The saliva of the boy and the girl mixed in his mouth, and the tangles as thick as they seemed to swing from the tip of his tongue lasted a long time.

Just hug and kiss naked. I've never known Elne to feel so good about that.

Sometimes they are gentle, but sometimes they stick their tongues in to the back of their throats and they suffer, and sometimes they suck their tongues and lick and hang around.

Surprised that there were so many variations just from the kiss, Erne moved her tongue sweetly, caressing her penis until earlier.

When my breath gets painful, the kiss is finally over, and my nipples are licked.

I had never felt Erne rushing the insertion anywhere. I felt the irritation from my nipples while wearing this fire and pain.

Scorch and lick slightly swollen immature tits from the milk wheel at the tip of the tongue, and gently suck the nipples in the mouth.

"Ha! Hiaah!! Hey, ahhh!! Mm-hmm!"

Even though he's a nipple I often touch with masturbation that I remember since Lou took my virgin from me, the pleasure I get from it is horribly different.

I figured... maybe... because you're letting me loo? Does it feel so good because it's this guy?

A little girl with no other experience thinks she might be special because she's Lou, and because this boy's got a shite for her.

Then nature and body are freed by that special boy, and his legs go open to the loo of his covered posture.

In a situation of nipple licking and boredom with pleasure, Lou whispered softly as he opened his thin legs and noticed Erne exposed the wet central area to moisture.

"You're inserting... Erne's... I'm going to"

"... yeah"

Why are you honestly nodding? I think I've got something more to say.

The next time I sullied, you thought of absolute contraception, but you completely forgot that. No. My daughter made me try to man-open it from herself with a face floating in heat.

Erne spreads the mucous membrane of the hot spot with his fingertips to Lou, who wakes up his torso and handles the young meat stick to see how hard it is, holding down his roots and aligning his tips with the holes.

Lou's face has a bad grin on his porn daughter, who is really going to be but stays the same last time, but even remembers an acceptance attitude already in just the second time.

As he pushed the tip straight into the mucosal hole and gouged his hips forward, a meat stick slipped into the small, narrow hole.

"KIUHI!! Hih... Mm-hmm! Huhhhhh!!

Raising her voice, Erne floats her hips, but that deepened the depth of the insertion, a little further into the deepest part of going with the boy's penis.

(Still awesome resistance... I try to push it back so tight)

The vaginal fold moves with the gym and the urn, trying to push the penis out with vaginal pressure. Conversely, it feels great, and it lets me know the sense of accomplishment that I'm committing a luminous young manko.

And the same thing happened to Erne, whose own flesh but uncontrollable vaginal meat movement carried a different sensation from mild insertion pain from the inside.

It was undoubtedly pleasant, and Erne had a slight feeling behind the pain.

"Ah! Mm, no, heh!... Ha... Hiku!

Every time I shake my penis a little, it moves a lot. Erne is cute and Lou's meat stick bounces to freak out in her vagina.

"Erne, do you feel good? My penis... I don't know."

"... Kanno no... I don't know, I don't... Mmm! So, but, hey... I'm gonna jingle."

"Oh... in the back"

When Lou said so, he gently moved his hips and gently poked him in the back as he rubbed his turtle head to familiarize himself with his vagina.

"Khahuuuu!! Uh-oh!!

Elne's vaginal tract was the perfect tungtung manko to resist when she pulled it out and the meat tried to push it out in its entirety.

Erne squeezes the pillow beneath her head and distorts her face when a gesskid who burns into an extra sense of purpose blames the back much more gently when it's her destiny to let her dele this one day.

"Ru!! No, there...... Ugh!! Lots, no!! Hey, I don't know, I'm hungry... I don't know!! Ahhhhh!!

A young body that does not know vaginal pleasure overflows with honey of joy, though surprised by that stimulus, which should not yet be known.

The boy relaxed his hips back and forth and wore an immature vagina with increased wetness in the fierce resistance.

The meat stick scratches around the best of the best as the resistance stays intact and becomes more flexible after each blow.

"Ha! Ha Ugh!! Ugh! Ugh!!! Mmm!! What, this... WHAT!! Ahhhhh!!

The feeling that I had lived and never tasted for thirteen years panned deep and blamed Erne.

I didn't feel the shock of pain before, but Erne was even more surprised now that putting her penis in her vagina makes her body so hot.

(Wow... sex is... wow)

You can't possibly hear that heart, but Lou changed the way he penetrated it that it wasn't like this yet.

From a motion where you simply stick your hand in Erne's leg, turn your hand into a motion that hits the side of Erne to squat your hips up.

The feeling that the vagina could be pushed and spread, and the difference in location when it hit the back amplified Erne's pleasure.

"Ahhhhh!! Ugh! Ugh!! Ugh!! Hey, hey! What, mmm!! Ahhh!! Mmm!!

You just changed the angle when you poke your penis. So much different pleasure comes.

Elne gasps and barks with tears in her eyes as she thinks of it at this age.

I put my face close to those lips and kissed them and tangled my tongue. Erne tangled her tongue right from herself in the bellows at the normal position.

I knew you were just like your mother and you loved hameking. Lou licks Derondelon around the inside and at the same time stretches his hips so hard that he can't stop Erne.

Once in that state he let go of his mouth, and unto the elne of his swinging face,

"Hey, it feels so good to kiss while framing... isn't it good?

Asking the lowest question, Erne nodded cocklessly so that he would be flushed out already in a completely tropical state.

"Kisanagi no...... Mmmm!! Ahhhh!! Shark, while, kiss...... wow, kimochi no good...... no!! Yikes uuuuu!!

"Shall we do more, then?

"Yeah, Kisu...... more Kisu, Nchu"

Lou tried to hold and kiss Erne's cute face, where the usual buzz additions and subtractions would obediently ask for a kiss.

Pleasure from the tongue and penis comes together and hurts the boy's reproductive instincts.

Besides, the sweet Erne hug hold is getting stronger, which makes me think I want the male species again.

There is no way that a young body can withstand this situation, and the zowazowa from the meat bars that have struck me many times in detail will eventually cease to heal and my desire to ejaculate will not stop.

"Oh, oh... Mmm! Chu, Ra-chu, Chu-chu... N-chu, Chu-chu! I can do it, I can do it... I'll get you out of here! I'll put it inside the erne!!

"Yes, no!! Nah, ha... Oh no!! Hih! Hih! Ugh! Ugh!!

The shape of the pistons and meat bars entering the ejaculatory position causes the strength to drain out of Erne's hips.

Elne, whose body had entered an acceptance posture before her heart, wrapped her legs around Lou, where the currents of pleasure ran to the tip of her finger as she was gnawing.

"Ruuuuu!! Ruuuuuuu!! Ahhh! Ahh! Ahhhh!!

Lou saw a girl who was starting to get hooked on sexual activity at the look of it calling and holding her name.

Unstoppable porn stirs up excitement and cum Lou's little golden balls! and made him push up. As soon as the urethra is filled with pleasure, it bursts from the tip.

"Hiaaah!! Oh, ahhh!! Hiuuuuuu!! hey...... so, hiooo!! Oh, and... no."

Bibi! Dobi! Dobby! Dobby!! Big time! Dobby time!! - The hot salmon liquid that showered in the back polluted Erne's vagina.

I don't really feel the pain. I confused Erne by figuring out that feeling horribly well in this sex.

"Ahhhhh... Nah, I can't... Aka-chan, Nah..."

We have checked the ovulation properly! Not to say, of course. Lou slowly began to rock his hips as he deluded it with a kiss.

The penis, which remains in the vagina, remains core even after ejaculation, and as soon as it is rubbed in the high vaginal pressure of Erne, it regains its hardness.

For the second time, Erne's behavior coincides with a kiss that will make him forget about his entrance.

"Here, come on! What are you doing? Come on...... Mmm! Or once... ahem! It's a joke!!

A vagina that is paralyzed by pleasure is semen, and I feel even a little movement because it rubs there even further.

Lou smiles and kisses even in a mild motion when he sees a piqun piqun and a rocking erne.

"I can't believe we haven't seen each other for a while now, but only once... and Erne almost looks good, right? So."

"I'm fine! I... Mm-hmm! Fine, say, ahem!! Ma, there! There it is!!

"Huh? Are you waiting here? Like this?

"Ahhh!! Ugh, hiaaah!!

Lou rocked his hips fine and vibrated as he pressed his tortoise head tip to the weakest spot in Erne.

Erne began to freak out his immature limbs at the intense pleasure that the vibration gave him to resume his wheezing.


That's how, in the end, Erne got inside three times by Lou.

To a girl who only knows her normal position in a hug. Lou puts it out one at a time in the back and rear seats, filling her belly.

Erne, who was worn through her vagina many times, had already felt no shards of pain, just crushed her hips by the feeling for the vagina that the meat stick sandwiched.

My whole body is fuzzy, and even though I can't get my strength to the tip of my finger, when I'm ejaculated, I'm incredibly powerful and I hug Lou.

And most importantly, every time they put it out, there's almost a sign that something's coming, and that leads to a desire to be doing this a little bit more.

Lou, who held a completely haunted erne in the opposite seat as the last, was holding his butt and shaking his own hips and forcing him to send pleasure to each other.

Feeling a vagina completely filled with three servings of zamen, Erne was tearfaced and clinging to Lou for the feeling of reaching near the limit of coming many times.

"Ru...... Awwww!! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Ouch... Ouch, I, heya, I need to... Awwwwwww!!

I've already been around a lot late at night. I may wake up once, even though Roana is asleep.

That makes the excuse that I was going to the big baths in the middle of the night difficult to apply. So to Erne, who says he's not going back to his room,

"And, hey... let me just get it out one more time. But if Erne really doesn't like it..."

Loosen his hips. Lou stared straight into Erne's face.

If you feel your face so close to each other in a face-to-face seat and you say that in a connected situation... and Erne's body is about to complain about something.

So when Erne hugs Lou with all the force he can,

"And then, come on... come on... then, come on... Yakuhiko"

"Yes," Lou smiled and nodded joyfully, putting out his tongue and sticking it out to Erne.

Even if he didn't have to say anything, his mouth moved naturally and began to shake its tongue. Erne shivered his body in tune with Lou's hips movement and breathing, which would get faster and faster.

It feels so hot and weird in the back of my body that I can't help but overflow it.

The intense sensations never felt in my fingers, Lou's tongue, and bare strands came from the depths of Erne, and swelled up indefinitely,

"Ruchu, Chupu, Chuchu, Ruriu...... haha! Hih!! Ugh, ugh! Ugh!! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ah, ah, ah, ah!

Still make the little girl's thin body so unlikely to be pleasantly spasmodic that it wobbles her face.

Erne hugged Lou as he stared into the void,

"Hih, no! Higiuuu!! Ugh, ugh! Oh, hey, oh!! Hey, hey, hey!! Ahhhh!! Ko, Ko, Hino!! Oh hi!! Hey Hin!!

I asked my first vagina iki for help. So Lou hugs Erne to imprint his presence, thinking he hasn't done so yet around calling his mother's name.

"It's okay! I'm here! Because this is how I hug Erne! So, look! Get on that feeling!! Because it's ok!! I'm fine. Ahhh!!

"Oh, ahhh! Higu! Higu! Ruuuuuuuuu!! Wah, ta-hi, ah, ah! also, Ugh!! Ruuuuuuuu!! Yikes, Yikes Ugh!! Ahhhhhhh!!

The loud voice made Erne look back, wooden spirits all over the room. My first vagina squirt in my life, it was weak but enough to make the girl cry in amazement.

The weird feeling of Guanguan coming from the back of my stomach shivers my vagina and sounds all the way to my uterus.

Knowing the tip of his comfort, Erne breathed roughly "I'd love to" with tears zeroed into the shock to the point where he thought his heart would explode.

Lou gently hugs such an erne and moves his hips for Ike himself as he strokes him to praise.

Rubbing his vagina to never be rampant with a lingering aftertaste of shock, Lou, who spewed semen to leak at the end just because of the pressure and spasmodic feeling, was still trembling in his ejaculatory pleasure.

Eventually a wave of pleasure finally drew from both bodies, Lou laid Erne down and pulled out the meat stick.

The rubbed over girl hole was completely red and congested, and from it came plenty of four young zamen.

(a) Lou, who observed Erne's Omako, who had a slight incontinence when he did, and then wiped him with a towel, sleeps beside her as she stares with her moist eyes.

"... thanks... it was awesome"

"... Yahigi... Ra... Bhaka"

Even Erne, who says so, was at the end of the day Yi... when you gently turn your arms around without saying,

"I'm sorry...... you know, I need to go back now, but haven't you just done this a little bit? Just a little."

I really need to get back to my room right now. It's awkward erne, but being held like this by a body with a sex aftertaste makes me want to be doing a little more like this.

But I can't be honest with you, so if you turn your back,

"... it's your fault... because it doesn't work... its rags..."

I said that and gently lay my hands on Lou's hand holding him tight. And I understand a little bit with a shuddered head.

Why your mother left herself in her room to meet a man, and why she made you wait in her room alone.

This warmth and comfort... I understood properly with my still immature female heart that she would not let me go captive.