Erne sighed staring at her mother for the sumptuous dishes lined up in front of her as well.

"You know, you don't have to do this... nothing"

"So, but... because I kept you waiting"

In the end, Roana was finally able to squirt after Keith sent her out three times. In other words, six times in the total are tapped into the uterus.

Roana, intoxicated by the satisfaction and the happiness complained of by the female body, soon became blue when she remembered about Erne.

I resented Keith for letting me out too much and being a gde on the side. I turned my gaze, then hurried back into the bath and got myself in good shape and left the room, but it was also a struggle for my lower body to walk in the gutter.

Still, when my daughter thought in the room and hurried home, Erne hungry and waited there.

I walked the streets all day, and when I finished my bath, he said dinner, and I kept him waiting.

"Oh, it's late... I'm hungry."

Roana, whose guilt tightened her chest when she saw Elne with a crying face, lied that even then she should not be enlightened.

"Sorry, I walked outside and met an old acquaintance..."


"So, I just went to the hot spring one more time because I was so hot and cold... I'm so sorry!

Loana bowing her head loathed herself to spit in peace at you for being held by a man.

I think I need to be a good mother, but this is a totally different damned woman.

But it's definitely my fault, so I can't resent anyone, and I can't tell the truth...

So as to delude her guilt, Roana made dinner the finest dish in the inn and sent her to her room.

Erne said he wished he had something else for it.

"Next time, if you can put in a proper word..."

"Yeah...... I promise. So forgive me."

"Nothing... I'm not mad"

"... good. So, shall we eat?

"Yeah," replied my daughter and Roana, beginning to eat dinner.

I feel so happy as a mother that I have no more to say about Elne saying that this is delicious or that I don't like this.

If it's true, you should have to be satisfied with just this happiness... and yet.

Roana couldn't control her slutty nature, which kept hoping to immerse herself in her happiness as a female, held by a dear male who lived in her heart.

Only now was Roana trying so hard to make a smile and respond to Erne's words.

At the end of dinner Roana falls asleep in bed as she is held and tired.

I was careful not to be enlightened, but that was also about the limit.

After staring at her sleeping mother, Erne silently began to organize souvenirs for her friends.

When it comes to going to a royal party, though a small country, he says to Daiyu, "Fine!" and successive friends. When I think of them, I really remember that boy, too.

A boy named Lou, who dedicated his virgin about a month ago. Erne was caught off the hook with the big incident.

I don't know what it is, but it looks strangely grown up. I was deluded and deluded by an alliance of friends stuck in Erne... I couldn't do it.

After that, it was too much noise.

Erne, who was thought to be the most late ripening at any rate, lost his virginity first, which is one or two quicker in the class.

I was asked how and how under what circumstances, but I didn't have to be excited to peek into my mother's sex scene on the boulder to spit a lie there.

Whatever lies Erne tells is an overly romantic scene in a girl's novel, but my friends, who are just inexperienced, have totally believed it.

That's how Erne became a senior among his friends, besides becoming famous in his class and even being consulted on love.

Next thing I know, my classmates, like they're obviously moving on, talk to me and even shake me on the subject of man relationships.

"... it's that idiot's fault... seriously annoying"

With that said, Erne headed to the bathroom with a bath set. I'm going to take another bath before bed.

writing it down for once, then walking out of the room and down the hallway,

"Huh? Ah... Ru, Lou?

"Huh?... Ah! Erne!"

I met the boy I'd remembered before in the corner of the corridor.

"Hey, oh, what are you doing!

"Erne, you're the one! I'm staying at this inn with my dad."

"Yeah!? Well, I'm with your mother... but you have a villa."

"My dad wants to go into the hot springs once in a while... and he suddenly goes out to work."

"Yes," she nodded, her chest rattling as to whether it was okay for Erne to have such a coincidence.

Doesn't this just seem like fateful guidance? Yes, to a very inferior fate......

To Erne, who would stray from her face, Lou noticed a bath set in that hand,

"Is that it? Maybe I'm going to take a bath?

"Huh? Oh, yeah..."

"Well, come to my room if you like. Because the room my dad took is the one with the room hot spring."

"Huh? So, but..."

"It's okay, Dad, because I'm not coming home today. Just the two of us."

Erne blushed at the word alone.

It's going to be horny. This is going to be absolutely horny. I was so sure.

In the room, my mother is asleep, so I feel like I shouldn't go into a boy's room and do something horny in that situation. That's something you should never do.

but... but... I saw Lou in a whisper of my heart. Erne was

"Oh, because your mother's waiting in her room... just taking a bath... don't you think? 'Cause if you do something horny, you'll get it."

"I know. Let's go then."

Looking around as he kidded at the boy offering his hand, and slowly grabbed that hand, Erne headed into the room inviting him.

I never thought my mother was going to the same room the same way she was invited by the same person......


Upon reaching the most luxurious room, Erne quickly headed to the bathroom.

He moves crisp as indicated to Lou that he's not willing to do anything else. Gesskid was starting to get excited quickly behind that.

I can't help but think that I can still eat my daughter the same way in the same room while keeping her out to her mother six times.

So when I was a child, I drank the urine purifier of the nightclub and filled my body with energy and golden balls with sperm.

And he was ambushing Erne, watching out for Roana in the hallway.

If it is for porn at all, it is an inferior species that spares no effort. But it was Roana and Erne, who were mother-child and caught up in it.

After Erne with a nasty grin, I went to Lou, who tried to take a bath myself,

"Hey! Why are you coming in with me? Doesn't mean anything!!

"Eh, isn't that nice? There's a hot spring in the corner that's okay to come in with."

"You don't need to come in because you do!! Oh! Hey, why are you taking it off? Come on, man!

Erne, who was first taken into the bathroom by Lou, who became soaked, could have left here, but turned red in his face and took off his yukata himself.

Lou sat in a wooden bath chair as he picked up a luxurious girl coming in hiding her front in a towel.

The girl body peeking from the back is wonderful with the color opposite to the mature body I just tasted scattered.

"Hey, something's creepy about my gaze... I wash my body, so get away, come on! Ah, ooh! Hey, what, do, hmm!!

Erne raised her voice as Lou's soap-applied hands began rubbing her back.

My spine waxed at the feel of my numbing hand, and now when that hand touches the lateral milk of my microemulsion to my stomach,

"Yikes! Hia! Aah!!... Ahhh! Ma... no! Mmm!!

I give in and make a high voice for comfort and tickle.

Lou washes such an ernet, savoring the puffiness of the girl he feels at his fingertips.

"Enough to wash, right? This is how I happened to meet him in the corner. Besides... Erne said you could come into my room because you could come in and do this with me... that's what I thought."

to Lou, who tries to hold him tight and whispers so. Erne shut up for a while and then shook his neck left and right.

"Chi... this is... following me, about your mother... trying to understand"

"Heh? Ah... Huh? What does that mean?"

Erne slowly searches for words to explain to Lou, who puts question marks on incomprehensible words.

"Oh, Mother... just now, I took a bath... I didn't come home... she said she was seeing a friend, but I think maybe she was seeing that guy"

Wow! I'll find out!! - Lou was a little surprised by how good Erne's childhood feels.

"So... I wish I hadn't lied... so if I'd done this with Lou just like your mother... I'd feel, you know"

I want to keep my daughter down and lie until I meet a man in secret. Elne, who still doesn't know her heart that far, wanted to understand though.

It led to the feeling being invited to follow me honestly.

I want to understand my mother. That's how I remembered you started planting it. The fucking kid,

"Well... well, you were"


"Then help your mother to know more how she feels!!


"This is how I leave my mother in the room and make her understand how it feels to flirt with someone!!

"Yes, I don't want it! I don't want to go that far. No, no! Oh, oh, oh!! Come on, whoa! Mmm! No! Ma, uh-huh, mm-hmm."

The inferior species, who created the culprit who haunted Erne so far and planted guilt on Roana, began to stroke the girl's body as she said such a shitty thing.

Turn the washing hand into something sexual this time and touch the front that is hidden in a towel.

Stroke the stomach, flank, and breast with the boy's thin fingers to increase sensitivity.

Erne, who was consolidating his protection, began to loosen his guard once the fact that he was turning his body over to this gesskid to the bottom and his swollen thoughts between an unseen month.

Above all, the miracle that we really happened to see each other in this way made the young maiden mind cum, seeming like the fate of herself and Lou.

"Erne, Chu, Chu, Chu, Erne... I've missed you, I've been thinking about Erne... Chu, Chu"

As the kiss melted her mind as she touched from behind, and her hands gradually concentrated on her nipples alone, Erne began to feel less comfortable.

When I almost said, "Me too," I rushed to meditate hard on my eyes and endure it. Then my consciousness concentrates on kissing me.

In a situation I feel no matter what I do, the towel eventually falls off my hands onto the floor, and the fully exposed flesh shows a glossy woman's reaction.

The nipples get erect and this peachy secret tear with thin hair starts to smell slightly female. Besides, the little clit was stiff and pointed.

The blood of the same susceptible damned woman as her mother hurts and is about to blossom slowly with the hands of the same man.

Keith erected the kid's penis, thinking what a good similiar mother and daughter he was, exposing the tortoise head tip from the skin he was wearing.

In doing so, I can't help but want to receive a mouth service that I couldn't help but get because of the way I dropped it earlier.

(Your daughter has to take responsibility for what your mother couldn't do!

Groaning with his heart about such a thing, Lou slowly took Erne's hand to his groin.

Erne showing a freaking tremor at the hot and hard feeling, but soon began to move those hands up and down awkwardly.

Looting his heart to a lousy handjob, however, Lou shrugged his ears less pointy than Erne's pureblood elf,

"Erne... I want you to lick me... I want you to lick me soooo much... I'll lick Erne too when I'm done... please"

As this is the situation, you'll soon know what you're being asked for. Erne makes a peeled face with her wet lips pointed on the kiss.

"What are you doing on it... it sucks... trying to make me lick it?"

"... no, is it?

"... oh, bath... thanks for letting me in... so, you know... because if I make a mistake, I'll cologne"

Lou smiled and nodded at his busty daughter, who stabbed the nail over and over once told him not to get me wrong about Sita, and he sat down on the edge of a cypress hot tub.

To the sharpness of the bottle and sleigh bosom boy, Erne sat on the floor sipping, picking it gently, peeling it, and pouring in the turtle head for each geese neck exposed.