bickering even with an erection and in his swimsuit. The body doesn't calm down even in the water.

"Arsi's body... if I touched her a lot... I'm sorry, it's a bathing suit, it hurts"

"Oh, uh... ugh"

I don't know what to say back. To Arsi. Keith said,

"I've been waiting to quiet down, while watching Arsi gets bigger. So, um... what's up?

I don't care what I do. I'm willing to let it be Arsi. Arsi can tell that.

I want you to. I want myself to feel better about that and handle it.

That's right. I'll have to handle Keith when he's like that. That's what you promised.

With a head that began to flame, he remembered a strange promise without having to think about it, and without even questioning it there, Arsi approached Keith.

embarking on Keith, who sat on the edge of the pool,

"And I will... Me"

"Oh, no... 'Cause I just came to the pool and I don't"

I don't mind saying something really white. But Arsi shakes his neck small to the left and right.

"I can't forget, I will... so I will... I will. Promise, dashi"

Keith put his face closer to Arsi, who offered his best as he searched for words.

Keith sitting on the edge and Arsi, who remained immersed in the pool, overlaid her lips. It was a thick, long kiss.

Arsi turns up and somehow thinks this kiss is so romantic that eventually he keeps his licked tongue out of his mouth like a finish.

It looks like a pink velo coming out of his thick, puffy lips is obscenely inviting a fellatio.

So Keith didn't hesitate to take his erect penis out of his swimsuit in gratitude for what he had expected.

Big! and Arsi roughened his breath before the popping red and black male organ, slowly bringing his tongue closer to it.

I pressed my tongue against the surface of my penis with the look of a girl who wished to eat something that looked delicious as soon as possible and started to move it with Lerorello.

Keith's penis feels heat in her core even though it's cold because she was soaking in the pool water. Its caged male odor tempts Arsi.

The taste of Keith for a long time, the feeling of Keith I've always wanted, makes me happy to say it in the mouth that I missed.

Thick lips clasped his turtle head and said, "Cum, cum, cum!" and I don't even mind making nasty noises and sucking and licking now.

Arsi's pompous, wandering face, completely obsessed, daunted Keith and turned the meat stick against him.

He reacts that way with his own mouth moves, Arsi happily licked his geese neck around 360 degrees.

Earsi was the most awkward of the elves Keith is holding right now, but before he met him, the move was showing off.

I'm sure you've been waiting for it and your skill in image training over and over again.

"Oh, wow... Kimochi is good, Arsi. Awesome...... it's a penis troll"

The saliva is tangled in the turtle head, swallowed up in a hot jaw and licked around like it was about to melt.

The overflowing cowper juice irritates Arsi's tongue tingly for a long time, making the movement harsh on its nostalgia.

I think I'll be out a little later. It was such an intense fella, but Keith said it wasn't funny to put it in his mouth lightly here.

"Oh, Arsi... I need a favor"

Arsi, obsessed and making a nasty noise rubbing her penis with the meat behind her cheeks, took it out of her mouth as she pulled the thread of her saliva and tilted her neck.

Keith softly whispered a favor as he rolled his desire on that adorable face of innocence.

Arsi was a little confused when he heard that, but the feeling that he would leave it so far in this situation and now held it back. So as I was told, Arsi stepped out a little bit more and wrapped his penis around him with that pussy chest.

Keith, speaking up, indulges in Arsi's pussy, which he cannot feel wrapped in meat.

Lift both breasts together to pinch and rub the entire meat rod wrapped in shrubbery meat.

My penis was wrapped with no excess, stimulating sensitive areas from all sides in a soft moist feel.

"Oh, wow! Ooh... Sauce, breast meat, wow... Arsi's boobs are amazing."

Even being genitally treated with her breasts had brought her to a more angry joy than anger, the pouty elf happily adored a hot meat stick that bounced in her tits.

There was no longer a shadow that lit up everything from the beginning, and now there are only female slutty elves who are used to pleasing and delighting their beloved man.

"Arsi, spit, between tits...... spit all over your penis"

"Huh? Oh, uh... yeah, eh..."

So I don't mind asking you to do that, and let the spit that builds up between my chest drip and turn it into lubricant.

Keith's meat stick trembled with joy as the plumage increased even more. Then the rubbing speed also increases.

Cucumber, cum! Hubble! Hubble!!! - Sounded along with the sound of a dirty noise saying the water in the pool bounces off Pippy.

Arsi's milk manko used in the pool is mildly cold, which gives her the feeling of reaching her hot penis to the core.

"Running around in saliva lotion... tits mochi... and hiccups... seriously heaven"

Keith gently rocked his hips back and forth, thinking he had the best pleasure tits, while at the same time taking Arsi's swimsuit bra and fully exposing his tits.

Cute arsi tits with erect pink nipples. The red-faced Arsi, who exhaled a little embarrassed by the exposure, moved her tits flashly to delude it.

Keith picked and pinched his nipples to go with it to give Arsi a light pleasure as well.

"Ha, ha! Heh, uhh... ki-su, mr... ahhh! Keith, come on...... Mm-hmm!

A sweet voice leaks out of a chopped face, and such a voice accelerates breast irritation.

I picked it with my fingers. Keith stared forever at Arsi, who stiffened her nipples to dust and continued to love her penis while she felt it.

Keith is staring at me. They're seeing me like this nasty. Makes me happy with that alone. Arsi started wetting the lower body he uses for the pool with a different liquid than water.

The feeling that Arsi was not doing anything nice to leak such a love liquid into the pool water made his whole body even less cut off.

Keith eventually lost his temper in the pussy where the cuts forced him to pull in.

"Oh, uh... I am! I am!! With Arsi no Kimochi Tits...... because I'm out of Zamen!! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ahhh!!

It was Arsi, who continued to rub his milk like he would spare any remnants even if he let the words go, but when his penis really freaked out, he rushed away and stuck his tip in his mouth.

And when he hurried and sickened his roots, he rushed up from the golden balls toward his urethra. He felt it at his fingertips, and accumulated the contamination in his contents.

Bibi!! Bibi! Bibi!! Dobi! Dobi!! and the semen that is spit out perfectly dirties Arsi's tongue, palate and even the back cheek, filling it with a karki odor.

Feeling nostalgic and even delicious, Arsi sipped the meat straw deep into her cheeks and let go of her teasing mouth.

"Oh no... Himmen, Kifuhi-chan's... Ngu!! Gubu! Ho ho, ho ho ho... Huh"

I smiled contentedly and drank it up. Keith smiles contentedly at the way he looks so great.

The meat stick, which had just released his desire, quickly picks up when he sees Arsi's swinging face and nipples in the middle of his pointy meat breasts in the bin.

"Thank you, Arsi. It felt so good."

Keith remained showing off his penis to Arsi, who could be thanked and illuminated.

"Then I'll do as I promised... now you'll make Arsi feel better. I can't leave you."

Until a few moments ago, even though it's shriveled now like this, the word is horrible when they show off the meat bars that were freaking hard.

I wondered how far my spine was going to go, but Omako in the water got hotter and hotter without cooling down.

Arsi shook her neck small and vertical as she finally realized that the instinctive part wanted Keith deeper than reason.

I can't leave. From this guy, never from the best humans who make me feel so good about myself.

I think so. Arsi went up from the pool and was put to sleep by the pool where Keith wiped his body and laid the towel as it was.

Slowly relax the tense body and leave it to Keith. It was Arsi who still didn't realize that he was starting to fall for the dots.