Keith hugged and kissed Erne forever in a room where the carefree air flowed.

The bare chest conveys to the girl's chest the feeling of her beating quietly after the ejaculation is over.

The finish of my first and only experience of my life at birth was engraved in the back of my chest and made me respond to the kiss as I shook Erne.

Sex didn't make sense because the pain and shock came through first, but the hug and kiss after this is purely pleasant.

So it was Erne, who had always been confused in the sense of wandering, but made his thoughts clear in it, and eventually when he opened his eyes he slapped Keith thoughtfully with a kiss.

with tears all over his eyes. Erne trembles all over his body,

"This... silly ah!! You fool! Hey, you said you couldn't eat anything! That was a promise!! Yet no."

"Oh, I'm sorry. But Erne's Omango is entangling Une in his penis and letting him go inside."

"I didn't say no! You're not telling me!! I don't know... how long are you letting me in! Don't skip it!!

Keith slowly pulls out his penis when Erne tells him that, finally realizing he remained connected.

The semen, love fluid and blood that are drawn out by the geese neck and pouring overflow give Erne slight evidence of pain and tears.

"Ugh... and it's full of... uhh, this one by Dosun"

Erne squeaked bright red in her face at the yellowish liquid that kept coming zero out of her vaginal hole.

It was this nasty liquid trail that smudged the sheet at that time.

Erne hurried to take the tissue and wiped it so that he could hold it down a bit so that his groin wouldn't touch the wound either.

"... I've got a baby. What do you want me to do?... Seriously, don't die."

As a matter of fact, it was not ovulation day with a body scan at all, and Erne, who did not know that it had been confirmed that there was no such thing in the near future, was anxious about the semen that came out of it.

Keith bought this aftermath while apologizing to Erne.

To Erne, who is shy, he says, "Fine!" He refused, but he persisted in eating down and purifying his unclean beans.

Wipe some with a tissue, then take him to the bathroom. Now I'll just really wash him.

And I applied the medicine and cure magic as promised in the cleaning.

Elne got kind of thrilled with this boy's kindness as he took it.

The thrill continued even as I went up from the bath, holding my hand and walking through the city in the evening, "Are you feeling all right?" I'm overwhelmed by the boy who asks.

The fact that I did it with this boy was still illuminating Erne.

It swells because you care about it, and it really makes you feel uncomfortable like there's something still in there.

"Go, go... worry too much"

I don't know what to say. I'm glad to hear you smile.

That's how I ended up kissing in front of the fountain before breaking up. The kiss, of course, came from Keith, but Erne also accepted without resistance.

Keith, who forever missed Erne leaving with a flickering look back, became invisible.

"... ahhh, fuck me"

I thought you'd say that, but I didn't think you'd really say that. I said something flat.

I dressed up and cared, and made Erne feel like the best lover home, but he's actually Keith, who's not fucked enough from the bottom of his heart.

"It hurts so much to be back like this... I wanted to fuck you again or so"

What a shitty grace to keep a virgin away. Die.

But I really think Keith is going to go back to his room and get Roana again... or Aisha, and if he's thinking about enjoying his young body,

"Not at all! I don't even have a carriage!?

"I told you, your daughter shopped too much, so I asked her to come home."

"I don't want to hear any excuses! Just look for your next carriage!!

"From here, with my metamorphosis magic."

"No, I don't want to. You're making me sick! I'm gonna be a jerk!

Staring at this long-held, high-flying thing to say and stand out in the crowd, there stood a titty lady, after all.

The way you order Donna, the samurai, to look for a carriage, is a little far from her sweet sister character these days, but she looks good enough to say the vegetables are this way after all.

Put your hands on your hips and say, "Not at all!" People strayed from Leonora, who was puffing, trying to get a distance, but Keith alone kept staring.

notice her gaze at herself with a smile. Leonora turned her face that way,

"What is it? How rude of you to look at my noble face."

I said that because I didn't realize it was Keith. I laugh when Leonora says this to me for the first time in a really long time.

"Hey, what are you laughing at all of a sudden... you're a weird kid"

Leonora, please don't say that.

"Heh? Why are you calling me... Huh?

Leonora was somewhat surprised and puzzled when a strange boy suddenly called her name.

Keith approached Leonora like that,

"It's me. Haven't you noticed yet?

"... to?... Ah, Keith... Keesu, is it? Yeah? Keith!?

"Yes," Leonora finally realised before Keith nodded, stood still for a while with her mouth slightly open.


'Fine. You can come in.'

Keith used transfer magic to fly into her mansion room.

Keith was still about to throw up in front of Leonora, who was a little surprised even though he knew it was metastatic magic to appear suddenly.

I rinse my mouth and rinse off the unpleasant saliva accumulated in my mouth as I thank Leonora for rubbing my back holding the trash can.

Leonora stares at me when I take a breath like that.

"What's up?

"Oh, no, the... ho, really Keith, what is it?

"Yeah, I am. This is Keith Leonora."

I think that joke is definitely Keith. So just to be sure, Leonora,

"Um, the magic that turned me down before... it was an activation, wasn't it? So... Um"

"That's right. Didn't I just explain?"

Leonora called "Keith" many times when she spoke in the city to make sure the boy was Keith.

That's why I explained the activation I used before while answering "Yes."

Donna came back and promised to meet you in the room after this, if you will.

Leonora still had a slightly incredible gaze on her, but she tried to touch Keith's face as she approached her as she had decided to.

"Ho, are you really Keith? Hallucinogenic magic... not something like that, when you were younger?

"Yes, it's me when I was young. Is that so incredible?

"No, um... because if I keys... it's too cute"

"... Yes?

It was a dialogue where even Keith, who was told about it, would make such a dumb voice.

Leonora is so confused because she can't believe this cute boy is going to be that Rin Mage.

Clearly, my eyes are about to rot. You should hurry up and go to the eye doctor.

But even the serious Leonora grabs a gently stroking finger in her head.

"But this brunette... and her beautiful eyes, Keith... I don't think it's hallucinating to touch her."

"Well, I guess I'm convinced. I'm glad."

When I said that and laughed, Leonora held Keith in her chest to see if she was happy with that smile.

Leonora is a little taller because of her body, which is only 12 or 3 years old. My face buried in my overcrowded chest when I was held there.

Even when I was an adult, I had a very powerful breast.

(Wow, wow! What is this!! Big!! Too big!!... Wow)

Keith moved his fingers excitedly to touch the big pie, doing the pathetic thing of accidentally comparing it to Erne's, which he enjoyed scattering today.

"Mi! Also, if I already keith! Damn, Keith is still where you say that even in a cute way!

Keith smiled and apologized to Leonora for letting her body go and protecting her chest. Then Leonora smiled small too and stroked her head again.

And the two of us started talking when we sat on the couch.

"But why are you looking like that? Why are you doing weird magic to yourself..."

I can never say it's to comma Nia's cousin.

"Oh, that's... uh... you know, magic and magic, you have to try it on yourself every now and then like this..."

"Huh... yeah... is that right?

Keith waved another topic to Leonora, who turned a slightly suspicious gaze.

"Well, with that said, it's unusual for Leonora to have been in the city. What were you doing?

"Heh? Oh, that's shopping. I really wanted to buy something with my own eyes."

What Leonora says about answering overt topic changes was the score of what she wanted to confirm.

Soon there will be an annual dinner party at Saimrad's Palace. It's that disconnected dinner party where I get that Roana and Berna.

So Nia and Leonora, who are now mentoring the same song teacher, are going to sing together this year.

I'm usually Nia performing songs by herself, but I also knew Keith would be thrilled to duet with Leonora this year.

Of course, Mashua had given me permission and I was even told that I was looking forward to the day I could ask.

Then we both got into it, and this year we even started looking for songs by saying something a little different.

That's why Leonora spent the whole day touring the city searching for song scores.

In Seimrad, where merchants come from other countries, rare exotic products have also become flowing in the last few years, and if you look for scores or something, you will find them.

Keith nodded at the troubled lady who then shopped a lot and filled her carriage.

Two noble elves performing a song magnificently. My groin rolled over to paranoia thinking you were absolutely 3P that night.

What I didn't give out is asking for an exit. It gets heavy up to golden balls.

"Nevertheless... I sweated because I walked all day. I need to take a bath."

I let Donna tell me I've had enough for tonight, so I have to prepare myself for the bath. So Leonora, who leaked those words, said he was asking you out, and the gesskid had a nasty grin.

The meat stick was already starting to grow in my pants as well.

"Leonora, I'll be ready for you in a minute."

to the rising boy Keith. Leonora panicked,

"Oh, no, I didn't mean to."

"That's okay. So it's because of me. Besides... you can come in with me, right?

"Damn... I'll be right there, I can't help it... Fine, I'll flush my back to apologize for letting you have a bath ready"

In fact, for the first time in a long time, Leonora smiled on her face and said pleasantly.

I thought Keith was the only one who loved me today.

After waiting for a while, I head to the bathroom with a voice to say please. Then there stood a barebacked boy.

I'm used to Keith's body...... he's supposed to be a boy now, for that thin body of his first time seeing it.

"Kyaaaa!! Hey, what... hey!

Keith showed her nakedness to Leonora, who covered her eyes with a beginner reaction.

"What, aren't you coming in with me? Shit. Look, Leonora, take off your dress, too."

"Huh!? Yea! Ha, yes, that's what it looks like!? Hey, no... Ah! No, you can't, let me take my dress off! Oh."

Even though he is a boy, Leonora is exposed to those big breasts without being able to defy the hand she's used to taking off the woman terribly.

Leonora was taken to the bathroom with a face that seemed to cry in confusion and shame, thinking she could love me back as an adult.

Breast elves are taken with a bright red face to the inferior species that attract just a little bit of a thin, tall boy body.

(I didn't know there was going to be a day where we could get a taste of how Leonora's sister is these days! Whoo!! Dawn!!)

Whenever I saw my sister elf waking up to motherhood so recently here, there was no way Keith, who wanted to try it so sweet, could have missed the chance of a ship on this crossing.