Even the cappella, Leonora and Nia harmonies were wonderful.

Clear Leonora's voice deepens the range by supporting the bell-ringing poor Nia's voice from the back.

Until now, Leonora would never have thought about Nia and scattered it on her own.

But Leonora, who became your sister, shows her full skill in matching Nia's songs, which she learned in song lessons.

That's not why I turn completely to the backer, sometimes claiming my existence.

Then Nia also seemed to enjoy making the singing loud and beautiful clear to match Leonora's song.

Music-loving elf-speed women were, of course, overheard by even Lou, the cat, who hated treble, for the less splendour of the song.

Even Keith had his mouth open to the stunning friendly harmonies of the two princesses.

Then in time there were quietly more bass ranges, and eventually the song ended.

When the silence engulfed the place for a while, the applause boiled in unison. That's what Keith made those hallucinating magic people sound like.

Along with that, Aisha and Berna, as well as Krone and the others, applaud, and Lou pounds the meatballs together.

Keith also applauds himself as he uses a combination of hallucinogenic and auditory magic to suit everyone.

Standing in bed, Nia and Leonora nodded contentedly when they smiled at each other with joy.

Sasha who saw it applauded,

"Princess! I want to hear more ~! Encore!!

"Hey, Sasha!

Krone panicked, but when Lou, who was on Berna's lap, also said, "I want to hear it," Nia and Leonora gazed at each other like a prank.

And Leonora said, "You can't help it!" Now I started singing by choosing a different Nori good song.

It's a popular song in the city I looked for to pick a duet song with Nia.

Hearing that, Keith raised and cheered the hallucinating magic figures. At the same time he summoned several fairies in his mind.

There's a lot of fairies that play instruments, and that leads the various races to stray into fairy land, but today Keith is the summoner, so he can't.

Most importantly, the instrument-loving fairies listen to Nia and Leonora's songs and become norinoli and start playing the songs. The singing of the elf species delights the fairy.

The two princesses were surprised by the fairies who suddenly appeared, but were overflowing with joy to realize that Keith had done it for me right away.

Then the Russian singing also comes out of tension not to be beaten by instruments made of fairies' trees, grass and animal bones.

The voice rang all the way down the hallway, becoming a moth lamp unrivalled by the elves who originally loved music.

Leonora takes a peek at the maids and soldiers who

"What are you doing! I can't take a peek! Welcome to the audience."

Smile nicely and invite him. Besides, Nia made an offer to go with it.

When people get together, combined with hallucinogenic magic, Nia's large room really gets stuffed with sushi.

The enthusiasm and cheer echoed without Keith having to use magic, and it was like a real live house.

Nia and Leonora, who had never sung in such a situation, continued to play the song with the fairies with all their might, sweating.

Aisha came to Keith, who was listening to it after a little bit of hallucinogenic magic.

Aisha looked a little annoyed when the maids and soldiers concentrated on the stage (bed) to make sure they were some distance from themselves.

"... what the hell was that naked earlier... I wonder how the devil's mentor gave Nia a cure for asthenia"

Keith was a little surprised by Aisha, who asked me that because she couldn't hear me around because I couldn't see many people in a place like this.

But if you two try to ask questions alone at night, it's definitely the last act I thought about as Aisha because she gets bogged down and trolled and can't listen to anything.

Keith pretended not to hear it, but Aisha stared at me so I had no choice.

'No, look... naked, if I let you sing your song like this... I don't know if you'll be nervous ~... Oh, my God'

"Is that in this hallucinating magic? Is that what this is about?...... you inferior fool!! What are you doing to Master Nia?!

Keith freaked out about the reprimand. Still, Aisha goes on to say.

"Not at all!! Anyway, you just wanted to embarrass me and do something nasty in it by saying it for Master Nia or something!!

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

"How inferior are you to that poor Nia!! Damn it, you idiot! Erotic idiot!!

"Well, you don't have to say that much."

"You don't have to tell me!? Let me tell you!! By and large, that's around the middle where you promised me you wouldn't get your hands on Master Nia then!! Yet... Yet no '

With that word Keith finally understood. I know it's true that you're angry about Nia, but it's harder than that for Aisha to be double-stranded.

No, the current situation would have a higher strand count, but that's because Aisha knew, and at that time, she was lying and deceived without knowing it completely.

It's so hard to sit on your stomach, and you're so angry and obstinate.

Keith leaned a little over to Aisha in anticipation of the fact that he was still a cute, annoying knight who had fallen so far.

"I'm sorry. You're such a horny idiot. Me."

'Oh yeah! Really!! Hmm!'

'I really wanted to be Aisha... but she hated me... so'

"...... haha no!?

Keith continued as he stared at Aisha as he peeled off his eyes.

"I just thought I'd be pranking Aisha in the middle of a lot of these people... but because I thought Aisha didn't like it"

'Yes, no, it's decided... well...'

'So, Master Nia... I suck...'

Take Lady Nia instead of yourself? Not yourself instead of Nia, but Nia instead of yourself??

Aisha was confused about it and turned red.

I thought somewhere back then, "I am just adored in place of Master Nia". That thought, which is still slightly in the back somewhere, was completely denied.

They are lying again. I know that. I know you do, but my body rejoices.

A lying man lied again as he desperately embraced Keith because he was in public wanting to hug him when he was happy.

'Will you forgive me? What I want to do to Aisha, what I've done to everyone else... will you forgive me?

"Yu, loose... no, I... so, uh, the"

Forgive me or not... don't even realize that at some point I've been deflected from arguing, I don't even know what to think when they say that. Keith approached Aisha until his shoulders touched each other already.

A hiccups breathtaking body tremor came from Aisha.

'And I'm glad you kept it a secret... I can't believe what you did to everyone else actually thought of Aisha... right?

I'm not lying here. It's Keith's habit to imagine what would always happen if he played kinky on someone else, including Aisha.

But not knowing it, Aisha felt as though she had been treated special and won the first prize in Keith.

'Totally lying... don't be fooled, me, don't be fooled, don't be fooled'

Aisha, it's the voice of my heart. It's leaking.

Aisha looked at Keith as she looked like she was about to cry anymore, bungling her head to the left and right so she wouldn't find out around her before trying to leave.

I knew I couldn't beat Keith. You lose wherever you are. Then I thought it would be safer to stay away.

Especially when it's awkward to be seen in the face of a girl elf who falls in love with a bunch of these guys and maids, trying to step out.

"I'm not fooling you. I'll show you proof."

That's what the voice sounds like in my head, "Huh?" Keith's finger came into Aisha's skirt, which he puts out in his mouth and says.

I panicked that I was going to speak out unexpectedly, and try to get angry with the reading, but it doesn't work. Keith's fingers started touching his panties over his thighs in his skirt.

'Nah! What the... Ha-ha! Stop, Ro...... Mmm!! Stop it, fool! One, full of...'

Aisha, who checked to see if she was being looked around, was sensitizing Omango to the sense of harrassment she might be seeing.

Keith's fingertips moved cleverly to stroke the central area as if to aim there, and rubbed the clitoris out over the fabric.

Aisha, biting her lips and enduring the gasp that was about to leak, stared at Keith with tears all over her eyes.

If they touch me that gently in a place like this, I'll finally be standing there. My knee gets hurt.

It's the end of a roll if you find yourself reacting like this, even though it would be suspicious if someone saw you just shouldering Keith.

'Stop... Ro, stop... find out... find out... Awww!! Oh, hi! I can see it, so...'

Keith twisted his fingertips into the center as he gave Aisha a sweet voice even in his reading, reproducing to his discipline and letting him listen.

'It's okay. Now... right? I won't find out.'

Keith manipulated hallucinogenic magic, placing many elves around herself and Aisha so she didn't know what she was doing from around her.

At the same time, increase the number of people slightly, and make it look less like there is only a crowd there by repositioning them around.

Aisha grabs that hand and tries to resist Keith, who starts rolling up his military uniform skirt a little bold and stroking his butt because he's completely blind spot.

But I couldn't even twist my powerful hand with my body surgery, I just kept squeezing.

'No, really... no, what... no, buttocks... don't rub it, Omako, don't touch it!! Yikes!!

I guess it made me feel a little easier knowing that Aisha couldn't even see herself. My knees trembled loudly and my buttocks trembled to stuffiness.

There are quite a few elves around, except for hallucinations, some of which belong to Krone and Aisha.

I wonder why it feels so good to be touched in there. I wonder why my body is happy. That kind of question has arisen,

"Kisu, it's because of you...... HI!! My body, Keith freaked out. Oh, no, I freaked out... silly, silly! Ugh, bubba!!

Even that perversely altered thing kept Aisha twisting her butt with joy somewhere in her mind.

Love fluid has fallen on the floor of the standing place on a fuzzy carpet.

When Keith shifted his panties with his fingers it was time to break inside and rub out the inside of the secret crack.


The real voice was about to leak and Aisha pressed her mouth with her own hands.

He also looks like he's about to throw up, but what he's enjoying is wheezing, not nausea.

Since it was dark, Keith's fingers scratched the obankovila in the lower part of his body, which he couldn't even see if he peeked in, and he was net-rubbing the pink mucous membrane inside.

I stubbornly roll around from vaginal mouth to crisp many times spreading Nutu Nutu and Love Liquid.

To the feeling flowing from her groin Aisha pressed her mouth with tears and was desperate to fight pleasure.

By then, it had become harder to read. Still,

"Ki-soo, silly thing! Silly, uhh!! Oh, ahhh! Stop, Roo!! You can do it, you can do it!! Kimochi...... Mmm!! It's too kimochi, you can see it!! Oh, oh, please don't. Yes!!

Ignoring the desperate scream, Keith carefully rubbed the middle-crush as he finally inserted his finger into the sufficiently wet hole.

Aisha's favorite polite and gentle rub. Aisha's throat was about to say "whoa" to that stimulus.

Being patient makes me inwardly happy and makes me more and more of that degree.

Aisha was already falling for the act of enjoying even and accumulating pleasure instead of making her pleasure bigger by screaming all over.

There are two fingers wrapping and scratching through Neccoli and Love Liquid.

'Also, it... GOOOOOO!! also, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Oh, my God! Hiaah!! Murray ah!! i, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Ugh!!

The last "Ugh!!" Aisha acme as she stood with her body trembling viculently as she put it into words.

The pleasure plays all at once, and I run around until I mess up in my body. I've never had such pleasure.

Keith gently supported Aisha, who was about to fall. And I showed Aisha, who repeatedly breathes with Hahihahi, a finger painted with love liquid.

Keith squeezes his fingers in front of Aisha to make him smell dark with a smudge of drool and sticky liquid.

That was Keith's silent request to do the same thing to his penis.

Near the earliest order. Aisha stared at it with a crying eye and shook her neck left and right again and again. Let them know you can't do it here.

Keith then moved into a large closet in Nia's room with very short distance transfer magic while grabbing Aisha's body.

I can stand nausea because it's not as short a distance as this.

Naia's Leonora song, already in the fourth song, was showing more excitement, and I could hear its sound and audience cheering all the way into the closet.

"... that's a good song... but I would love for Aisha to sing on this mic"

Aisha was shown her penis by Keith, who said the least nasty thing like that because she could speak up to some extent here.

"Shh... Shh... Shh... I'm here... I really suck... why do you love guys like this so much... gusu"

I stood on my knees in the closet half crying and began to smell the penis in front of me.