Berna began to get stuffy and gasp at the pain of Keith's fingertips crushing her nipples like a panacea.

The small granular nipples that had erections were stirred with good elasticity and with increased sensitivity Gyuuu! and crushed.

Berna raised her voice unbearably to the fact that the man's genuine power ignited a body of dull sensitivity called pain.

"Yikes, Yikes! Yikes!! Ugh!! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Ngi! Mm-hmm!!

Until earlier the sweet voice disappeared and there was a mixture of fear and slight pleasure that might be crushed.

Pick it up not only to the nipple but also to the milk wheel while making sure of it, or scratch the slightest breast fat.

Continuous breast abuse as she changed the way she fucked her reacted sensitively to Berna's body.

Every one of the physical reactions of that fixed arm moving or turning itself narrowed more intensely the hemp rope eaten into the groin.

"Gyuhi-no!! Yes, no!! Igi! Higi-yu!!

No matter how it moves, the irritation to Omako becomes intense, and the pain runs like eating it in and tearing it apart.

Even if you move your body to do something about it, it will itself cause pain to your groin again.

It's best not to move, but Keith is blaming his nipples, so that's unlikely to happen.

So Berna instantly got her brain miso soaked in pleasure due to the pain that comes at the same time to her nipples and omanko.

"Ahhh! Ahhh!! Ugh!! I want to stay No... Higi! I want to be there, please don't... Mmm!! Mm-hmm!

Keith called out when he let go of his fingers and licked and healed his tits, which had completely turned red.

"What do you say? Try the rampage, do you think the rope is going to come loose?

Berna shook her neck left and right as she shivered her burning body into pain.

"Murray, murray, murray, murray, murray, murray, murray, murray..."

There were tears in Berna's eyes at the way Keith felt licking her pain-sensitive nipples.

Berna feels dead happy to be healed by someone who has come so gripping that she might be crushed.

When the body joyfully erects the clit at the kindness that gives me after Keith's abuse, it rubs and crushes on the hemp rope and the pain runs.

Keith to Berna, who tries to escape the pain of knocking her hips and crushing her pubic nucleus,

"What's up? My hips are so tight."

I was ashamed to confess to Berna that I hadn't gotten that far into pleasure fall mode that the erection clip was rubbing and crushing and hurting.

But even while I'm doing this, Berna's tiny pink little grain is crushed by hemp rope and causes pain.

Berna opened her mouth with a crying face,

"Rope, to... crisp, crumble..."

"Oh, Berna, you made me cli erect with breast blame. I don't have a choice."

Keith sat in bed with Berna, smiling and feeling ashamed of what she was told to do and distorting her face red.

Even the act of sitting attracted rope in various parts, irritating the groin, but Berna endured to make it easier.

Then show Keith the middle of the leg spread out on the letter and show him the hemp rope gutted into Omango.

A red rope gluttonously devours Berna's thin peachy hairless manko, and continues to crush it critically in its young shape.

The labia and vaginal vestibule are rubbed and red, and the clitoris is completely covered in rope and invisible, but that is to say crushed under it.

Berna's body was wet enough to glow the hemp rope that had been removed with zero loving liquid from her vaginal mouth for pleasure with its creased pain stimulation.

Keith's meat stick erected in his pants in a slutty smell and sight.

There's no way Keith would make Berna any easier in that state.

Keith approached the groin and said, "It's going to be easier now." Pulled up all the time.

"Hagi!! Yes, no!! Oh, oh!! Why!! Hiaaaaa!!

Believing he would untie the groin rope, Berna blacks and whites her eyes and stretches out her voice at the sudden further blame.

It would have been a monotonous stimulus if it hadn't moved, though. The hemp rope blame on Omango is cluttered by Keith's hands to increase its pleasure.

Pleasure for Berna. In other words, pain.

"No! No! Yes! Crush, Riu!! Nhi!! Yes, no, no! Omako, crush uuuuu!! No, no! Come on! I want to cringe. Ooh! Oh no!!

"Is that it? Kagi, I thought this would make my position uneven. Is that it? This way?

"Wow! Ugh!! Lots of no!! Lots of grime. You can move it. Aah!! Crispy. Ugh! Kri! Kri Tori Shhhhhhh!!

Pulling up the rope to crush the erect pubic nucleus, grinding left and right in that state, the clitoris rubs hard in the rope.

I had never tasted such pain before, and Berna's brain was no longer able to handle it for unprecedented pleasure.

It stretches out its legs and shivers them to make them feel good, and it pulls the rope from itself again, creating a synergy with Keith's stimulus.

Pain in the feeling that the arm fixed to the rear hand is likely to cramp, and the tight rope on the thin body inflicts the pain of deprivation of liberty.

And the pleasant pain from Omako, who is constantly being abused, had erected her nipples and clit harder than ever before.

Keith contained a erect nipple in his mouth in the bin and treated him with a bite in his front teeth.

"Higiuuu!! No, no, no! Whoa, whoa! Come on Dabe!! Come on!! Oh my goodness!! No, no, no, no! Nho ho!!

Shivering her body like cramps and stuffing with pleasure, Tight Berna raised her beastly voice and asked Keith for help.

If I remember Ike's in this state, I'm sure I'll want more. Become a bad elf that will snag on Keith more.

Berna couldn't stop herself from still honestly feeling her body as her thoughts were bigger than the fear of pain.

Berna stared at Keith with a face slowly becoming slutty as she fell into bed and was bored by the pleasure of the hemp rope burning herself with her chest and groin blamed all the time.

What is a monster stinging voice? Berna's face grows more young on the back, while at the same time adding obscenity and becoming a female everywhere.

Noticing that expression, Keith lifted his mouth from his nipple, blocked his lips and licked around his inner pocket, moving his tongue straight to his ear.

Licked from the earlobes to the inside, to Berna, who turns herself to the tickle and makes her body ache,

"It's funny, I can't take it at all. Or this rope. Is it because Berna's moving around?

With a kissing aftertaste and a distorted face, Berna constantly disputed her breath as well.

"Let's go, it's...... GUHI!! It's a lie... Roop, I can't take it. It's a lie."

"I'm not lying. Look, 'cause it doesn't cheat to move so much. Don't eat me in the gutter... Ugh!

"Ho gi!! Giuhi!! Yes, no!! Oh, oh, my God! Wow! Ohmashi Ugly!! Oh no!!

It's a hug to Keith that always takes my fear that my flesh will get hurt, but I can't do that in tied situations either.

Such a sense of despair has once again penetrated Berna's body deeply to bring out the acme in her first senses.

GOOD GOOD! and Berna's body squirts a ton of love fluid into Keith's hand grabbing the groin rope as he floats his hips.

There Keith began to rub hard on each rope, trying to send his hand, which was pulling the rope, to Berna's Omango.

Hemp rope rubbed more on Omango mucosa than ever before, and love fluid became lubricant, beating and hurting pubic villas and clitoris, as well as urethra, vaginal mouth, and perineum.

"Ajihi-no!! Aigi! Aigi!! Come on! Come on, come on, come on! Ugh! Oh no!! Ahhhh!!!

While intolerably even slightly incontinent, Berna acted on the pain she felt the first time she said Omango could rub it with rope.

Keith looked away from Berna, who utterly drowned in a wave of pleasure coming from the depths of her body and leaned back in a fierce voice.

Eventually, when I finished freaking out, I layered my body and gave him a rewarding kiss. Berna sucked it in its mouth as she drowned her nose with half a cry.

"Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu... Chu Pu, Oh, Hitsuga's... Uhitsuga... Oh, there you are!"

"I'm not lying. But if you can't flatter me, you should have loosened the rope. I'll untie you now."

I wake up a frivolous body, turn around behind me, and untie the place. The commandments became easier and Berna gave a hospitable look.

"Apparently even my nasty rope tying technique is fine... because I know you can't untie it when it's raging. Thank you for your cooperation, Berna."

You're welcome. I wasn't energetic enough to say it, Berna, but still I stared at Keith and tried to snort,

"Is that it? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

"Huh?" Berna, who looked at her body, saw her body fixed in a different state than the bondage that had been placed before.

From the rhombic rope tie, the hands remain tied behind, now the legs are tied and fixed with the thighs and the thighs, and the rope found in the groin area is eaten into the diameter and left to expand.

"Hey, why... he said he'd take it... yakuza"

"No, I was going to take it. Is that because you suck at it?

Keith smiled naggingly as he turned to Berna to see the finish of his tight work.

Berna was wetting her pussy softly with her nipples pointed, even thin red marks on the area she had tied earlier and made it a new way to tie her.

Keith enjoyed the mixed scent of love liquid and slight urine and looked at the whole

"Oh, is Berna's Omako rope too bright red to eat in? This needs to heal."

"Fine... Besides, Rop, take it..."

Keith said as he shook his neck left and right at Berna, who was begging him with tears.

"No, see, I'm a bad solver, so I might bring it back. So just disinfect it before then."

"Shit, duh... kuhi-no! Ha! Ah."

Keith stretched his tongue and licked it as he moved his face closer to O'Malcolm, which was spread over the text.

Indulge in the unmistakable and aromatic elf flavour mixed with pee and love liquid, while applying saliva to Omako, who has become red with rope to lick and soothe.

The places that have been scattered and abused are healed by Keith. Berna, sensitive enough to feel even this weak stimulus, turned herself into a lick of Omako.

Doing so, as just now, does not irritate Omako, but it does not change that he will not be free, and his retrospect ignites the back of his vagina.

Freedom is taken by Keith, pleasure by Keith, pain is inflicted.

The illusion that a being called himself moves at Keith's will made Berna wander, as if all of his body had become Keith's.

"Oh Hi-jin, Sama...... uhhhhh!! Oh no!! Mmm! Hih, hih!!

It conveys to Berna the feeling that everywhere a gentle and soothing lick is cherished.

Feeling bigger that way than the pleasure of being licked, Berna changed from a ferociously falling female to a lovely one just now.

Keith increased the amount of running ahead of the flavor as he fell to the bed as he leaned back and still thoroughly licked Elf's Omako, who crouched his tied body with his hips sticking out.

Keith woke up, licking and cleansing Berna's entire groin as she touched a meat stick that collected blood over her pants, enough to say the limit already,

"Berna looks so edgy, she's going to rupture her penis. I can't concentrate on licking you or untangling the rope. Trouble."

I said that and took off my underwear naked and took the sleigh meat stick to Berna's eyes.

The pet elf begins to tongue and wheeze like a dog who has been shown the male organ he has been offered, even if he loves it.

Keith rubbed his meat stick with a laugh on that look that he complained about without saying he wanted to lick it.

"Hih, buh, hih... Mmm! Nhicha, ooh!!

Berna desperately moved her tongue and tried to lick it, dripping her love fluids on the male odor that could be rubbed with a tickling look without a single disgusting face on her cock applying a cowper all over her face.

Berna looked like an idiot and tried so hard to stretch her tongue and lick her, Keith pushed the meat stick tip into her fixed mouth as she stroked her head.

"Hoob! Almost, heb...... grub, grub! Ebb, chubby! Cub."

Berna, who was thrust into the back of her cheek with a turtle head and swelled her cheeks into the shape of a meat stick, wept at the bitterness and still smiled and began to move her tongue within her.

The sweet stimulus increases the cowper, mixing it with something that was already zero and stuck to the turtle head to satisfy the inferior flavor within the Berna.

Berna was delighted with the flavor while sleeping tightly and overflowed her vaginal mouth with a large amount of love liquid.