Erne stared at the thirty men standing in front of him with incredible eyes.

That won't be possible either. Because a boy of the same age who should have waited anyway suddenly appeared to be such an Osama.

I look around suspicion for a moment of dodginess or something about a phenomenon that has passed through inexplicability.

But there are no hosts or shooting squads with placards there.

"Oh, uh, hey, stay, stay, huh? 'Cause Lou... Huh?

"No, actually, there was a little bit of an intrusive situation."

That's what this Lou has been explaining to me. Here's the situation.

Actually, we're talking about joining a nearby sorcerer society, and for that reason, there's a joining exam.

One of the training for that entrance exam was to use transformative magic 24 hours a day, and I had to do it.

Transformation magic is a derivative system of hallucinogenic magic, a higher magic that can change the body and touch it in its form.

It is a substitute that Keith used before when he pranked Nia, Aisha and Berna for his fat appearance. Especially now I don't even use shards like that.

to Osama peppering lies like that. Erne said,

"One, I mean it... the way it looks"

"Yes. Growing up, I... I'm using magic!

Elne frowned at the outgoing Lou.

"Hey, why bother practicing like that when you meet me instead of with me... you know, a date! I don't know what that means!!

"That's... my dad promised to practice, so he brought me here... and if he doesn't, he won't bring me to Saimrad anymore"

"Eh," Erne muttered to the figure of Lou, who said softly.

Lou added that he was told that magically transforming for a day in an unfamiliar place would be a good practice.

I assume that Erne, unfamiliar with these methods of magic magic practice, may be so when told.

to the bewildered erne. Lou is further,

"Me... because I wanted to see Erne again... so"


"But it is, isn't it? You don't want to be with me like this, do you? I'm here because I promised... I can't help it, I'm leaving with this today. Bye."

Erne was in a hurry when he saw Lou try to walk away, sadly saying so.

Then it makes it seem like Erne hates Lou as an adult.

In Erne and Lou, where the speed of aging is different, there will always be a difference in age. At least that's what Erne believes.

So wouldn't that mean that Elne hates Lou when he gets old?

Of course I'm not assuming such a long relationship, but I didn't want them to think I was the kind of woman who just hated the other guy because of the age difference made that way.

So Erne said, "Wait!,"

"Beh, nothing... you didn't say no... I'm just surprised"

"Huh? Well, bye."

"... Fine, let's play..."

Lou smiled and stroked his head softly closer to Erne, who was determined to accept.

"Thank you Erne...... I'm glad"

"Hey! Sorry to treat you like a kid!! Seriously annoying!!

"I'm sorry," said Erne, turning away from Lou. "Huh!," he muttered.

Lou grinned in the depths of his heart that he was an arrowhead Roana and Nia blood relative who didn't expect to make it this far.

The question was whether you would believe me in the first place that it was an exercise in transformative magic, but I could go with clams around there.

I honestly find myself impressed that it would be a move made by the blood of a chocolate elf.

If we can break through this first gate, we can break our minds a little later. And wacky......

I can't believe they're thinking about that. I don't even think about it as much as Dew. Erne was in a complicated mood to see Lou as an adult.

"Shall we go then?

"Huh? Oh, yeah..."

Even if they ask me to go for a walk in the city, I can't get through the confusion and give them such a clogged reply.

But Lou escorted Erne softly, regardless.

Elne looked troubled and cared differently than she did when she was a boy.

"Hey... really... Lou, what is it?

"That's right. Of course not."

"But... a day of transformation... can you? Like magic."

"That's because my father lent me the Demonic Blood Stone specially. So I'm doing it with the aid."


Lou stopped at Erne, who is still somewhere to snort but suspicious,

"If I'm not Lou, that means I'm tricking Erne into dating another guy... is that what you're saying?

"Huh? Oh, no, no... no, I'm not"

"You think I'm gonna do that? I can't believe I gave Erne to another guy like that... I'm not giving Erne to anyone!

Erne's face turned bright red in sincere words. It illuminates me that such an adult man seems to have made a serious confession.

And that word was definitely powerful enough to make Erne believe that this man was that boy.

"This... what are you talking about in the place!... aren't you stupid... ugh"

"I'll tell you how many times if you want me to believe you. I would never give my precious Erne to another man."

"Hey, what, say... so... ugh, and! They don't like guys with a strong appetite for exclusivity!

"What kind of guy doesn't want to be alone with a cute Elne?

"Ha!... Ah, ugh, but that's enough! Stop talking about this!!

Erne broke off the subject because he would return the embarrassing words he had just said.

Lou safely concentrates on his date with Erne that now he won't be speaking any more words of suspicion.

Lou is known for his face in the city, so he was just changing his outfit a little bit.

Instead of the usual clothes, he dressed up as a man in the city and also wore Dada glasses when walking.

The elves, unfamiliar with the face of the human species, could not actually distinguish the disputed loo in this appearance in a cluttered manner.

By the way, I hid the meatball mark on my forehead with makeup. Because it's too dumb.

Escorted by such an adult man, Erne realized that her mood was subtly different than usual.

My heart comes to mind with the event of walking in the city with an adult man for the first time in my life. No matter how many times I tell you, "That's Lou," my heart won't respond to it.

Besides, only today will you have the payment for eating crêpes, paying attention in the crowd, and having a different attitude to your eyes.

(Hey, what the fuck... I screwed up a lot... at your age. annoying)

Whimpering with my heart, but in fact, it was an erne that unraveled my mind a little bit to such an adult man.

Yes, this girl is actually a root fazacon. Lou is naturally aware of it and is making his attitude grow up.

Honestly, it was a date in adulthood that I was worried would work, but to this point, I'd say it was a huge success.

Lou talked to Erne, who eats a sitting crepe on a bench in the square that was nearby, saying he could take another step if he wanted.

"Hey, Erne... I need to talk to you for a second"

"Hmm? Huh... what the sudden"

"I've been calling you Lou about me for a long time now, but this difference in age makes me a bit of a caller."

"Huh? Because, but... I'm a half elf, so the difference in years like this is normal"

"But there is in case. The biggest problem with being suspicious is with the Transformation Wizard, and so, um... why don't you just call me Dad today if you like?

"... Huh?

Erne returns with a dumb voice to the offer without too much clapping.

I stare at Lou for what he's thinking about calling me your father because I'm missing something to say.

"How dare you! You look stupid!! I would never call you!

"Please. If such a cute Elne and I were walking by the name, we'd definitely get caught."

"So, then you can call me Lou...... or something! Why, Dad!

"It's decided because that's the least suspicious thing. So, huh? Please!!

"Absolutely not!!" It was a barking erne, but after twenty minutes of persuasion after this...

"Wow, that was great... what the hell now"

I give my consent. Lou was smiling with a heartfelt joy on behalf of poor Erne's face.

I'm definitely enjoying watching that. I think they're definitely making fun of me, Erne, but I don't realize there's actually a lot worse thoughts than that.

It was just an erne who decides not to call his name after this if he never rides him for teasing like that.

But there's no reason to say that, and walking with me really gives me a chance to call my name.

Every time he got stuck in words, Erne eventually broke and shy called him "Pa Pa" several times.

Every time they call it that, the spine of the inferior species of man runs a current, and that current hurts his hot instincts in his groin.

Lou executed the operation, hoping that this rolling thought would definitely have to be taken by Erne's girl Manko.

Suddenly stopping on foot, Lou frowned with a contemplative face.

I don't know what's going on. When Erne tilts his neck,

"I'm sorry, Erne, but my dad said he was going to postpone another night because he had a few errands. That's why he asked me to rebuild the inn."


"I already checked out my room until today... it sucks already"

"Oh, well... bye"

"So let's spend the rest of the hours in the room. It's an inn, so you can eat, and it's just lunch time."

A glimmer of anxiety ran through Erne's spine at the invitation, but she couldn't resist the little girl any longer when Lou took her hand, smiling at her with a smile "Here we go".

That's how he stepped into one of the luxury inns, confused, and Erne sat down on the couch without even realizing it was a spider's nest there.

Lunch, which Lou asked for as the lodging proceeded, was brought right in, and Erne started eating it slowly.

I sat next to him and saw Lou having dinner with him, and Erne was kind of thrilled with the situation of being with an adult man in an inn like this.

(No, that's why this is Lou... because it's Lou!!

I try to correct my thoughts, but I don't feel weird enough to go along with what I called my dad until just now. That's what Lou said.

"Erne. Thank you so much for today. You didn't want to walk outside with me in Osama."

"... nothing... you are whatever you look like... and I'm a half elf, so sooner or later the difference in age will be about that."

"... I mean, even after this, Erne will still hang out with me... even when I grow up like this?

"Ha! Ugh... that's not what I'm saying! Otherwise... so the"

"Glad... I'm so happy!

When she was squeezed tight, Erne raised her voice "hiccup" unexpectedly because of her strength unlike that of the boy.

Thick chest plate, disappointed arms, and an unusual body odor. Everything is too far from the boy.

"Ya, stop... Lou, no"

"Erne, it's my dad today... it's my dad"

"Ha-ha? So, it's just you and me... but that's okay."

"No... it's my dad today..."

Lou has kissed Erne's cheek with his hands when he says so.

The mouth of Erne, who was drinking orange juice, and that of Lou, who was drinking lemon juice, combined to convey each other's sweet taste.

When the tongue tangled with the little one, Erne had his spine zapped by the feel of its over-thick adult tongue.

The girl's immature sensation is invaded by the licking around, which is not confined to the easy expression of being able to lick the inside.

"Lai, Fu, Chi, Lai... Pu, Ha, Chi, Chi... Stop, Ru, No, Chi"

"Chu, chu, ra-chu, chu-chu, chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu

"Chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip..."

Lou's instincts rumbled into his sweet voice, evoking a perverted demon god called Keith.

Keith, the inferior man who had fully licked around the girl's throat and collected blood in her groin, continued to kiss until Erne let her face melt.

Eventually, when the kiss was over, Erne was freaking out with a rough breath and staring at Keith with her moist eyes.

"Pa... Lame, Kishiyu... Lame"

Even though it's a kiss, it's totally different even though it's a kiss I've had a lot of lately. It feels completely different to be pushed in.

Wiping the drooling saliva of trembling erne with his fingers, Keith grinned gently,

"Erne... Shall we practice prep?

"Ren, shu...?

"Yes, twenty years from now, when I really look like this and Erne, who remains this cute, get laid... that's what I practice for"

When he realized what the word meant, Erne shook his neck left and right.

This is what I had a bad feeling about coming to my room. I had a feeling what I would do if I got laid as an adult.

"No... practice, no... no"

Keith, who pushed the weak erne down on the couch and captured her with a different physique than at any time, told the girl staring at herself with a red face,

"Let me practice... even as an adult... after twenty years, it's the same thing me and Erne can do... because I want to think so"

I took the power to resist from Erne by following the weakest part.

With a crying face, but definitely losing her sense of rejection, Keith began to make a full roll of Erne's girl body.