In the bathroom, where the flower-scented hot air stood, Nia was soaking in oiled hot water.

The luxurious and still less irregular immature body is thus beautiful and full of pure charm that knows no obscenity.

Who the hell can think that almost all of this body is being molested by a single man?

It's really troublesome because I don't even know who I am yet, but I'm having a good day with Nia.

From morning to night we have dinner and talk till lunch, and from noon we have lessons on Leonora and the song. And a magic class by Keith as it is.

After dinner with my parents, we all played games. Aisha and Leonora rubbed it all over again, but it made me laugh so much that it was fun and my stomach hurt again.

It was really just so much fun since Keith came, and Nia seemed like that inferior kind of angel carrying happiness.

As Nico was healing his tiredness for the day, his eyes went to Berna, who was cleaning up soap and preparing towels.

I used to have three or four samurai on when that was when I was going to take a bath, but lately I hate Nia, so I'm mostly one or even two.

The person in charge today was Berna, and she was doing her job faceless and tedious as usual.

As she stared at him, Nia said what she had always wanted to hear.

"Hey, Berna"

"Yes, what is it?

It really seems Berna is in a position to stop working and listen properly.

Nia asks careful not to have her voice leaking outside soaked in hot water like that.

"You know, Berna... Master Keith's pet... what is it?

Berna tilted her neck to the sudden question, but she nodded "yes" because she was right and Nia had no problem knowing it.

"Oh, yeah... so, you know... what's a pet? Master Keith and, uh, what are you doing?

Berna answered seriously by choosing words with a lousy mouth to the cute trick of leaning her neck.

"I'll have it... all my life"

"Huh?... is that not like being a lover or a wife?

"No. Lovers and wives can break up. But pets are pets for life unless your husband throws them away. And your husband... Mr. Keith never dumps a pet."

I don't know, but does that mean Keith and I can spend the rest of our lives together?

Because that sounds like a great thing.

"But the pets... they're not lovers or wives, are they? If so."

Isn't it something you shouldn't kiss, hug, and have sex with?

Berna then perceived the question and shook her head.

"It is the duty of the owner to adore the pet. Pets have to be adorable. So you can hold her, kiss her, or sleep with her. And."

So Berna cut off a few words, and then she had a thin grin that Nia hadn't seen much of before.

"Kids... making babies too... your husband will do it. Pet breeding control is… the duty of the owner,"

Nia saw Berna, who seemed happy, and her heart was at times.

That means Keith can take care of me for the rest of my life. A good kid, a kiss, a hug, and besides, he can even make a baby.

Plus, couples have breakups, but they stay together as long as they can't get rid of their pets. And Keith doesn't dump pets, so I mean with him all the time!!

"Yes...... nice! Pets nice!!

"But pets also have to be exhausted to their owners. Take care of yourself, listen to me, be a good boy. If you don't, you have no right to be adored."

Berna was faithful to what Keith taught her. Hearing that doesn't make Nia "like" go away.

"I want to be a good boy to Master Keith too... I want to be cuddled and sleep... ah! Right!! Me too, Master Keith Pei."

To put it that far, Berna said no to Kippalinaire's words before finishing them.

And he stares at Nia with eyes like he's never seen before. Don't stare. Look.

"You shouldn't. That's no good."

"Hey, why! Me too, Master Keith Pei."

"You must not. I'm the only pet. Just one. I don't care how many wives or lovers you have, but there's only one pet."

"I've never heard of that! Some of you have lots of pets!!

"That doesn't apply to your husband. I'm the only one your husband can keep."

Nia, who looks cute with her lower lip protruding and mumbling,

"Stay as long as you can"

"No. I don't already deserve the feeling you said that as a pet. Unless you're ready to spend the rest of your life."

"You have a trial period!

"That's not true"

"Come on both of you!! My voice is leaking outside!!

That's what Aisha said in a pitiful voice to both of us over the limit, who was careful not to have Krone and the others come while he was sweating cold outside the bathroom door.

I thought it might be easier to hear voices leaking.

The princess and the samurai stopped arguing in that voice, but neither was willing to pull a step.

Nia wanted to try just once on a pet that Berna would refuse that far, and Berna had pet possession and couldn't help but give it away.

The two elves gazing at each other and towing each other read each other's actions after this and made them feel rushed that they had to do so as soon as possible.


"He said he came to the room all together because he said..."

Before Keith, who smiled bitterly, were Nia and Berna, who sat side by side in bed.

When I was thinking about going to bed, the door suddenly knocked and opened, there was Berna, and when I thought about that, I heard a voice from behind saying, "I'm sorry."

I turn around, I turn to metastatic magic. Nia's standing in the room, huh? Berna walked into the room without time to think.

When I thought it was a rare combination, each of them would say something disjointed early in the arrow succession, so I heard from one person to the other to try to get it sorted out.

That was Keith's pet argument.

"Just once! You just have to do it once!! Please make me Keith's pet."

"Master, I'm the only pet. It's a promise... I promised."

Moist eyes stare at Keith at the same time.

No, as a man, or as an inferior species, I'm very happy, but when I make him cry, it's a hard combination of princesses and stubborn ladies, so I can't handle it lightly.

When I was scratching my head in trouble, Nia in her bedtime clothes came to Keith, who stood up first and sat in a chair.

"Master Keith, don't you like me being a pet? Me... don't you want to be a pet?

"Oh, no, uh... with those tears"

Keith clogged the words when he asked me to do him a favor.

Then Berna, who saw it, stood up in a panic and turned her arm around Keith's neck.

"Pet, it's just me... I promised... it's just me... your husband"

"Berna, it's sloppy! Shut up!! I can't believe I asked you to hold me... Shiru, no, Gusu"

"I'm a cunning Lady Nia. I can't believe you're trying to steal a pet seat from me...... I'm so cunning to ask you to cry like that!

Berna doesn't even try to pull a step away from Nia, who will be in tears in her eyes and in a genuine state of crying.

Keith stood up in a hurry and let them sit in bed as they pulled the two apart, saying this was a seriously nasty one.

And first, when I approached Berna, I went out of my way to talk to Nia so she wouldn't hear me. I used ear punching magic (a trick my voice can only hear my opponent talking to).

"Hey Berna. Master Nia won't pull off like this. So just once, let me play imitation for you, okay? It's a pet imitation."

"Well... but no... Gusu"

"You're going to be a mom, right? I need to be as patient as that. You can, can't you?

Berna chewed on her lips, making her feel sorry for her face so much that Keith had never even seen it. I was wondering if you needed some more concessions.

"Then Berna won't do it, and I will never just say no to that. I promise. So keep an eye on me and tell me that's no good. So what do you say?

"... don't,?... what about me?

(Totally out of respect)

Keith nodded "Yes" with a smile on his face as he grinned bitterly in his heart. Berna disapproved of this concession.

Nia, watching how it was, was worried that Keith might be overwhelmed by what they were saying.

I figured it was past my desire to be a pet. Tears come to me. She is a princess who is too innocent everywhere.

I finished convincing him that I thought so, and Keith came to Nia,

"Dear Nia, Berna would be nice. But only once, can you protect me?

Nia smiled with a full smile at the inferior species who wanted to do the worst she could to make her own pet. "Yes!" He nodded. And with a smile, I thanked Berna and hugged her.

Still, Berna remained a complex expression.


That's the only pet nia that started it today, but if you think about it, Keith quickly gets an erection when the princess of one country says there's no such thing as pet volunteering for a man.

Turn your face to Nia while you manage to mislead it. Nia seems happy, but with that said, she began to be confused that she didn't know exactly what to do with a pet.

I could see perfectly what to do with the look on his face, so Keith sat in bed and invited Nia to

"Dear Nia, you can just hang on to whatever you want, okay? Think you're Wang, and then what do you do?

Nia thought, "Uh-huh." I came up with something, but I was a little embarrassed to do it.

But this is how they let me pet them, so when I said I was embarrassed, I was punished, and Nia never hugged Keith as she sat down.

And I squirmed "Sama Keith" as I blushed and licked my lips pero.

That was when I went to a nobleman's mansion with a dog before, and it was made into a little dog there.

It tickles and gets wet with saliva, but that seemed like a sign that this dog likes me.

So I would pepper my lips and cheeks to show Keith that I love them too, but this was actually Berna's favorite act.

Berna loves licking around Keith's face, not kissing him, an act that she always wants to do when she's alone.

So when I looked at him, Berna clenched her fist and stared at Keith and Nia with an unprecedented faceless expression.

(My heart... my heart's frozen gaze! Kowahi!!

I know it's obvious that you don't really want me to do it, but still, I guess I can draw attention to stopping it even though it's just the beginning.

Besides, if I stop here and say I'm done, maybe Keith will pet you alone in secret because Nia is pathetic.

Berna thought Keith had the kindness to say so. Let's get this straight, it's not that kind of thing.

That's why Berna desperately endured having to be patient like this now if she was to be kept quiet like that.

Keith, who sees it and speaks with his heart, "It's great," speaks out "Kuha" about Nia's tongue tickling and makes a good kid look like Berna.

The joy of being stroked made Nia bolder, hugging Keith harder and crawling her tongue into her neck muscle as well.

Panicked that Berna's blood vessels were going to run out any longer, Keith held Nia up and put her to bed with a knee pillow.

"Ah?" and to Nia, who shows a little confusion about the act,

"Thank you for licking me so much. Because it's the owner's duty to adore pets."

That's what Berna taught me earlier, and Nia smiled and let herself go. Keith combs his hair with his hands on his head on that thigh and massages his ears with a gentle stream of hands.

Nia nodded and sounded her throat "kiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" at the feeling of being rubbed with a soft hand.

And Berna, who was watching it, is trembling small and already over the limit.

My heart is filled with pity and envy that I've never had an ear massage like that.

But that's obvious, and Berna can't help but feel better when she treats you so kindly.

But that's it. This is this.

They make me look cute that I've never had myself do. Besides, Berna was no longer comfortable saying it was a pet.