"What the hell is this! What the hell is this? Huh! What imitation!!

The night I waved my hands and feet to protest against the outfit I had been made to wear at some point had caused my cute panties to flicker from a flickering skirt that was too short.

In the first place, because the tail of the nightclub feels slightly curled up the skirt on the side of the buttocks, a little shock makes the punch worship light.

Whether or not he was calculating that far, Keith was staring with a smile at the night-time punch exposed in a weird cosplay costume.

Nightshade noticed Keith's gaze and hurried to hold onto his skirt, still staring at him with a bright red face.

"Come here! Humiliate Non again... why not! No more... I am."

Even though it belonged to Keith, Keith moved back in and stroked his head at night when he mumbled his mouth trying to say so.

"I can't believe it's such a humiliation. I just wanted to make you happy at night."

"Oh, you can't be happy! Why are you acting like this?"

"'Cause yesterday you seemed to envy Master Nia wearing a beautiful dress, didn't you?

When they said it, Nightingale clogged the words "Ugh". I'm ashamed they were noticing.

Sure enough, yesterday, I thought Nightingale would be a little envious to see Nia's dress show.

It was a still young yearning for a nightcap who had never worn a Hirahira dress before.

I've only worn a traditional pedigree costume or a special dress to withstand any kind of battle, and I can only admire such a girl's full-on costume for the night.

No. Still, I might not have had to think about that until I met this inferior species.

But for a night when a man like this takes his body and heart away and turns him from being the most powerful dragon princess to just a girl, the way Keith looks at him as "cute" makes his chest look moisturizing with admiration.

But I couldn't even tell Keith that, so I was going to keep it quiet, but I can't believe they noticed.

making his red face even more red in embarrassment. At night Keith

"So I thought I'd be happy to put you on"

"Ah, uh, bye! What the hell is this! This... kid's playcostume. This!

"Ooh! You know me well!! No, actually..."

Keith looked around at the people trying to put a frizzy dress on him at night, but when it got that far, it was too expensive to get his hands on.

Keith, who was not familiar with anything other than women's underwear and weird costumes, had no idea that such a dress would cost the common man ten years of food.

This is troublesome. I thought I'd ask Kiki Mora again, but Kiki Mora can't move without directing me to design. There's no way Keith could design such a broken dress.

When I was in full swing, I saw a children's costume that was decorated with a tag that said it was imported directly from Teito in one of the storefronts.

The dress worn by the protagonist of the story, which has been a series for many years to his girlfriend in Teito and surrounding countries... is a piece of that last year's work.

I wonder how unpopular this character's were because they drift into such a rural elf country, to its pretentious addition and subtraction.

"... even this one"

I bought it and asked Kiki Mora to tailor it slightly because it said the target age was up to 6 years old. Explain at night.

"I can't believe it!! Not at all! This is totally different from Nia's dress!!

"That's the best thing I can do on my salary..."

It is Keith who looks like a parent who has been complained about buying the cheaper one because the gift she has been molested by her child is too expensive to buy and she has no choice.

In fact, when I look at the costumes the two of them are wearing, I get in trouble because that's what they look more like.

"I don't like this stuff anymore! He looks like an asshole!!

That said, Keith looked genuinely pathetic as Nightingale tried to take off her dress.

"Are you sure you want to take it off?... I bought it because I thought it was a corner night club."

"If you want to buy something better... why do you look like that?"

Keith, who shows her heartbroken face, is confused at night and stops her hand from taking off her clothes.

I am not wrong. You can't possibly wear such an embarrassing outfit by your noble bloodline. That's why it's natural to take it off.

But when I saw Keith, who seemed pitiful, my guilt was getting tingly stimulated.

Don't lose! And anyway, I guess I'm thinking about something inferior in my mind, and the night I read it and tried to excite myself, I noticed Keith whining in my heart, "I really don't wear it... you don't wear it at night".

And I'm sure Master Nia would have loved it... and I'm sure Master Nia would have loved it... and I must have started thinking a lot about Nia.

In the first place, Keith knows he can read his mind, so the idea is definitely a trap.

But Nia seemed happy and Keith was happy with it, and I couldn't do that... so I couldn't let Keith adore me a whole lot.

My uterus stopped cutting into leaping thoughts. That was just around the corner where the dragon knot was engraved, and I felt the mark saying it was dedicated to that Keith hurting.

"... Kisu... no, I won't take it off... don't look like that... no... no"

Don't think about that. Keith held onto a pretentious costume night when he couldn't honestly tell me to adore myself and I wept.

"Please don't cry. Because if you don't like it that much, you don't have to wear it. Right?"

"No, it's not... wow. Kisu, you bought me... I'm happy..."

"... I'm just glad you said that. Thank you very much, Night's Eve."

Night cuddled Keith with a strange voice that nodded honestly and throated "Umiyu" to his gentle words.

After doing so for a while, Keith looked at the addition and subtraction of his tail and said it was time to let go of his body and make a suggestion.

"So shall we record this outfit in remembrance?

"Ro, ku... ha! Oh, no... I'm like this"

"Huh? You don't like it, do you? Wouldn't that be nice? Or sincerely..."

"Ah, uhh... uhh!!

The night twisting his face made him roar when he realized that there was nowhere else to escape, but in the end he had to follow it in an iterative fashion.


"Fine ~!! You're so cute at night ~!! Yeah, fine!!

Keith kept filming this little dragon with all sorts of angles as he circled around the night cuckoo with a copy of the magic prop in his hand while raising his voice like that.

Record the various parts of the nightingale dressed in frifrifrivolous costumes from the top to the bottom, sometimes with a remarkable low angle.

My head became confused by self-loathing when people scattered "She's cute" while shooting, saying that the nightfall smells too bright and why she's doing this.

I can't believe I've lived 800 years and was recorded wearing cheap costumes for girls (though craftsmanship Kiki Mora is pretty reworked).

(Face your ancestors... and future descendants...)

I think I'm probably the only one who's going to do this with the dragon species. The pity depressed the night.

But without that, Keith continued relentlessly to film the memorial. To that statement,

"At night, my expression is hard ~. And I can't even move... or something is missing..."

Put your arms together and frown, and Keith, whining about that, immediately said, "Ah! When I said," I took something from a long time under the bed and gave it to Nightshade.

He gave it to me, and at night, he turned to his frigid eyes and said, "What is this?" I turned it upside down and looked at it at various angles.

"Well, it's a beginner magic wand I made when I just taught Nia magic."

"This is it? Like this... like a kid toy?

Sure, that was like a kid's toy.

Normal magic wands use driftwood, ancient trees, and phantom beasts and other bones, horns, and fangs to make them. But they handed it to me. It's kind of made of weirdly light, peculiar material.

Besides, the handles had tulip petal smudged ornaments on them, and the magical tip on them even had cheap gems.

I don't care how you look at it, it's a demon girl's array.

"Rude. That's a fine magic wand called the Simple Magic Wand that distributes to girls when there's an event at the Magic Order or something. There's also a collector."

In an effort to get acquainted with magic magic magic, each sorority organizes a big festival for external guests, mostly once every few years. That's when I handed it out.

"What, I knew you were a kid's toy!

"If they say so, but it's a Nia specification, so it's pretty elaborate, right? For example."

Keith lay on the hand of the nightclub and held the hand of the wand, pressing a button that was worn well as a decoration.

Then the tipped gem began to shine cheap and peculiar light, illuminating his face in seven colors at night.

"All seven light patterns! More!!"

Now if you press a different button,


"Pippy, Pippy, Pippy, Pippy, Pippy"

"Tickle, Tickle, Tickle, Tickle"

"Standing By... Complite"

Again this cheap synthetic sound began to flow from inside the wand.

"In this way the sound pattern is actually an excellent one with twelve different!! Well, Lady Nia was too talented to have had to be assisted by a magic wand, so it was a dead end."

"You're an asshole. Keith, you're an asshole."

I stuck with Keith all over the weird part at night, but when I got here, I was already screwed.

Maybe he was dressed as a child and brought a toy of a child and then dumped into a throwaway bowl on himself that he still can't say he can't.

That's why Keith said from there, "In these poses! When he instructed me," I began to follow it, saying that I couldn't care less.

Grasp the wand with both hands and stick it forward, bend one leg back and try to wink. Make a piece sign with your other hand with your cane standing with one hand and take it to your eye.

I moisten my eyes with tears by continuously dressing in such an overshy outfit, but my moist eyes can't stand to exude cuteness again.

Keith starts to lust for that cuteness as he honestly photographs nights responding to posing.

I felt obligated to attack such an honest little dragon, and that fills my head with it.

Then Night Xu reads the feeling, and in his delusions he says to the drondron's stirring footage, "High!," he screamed.

That's hundreds of times more obscene and inferior than what I want you to do, and it seems so pleasant that I get spots on the cute frizzy panties that I was made to change by accident.

The tip of my tail is a pean and I want it to start to get wet.

"... it's so cute at night... it's so cute and horny... it's so horny"

With that said, he unloaded his pants and approached him, offering him a half-baked meat stick as if it were bait.

Gyu the wand! At night when he clenched, he swallowed his saliva at the male smell of his tense turtle head.

"Satsuya... don't... don't... don't... don't... don't... don't"

That's what Keith says he can never lick while being filmed, but Keith never listens and keeps filming troubled faces.

Staring at demon props, staring at penises, and staring at demon props. At night when I kept looking at the flicker alternately, I couldn't stand the cowper zeroing from the tip of the round tortoise head any longer.

"Ahhh Keith...... AMPONTAN! I don't like Keith.

In the middle of the words, he began to pour in already, moving his tongue in his mouth as he filled his tiny cheeks with penises.

The bitter taste of the male spreads through his mouth and falls out of his nose, giving him unspoken pleasure at night.

"Nbu, nbu, nbu, nbu, nbu, nbu, nbu"

Keith nibbled at the night when he nibbled at the mouth end of his little mouth and licked and shaved so hard that he could suck on his penis, which he had not yet washed.

But instead of just getting bored with pleasure, touch the body of the nightcap one by one and change the fit from just sitting on the bed to crotch opening.

The diagram of a little boy dressed in a cosplay dress shaving an adult male organ with a toy stick was too ferocious.

Keith said, not recording this, but showing it everywhere.

"Hey, Nightshade... this magic wand actually has special features."

"Mbu? Heh heh heh heh heh."

I don't know what you're talking about, but Keith leads the tip of the cane toward Night Manko, who tilts his neck with his penis.

And when you make sure that the tipped gemstone part hits over the panties,

"This is how we do it."

The moment you press the button, the tip of the wand hits fine! And I began to tremble.

"Mbu!? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Huh, hey, hey, hey, no!! Ahhh!! This, ahhh!!

At night he filled his young body and shook it, but Keith pushed it further around the tip while holding his body down so that he could not escape.

The stiff sensation shivers fine, irritating and messing up all the little mangos, the clitoris, the vaginal orifice, and even the urethral orifice.

With this stimulus on her body, which was beginning to daunt at Ferra, she began to gasp with a still young girl's voice, distorting her poor face greatly.