Keith's ears are paralyzed by the fury sent from both sides. I didn't know where to stop complaining about Aisha and Nightingale's tears.

The two of them sit in bed, stuffed by Keith who distorts their faces, grabbing their collars from left to right,

"You pervert! Perverted Seeds!! I told you I didn't want to! I told you not to! Don't be ridiculous when that happens! All of a sudden I let him drink Shinko!!

"Bye you asshole!! I suddenly lick it in public, and even though I'm embarrassed enough to do just that, I lump it! Dumb bastard!

Afterwards, the two kept talking about how perverted and outrageous Keith had done to themselves.

And it gradually turned into a way of wearing each other's words and riding each other.

"By and large, I wish I had a curtain to collect!! I can't believe I drank that straight through my mouth... obviously just to satisfy Keith's kinky libido!!

"Not at all! And Ri!! Anyway, I'm excited to see you and this knight daughter hate each other and can be painted to shame!! Yes, what!!

"Yeah, that's what this guy says! Don't worry about saying you don't like it!! Let people be trolls at the end of the day..."

"You really suck!! To say the least! Hey, listen, knight daughter! You made a pact with that ice spirits guy!? And there's a way..."

"Hey, what? Yeah!? Hey Keith!! This!! What kind of spirits and sulks are you trying to kill me with?!

Keith noticed at this time. These two suck. Don't mix these two up. It's dangerous.

At first glance, they look like Aisha and Leonora, but when they fit together, they become too aware of each other and easier to handle the opposite.

But when Aisha and Night Fall, they cover each other, ride each other, and burn up. Fire is the flaming type.

Leaving this type alone will gain endless momentum and leak extra information, and it won't even ripple around.

Shit. I mean it. Shit. Now we still report each other's first session with Keith and say, "Ugh!" or "Phew!" and they are burning their anger together.

With that said, these two had a similar history of saying they were handcaged trying to save Nia from Keith in the first place.

(I guess the roots are similar...... so much)

How dare you two! and stared at Keith,

"This...... inferior man!! Keep this little girl in a hell of a cage!! And not only is it pure, but even a covenant of protection!! How far are you from the inferior species? Ah!!

"I'm not a little girl. Wow! But that's good! Hey Keith!! I swear if I get my hands on this girl, I won't get my hands on Nia... and until I promise to conceive before she does!! Come here...... Awwww!!

It seems that even the victim's empathy with each other sprouted in just a few minutes to teach each other that.

If we don't do something about this for real, instead of later, things will get a lot harder with the current progress. That's what Keith decided to do.

Of course it is the usual erotic attack on two choro daughters.

We can still make it now. Keith suddenly kissed Aisha as she crammed from the right toward him, saying there should be a chance to get in.

"Hebu!? fu, na, to... chu, ru chu, chu pu"

"Ah, ah! Oh, hey! Here! What will you do!! What are you doing!! Ko...... Mm, ignore it!!

Keith repeatedly kisses ignoring whatever Nightingale says, once he releases his mouth,

"Aisha, it's in my mouth, I still have the night cunt pee left... please lick it because it's good for my body"

"Hey, how stupid... Say... Ugh..."

Aisha stared at Chira and the night she had been fighting together.

Nightingale looked at Aisha with crying eyes and shook her neck small, left and right with a gaze that said, "Stop."

Not sure what to do, Keith stroked his butt over Aisha's sick clothes and drew his body and gently bit his lower lip.

From there, licking and making pepper noises with your tongue,

"Look, Aisha... if Aisha doesn't, I will, right? I'll put my tongue in..."

"Stop, Ro... Hicha, Ah... Nchu"

"Ahhh!! Come here! Too much chorus!! Let's do a little!! Still a knight!!

Keith sticks his tongue in Aisha's throat, thinking it's something he often says to you, too.

As she pumps her own saliva in while doing so, Aisha accepts it as she closes her eyes and squeaks her throat and swallows it.

"Ugh," he roared, staring jealously at him at night. Keith let him pull the thread of his saliva and let his tongue go, telling Aisha,

"Right... you wanted to have sex. Your body's healed, too. Shall we? You really want to do this, don't you? You want to have seeded sex, don't you?

Emphasizing "seeding" so that it sounded deliberately like a nightshade, Aisha shivered and brought her butt together.

As she buried her fingers in her hot glutes and rubbed them all over her and couldn't stop the pain, Suddenly Nightingale hugged Keith and broke in between her and Aisha.

"Ko, Ko Ria!! What to say!! The seeding is nonsense! You must decide first!!

"Please wait! Promise is I should be first!! I was the first to be told at times."

"Yes! Shut up! Shut up! Aside from Noon, Keith's kid, etc.... that's forgivable!!

"Forgiveness and nothing comes first. You will not be in your infancy yet! If you wait till I get here, Keith will die!

"That's not true! I told you Keith would do it! Then you won't!!

The misunderstanding is complete. Keith had the most evil grin of all time.

I didn't know this was a good plan, but one says he has the ability to read it to his heart.

After all, the sub-races choked no matter how far they went, and I stared at the two of them continuing to speak, thanking God with my heart for designing them that way.

"Not much! It's embarrassing in the first place to have a knight before a knight!!

"Oh, no! I am Keith's woman before I was a knight!! Besides, you promised much later than I did. That's more awkward!!

"What the hell!? Yikes, you have good guts, little girl...... I don't know if I should piss off Non. Aah!! Oh, ahhh! Hih!"

Aisha was surprised at the sudden screaming of the night to start the fight, but soon realized it was a prank by Keith.

Keith touches his little chest over the dress at night and continues to stimulate the nipple position.

"Here! Keith, what are you doing?"

"Stop, Kisu...... Mmm!! Chikubi, mess with me!! Oh, don't mess with me...... well, bye bye bye... Ugh"

Keith turned his voice into a sweet slut at night.

"Isn't that a bad idea?" Such a mouthful towards Aisha! You can't call me Little Girl!?

"Ah, kifu! Huh, Yikuhi!! Because, from Non... then... my ho, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ukyu!!

Keith makes the continuation of the word impossible by making the nipple attack even more harsh on the night-time mole trying to argue. On top of that, he sat down properly on the night cuckoo on the bed and moved back, careful not to step on its tail.

With her knees standing across the tail of the nightclub, she kicks her skin in front of the dress from behind and touches her nipples straight.

Night shame became MAX and her face turned bright red when she showed Aisha her nipples and was seen mocking them.

"Ah! Ah! Don't look! Let me see!! No, Kisu! To be seen!! Because I will be seen!! Uhhh!!

The resistance is instantly impossible when you can pinch a small pink nipple and lick your ear.

A big, bitchy hand snapped his nipples and Aisha was shown to make her feel like a little dragon princess, and she said, "You inferior man! The thought of saying," and the thought of saying envy, "I can't understand why.

So delicate and gentle was the way Keith's fingers moved against the Nightshade, and at times seemed intense and pleasant.

Keith told Keith to whisper softly from licking his ear at night when he was actually starting to troll.

"Look, he said he was sorry to Aisha. I said I'm sorry about the little girl, I said I'm sorry I looked great. Otherwise... you're gonna abuse your nipples hard, aren't you?

"Hih!! Oh, bye! Nipples, you're strong. Bye!! You have to be nice!!

He shouldn't touch it.

"I'm sorry about that. Aisha said she was sorry. You can say that because you're a good girl at night, right?

Night cum chewed his lips slightly on the words and looked remorseful, but Keith's fingers cum his nipples as he did so! and in a form almost threatened because of picking,

"... ahhhhh... sorry... do"

The most powerful creature in history past that age of 800 is honestly apologizing for just being nippled by a man.

Aisha opened her mouth and turned it into a pocan with incredible thoughts of what she was seeing. But then he regained consciousness to the way Keith stroked and kissed Keith full of sobbing nights.

At night when I was about to resent him with all that remorse, he just seemed to be a good kid and kissed, and I felt sincerely happy.

While I think this inferior sight sucks, I'm about to cry that I'm behind it.

"Now it's Aisha's turn. Let's thank Aisha too."

"Heh? Oh, uh-huh? Thank you."

"That's settled! Thank you for peeing. The symptoms healed with shame!!

That's true, but as Aisha, who didn't feel forced to drink half the time, I had complicated thoughts.

But to be rude is a serious act that is a knight. As for peeing, it is true that the wound has healed, so if you don't thank me, I will tie my mouth to the letter to say thank you.

"So, look. Please lick her tits. Little tits of night cunt. Peppered with Aisha's tongue."

"Heh?" overlapped the dumb voices of the two women. How many times today?

While listening to that, Keith might even let her skin kick her clothes at night and say breasts. When she made the front all soggy, she pulled her little breasts together and offered them to Aisha.

"Look, I need Aisha to make you feel so good about this place. Right?"

"Right? Otherwise no!! Hey, hey, why would I!? I don't know why!! What Keith is saying always makes no sense!!

"Oh, yeah, kiddo! Wow, shh... Mmm!! Why, madam, don't... uhhhhh!!

Night after night when he kept being rubbed, he didn't utter a word properly, so Aisha kept complaining even like he did instead.

"If I'm going to thank you, I still know! But why are you holding your chest like that? How long are you going to squeeze those little tits! It's gonna break!!

"No, I'm not. I'm not breaking it, I'm encouraging my breast to develop for when I'm going to be a mom like this... I'm going to be a mom at night, right? You want me to do this because you want to be, right?

Nightingale doesn't know how to answer that and she almost cries with a stuffy face.

Sure, I want a kid, but if I say "yeah," that definitely makes Keith lick Aisha in the chest. But if you say "no," then they say you don't want kids.

There's nothing I can do with it completely packed.

"Bullying... bullying... bye"

"I didn't abuse you. Isn't she cute? I'm asking on top of that. What would you like to do with the nightclub? What do you want to do?

"... gu... gu... gu... gu... gu... gu"

"Here's what I'm saying at night."

"I don't care what you hear about that one, I would threaten you!! You forced me to say it!! That's a hell of a lot of inferior!! Shit."

Aisha was willing to be angry with you, but the next word made this one harder too.

"Aisha won't thank you then, will she? I can't help it... if Aisha says so, I have to thank her alone. You really have no choice. Then why don't you and I go to my room? Thank you so much."

I smiled happily for a moment at night and opened my mouth and said, "Whew!" A contrasting expression of roaring Aisha appeared.

I get a thank you just the two of us. I can't believe I had to shut up and bite my teeth knowing Keith was flirting in the room with Lori Dragon after all that hard work on what a dream event it seemed like at night.

"Oh, you can't do that! What are you talking about!? It's decided no!!

"Why not, then, Noon's going to the room with Keith! Thank you so much there! You can't thank me. Keith!

"No! You can't!! Come on, Keith! Me... because it's so much about me during the day..."

"Yeah, that's why the three of us worked so hard... I thought Aisha would understand."

He risked his life to protect me during the day, and now he's back to his usual inferior species.

But knowing Keith, who desperately sheltered himself from that warmth of day, Aisha couldn't keep quiet knowing that Keith was holding someone else in the other room.

I don't know if you could have calculated that far to protect me. While floating to evil push, still, I can't help it. Aisha said,

"I don't know... I don't... I... Keith..."

"Ah, ah! Stop it! Kisu! Make him stop! Oh, oh!! Mm-hmm!! Huh! Nah, nah! Huh yeah!! Cucumber!!

Keith keeps Keith in his arms at night to keep Aisha from moving.

With such a strong embrace, I can lick my sensitive erect little nipples with a tongue that has made me lick and feel Aisha's Nia or Berna or Leonora (Aisha licking the nipples of all three women when I think about it) nipples.

Then Night Xu, who has only ever been caressed by Keith or Nia, reacts physically hypersensitively to that new stimulus, trembling in a way that feels more than usual.

Yes, I feel it. Ka Hao had told me that the dragon knot had been engraved into his body and that it would not make him feel any better to be touched other than Keith. Yet it feels good to overflow my body from just ahead of my nipples.

At night, most female dragon species do not know, but the sensitivity stayed the same when the target with the dragon knot was touching her body at the same time.

But at night when he didn't know it, he was afraid that his reaction would strike him, unlike what he had been taught, and asked Keith for help without explaining the circumstances.

Keith kissed her tongue into the back of her throat to further slurp her body and stole a glimpse of Aisha caressing her nipples, wondering if they were just scared that the pleasure of simultaneous blaming would strike her.

Keith ravaged the inside of the night cunt with his tongue, thinking which way to screw his erect penis as he satiated Aisha's erotic face, which stimulates with a gentle lick he loves to put his lips on the child's chest plate.

Even though he is a very old man, he looks ten years old. He is the girl there.

There was a hell of a picture of an elf daughter and an inferior man holding it from the front to the back, kissing and licking her chest around.